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Sony’s big PlayStation 4 announcement was today, but perhaps the biggest highlight was the fact that Sony is not incorporating the PlayStation Vita into the ecosystem. Remote play has existed since the days of the PSP, but utilizing the technology produced by Gaikai, Sony is poised to offer true remote play on all of their titles, not just those that support it. This means that the PlayStation Vita will essentially fulfill the same role as the Wii U GamePad, for the PlayStation 4.

It’s interesting to see one of Nintendo’s competitor’s copy Nintendo so blatantly, utilizing something that has been a huge plus for having a Wii U. What do you think of remote play with the Vita? Do you own one? Will you be buying a Playstation 4? Let us know in the comments.

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  • uPadWatcher

    It’s official.  Kaz Hirai have stolen the Big N’s innovation… but they don’t have TVii.

    •  Technically Sony did bite, but since the Vita has been around already they may have had the idea, although on the PS4 or Wii U it is a useless idea.

  • Jay

    Considering the Sony fanboys said it was a cheap gimmick, and that the controller was too expensive, I’ll laugh, when they sing the praises of this feature.  

    Would I spend $400 + on a PS4 AND $200 + on a Vita, to do what my Wii U can do for as low as $300?  No.  I’m not that into Sony exclusives, and considering the Wii U can deliver games that the PS4 can, unless 3rd party support takes a super huge dive for Wii U, I probably won’t, not for several years, like I did with PS3.

    • Sydney Ultrasyd

       Yes, people complain about Wii U being overpriced, but it’s still much cheaper than PS4 + Vita combo.

      • AkaLink77

        Sony copies Nintendo?
        Well, i wish i could say i was surprised…


          Dude Sony copy’s everyone but I think they target Nintendo more because they kinda were Nintendo. For those of you who don’t know, Back in the day, Sony (NOT PLAYSTATION) and Nintendo worked together to make video games but when Nintendo said that that they didn’t want to move on to game discs and that they wanted to stick to cartridges, Sony decided to go their own way, Thus, the Sony PlayStation was born, along side Nintendo’s -still cartridge based- Nintendo 64.

          • Lance Grabow

            i heard that nintendo had plans to make a disc based system and hired sony for help, but then nintendo went behind sony’s back and hired philips instead sony took the almost finished game system for themselves. or at least something along those lines

          • Gilbert Nicks

             Lance Grabow  you are almost 100% correct…  what happened and its very easy to find  is  Nintendo started out just wanting to out perform the Sega genesis/ sega cd combo but found out they could do that with SNES…  so they moved on to  contract  sony  and phillips  to build a CD game console…    both did so not knowing the other was also working on the project… phillips  got too big of a head about the project and showed off the phillips CD at the convention in Vegas  and of course sony sees  and gets pissed… keeps the money that nintendo gave them and now u have playstation…    also to add   NO ONE AT SONY  but maybe a handful of people  wanted to go into game consoles  or even game development…   but Nintendo paying almost 75% of the development costs  meant  sony could try one time  with little risk…   

          • Jay

            another fun fact the original playstation was designed by Nintendo and was originally called “Nintendo Play Station”

          • Justin Shelton

            the straw that broke the camels back was sony showing up for the e3 presentation and nintendo not showing up so they jst let sony embarrass themselves so playstation was built because their pride was hurt and that is importent to the japanese

          • RoadyMike

            Last bit of missed info:
            Sony wanted ALL profit made by the SNES CD peripheral.Of course,Nintendo couldn’t agree to this.So they went to Philips and we all know the rest of that story 🙂

    •  I would love to know the price too.  Sometimes Nintendo may not have all the bells and whistles that others may show off as a feature but Nintendo has always offered a good value.   They are in it for the gamers and build a quality product and stand behind it.  They also seem to listen to their fans more and it shows that they are not afraid to offer their old games and keep compatibility to at least one generation console behind. 

      To me the idea of a console is to be affordable and the $200 – $400 price range is where it is at.  Anything above that for the premium model is too much as if you are going to spend that money you may as well invest that money in a top end graphics card for our PC.

    • DemonRoach

      In the end, wii u will cost more since it requires a lot of gimmicks just to start up and play.

      • Beau



        Like what?

        • JVAN63

           He’s just a troll; he won’t respond. He just wants to see how many people will reply.

      • Jay

        yeah anything that has to do with GAMING is a gimmick riiiight….

      • Luke Straw

        Does this guy even know what he’s talking about??? makes himself sound dumb… quit while your ahead dude.

    • Elem187

      I don’t think the ps4 will cost $400.. 8gb DDR5 alone costs $400

      • Evan Murdock

        I’ve heard a possible two year contract like cell phones. That way Sony can charge, let’s say, for psn, and that can subsidize the up front cost of the hardware. Don’t have any facts to back it up, but it may help with keeping initial costs low.

      • Nashoba Darkwolf

        WTF? There is no DDR5 dude. DDR4 isnt even out yet. GDDR for GPUs and DDR RAM are two completely different things. And no you can get 8GB of DDR3 2100Mhz ram for less than 100 bucks

    • Lev M

      so damn true, half my friends are Sony Fanboys & thought it was cool

    • Destiny64

      you are a fool.
      PS4 is new generation
      new generation does not mean ONLY new controller.
      wake up.

      • Michael Jurado

        sir you wake up video games aren’t suppose to be about horse power that is what PC is for!!! that in fact is how you determine which PC is better by who has the more horse power. seeing as PC out guns consoles every single time (and always will) gaming companies have to innovate and improve game play otherwise we would all be playing on computers. those who are dumb enough to get a ps4 and trash talk nintendo for the lack of power we have, we literally laugh at you because your sir don’t know crap about gaming hence why you got a ps4 and not a computer … look simply put any gaming PC can out perform the ps4 those who get a ps4 probably don’t even know how to make a high end gaming pc. fyi my wii u can do things that my PC can’t thanks to the game pad so please shut your mouth

        • Destiny64

          There are tablets, and devices much more advanced than wii-u for this kind of interaction (if they will be fully supported)

          • Michael Jurado

            sir no your wrong tablets do not let me play video games the way wii u does i can’t shoot ninja stars from my table to the tv that being just one of the plenty examples 😛

          • Destiny64

            Now I understand …………………

    • Alienfish

      Right, is a Vita bundled with every PS4? Didn’t think so. I’ll be buying a PS4, but probably not right away, and definitely not to take part in some half-assed Nintendo ripoff gimmick.

      • Scott IsMe

        *another one* btw…

    • Iuri Borges

      $400? xD … the price launch will be around $799 . It has the most advanced technology for a home console. Still, Nintendo will always be my favorite gaming company and E3 is coming soon and Mario Kart Wii U, Super Mario Wii U and Super Smash Bros. 4 will be shown for the very first time. I’m so excited.

    •  Well you got to remember sony drones like oontztroll are stuck in one console and will never change so i take his comments lwith a grain of salt..his statements have no meaning

    • Michael Jurado

      *claps* you sir 🙂 you beat me to my punch line except you forgot to mention one thing why on earth would you scale down you amazing ps4 graphics to a not as good graphics vita its like … wow what a waste of money 

    • bizzy gie

      I know. That off-t.v. feature was a direct rip-off of the Wii U. Why pay $400+ for a PS4, then pay $200+ for a Vita to do what the Wii U does BETTER for half the price?

      The Vita is going to need an internet connection to run off-t.v play which means you’ll have to worry about your internet spontaneously going out when in the middle of a game. You’ll also have to worry about latency speeds based on better or worse internet connections and not EVERYBODY can afford internet.

      Not to mention that the GamePad has a higher resolution than the Vita and a larger screen with clickable analogues AND actual trigger buttons. Oh yeah and it’s a WIRELESS connection (no internet required).

      I’m not paying double the money for a cheap rip-off.

    • Andrew Gonzalez

      You do make a good point overall but on a visual side the PS4 has the upper hand but they will share the same functionality which could be a good thing for developers when doing multi-platforms.

  • YoG99

    Same old same old

  • you guys talk crap about ps4 but they’re hitting the market area i want to have games and would fit perfect on the wii u but stupid nintendo doesnt jump on it they just have mainly kid retarded games,  Im little frustrated sorry but I’ll be buying a ps4 even if i have to trade my wii u and all the games

    • Jay

      Ya, you DO realize that Nintendo isn’t the only company that makes games for the Wii U, right?  You also do realize that Sony makes kid retarded games, like little big planet and mod nation racers, right?  Good luck buying over $600 worth of equipment to do what the Wii U does for half that price.

      • yeah i realize what you guys are saying and good points but I spent well over that  on the wii u with the games bought at full price brand new with the delux system and I dont hardly play it because i get bored to easy.  I use it mainly to watch netflix while i surf on the internet on my laptop I turned into a desktop. And the wii u cant compete fully with the ps4 hardware wise.

        • pedro juan barguil navarro

          but the browser of the wii u is the best browser of all, u should give a try, and well i know its hard times but in march al we are going to play a lot whit those amasing games

        • B. Adriano

          Give it a chance. From now until the PS4 is released you probably would have saved enough to buy it + a Vita. Though, I do advice not buying first release consoles from Sony or MS…I’ve been stricken bitter with RROD and YLOD…I basically had to buy both consoles twice.

        •  Ps4 is going to suck and im not paying 600 dollars for garbage..just say im sticking with wii u

          • worst come to worst you could turn it into a pc with the hardware thats in it wouldnt be a bad pc.  It has what i wish the wii u had in it besides i do like the video card in wii u

          •  maybe but 600 does not make me want to buy it

          • starman 596

            well it hasent come out yet so its best to wait and see how it does even though ill still stick with the wiiu since i dont wanna pay $600 for a game console

          •  true im not paying 600 for a console that is why wii u will prevail

          • Elem187

            I’m sticking with PC/WiiU this gen.. Nintendo has the most innovated gameplay and my PC has eye candy that no console will ever be able to do, at least not in the next 7 years.

