Oct 4th, 2013


Here’s something you’ll never see a Microsoft executive admit. On Twitter earlier today, Sony’s president of worldwide studios announced that he has two Wii U consoles. Yoshida has stated that he’s a fan of Nintendo in the past, so fans were questioning him on Twitter as to which Nintendo games he’s playing. While Yoshida didn’t specifically mention any games, he did state that he owns two consoles and later on, that one is the Japanese Wii U and the other is an American Wii U.

It’s always nice to see executives owning things that belong to the competition. For the record, Bill Gates’ daughters are still banned from owning Apple products and they’re adults now.

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  • Simon Stevens

    Aw 🙂 he’s aces in my books

  • WarioForever

    Wow, that was unexpected.

  • Marcel Kleine

    I’ve never seen a better tweet

  • WiiUisgaming

    I think he is a better Wii U supporter than us.

    • juancamiloarq


    • Stephen

      There were three Wii U systems in my house at one point recently, but we sold one, haha.

      • WiiUisgaming

        so U are a better supporter :p. Nice

  • Schultz38

    See? You can be a fan of different video game/console companies. Each system has something unique to offer.

    • me


    • Merrfn

      Fanboys will be fanboys.

      • Daniel Gonzalez

        They’re like mosquitos.

        • Merrfn

          Shame there isn’t some magical repellent filled with toxic chemicals to make them go away…

          • Mr. J

            I love nintendo and sony……………….. It’s just Microsoft

          • and apple… in other universe

          • The True Gamer

            I plan on buying an Xbox one, but I don’t blame anyone for hating Microsoft. Their policies and public relations have been terrible. The DRM reversal was nice, but Microsoft still has a long way to go before Xbox one is loved as much as 360

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Logic just seems to make them swarm,

          • Merrfn

            Logic is a useless weapon, it just attracts more fanboys to the gang bang of illogical arguments.

          • Steve

            There, in fact, is one. It’s called logic and reasonability.

          • Merrfn

            No, logic just seems to enrage them and attract more of their fellow brethren.

        • some times, i’m a fan.
          @disqus_aWDc4YmJcG:disqus don’t be to hard.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            I was refering to the ones that can’t get past their fandom. There’s a difference between fans and fanboys. Being a fan is cool.

    • sdmac200600

      Tell that to the fanboys…

    • LopsidedPasta

      This shouldn’t even qualify as news, but unfortunately, it does. Guess who’ll be first in line to buy an Xbox One and PS4? Nintendo execs. That way, they can see the best things about their competition, and find ways to one-up them. It’s logical, smart business practices from all 3 of the Big 3.

    • GuardiansFan

      You are 100% correct. I own a Wii U and wanted to own either a PS4 or the Xbox One. In the end I chose the Xbox one because I think the new Kinect is too awesome to pass up. When watchdogs comes out i likely will get the Wii U version although i haven’t decided yet…i want the better graphical version but if the wii u version makes good use of the tablet then thats the version i’m going for as gameplay is more important to me than graphics.

      • Chibi RAWR

        why et the wiiu version if you already are getting xb1…… it play better on ps4/xb1 than wiiu though ps4 version gets bouns content.

    • Derk

      He would be a bad President if he did not own his competitors console.

  • Captinn2

    Right on, Sony!

  • Super Buu

    It’s always good to know that even if there are people working for rival companies, they still enjoy other’s products. Respect.

    • Mario

      He has my respect.

    • Archiq09

      I know he have already said he like nintendo games.

  • Chad Dodsworth

    Mr. Yoshida is a gamer… gamers buy what peaks their interests. If I want to play an XBOX ONE game because it interest me, i’m going to buy an XBOX ONE and so on and so on.

    • Leo

      No. He is a business man who obviously studies the competition in order to make better business decisions. This has nothing to do with his supposed “gamer” passion. This works both sides as Nintendo (particularly Mr. Miyamoto) also studies Sony’s devices for the very same reason.

      • Chad Dodsworth

        If a businessmen at work told me he was going to collect and analyze data from a competitor on his own… I would furiously spit my coffee out in laughter. Companies have their own divisions for that kinda thing.

        “I’m going to go home to the family I barely see, just to fire up my Wii U to study what makes it so FANTASTIC!”

  • See even the Sony President knows the Wii U has great games and potential.

    • John Andalora

      He only said that he has 2. That doesn’t verify what he thinks about the games on it. He might have been an early supporter.

      Edit: to add, he’s not some kind of supreme being that proves whether or not this console has potential. He’s just another owner.

      • Alex

        Just another owner dude, your not thinking straight, first of all he seemed to like Nintendo a lot that Nintendo has a lot of potential, I am a big Nintendo fan and I wish that I have 2 WiiU because for me Nintendo has a lot of potential. P.S. Why would a rival buy 2 instead of 1?