          •  Agreed and im ready for some steambox that’s some gaming that would blow all these console to dust except wii u my son loves it

        • well then how stupid are you for buying the wii U full price? I got mine midnight release and priced matched the cheapest price, Still haven;t seen it advertised cheaper anywhere than what i paid for my deluxe edition. Dont blame nintendo for your own retartedness

        • Joey Perez

          your not considering nintnendo has only been out for 3 monthes.. you expect the world in less than 90 days…  once e3 hits you will see more titles you like and will enjoy playing …   most games other than black ops are single player campaign games   no multi   so if you beat them .. your done… 

      • oontz

        And how exactly does the wiiu do this for half the price…

        Sony has confirmed that the PlayStation 4 will be powered by a custom 8-core AMD “Jaguar” x86-64 with integrated graphics APU and “next-generation” AMD Radeon graphics processor capable of driving 1.84 teraflops. As detailed at the event, it will come paired with 8GB of dedicated GDDR5 memory, making it competitive with most gaming-focused PCs on the market. As expected, the system will ship with a Blu-ray drive, built-in 80.211 b/g/n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.1, as well as HDMI, Analog-AV, and optical digital output. Sony is giving I/O options a boost with the inclusion of USB 3.0 ports and a mysteriously vague “AUX” port. Each system will ship a “Mono Headset” for cross-game chat and other social features.

        • Daniel Golightly

          Sorry, you just described something that costs over $800+ without the operating system or software when at a discount price.  If Sony is selling this as a Gaming Console and not a PC, there is almost no reason for it to have any of that unless it plans to outperform a PC (see articles relating to why a PC has so much more RAM/processor cores/gpu power than a console, for reasoning). If it does that, then I might buy one.  But I don’t think it will, and I might not then anyway. It’ll either cost too much and lose them tons of money to put at a usable price-point (which they can’t afford right now and would drive me away as it would show them as incapable of making intelligent business decisions) or it will way too expensive for me to buy one.

        • Kyle Berger

          im no computer expert, but could AUX mean auxiliary?

        • Are you willing to drop almost $1000.00 for that piece of hardware???

      • Metal_Man_v2

        You lost any sort of respect when you called Little Big Planet and Mod Nation Racers “kid retarded games”.

      • JVAN63

         I won’t be buying a PS4, for the same reason I didn’t buy a PS3. There’s no games I think are worth buying the console for. I have a 360, Wii, and Wii U in my living room. I can’t wait for the next kiddie game for my Wii U. It’s called Alien’s: Colonial Marines. Yeah, such a kids game. Just like Zombi U, Assassin’s Creed 3, Batman: Arkham City, COD: Black Ops II, RE: Revelations, Sniper: Ghost Warrior, Sniper Elite and others.

        Although it can play like it if needed, this is NOT your parent’s Nintendo!

    • Jake Lood

      As someone who wants to have games to buy for my children, the wii U is a wonderful platform. They both have their strengths, I agree that nintendo hasn’t been as on the ball on marketing as they COULD be, besides why do people have to take a fucking side. Why can’t people see that they both have advantages and that no one else cares about their opinion, especially on the internet.

      • Th3PANO

         what a statement. wii u is out 3 months in america now. and you already wanna trade it in just for better graphics. why did you buy it then? wii u will have games. i hope nintendo soon makes a wii u 3rd party direct. after such an event they need to do it soon….

        • Charlie Lobo Alfa

          he didnt said graphics, he said that nintendo shit over the third partys, and now we have no games. Just somo kiddy games and old ports

          • Daniel Golightly

            Yeah, that is what he said, but what I heard (since the Wii U has a major 3rd party Direct planned) is graphics…… since Wii U is and has received plenty of games and future developments should be increasing (as well as that huge Nintendo Direct 3rd party announcement we’re all still waiting on).  The games argument ignores that fact. It simply isn’t true that it’s just some kiddy games and old ports…. most of the ports aren’t even 3 months old yet when they release and that’s not a huge difference considering how many include all DLC already or other extras. Also, Nintendo has not done anything at all to push away third party developers that I am aware of…. aside from disallowing Origin to be the premiere online service (and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that anyway since that practically gives the system away to an outside company).

            People need to stop being so damn volatile over this kind of crap.

    • John Novakovich

      1) Use punctuation. You sound retarded when you talk that way.
      2) You are having a fanboyism. No one here is dissing you, we’re dissing the console. Don’t take it personally.

      • My writing is bad I know and I was just rageing pretty much upset sony is getting the types of games I like and nintendo being out sooner mainly has games i wont play and I already invested a penny in this console and not many games comeing out that excites me.  And I sound offensive?  You talked about sounding retarded and I just read a lot of comments that are just stupid.

        • Charlie Lobo Alfa

          i feel exactly the same as you. its a shame how rude nintendo fans are with people who has different ideas. They are like pc gamers, so snobs,,, well I love my wii u and i bought it with batman, zombie u, mass effect, ninja gaiden and call of duty… but now i have no games. I love the idea, and the gamepad, but i dont wanna play kiddy games, the same old marios yoshi, i played all that when i was a kid. I will buy the ps4, and i wont sell my wii u, unless this state of no games, perdure over time.

          • First of all, there are no “old same Mario”, as each Mario game is different in gameplay and everything else. This makes no sense. The fun is what matters, playing games with gore and blood just to feel “not-kiddy-game-player” is so much immature… Second, do you really think that Xbox/Sony fans are very polite and open to new ideas? Oh well…

          • Kyle Berger

            I love NSMB, but they are all the same gameplay with different levels.

          • jkalyj

            In reality the Kiddy concept it not exactly Nintendo’s decision. people forget Nintendo is also their own gaming company hence thay have their OWN characters and Franchises. Both Sony Computer Entertainment and Microsoft Studios don’t really have many games or serious games or quality Franchises under their belt. Most serious “non-Kiddy” games come from 3rd party developers. Which were not the largest fans of the wii..but this is not exactly the case with the Wiiu. Give it time. Cause the PS4’s line up will most likely be just as sparce at launch. Each developer has it’s Characters, and Franchis. Insomniac and ratchet, Ubisoft and their AC, Nintendo and Mario.. they’ll remake them endlessly. Sony and Microsoft 1st party are about at serious as playing a Barbie game and are usually low quality as both leave their exclusive titles to 2nd party devs mostly…at least Nintendo has actual Iconic characters with varying difficulty in gameplay.

          • Daniel Golightly

            It’s a shame how we do this in response to the virtual tons of crap talked on every single Wii U post since it was announced by xbox and playstation fanboys.

        •  Dude if you hate wii u then go find a sony channel this is for the true next gen wii u ..get over it troll..goodbye

          • oontz

            This is true next gen…

            – a custom 8-core AMD “Jaguar” x86-64 with integrated graphics APU- “next-generation” AMD Radeon graphics processor capable of driving 1.84 teraflops. 
            – 8GB of dedicated GDDR5 memory
            – a Blu-ray drive
            – built-in 80.211 b/g/n Wi-Fi
            – Bluetooth 2.1
            – HDMI
            – Analog-AV
            – optical digital output
            – USB 3.0 ports 
            – a “Mono Headset” 

          •  Some troll told me that AMD APUs are low end and budget and do not perform well.  Wonder if he will change his tune now that the APU or GPGPU model seems to be the way consoles are going.

            Also I have to read up on this custom jaguar processor as other information on the Jaguar series points that the processor is low power and compared to the Intel Atom which we all know performs like crap.

          •  Who really cares my pc can do better than that and if you want pay for a 600 console go for it i think the new xbox720 will be the better choice over ps4 atleast there making more money or better yet troll i will wait for the real awesome console you may heard of it called steambox and when that happens goodbye sony because steambox is going to kill off sony and that is fact so oontz your comment is laughable and thanks i needed a good laugh today at your expense and for the record if you hate wii u then why comment here troll inless the wii u is a real threat…just say

        • Elem187

          If you don’t like Nintendo games, then why did you buy a Nintendo?

    •  look luck with that console


      Bro. Your stupid.

      • Johnny Star

        It’s you’re, not your

    • ConCity Soldier

      Its still extremely early for the Wii U, we got Tekken, Darksiders 2, ZombiU, Assassins Creed 3, Razors Edge, COD Black Ops 2, Mass Effect 3, Sniper 2 so a lot of M rated content has already released at launch for the Wii U. Unfortnately a few old ports but the 360 got the same with Bully, Godfather, NBA 2K6 n more. So, that lets u know its too early. But with Monster Hunter, Bayonetta 2, X, Walking Dead, Rainbow Six, Watch Dogs to come, and possibly GTA V on Wii U. Rumors of Both T-M are coming I wouldnt sleep on the the Wii U. When Nintendo does E3 or one of its Wii U 3rd party direct I expect to see more T-M games.

    • Zelda, Mario, Metroid, Pikmin, Starfox, Kirby, and Super Smash Brothers are a huge stretch from being consider children’s games. That presumtion that a lot of anti-Nintendo people have is seriously misinformed. It’s very rare that you find such innovative gameplay and such depth in games, and Nintendo never fails to deliver, with the odd exception here and there. I think that there’s a period for a lot of gamers when they jump on the MS/ PS bandwagon and consider Nintendo childish. After about age 12, kids think Nintendo is too kiddy and they think playing the top-rated bland shooters of the day will take them to their next step. But I, and most others, usually get out of this phase and return to Nintendo at the end. Their level of quality in games is something thats just too hard to equal. Not that MS/ PS exclusives don’t get there too, but I’ll always say that no one does it quite like Nintendo.

  • Tom Brandow

    Not the same technology, much smaller screen, and wont be as necessary as it is on the WiiU. It will be like the move. Ya it’s there and it’s an obvious rip off but who the hell want’s that when Nintendo is so much better at it. This whole conference was hilarious. I usually own 2 home consoles though… Nintendo is a must but looks like the xbox might be in the running if they can be more innovative. 

  • Justin Shelton

    your welcome

  •  None of the demos looked different or mind blowing to me.  To my
    surprise, Capcom’s looked the most next-generation, if that was
    playable.  Those Japanese guys seemed gayer than a mother!

    I admit that Sony is biting hard off of Nintendo.  However, this portable playing at home seems to be a fad or gimmick designed only to combat iPads and phones.  Sony did not even show the console and aside from their controller, not much blew my mind or made me think ‘get this over the new Xbox or PS3.”

    • My thoughts exactly. The actual design of the console and the price were closely guarded secrets, but the prospect of not having to wait to download things means Sony knows its biggest failure on the PS3.

    • bizzy gie

      See, if you were reasonable like this and actually useful and progressive to the conversation all the time like you are now, people would like you more.

      •  By reasonable you mean not hyping up Sony and not talking down about Nintendo?  You mean doing what others tell me to do?

    •  Don this one time i agree with you ..were was the console and how much i heard 600 dollars and if that is so im not wasting my time

    • Elem187

      Interested in how you could use the vita fior streaming without massive latency as the hardware just doesn’t have the tech over wireless N.

      It looks like it will control terrible. You press a button and your character won’t react until a few milliseconds later, which doesn’t sound like much, but in games where reaction time counts, you will see the lag.

      All in all, I’m not impressed. My PC still has better graphics. As that’s the only selling point of playstation according to their own fanbois.

    • WiiUltra

      I like your attitude on this one Don. I hope it stays this way.

    • Evan Murdock

      Donnie boy……! You aren’t trolling on this, great critical thinking skills. I’m proud of how much you’ve grown.

      •  I always write with critical thinking skills, it is just that if I am critical of Nintendo, you don’t like it, but if I am not thrilled by Sony, you love it.  Now it is up to MS to come shock our minds, if not, I may just stick with my 360.

    • Nashoba Darkwolf

      “Those Japanese guys seemed gayer than a mother!” Good! To bad they are not gay just metrosexual hipsters. More gay male main characters are needed in games. 

      •  Why, so they can fuck the enemies in the ass?

      • Anthony K Aurelia

        Totally agree 🙂

      • Kyle Berger

        the guy who announced “knack” I forgot his name he was definitely gay.

    • Anthony K Aurelia

      Don’t forget they created their own kinect like device as well…

    • First time I have ever agreed with Donaald.

    • NintendoNoob

       Wow! A comment where your not sounding like a retard!!! Thats a first

  • Laud

    How did they step on Nintendo’s toes? Nintendo is probably laughing like crazy right now.

    I would. It’s like challenging a Master Sword with a Wooden Sword. 😛

    • DemonRoach


      • Laud

        • WiiUltra

          Okay. Wait what are we Okaying? haha

    • Genesect4ssb4

      Nintendo’s reactions

      Iwata: http://onlineofflinejournalist.files.wordpress.com/2012/11/troll.png

      Miyamoto: http://i0.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/original/000/101/771/1879f18e_e542_e1c6.jpg

      Kazuo: http://i0.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/original/000/109/905/impossibru.jpg?1301519597

  • Laud

    Holy hell, an intelligent opinion from Donaald? 

    Good grammar and all that….

    So you were trolling back then you fucker, with your shit grammar and ridiculous statements. 

    You need to write more posts like this, if you do that you’ll get your respect back.

    (For some reason this didn’t get sent as a reply so I’ll copy down what he said here.)
    None of the demos looked different or mind blowing to me. To my
    surprise, Capcom’s looked the most next-generation, if that was
    playable. Those Japanese guys seemed gayer than a mother!

    I admit that Sony is biting hard off of Nintendo. However, this portable playing at home seems to be a fad or gimmick designed only to combat iPads and phones. Sony did not even show the console and aside from their controller, not much blew my mind or made me think ‘get this over the new Xbox or PS3.” -Donaald

    • Now you should realize that I am fair, not just picking on Nintendo.  You cannot call my positives about Nintendo intelligent but dismiss my criticisms.  The Wii U is still doomed, although after this Sony presentation and their failure to show the console, talk about price or what type of blu-ray storage will be used, Nintendo could go hard on ads to show that what the PS4 wants to do, the Wii U is doing it now.  The problem is, they do not have games that even look as good as the PS3, let alone Capcom’s PS4 demo.

      • MasterPpv

        Since you seem to be open for intelligent discussion, I’ll jump in now. The biggest thing that Nintendo needs is marketing, and soon. We know that. That being said, for reasons unbeknownst to us, it seems like Nintendo is waiting for something… What that is, I don’t know.

        However, I don’t think the Wii U is doomed. Similarly to the 3DS, it needs games that people are excited about. Software sells consoles, and if they’re not going to start marketing immediately, Nintendo had better be working on some seriously awesome games. In that department, at least, I have hope. Nintendo’s first party titles are of course their bread and butter, but the eShop seems to have allowed indie developers to also make their work known, almost as much as the big AAA releases. And there seem to be at least a respectable amount of third party titles on the way.

        All in all, I’m worried. For Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft, and the future of gaming in general.

        But I’m also excited.

        •  Nintendo was either sitting back and being arrogant thinking that they should immediately sell 10% of what the Wii sold, or they are waiting until they have one of their games out before advertising hard.  It may be too late by the time they get it together.  Since Sony did not blow my mind with anything but the controller and they refused to show the system or really get into detail, we will have to see what MS brings.  It is looking as if Nintendo could have waited to bring the Wii U out.

          • firstinflight

            They may be playing “chicken” with Sony and Microsoft, in a weird way. If Nintendo believes that the other console makers won’t actually put out something compelling (PS4 seems to be the case so far), they may be waiting for those announcements to fall flat. Add to that the big round of Wii U software updates (to make it faster), plus the launch of their behemoth first-party titles (Mario Kart, etc.), and they may be biding their time to start the ads…but when they do, I’d imagine they’ll be significant..

          •  I kind of think that too..  Nintendo has always been known for having something up their sleeve.  Nintendo’s almost always Awesome!! first party titles make the Wii U a must own anyway.  You know they are coming and they will be epic.   In my experience it is the exclusives that sell a console because if you can get a game on all platforms there is no reason to choose another for the most part.  Maybe it is just me but Sony has been pretty weak on the exclusives based on popularity of the games sold and when it comes to popularity on games sold Nintendo wins hands down.  

            I am also going to sit back and laugh if the PS4 launch is just as weak as the PS3 with low game support and launch titles just as it was with the PS3 that took years to build up a library.   The XBOX 360 was the same way.  New console needs time to grow and I hope Nintendo blows the doors off at E3

        • skid5jack

          While I agree. They also need games. And badly. Launching with titles over a year old, wasn’t really gonna build traction and releasing another 2D mario with the same old formula wasn’t really a good way of showcasing a console.
          I still believe Calling it a Wii U was silly.

          • MasterPpv

            Agreed 150% on the needing more games bit. There are a decent number on the way that look good, and I’m patient enough to wait for them, but many aren’t.

            I don’t actually *mind* that it’s called the Wii U, but a different name would have been infinitely better. Hell, they could have brought back the name “Nintendo Revolution”. That would have been pretty awesome.

      • Laud

        While I disagree that the Wii U is doomed at least you offer a reason as to why you believe it, that’s all we ask. 

        You can’t go around saying, “Nintendo is doomed cuz it is” or we’ll obviously brand you a troll.

        Nintendo has always focused on fantasy worlds and art styles rather than photo realism and if that isn’t your cup of tea then you can buy something else.. But to think a console that’s just been released is doomed is still rather ignorant.

         It’s like me saying that PS4 is dead because it didn’t show a game designed for PS Move.

      • Mark Thom

        They can’t give out all the details now.E3 is still to come

      • MasterPpv

        Hey man, if you’re still around I hope you saw my previous reply to this. Let me know =)

  • EvanescentHero

    I have to admit that’s cool (it’s a huge part of why I love my Wii U so much), but personally I don’t feel the urge to pay two hundred bucks MORE than the console actually costs to have that ability. Now, if they package a Vita with every PS4, then I’d take advantage of that, but…the Vita doesn’t interest me at all right now. If the price dropped and more games came out for it, I might buy one, but until then, no thanks.

    I’ll probably pick up the PS4 eventually though, unless the 720 looks to have more exclusives. That’s what it comes down to for me.

    •  Ive have heard the price will be around 600 dollars so im passing on that and at that price alot of people will do the same

      • mralloverit

        We’ve seen a lot of rather large numbers thrown around in regards to PS4’s price. Judging from what I saw at that press conference, I don’t think they’re very far off. I’ve said it before. Sony can’t afford to make another $600+ mistake like that again, but it seems as though they’re heading down the same path as they did with the PS3. We’ll likely know more at E3, but realistically, I don’t see this being priced competitively with the Wii U. I might actually have to take a serious look at MS depending on what they have to offer at E3.

  • Mark Thom

    did you people see the logos of all the 3rd party game companies!!!.thats the kind of support nintendo needs.look at the specs of the ps4.Sony didn’t beat arround the bush.they showed a controller and  everyone knew what it was.NEXTGEN IS HERE

    • Aenifer

      Next generation is here because there are third party logos? I respect your opinion, but what brings next generation to me are new ideas, innovation and, obviously, hardware.

  • David Argueta

    doesn’t surprise me but you may remember something called sixaxis controller???? i think that was used in like what, 3 games. sony is clever, makes the copy from Nintendo. I’m all for the games but really prefer Nintendo. I do have a ps3 and since it is first gen let me tell you the graphics chip problem with the most recent games makes the console turn off after 10 to 15 minutes of gameplay. first gen sony consoles, not for me (only if received as a gift). so maybe I will get the super ultra ps4 slim mini in a few years at maybe $100, lol. I’m very pleased with my Wii U but I do have a vita (got it at less than half price), 3ds (original and xl), sorry nothing microsoft, I really don’t like that.
    I don’t like that sony copies other console features and then they can’t deliver. if it comes to the time when mgs is exclusive for ps4 then, shit, I will make the purchase.

    I also noticed they were copying kinect… so much for innovation on sony’s behalf. they did what they always do, make the big leap technology wise, innovation… not so much.

    all in all, it is good that console makers push each other limits so we gamers get the good stuff.

  • Slashman12

    Are you serious? Remote Play was made by Sony for PS3 and PSP, they just never supported it. You guys are really blatant fanboys. You can open up your eyes and see that Nintendo doesn’t make everything first, other companies do make a few things every now and then that Nintendo didn’t

    • Th3PANO

      bitch pls, gamecube, gameboy advance. enough said

      EDIT: this ” nintendo did it first” doesn’t come out of nowhere. nintendo is a company which can only rely on the gaming industry. and they still try to do new things. i absolutely salute these guys.

    • But didn’t nintendo’s Gamecube have a feature where some games, like 4 sword adventure and pacman, were able to be played by using the gameboy advanced as 2nd screen and controller? It wasn’t wireless like the psp X Ps3 but still the concept was shown earlier but i’m not sure nintendo were the first if anyone knows who was reply.

    • Sidney Majurie

      Google Pacman Vs for Gamecube. But hey, just like many so called hardcore gamers, you just started this generation, lol.

      •  I was gonna say that NIntendo started this with the GC and Gameboy Advance link back in the day.  This is not a new idea but an old one innovated by Nintendo that Sony can now enhance thanks to advancements in technology.  In other words copy..

    • DragonSilths

      Looks like someone didnt do their research.

  • devmiles

    i’m sure Ninteno is shitting their pants right now after sony’s press conference =D get us some good games yesterday! did you see those demo’s and graphics.. damn.. i’m a Wii-u owner but Nintendo is really slow opening up and bigfeet Sony and Microsoft will step at least on their toes.. a big kick under the butt for big N

    •  I disagree nintendo is laughing at sony now ..money wise lets see 349 or 600 humm 349 or even better 299 and get a cheap harddrive yes Wii U is the better choice and alot of people will agree

    • DragonSilths

      The graphics of Killzone was no different then PS3’s graphics. As for the others it was slightly noticable but again graphics are meh dont give a shit.

  • Earakai

    Ps3 and the psp had a remote play option before Nintendo said anything about the wii u now it was not a very good remote play nor did it work with much to any of the games put out on the ps3 but Sony has been messing with it already. It’s also not a main selling point of the ps4 they are just giving you an option if you should so choice to take it.

    • the game boy advance and the gamecube have the same so sony is copying.

      • Earakai

        To be honest i had forgotten about the gba link cable to the game cube so right you are.On another note i must say that it is a good thing For Nintendo Sony and Microsoft to have competition. Working on same or similar ideas so that way we the gamer’s can see the evolution of the things we know and love rather than just sitting on the same thing. 

        ps sorry for the rant at the end all in all good point cant believe i forgot about that.

  • pedro juan barguil navarro

    even the n64 or the gamecube have those cross play so stfu

  • Sonicgill

    Is anyone really surprised by this?

  • Colin Kells-Murphy

    I do not mind rocking 2 consoles for the 8th generation since one has advance capabilities, so where one lacks, I can make up with the other. It makes a perfect compromise, but hell I am not going to buy a vita just for something I could do on my Wii U already. Not a Sony fan, but they impressed me so far and if they do again, might get the PS4. Still, that does not change my opinion of the Wii U as that console still kicks ass and it still does to this day.

  • Bobby Bany

    ik sony is copying wii u hard but
    sony did wish nintendo luck on the wii u
    i think nintendo should do the same for sony
    even tho im scared of the ps4
    and im a nintendo fanboy
    just my thots

    •  Im not.. im happy with wiiu and if my son is i am too

    • oontz

      Sony has confirmed that the PlayStation 4 will be powered by a custom 8-core AMD “Jaguar” x86-64 with integrated graphics APU and “next-generation” AMD Radeon graphics processor capable of driving 1.84 teraflops. As detailed at the event, it will come paired with 8GB of dedicated GDDR5 memory, making it competitive with most gaming-focused PCs on the market. As expected, the system will ship with a Blu-ray drive, built-in 80.211 b/g/n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.1, as well as HDMI, Analog-AV, and optical digital output. Sony is giving I/O options a boost with the inclusion of USB 3.0 ports and a mysteriously vague “AUX” port. Each system will ship a “Mono Headset” for cross-game chat and other social features.
      So how exactly did they just copy Nintendo wiiU?

      •  Shut up you fag!

        • Derrek Harbold

           And once again, it seems anyone who criticizes the Wii U is considered a troll. -.-

  • Earakai

    That being said I went with the wii u since i like the way they are going with it and soon the 3ds will work just like it. Nintendo is making it a way to improve your gaming experience. Like the upcoming Monster Hunter Having your map or your item screen on the controller is going to make it so much nicer and on other games i like being able to have off screen play. Who knows how far Sony will go with it seeing how little they did with the remote play on the psp and the ps3 i don’t think it will be very good. Just wanted to throw out there that they have had the idea for a while now.

  • MasterPpv

    Let’s focus on what’s important here guys… http://www.gonintendo.com/?mode=viewstory&id=196589


    • Enigma

       And the PS4 version is far superior. Hahaha.

      • MasterPpv

        Well, that depends on the developer, really. Even still, we don’t actually know when the PS4 will be released, so the game might already have come out by then, similar to several games having come out for other systems before the Wii U launched.

        • Enigma

           This holiday.

          • MasterPpv

            Ah, I hadn’t seen that piece of info. Still, we don’t really know how much time they’ve had to work on the PS4 version, so it’s possible it might only be a slight improvement over the PS3 version. Not hoping that it is, mind you. Just saying it’s within the realm of possibility.
            Also, I’m not so quick to judge as to think you’re a troll, but the way “And the PS4 version is far superior. Hahaha.” is written makes it seem like two things are happening here:

            1) You are claiming knowledge about the PS4 version that it is very unlikely that you have. You didn’t say that the PS4 version “will be” – you said “the PS4 version IS far superior”. That either means you have personally seen it, or you’re assuming something and presenting it as fact. Since it’s extremely unlikely that you’ve actually seen it, I think most people assumed you were being very partial to Sony, even if you weren’t.

            2) The “Hahaha” definitely makes it seem as though you’re rejoicing about your previous statement. Combined with the point I made above about that statement, it definitely seemed as though you were being very condescending to the Wii U and hoping to incite jealousy or rage among Nintendo fans.

            Again, I’m not presumptuous enough to assume that you’re trolling, but if you don’t intend to do so, just be careful what you write.

            Now, on the subject of the PS4 and the next Microsoft console: I see that in reply to some other comments above you’re claiming that the PS4 is “truly supreme” to the Wii U and that “most likely whatever Microsoft brings to the table will be far superior to the Wii U as well.”

            Let me get Microsoft out of the way first. Again, unless you personally have actual insider knowledge, you cannot say that whatever Microsoft does will be superior to the Wii U. In my opinion, there is certainly a decent probability that it will be more powerful in terms of hardware. We can’t, however, have any idea how much more powerful it will be, if at all.

            As for Sony, I can say that they certainly have a lot of intriguing features. I’m not so fanboyish about Nintendo to say that Sony is copying off of them or anything like that. Gamers in general have been fantasizing for a long time about ALL of the ideas that BOTH Nintendo AND Sony have made possible with the Wii U and PS4. In my view, however, the Wii U and PS4 aren’t even competitors. Not because one is just far superior to the other, but because I feel that they address different needs and have different purposes. There is some overlap in general concepts, such as social networking features and cross-platform and offscreen play with Wii U / Gamepad / 3DS and PS4 / Vita, but the implementation of each of these concepts is actually very different.

            The social networking features of Miiverse, for example, are far different from those on the PS4, which is more about connecting to networks that already exist, such as Facebook and Twitter. Which is better? That is utterly subjective. Some people might like to share everything to their Twitter, Facebook, etc., but I also know that there are plenty of people who would prefer to keep their gaming separate from those platforms. Also, you have to take your friends into account, who might get sick of seeing a new tweet and a Facebook status every time you turn your console on and do something. Think about it. Can you imagine how frustrating it would be just logging on to Facebook and seeing a long string of “X is now playing _____!”, “X has earned the _____ trophy!”, “X is looking for players to join their game of _____!”, etc.? And that’s just from one person. Imagine if you have a dozen friends who just got their brand new PS4 consoles.

            All I’m saying is this: no one can REALLY say that a specific console is better than another, at the very least until AFTER that console’s full lifespan. After that point, you can look at the games for each console and maybe come to a decision, and even then, it’s still entirely subjective. One thing is for certain though – the games are what is going to define the console. Not hardware specs, not Facebook or Miiverse, TVii, Netflix, Twitch… None of these things is going to matter one bit in the end. Only the games will. All of this last generation’s consoles brought an INCREDIBLE amount of new things to the table and had lots of features and cool things they could do. And yet, many people would probably still place one or more of the NES, SNES, and PS2 among their top 3 consoles of all time. Why? Because they had Mario, Zelda, Chrono Trigger, Shadow of the Colossus, etc.

            If you like the games on one console better than the other, that’s the better console… FOR YOU. Other than that, there literally IS NO console war. It’s the biggest illusion that has ever been pulled over the eyes of video game players, and the fact that it still has as much power over us literally makes me lose hope for us every time I see arguments over it.

      • Laud

        Lol how do you know that?

        Wii U will have gamepad features so whether or not that version is superior is debatable, you can’t just say it -IS-

        But then again, you are a /Troll.

      • Exia117

        Really? And you know this how? 

        •  Enigma is just another sony drone troll just forget what he thinks

          • it seems everyone is a troll to who doesnt agree to you friend, I dont own a sony system use to own the first xbox but got rid of it and recently bought a wii u so idk about you but whatever keeps you happy and feeling better

          •  It does thanks and i never said everyone was a troll and please don’t put words in my mouth thanks

      •  Wii U is better..you mad bro?

        • Enigma


          The PS4 is truly supreme, and most likely whatever Microsoft brings to the table will be far superior to the Wii U as well.

          It’s just how it is. Accept it.

          •  Again your in denial and who really cares sonys crap..end of story…You mad bro? Nope accept nintendo is here to stay…accept that

          • tronic307

            It had damn well better be superior for double the price of Wii U!

        • oontz

          Better than…

          a custom 8-core AMD “Jaguar” x86-64 with integrated graphics APU and “next-generation” AMD Radeon graphics processor capable of driving 1.84 teraflops. As detailed at the event, it will come paired with 8GB of dedicated GDDR5 memory, making it competitive with most gaming-focused PCs on the market. As expected, the system will ship with a Blu-ray drive, built-in 80.211 b/g/n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.1, as well as HDMI, Analog-AV, and optical digital output. Sony is giving I/O options a boost with the inclusion of USB 3.0 ports and a mysteriously vague “AUX” port. Each system will ship a “Mono Headset” for cross-game chat and other social features.

          •  Lets see 600 dollars for a console that has ps3 looks and then you have wii u that is 349 and look awesome…Yep im sticking with my Wii U…Again work on those troll skills

      • DragonSilths

        Wrong. PC version will be the best. Wii U, PS4,XBOX 720 versions will all be ports of the PC version. All though the Gamepad gives the Wii U version the edge. As for the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions…lol why would anyone bother. Those will be the worst ports.

        • Enigma

          Far superior over the Wii U version is what I was specifically saying, obviously.

          I am no troll. You people throw that word around so foolishly, to anyone who does not agree with your Nintendo centric views.

          I have no loyalties to Sony, Microsoft, or Nintendo. I simply go to who is the best. You’d have to be blind to not see that the PS4 blew the Wii U out of the water today. Not only is it ridiculously more powerful then the Wii U, it also brings many, many innovations to the table.

          Also, 8 gigs of DDR5 RAM. You people do not know just how enormously significant that is.


          • Johnny Star

             I’m with you on this one Enigma. Lord forbid anyone doesn’t praise and worship the Wii U on this site! If you have a thought of negativity towards Nintendo, you’re categorized as a troll or a hater. Why is it so hard to see that people can have different opinions and not be haters? The PS4 is superior to the Wii U, it is what it is, face the facts. It doesn’t mean the Wii U is a bad system. Do I dislike the Wii U? No, I own one and if I didn’t like it, I would sell it. Will I buy a PS4? Yes. I am not bias towards any system, I own every system currently out right now, but I do know better when I see it.

          • ConCity Soldier

            What makes the PS4 more superior other then graphics? Your point of view on it being superior overall console is an opinion not a fact. Hell, we still hardly know anything about the PS4. Your also assuming it’ll be much better with limited knowledge of the PS4, but u lack in superior facts.

          • oontz

            Sony has confirmed that the PlayStation 4 will be powered by a custom 8-core AMD “Jaguar” x86-64 with integrated graphics APU and “next-generation” AMD Radeon graphics processor capable of driving 1.84 teraflops. As detailed at the event, it will come paired with 8GB of dedicated GDDR5 memory, making it competitive with most gaming-focused PCs on the market. As expected, the system will ship with a Blu-ray drive, built-in 80.211 b/g/n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.1, as well as HDMI, Analog-AV, and optical digital output. Sony is giving I/O options a boost with the inclusion of USB 3.0 ports and a mysteriously vague “AUX” port. Each system will ship a “Mono Headset” for cross-game chat and other social features.

          • Johnny Star

            It is not assumptions, the FACTS are out there. Live in denial all you fanboys want to, but it is easily possible for Sony and Microsoft to out-perform Nintendo, after all it has always happened in the past. As I stated before, I am not pulling for one system or the other, I am just telling it how it IS. People on here are so shaken by anything negative towards Nintendo it is actually hilarious.

          • ConCity Soldier

            I always thought games make a console not the hardware specs & the big Nintendo titles still haven’t released. But it’s too early right now.  Superior in hardware belongs to the PS4, but software is still up in the air buddy.  Talking to some tech heads the PS4 is around 3 times more powerful then the Wii U, so the Wii U can hold it’s own this gen. No developer hasn’t really pushed the hardware of the Wii U, except maybe Criterion. 30% of the GPGPU is still unknown though, who knows how much power it truly has. But yeah the PS4 is more powerful obviously. But it doesn’t make it a better console. I own a PS3 also so I’m not a blind fanboy.

          • I’m a huge Nintendo Fan always been and always will be, but I do admit and agree, WiiU is not that impressive thusfar.

            Some excellent stuff coming yes that is true, as some mentioned X, bayonetta 2, Watch Dogs and many more. But only for the above 3 mentioned games will make me buy a WiiU, before these where shown/announced I honestly was not impressed by WiiU and didn’t even consider to buy it.

            I’ll go watch the PS video soon aswel which has been posted, but from what I hear I probably won’t buy a PS4, mainly because it’s too expensive for me, I allready heard priced of 599 and up for it, so that is no option for me.

            Now I just wait and see what Microsoft will bring on the table aswel. After that I’ll decide which other Console will come next to my WiiU which I also haven’t bought yet.

          • Enigma


          •  Who cares im not wasting 600 on garbage now steambox that would be worth it..but again your a sony drone so go back to your hole your crawled out of..This is wii u not gaystation

          • oontz

            Sony has confirmed that the PlayStation 4 will be powered by a custom 8-core AMD “Jaguar” x86-64 with integrated graphics APU and “next-generation” AMD Radeon graphics processor capable of driving 1.84 teraflops. As detailed at the event, it will come paired with 8GB of dedicated GDDR5 memory, making it competitive with most gaming-focused PCs on the market. As expected, the system will ship with a Blu-ray drive, built-in 80.211 b/g/n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.1, as well as HDMI, Analog-AV, and optical digital output. Sony is giving I/O options a boost with the inclusion of USB 3.0 ports and a mysteriously vague “AUX” port. Each system will ship a “Mono Headset” for cross-game chat and other social features.
            So how exactly is this considered garbage? 

            Your posts get worse and worse Josh… laughable actually. 

          • Daniel Golightly

            Just read the post from Cerus98 below… you seem to think you know about computer components, and yet you keep disproving that through your robot-like repetition of the same information “Jaguar” =< Intel Atom… for starters… lmao… who's laughable.

          •  What’s funny is that after they told everyone about ps4 there stocks went down and nintendos went up so again troll that is the real laugh and who cares any more on who it looks we want fun game play so go back to your own ps channel this is for Wii U not for sony drones…You mad bro?

          • Cerus98

            DDR5 does not exist. They PS4 will have 8 gigs of high speed memory.  What amount is dedicated to graphics was not specified nor was the type of memory or the GPU itself mentioned.  Piss poor article you link that doesn’t even know what they are talking about.

            It could have 32 gigs of memory and it wouldn’t play games any better.

          • oontz

            Sony has confirmed that the PlayStation 4 will be powered by a custom 8-core AMD “Jaguar” x86-64 with integrated graphics APU and “next-generation” AMD Radeon graphics processor capable of driving 1.84 teraflops. As detailed at the event, it will come paired with 8GB of dedicated GDDR5 memory, making it competitive with most gaming-focused PCs on the market. As expected, the system will ship with a Blu-ray drive, built-in 80.211 b/g/n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.1, as well as HDMI, Analog-AV, and optical digital output. Sony is giving I/O options a boost with the inclusion of USB 3.0 ports and a mysteriously vague “AUX” port. Each system will ship a “Mono Headset” for cross-game chat and other social features.

        • I understand what you say wii u is the best idea but thats not who they will go with sadly

        • oontz

          Sony has confirmed that the PlayStation 4 will be powered by a custom 8-core AMD “Jaguar” x86-64 with integrated graphics APU and “next-generation” AMD Radeon graphics processor capable of driving 1.84 teraflops. As detailed at the event, it will come paired with 8GB of dedicated GDDR5 memory, making it competitive with most gaming-focused PCs on the market. As expected, the system will ship with a Blu-ray drive, built-in 80.211 b/g/n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.1, as well as HDMI, Analog-AV, and optical digital output. Sony is giving I/O options a boost with the inclusion of USB 3.0 ports and a mysteriously vague “AUX” port. Each system will ship a “Mono Headset” for cross-game chat and other social features.
          I would think this will give the Ps4 the edge… history repeats itself. The wiiu will be home to Amazing first party titles and a ton of watered down ports. 

      • WiiUltra

        Oh another PS4 rumour. Nice. /sarcasm. Don’t talk about unconfirmed things, its just a bunch of drama.

    • B. Adriano

      I hope it’s not a quick port. That they actually thought out the game while being programmed for the Wii U. Not throw in some quick gimmicks on the gamepad.

  • Th3PANO

    i leardy knew that the ps would be more powerful. this shit should get me excited, only better graphics. stolen features which get praised as innovation? a bold statement that sony will have best online after getting hacked? dafuw sony?

  • sdmac200600

    i’m buying a ps4 no matter what cause im a gamer but it refuse to buy a vita if all it’s gonna do is the same thing the wii u does. and even then, the vita isn’t gonna come bundled with the console so how will developers know people will all have one?

  • B. Adriano

    Technically the Wii U isn’t the only thing that Sony copied. After watching the announcement, they have also copied the Kinect from Microsoft. Their new Playstation Eye with dual IR camera is essentially….a stripped down Kinect. Which Sony claims is used for sensing the location and depth (as to how close or far) of the Dual Shock 4 controller.

    Sony did not really announce anything “Innovative” it was just a culmination of things they’ve borrowed from other companies (Facebook, Nintendo, Micorsoft, Steam, etc.) and slapped last generation PC hardware. I’m surprised there’s no “Like” button on that Dual Shock 4 controller.

    • EvanescentHero

      If anyone copied anyone, Microsoft copied the original PS Eye when they made the Kinect. What they showed in that presentation was probably just an upgraded PS Eye.

      • B. Adriano

        True, but the PS Eye could already detect the controller’s position and depth as it is. Which is why the Move controllers have those glowing orbs. I know this because I could the the PSEye and the Move controllers to do motion tracking and 3D control when I’m animating in Lightwave 3D.

        The dual camera they showed at the presentation could only mean one thing…detection of the player’s body. It’s an infrared depth camera, which in this case, they could be stepping on MS’s toes as well in the case of controller-less motion gaming.

        • EvanescentHero

           Okay, fair enough. I assumed the double cameras were a step up in that they could track the controller in 3D space, but if the Eye can already do that, then you’re probably right.

          At least they’re branching out with their robbery this time.

          • B. Adriano

            We’ll find out soon enough, I guess. If the PS4 isn’t backwards compatible (like what other gamer sites are saying), we’re going to need a whole lot of brackets on top of our TVs to hold all those sensor bars and cameras.

      •  Hey just to let you know i beat majora mask..very awesome game..Im glad i took your addvice and replay it it was a very good game

        • EvanescentHero

           Awesome. I’m glad you enjoyed it this time.

  • Enigma

    The Vita has had remote play for a long time. This is just an improvement over before.

    Down fanboys, down.

  • TheGuyWhoLies

    Watch Dogs for Wii U confirmed 😀 


    NEW YORK – February 20, 2013 – Today, following the announcement of the PlayStation®4 from Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCE), Ubisoft® revealed that its highly anticipated open world action-adventure game, Watch_Dogs™, will be available for the launch of the new system.

    As demonstrated onstage today at PlayStation Meeting 2013, Watch_Dogs’ ambitious scope illustrates that Ubisoft is once again at the forefront of new technologies, giving freedom to development teams to create unprecedented entertainment experiences. Development of Watch_Dogs is being led by Ubisoft Montreal, with support from Ubisoft’s Bucharest, Paris, Quebec and Reflections studios. Receiving more than 83 awards and nominations at E3 2012 where it was first announced, Watch_Dogs blends cutting-edge technologies and sophisticated game design into a realistic, living open world.

    In Watch_Dogs, players will experience the realities of living in our fully connected society, where individuals and corporations are at risk of exposure by our ever-increasing reliance on networks and technology.

    Players will assume the role of Aiden Pearce, a new type of vigilante who, with the help of his smartphone, will use his ability to hack into Chicago’s central operating system (ctOS) and control almost every element of the city. Aiden will be able to tap into the city’s omnipresent security cameras, download personal information to locate a target, control systems such as traffic lights or public transportation to stop a chase, and more. The city of Chicago is now the ultimate weapon.

    “Ubisoft has a strong history of supporting new technologies with unique and creative offerings,” said Yves Guillemot, chief executive officer, Ubisoft. “The power and capability of the PS4 allows the Watch_Dogs team to further push the boundaries of what was previously thought possible in interactive entertainment.”

    Watch_Dogs will be available on PS4 at launch, along with its release on the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system, Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, the Wii U™ system from Nintendo and Windows PC.

  • Daniel M’bele

    Have to admit Im jealous of PS4:s hardware… Id easily pay 200 euros more to have something close to it on the Wii U. I think times are different now from when the last gen released, people pay hundreds of dollars extra for apple computers. 

    Graphics is not all, but certainly part of the experience. Imagine Zelda on PS4 hardware with a huge open world with loads of detail, high resolution textures and tesselation. 

  • Blah Blah fk’in blah!

  • Person

    i have a wii u ps vita and xbox 360 i cant stand what sony has done with the vita i traded in my 3ds because i thought the vita was for-big boys-well that was the worst mistake i ever made so never again will i buy another sony product and i think the ps4 aka super expensive fancy facebook machine will probably be beaten by the next Xbox or maybe even the Wii u if Nintendo plays their cards right

    • crocodileman_94

      Since it seems that Nintendo is going to play their four Aces (3D Mario, Smash Bros, Mario Kart, WWHD or something else), it might happen, as long as Sony doesn’t have a Straight Flush up their sleeve.

  • Guilliman

     I don’t own a Wii U yet, even though I’m a big Nintendo fan.  I’m waiting for a must have, whether it’s Zelda, F-Zero, Metroid, Smash Bros. or Starfox. 

    This gen I was primarily a 360 player (with a Wii on the side), but even before the Playstation Meeting I was planning to get a PS4 for next gen.  I think Sony has done too much right recently to balls up the next Playstation, and their big reveal did nothing to make me doubt that assertion.

    I don’t think the PS and Vita combo is a threat in any way to the uniqueness of the Wii U and gamepad, a) because the Vita still doesn’t look like it’s going to be anywhere near a success, and b) because even if Vita sales pick up it will still be a tiny minority of players who will own both a Playstation home console and a Vita.  Too small for developers to develop games with this set up in mind.  

    Having said that, for the minority of players who do own both systems the remote play is a nice touch, although one that is unlikely to be used much by even those players.  I mean, what’s the point of investing in a powerful, pricey, new console with beautiful graphics if you’re going to throw it over onto a 5″ screen?

  • DemonRoach

    Nintendo is now an embaressment and a shame to the industry.  It’s time they go under and stick with kiddy software only.

    • DarkNite14

      awww, u PS fanboy, did your favorite gaming company copy nintendo again and you think they should take all the credit??? without the wii u, your precious ps4 wouldnt exist, atleast nintendo has the balls to take something new out, before other companies.

      • Charlie Lobo Alfa

        but you realize that wii u doesnt have games right? i dont understand how nintend fans can be so blind, i love my wii u but please wake up!!! If this state of no games continue, and iwata doesnt really fix relationships with Ea and third parties, this system is doom. Tonight we were witness of how well another developers respond, when they are considered. And stop trashing everyone who thinks different.

        • DragonSilths

          By the day the PS4 launches the Wii U will have alot of games. Starting March 18th Nintendo starts to open the flood gates, by November we will all be drowning in Wii U games.

        • DragonSilths

          People like you don’t get it. NINTENDO DOESNT EVER NEED 3RD PARTY DEVS. Proof? Hello they are still around. Nintendo goes OUT OF THEIR WAY TO TRY TO GET THEM AS A BONUS FOR THEIR FANS. Nintendo systems dont need 3rd party.

        • DarkNite14

          you do realize the console has only been out a couple of months right?? all those games that were announced for the ps4 most likely wont be launched titles.. what do you expect,for it to have 100 of games already?? by the end of the year, i guarantee you shits going to have a lot of games, while the ps4 wont.. go waste 600 for a console and no game

        •  If you read the press from EA and Criterion about Need for Speed you would see that they love the Wii U and the power it has and the possibilities to come.  

          I also think some of the 3rd party developers dismiss Nintendo based on the fact that they are too “hardcore” like some of their fanboys..  If the PS4 launch is anything like the PS3 it will have a poor game library and poor 3rd Party support for some of those features they are touting.  Also I am eager to see what the price tag is.  If it is $400 for the base console and $500+ for the premium they are insane. 

          I think year one will be rough for Nintendo but when they release their top selling 1st party exclusives then the console will shine.  To me that is what it mostly comes down to because some games I can get cross platform and Sony’s exclusives have been a little boring lately at least in my opinion.  Others may feel differently which is perfectly fine.

      •  Demonroach is in denial and will stay that way just forget that poser

    •  You need this and Wii U 4 Life…..Goodbye

  • AAAkabob


  • But off screen play on a tablet is for babies and just a gimmick I thought?   Funny how Sony once again copies Nintendo and when they do the PS fanboys rejoice.

    • oontz

      I love playstation and I am not rejoicing… why would I want to buy a vita? 
      Sony should have just made their own version of the Gamepad… then I’d be happy! 

      • Kyle Berger

        yea but then they might get sued :/

  • Cerus98

    No price, no console, no real substantial information. Just a bunch of demos that could turn into another Colonial Marines and folks blathering on and on about what the PS4 COULD do.  We all know how a lot of features fall flat from their announcements.  All that aside – they lost me at not being backwards compatible with the PS3.  I’m not buying all my PS3 games again just like I didn’t buy any PS2 games again.  I also don’t want to have a third PS sitting in my already cramped entertainment center.

    They could take a page from MS and Nintendo with backwards compatibility.

  • you STILL have to buy a Vita and a PS4 though to do what Wii U does out of the box

    $350 for Wii U = out of the box

    $500 + $200 for PS4/Vita = $700 to do what Wii U does out of the box lol

    • JuleyJules

      plus who’s to say Nintendo doesn’t start to do that with the 3DS like they are with Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.  Maybe they’ll start to include a copy of the 3DS version of the game with Wii U ones to promote it.  Not everyone is going to have a Vita or 3DS anyway.  Nice to see them copy it though just as Sony did with the Wii controllers for PS3!

    • Mark Thom

      what do you need to buy for the wii u to play a game like Killzone

      • DragonSilths

        That Killzone game that was shown…my god. Bland and generic. Guys are in my way shoot them, advance, rinse and repeat, get to end of level. FPS games need to take a break for the entire 8th Gen excluding Destiny. FPS games are so fucking garbage now.

        • Johnny Star

           FPS are what sells, so that’s what they’ll be making until another genre of games takes its place. We went from side scrolling platformers, to heavy fighters, to racers, to fantasy, to the FPS people are so into now. I, like you, would like to see something new.

        • Michael Jurado

          I hear ya Rey the amount of FPS last gen was insane gimmie more platformers lol

      • Elem187

        If you want to be blown away by eye candy, go look at the screenshots of Crysis 3 on ultra high settings.

    • MasterPpv

      Don’t forget the extra $120 for the proprietary memory stick…

    • RoadyMike

      And devs know not every PS4 owner will have a Vita,so they probably won’t make many games that support their remote play anyway :/

  • dgrizy

    Forget all that watch dogs is confirmed for Wii u

  • Sidney Majurie

    Wii U Daily continues to troll it’s readers with troll bait articles.

    That should be the title of the next article, lol. No one cares about cross play or mimmick Wii U gamepad play but the most hardcore of hardcore Sony fans. You’ll have to spend nearly $600 and you haven’t even bought a game yet…

  • Nintenjoe82

    Watchdogs announced for Wii U

  • Forgive me but I did not really watch the presentation… Any word on backwards compatibility??  At least to PS3 games??    This is one thing I admire about Nintendo is they do whatever they can to make it so the gamers can play previous games and have access to classic games from the last 30 years.

    • I didn’t watch the whole presentation myself and I’m hearing some conflicting reports about it but it looks like any bc will be via streaming.  No word on how they will handle it if you already own the game.

      •  Streaming as in the game will stream from cloud servers or streaming as in you can download the game and it is saved to the console or external storage?  Streaming requiring a live internet connection=not good.

        I still think Nintendo should have allowed GC games on disc too as I am sure the console could play them.  I understand having to download and pay a small fee for the old cartridge games but if you own it on disc then you should be able to play it if the console can handle it and I know the Wii U can because GC discs were just mini-DVDs and the Wii was essentially a higher clocked Gamecube at the core so it should be playable in the Wii Menu.   I have many GC games I have resorted to an emulator for because I bought the games once and still have them on disc so I am not a fan of repaying for them unless they are enhanced somehow.   Heck I still have my N64 and SNES too

        • Elem187

          Playing it directly from the cloud. So you will have latency issues and graphical hiccups.

          •  That’s why it is a bad idea.  The US Internet Providers are greedy jerks that are known to cap data and bandwidth and deny it to their customers.    There was a company that tried to make a streaming gaming platform and it failed miserably because of similar issues.   So unless the game is going to download and cache to the console this is going to suck

  • Edward Rhoderick

    I don’t like any Playstation exclusives as much as I do Nintendo. Uncharted maybe that’s about it.

  • Well the ps4 is a joke just as i thought it would be..They claim there vita is better than the gamepad which is a joke and i saw what there games. looked like that really made laughed as they look like ps3 games so again sony fails and the price tag will be the final nail in the coffin.
    So to end in this note People will buy Wii U before a over priced console with claiming to be better than Wii U so again sony you have failed…just saying

  • Metal_Man_v2

    I love my Playstation 3, but honestly, I doubt I will be getting a PS4 anytime in the future.  I’m a firm believer that when it comes to consoles, exclusives are everything. 

     As far as Sony exclusives go, I only cared about Uncharted, which was good but got stale after only 3 games, and Little Big Planet, which ever since it has been sold completely to Sony has been utter crap.

     It’s also obvious that this is going to be significantly more expensive than the Wii U, somewhere in the $500 range at best. So no, no PS4 for me. 

  • Mark Thom
  • Bruno Poeys

    Why no mention of the new Dual Shock and its screen? It’s laughable.

    • oontz

      There isn’t s screen? You can see things with your eyes right? Or at least read an article?

  • If you think about it it is weird is not doing anyrhing right? They should know what is happening. I believe Nintendo is more aware than what we think. And it is just waiting to surprise us all.

  • To all may dislike the none backwards compatibility of the ps4, on their part and if you was in their shoes you would do the same.  They do that because they still plan on selling ps3’s and continue makeing games for it like the ps2 when the ps3 came out.  Now I would love to see nintendo win this round but they would have to step things up and get good exclusives to the console maybe think of silent hill franchise becasue their games are usually unique.  But right now sony pulled out the punk card on nintendo and now we wait to see what the next xbox has to offer and nintendos response and hopefully it will be action and not just talk, Im rooting for nintendo but I will buy another console from sony or microsoft. Like some said competition only works out best for the gamers.

  • Yes i buy it because looks beautiful the graphics and i have the wii u so…. im not a sony fanboy xd

  • Jason Edokpa

    Time for Nintendo to step down out of the game industry. Goodbye Nintendo. Because while I may be the biggest fanboy of Nintendo I know, they just simply are not doing it for me as sorry as I to say this.

  • therealruben1

    It’s so original!!!!(nose grows long)

  • Wayne Beck

    Yeah, I might buy a PS4.. But there is nothing in this world that would make me buy a PSVita.. What a piece of crap.

  • Jeovany

    Thing are looking bad for Nintendo 

  • jkalyj

    So much back and fourth… Between the WiiU and PS4…you have the world of gaming in your house… I Go for both and love both… I gotta say though Microsoft and Sony need to step their game up on innovation. It’s Nice to see Nintendo is pushing gaming in different ways and with Sony’s Social advances the future of gaming looks bright. I feel This Comming Generation is gonna have fewer exclusives and alot of cross platform titles with how these two consoles are looking! Here’s hoping for a better generation of Gamers and Gaming 😛

    ….Though my wallet is having a heart attack over the thought of the PS4’s price lol!


    The only game I liked/wanted was Watch Dogs but that’s already been confirmed for XBOX360, next-gen XBOX and Wii U…I already own two of those so why should I care about it being on PS4? No reason, exactly. BTW, I read that PS4 might be somewhere between $429.99-$529.99.

  • Lev M

    LOL birds of a Feather, everybody copies from somebody, sony did it TWICE, 1st the Move which flopped & now this which no one will use cause Vitas are trash

  • Michael Workman

    People really don’t understand the market very well. Both Microsoft and Sony copying the idea of having another screen involved is a good thing for Nintendo.  With Wii, third parties never wanted to incorporate the motion controls because they would only be able to make the game for Nintendo. But if Sony and Microsoft also have the same idea, third parties will be much more likely to make games that use a second screen.

  • Nathaniel Lopez

    Hey guys, I’m pretty fairly new to this site; I’ve been reading some of the articles as well as the comments from other users for about a month now but have never actually posted myself. There’s something I just felt compelled to say after reading some of the comments.

    Some people are saying that there are no games on the Wii U. This confuses me because they do have a small library of games including some indie games on the E-Shop so to say that they don’t have any seems kind of asinine, in my opinion. Also, Nintendo did acknowledge the lack of new 1st and 3rd party games but also mentioned that they are working on them and promised new games on the way soon and if memory serves me right, I believe it was following the month of February.

    People are saying that Nintendo is doomed and while some don’t really explain why I know some people who say that it’s because of the power of the Wii U when compared to the specs of Orbis/Durango. While I guess it could be means for worry, I don’t think it’s going to phase Nintendo as long as they keep producing top notch quality 1st party games, and can get more 3rd party games as well. The Wii outperformed Xbox 360/PS3 Sales even with the vast differences in specs. It is fair to say that the Wii U didn’t sell as well as the Wii did and I think we can all agree it’s due to the lack of marketing for the Wii U but I still wouldn’t say that it’s doomed because of that. Personally speaking, I think the Wii U did well giving the lack of marketing.

    Also, I agree with something one of the users here posted, in which he/she questioned why there was a need to take a side.

  • Jeffery02

    I honestly can’t make any constructive criticisms until the I can see how well the remote play works. Also, since the Vita is independent from the PS4, games cannot require the 2 screen experience like Nintendo can. The only feature the Vita can have effectively IS remote play and how well can that work over Wi-Fi like I’m sure they are going to? I don’t want to bash Sony though. I just think that it’s an unfair comparison between the Wii U and PS4. They are both systems in their own right and I will continue to support the one that I am more drawn to (Wii U). Maybe I’ll get a PS4 eventually, but I am content with the consoles I have now.

  • So I missed that last part of the conference but I saw most of it.  But did they say the PS4 and Vita would have to be on for this remote play?  If you could pick up on your Vita anywhere else that would be really cool, albeit, hardly worth the money if at all.  If it’s just like the WiiU’s remote play, however, it’s a totally pointless feature that only a very select few will be able to take advantage of.

  • I’m curious how they’re going to get around the fact that the Vita has less buttons than the PS4 controller.  I have a Vita and really enjoy it, but the lag when used for remote play is kind of a deal breaker for me.  And like I said, it’s missing 4 buttons (2 shoulder buttons and L3/R3).  That alone would make at least any FPS unplayable.

    •  its called a back touch pad with 6 registry points

  • Who wasn’t expecting this? I was waiting for this news. Sony does not have a creative bone in their body. They were always going to cover what Nintendo had planned. They always do from the Dpad, analogue stick, rumble pack, psp (ds alternative),motion controls and now this. On top of this the original playstation is a snes accessory commisioned by Nintendo in the first place. So the only thing I can think of that they did on there own was eye toy and that sucked.

  • Evan Murdock

    Costly if anyone wants to play ps4 games on vita, also is it going to use data through a cell phone provider to do it?

  • Teves153

    Why is it that playstation add ons always fails

  • Does anybody even have a vita?


  • ElladanCZ

    This just made sure that Im not getting the PS4. Why have the two same consoles… Sony just copied nintendo SO obviously. Ill stay with my wii u for the zelda’s and 3D marios and a PC/Steambox.

    • oontz

      Sony has confirmed that the PlayStation 4 will be powered by a custom 8-core AMD “Jaguar” x86-64 with integrated graphics APU and “next-generation” AMD Radeon graphics processor capable of driving 1.84 teraflops. As detailed at the event, it will come paired with 8GB of dedicated GDDR5 memory, making it competitive with most gaming-focused PCs on the market. As expected, the system will ship with a Blu-ray drive, built-in 80.211 b/g/n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.1, as well as HDMI, Analog-AV, and optical digital output. Sony is giving I/O options a boost with the inclusion of USB 3.0 ports and a mysteriously vague “AUX” port. Each system will ship a “Mono Headset” for cross-game chat and other social features.
      So how exactly did they just copy Nintendo wiiU? Hell wiiU didn’t even include a headset. 

      •  Because the headset makes the world of difference?   Sony is copying everybody and unless this is some really special Jaguar processor it is not going to be a great performer as the Jaguar series of processors are in the same class as the Intel Atom which are really low end.  Low power consumption but still low end.

  •  Lair
    was the first game to support that feature of Remote Play. The only
    reason it didn’t take off was because it was god awful trying to set it
    up in the first place, and the PSP lacked the necessary control options
    to fully support most games (i.e. no second analog stick, triggers,
    ect.)……Sony used this idea forever ago….you people saying they copied Nintendo must be fanboys or just plain stupid

  •  And with all the rest that happened……to say it was the biggest highlight was a little far stretched.

  • Lair
    was the first game to support that feature of Remote Play. The only
    reason it didn’t take off was because it was god awful trying to set it
    up in the first place, and the PSP lacked the necessary control options
    to fully support most games (i.e. no second analog stick, triggers,
    ect.)…..Sony was using this tech waaaay before the WiiU…..to say they took it from Nintendo you either have to be a giant fanboy or know nothing about the gaming industry history. So sad.

  • Holyfire

    Streaming high definition PS4 gaming via a wireless network to Vita. I doubt it. The average net connection in most of Australia still cant stream a 480p youtube video that well. Lag will kill the benefit of the feature. Plus it still depends on consumers lashing out on Vita and PS4. Plus WiiU could pull the same trick with DS. They’ve been toying with that idea for years. They already know it’s not that easy to work. That’s half why they made the gamepad with dedicated wireless for WiiU

  • oontz

    This site is HILARIOUS!!! 

    Look first and foremost I love my wiiU, I bought a deluxe day one… I even imported an american region system half way around the world and the best part is I use it daily. That being said I also love gaming in general and usually game on multiple systems because I can afford to own more than one system and the exclusives I enjoy playing are just that, exclusives. 

    Wiiu Daily you should be ashamed at what you’re promoting with this article. You selectively pick one small part of sony’s playstation conference and claim they are just ripping off nintendo.

    First you never once mention anything… not a single word, about Nvidia’s upcoming project shield portable? Which its main use is to stream your pc games on your local network to the handheld to play anywhere in your house for off screen (TV/Monitor) play.  

    I qoute “It’s interesting to see one of Nintendo’s competitor’s copy Nintendo so blatantly, utilizing something that has been a huge plus for having a Wii U.”

    Yet you only create this article after sony announces remote play? Something they attempted back on the PSP with the game Lair. Why is it such a big deal when Sony does something with remote play but not when other companies use the same tech? Not to mention how exactly you came to the conclusion that they did copy nintendo? Did they also make a gamepad for ps4? does the vita come with the ps4? It’s nothing like the Wiiu gamepad.

    As a wiiu/multi platform gamer… I WISH sony had copied Nintendo. I would love to have the gamepad experience on PS4 just like I love it on the wiiu.  

    Some times your articles are good and on point (albeit late) but this was some of the worst journalism I have read.

    • I agree 100%
      Hell, I remember playing Lego Batman (the first one) remotely on my PSP almost 5 years ago.  Nintendo may have found a way to perfect it and properly integrate it into their system, but it was hardly their idea. 
      And the GBA/Gamecube example that people throw around to try say that Nintendo did it first is a joke.  Cross play/multi screen play, maybe.  Remote play… not a chance.

  • Kongrare

    I dont see this as copying to be honest, it was on the cards for a while that vita could do this.
    Nintendo’s console is still unique and you have to remember that vita doesnt come with the PS4 it is only there as an option for those who have both.
    To be honest I am glad sony has stuck with a bulkier dual shock controller, what sony do they do very well and I will own both systems because both companies have their merits.
    Sony for blockbuster epic games and Nintendo for just pure fun.
    Sony dont need to copy Nintendo.

  • guys dont hate its kind of obvious that the ps4 is stronger and will still get games that the wii u cant get like crysis, gta etc

  • Sam

    I’m not going to lie, i’m a bit of a fanboy when it comes to Nintendo, but with good reason. Nintendo has been the one main innovator in the gaming market, they came up with the D-Pad, they popularised the touch screen as a gaming use, they created the Mii, they started with the Wii U on Assymetric gameplay, but no, other companies just have to destroy that by coming up with a “new” version of Nintendo’s idea. Well, i’m sick of it.

  • bizzy gie

    Don’t forget to mention the touchpad on the D4 controller and the whole tablet, smartphone connectivity their planning to work on as well. It’s much like smartglass which, too, was a copy of the Wii U.

  • wiiucompl

    1st How will the PS4 streaming to PSVita: if WiFi, router needed, 3G – I prefer Gamepad ready to use
    2nd How many steps requires a connection of both devices – if more than one click – I prefer Gamepad ready to use
    3rd PSVita will not be a main, dedicated controller for PS4 – I prefer Gamepad 
    4th I prefer WIi U GamePad 6,2 ” screen than smaller PSVita

  • MetroidZero

    But can it run SSBU?


  • José Abraham Cervantes Posadas

    But may be laggy

  • Why so serious?

    I agree this feature is mostly a gimmick, and only caters to a small hardcore segment because the cost associated with owning both a PS 4 and a Vita.  Just the fact that Vita is missing two extra shoulder buttons, means that most developers will ignore the feature rather spend the time and resources implementing new controller schemes to account for the missing buttons.  It will be like the “Move” support, which only 1st party sony games actually took seriously. 

    However, not sure how this is ripping off the wii u.  As it is shown with work in progress of the WII U OS and apps, it takes time to development and implement features. 

    The fact that a third party developer has a working demo means this feature has been in development for a while, or at least a lot earlier than the the November release of the WII U. 

  • “Technically, the PS4 is the most powerful console among the trio,
    boasting a significantly better CPU, GPU and connectivity. But whether
    this translates to a zippy machine, which can deliver an immersive
    gaming experience, will also depend on other factors. For starters, the
    games will have to be properly optimized for the new platform. This
    includes harnessing the latest touch control and “second screen”

    It is equally important that Sony should avoid the infamous overheating issue and other hiccups with the PlayStation 3. Moreover, evergreen game franchises and exclusives have proven to be more crucial than a fast machine from past history. “

  • DESS_M_8

    Copying an already established idea but charging over double the price hardly seems to be stepping on anyones toes. It’s Sony copying Nintendo again (have they ever had an innovative idea that didn’t come from Nintendo?) but at great cost to the consumer.
    I also think the basic wii u will drop to £179 in Q3 of this year and that will be the big push advertising wise.

  • At the end of the day I’m sure whatever that is PS integrates the Vita as a gamepad it will work well and be a good feature.  When I decided a long time ago to be loyal to Nintendo it was because of Mario, Zelda, Star Fox, Metroid, DK, etc…  As long as N keeps putting out the best first party games on the market, I’m fine with PS and Xbox owners having all of these other functionalities.  Any third party support that N does get will be a bonus, considering the lack of support on previous systems.  Considering that I have a system which will give me Mario, Zelda, and Watchdogs, I really don’t have too much to be upset about…

  • Zorbo85

    LMFAO!!!so let me get this straight they are going to use the ps vita as a wii u like controller?the ps vita has been the biggest handheld bomb of all time selling an hillarious 4 million in over 14 months on the market!!
    No body cares for the vita so why would anyone fork out another 200 for a vita to use as a second controller?seriously sony have the innovation of a lead pipe,first they copy the wii remote with there identical dildo like ripoff,now they again copying what the wii u does!!!
    All sony thinks about is power power power,it is no wonder that the ps3 has been in 3rd place in its 6 year life cycle!!
    By not showing what the console looks like,features etc they have once again let microsoft in the door as now both the ps4 and xbox 720 will both be revealed at E3,sony should have jumped the gun instead they show us the controller which is identical to the ps3 controller from 6 years ago with just a touch pad add it to it, spectacular innovation sony!!!

  • This isn’t Nintendo news. Don’t pretend it is :/

  • I own a Vita &  WiiU … I might get a PS4 too.. However I think the WiiU pad works better than a Vita could.
    My only problem. Do I get watch dogs on PS3 /PS4 OR WiiU

  • I don’t like Play Station. I have a Play Station 3 and I still preferred the Wii over it, that is why I purchased the Wii U and I most likely won’t be buying the Play Station 4.

    • I love my PS3 and I love to have the new tech but I’m sticking with the Wii U and my PS3 for at least the next few years.  I don’t see the generational leap like I did with the Wii->Wii U and with the PS2->PS3.  Also, there are so many PS3 games that I own and still need to play and so many that I want to and still haven’t purchased yet.  I can’t wait to get them all super cheap when the PS4 comes out!  Thanks Sony!

  • oontz

    thanks for censoring my comment. I guess freedom of speech doesn’t extend to wiiu daily forums. 

  • Albert Lily

    again really again they copy nintendo

  • tronic307

    This will never gain widespread use. Who’s gonna have both except a card-carrying Sony fan club member? *cough* Original concept, though *cough-cough* bullshit *snicker*

  • To be honest, I love Sony, it has always gave me a great experience. I never had to pay for my online content like Xbox. Plus it always had great games, like infamous, prototype, and little big planet. So when it comes down to it, I probably will buy it. Maybe not right on release day, or maybe I will, I don’t know yet, but to be fair, I love Nintendo, I always have, but until they get some better games out, I don’t see the worth in playing my Wii U, I already beat everything I have and there is no other games out right now that interest me, Nintendo has always done there own thing, which is good, but it could also be bad. I think Nintendo would have had a better chance if they were to have released their new console after the Play Station and Xbox reveal, then they could have improved their system and made it better then theirs, right now it looks like the Play Station’s specs are far above the specs of the Wii U. This is just my opinion. I love Nintendo, and yes I will probably still buy every system they created, but no, I don’t think they can ever beat another competitor like Sony or Xbox when it came down to the sales.

  • Nashoba Darkwolf

    This would be more enticing if the vita had some great games for it (most are bland, too short, or just  plan bad), and did not cost 250 bucks. Also, it cant do what the Wii U does for two reasons. One, it uses wifi that is only 2.4ghz vs the wii Us 5.8Ghz. That right there will make a huge difference for their ideas of off screen play. 

  • Sony stocks just went down after they told the world about ps4 now nintendo there stocks went up big time…Wow sony fanboys what happed..I thought the ps4 was the best then why did there stock go down..humm  you have to wonder..LOL

    • oontz

      Ummm, their stocks actually went up 2.2% after the announcement on the 20th. So yeah, wrong again Josh.

      • Nope im not oontz boy but please try again and please give up trolling you dont have it in you

      • Oh and oontztroll they now have a website for ps4daily go there now and troll this is for Wii U and for people who want to have fun and not just looks and when i get home from work i will have a link for you showing you once again your wrong but your to blind to see it sony stocks went down nintendo went up but keep trying trooper one day they will let you to the club..lol or i should say enjoy your gaystaysation 4…lol

  • Azael Carrera

    First with PlayStation Move, now with the PS4, what’s next? D:

  • ZeldaFan83

    It’s not all that surprising that Sony made this move as it wasn’t all that surprising when Sony released the Move Controller for the PS3 which was basically copying the Wii Remote. When one piece of technology or an idea becomes popular then it will be copied by many, that is just a fact of life.

  • kyuubikid213

    It’s a big-headed idea. Nintendo tried this with the GBA and GCN and it failed. Sony’s just going to shoot themselves in the fot with this.

  • Jay1151

    I have 360, ps3, wii u, vita and 3ds

    with that said I do see trouble for the wii u, i c 3rd party support stepping away and nintendo having to rely on their own franchises which is y i even had a wii…but thats the problem I had a wii just for their 1st party titles n not even all of them

    their biggest problem is they dont step into the tech realm like that, no streaming music or video suppport still no dvd play back…yea yea yea everyone has a dozen things that can play dvds thats not the point the point is convenience its old tech that been around for a long time it should be included by now.

    the vita as a controller vs the wii u pad; as a controller the vitas screen is a million time better, smaller but better quality capacitive vs resistive, multi touch. 

    all these fan boys being thrown back n forth but cmon what exactly has the wii u shown to say its got nxt gen on lock. if n e thing at this point i have a hard time promoting the wii u to friends for them to purchase and thats telling.

  • i will only buy the ps4 because i already own the rest, But ps4 is NOT going to be in my house at launch. First it has to prove itself usefull.

  • David Burlington

    i heard and it came via a friend who befriended a sony tester that ps4 will be a subscription service so you rent ps4 just like cable tv

  • ludist210

    It’s missing four full buttons.  It’s not “stepping” on anything.

  • gamesplayswill


  • Of course, to use this functionality, you have to own both a PS4 and a Vita. Vita is still at least $249 to buy, right? So if you want this functionality out of your PS4, you’re basically purchasing another system that’s fairly close to the price of a Wii U.

    Good on Sony for including that feature, it’s a natural extension and a good idea… but I don’t see that being a major thing hurting Wii U sales (which is good… Wii U doesn’t need more things hurting sales).

  • Aroc23

    Sony copied Nintendo with remote play??? Oh Ashley King must mean when remote play was implemented with the PS3 and the PSP seven years ago before the Wii U existed.

  • Brandon G

    PSP and PS3 had remote play before the Wii Us controller was even a rumor.

    • RoyCar69

      What! I don’t think you understand what Wii U’s remote play is.Sony implementation of the PS3 and PSP “remote play” was an afterthought to their functionality and was terrible and rarely used in practice.

  • Elmelwin59

    First the PS Move vs Wii Remote + Nunchuk And Now PS4 + Vita vs Wii U + Gamepad what a nice move Sony did there

  • D T

    I hate Sony Playstation Systems

  • D T

    I hate Sony Playstation Systems Very Much

  • D T

    I hate Sonly Playstation Systems. Nintendo rules.