        • GuardiansFan

          because one of the wii us plays North American games and the other Japanese games…not all games are available on all systems.

        • John Andalora

          I certainly wouldn’t care for 2 Wii Us. I like Nintendo, but what use would two be when I barely play one?
          PS, A lot of people think Nintendo has potential, but some people (like me) thought Nintendo had a bunch of other cool systems and bought one early, only to have constant delays and an extremely small library of games consisting mostly between ports of games from months ago or ridiculously weak games (Tank! Tank! Tank! and Smurfs 2 just don’t do it for me), followed by a majority of Nintendo games coming out that are a bunch of sequels.
          Just because someone bought a Wii U doesn’t mean that they’re satisfied with it, and just because someone likes Nintendo doesn’t mean they like the Wii U.

      • alberty29

        he have it for his two daughters I saw a picture of his daughters playing a WiiU.

  • Orange Lada

    If he didn’t own the competitions consoles – and use them – he’d be an idiot.

    You have to be on top of what is good and bad about competitors offerings, when designing your own.

  • Ford Crews

    If they had included a blu-ray player, a video in where tvii could have been awesome, I would own 3, I’d have one on all my main tv’s.

  • Sdudyoy

    Well, everyone has an opinion, some people think you can’t like more than one thing at once.

    • Arthur Jarret

      Not everyones brain can handle liking two thing at the same time.
      This is one of the main causes of white supremacy movements.

  • Javy G

    That’s a gamer right there! I also own a PS3! But to own the Japanese version is awesome… I just wish I understood Japanese. There are games there that will never come the US including Dragon Quest.

    • RyuNoHadouken

      PS3 is region free…you can buy and play Japanese games, but good luck understanding the text and spoken word…lol

  • Wiiluigi

    That is BOSS!

  • Jared Garcia

    You can’t just not own a Nintendo console. Maybe Wii U was the inspiration for remote play?

  • Mario

    Wow! I did not expect that answer!

  • Ducked

    Okay cool…

  • Jack5221

    If they come out with a Smash Bros bundle then I’ll buy a 2nd Wii U.

  • person

    so, in short, Yoshida is saying, ‘get a WiiU for Nintendo’s games, a PS4 for every thing else, and **** Microsoft’. Now, if I could afford the time and money of owning more than one console at a time, I’d heed that advice.

    • The True Gamer

      I’d buy an Xbox one before any other console. I have my reasons.

      • person

        Well, to be honest, I have nothing against the Xbox One now that Microsoft have reversed their bizarre DRM policies. I’d still choose a PS4 over an Xbox One given the choice

        • The True Gamer

          To me, it makes more sense that a majority of gamers are buying a ps4. I really only want it for halo and online multiplayer. I never enjoyed my ps3 much, but I think that Sony really took this to create a console that everybody can accept as a great system. Xbox one has halo, and Xbox live has treated me better in he past, but if playstation 4 has a great online multiplayer, I can’t see too many gamers ever purchasing an Xbox one.

  • PatcherStation

    If you’re a true gamer and you can afford it, having all the current consoles is a great thing to have. I can’t see how any gamer who works for Sony or whoever can just go about playing games on 1 console when they’re so many games out there. I suppose Xbox and PS consoles are similar, so owning a Nintendo console will give you a better variety of games, but at the moment, the Wii U is dead in the water for new releases. Great that it plays Wii games which as upscaled.

    • Marcus Navarro

      *see Bill Gates for details*

    • blindtiger

      WAS dead in the water… until pikmin

  • Miles “Tails” Prower

    Well at least he isn’t afraid to admit it.

  • Jacob T. Plante

    I’m starting to really like Sony & the PS4 now! 😀

    • Linkamus

      What? This is what makes you like the PS4? Dude… dumbest statement ever.

      Like it for its games, its tech, its anything other than the fact the Sony’s President has a WiiU like you…

  • Jacob T. Plante

    Take THAT Sony fanboys!!

    • The True Gamer

      Most sony fanboys hate Microsoft, not Nintendo

  • Gonçalo Fernandes

    He has 2 wii u consoles to copy the ideas and apply them to the remote play

  • Carlos Coronado

    He has the wii u to copy the ideas and use them in sony devices

  • devmiles

    above all this guy is interested in gaming. nintendo’s output is very poor at the moment but the idea of the wii-u is good, not outstanding. sony’s ps4 is absolutely going to outperform the wii-u in all ways but that doesn’t take away the fact you can have fun with a good wii-u and nintendo game, nintendo will be nintendo.

  • Agent721

    Here, here…I own a wii u, wii, cube, SNES, OG Gameboy, NES edition super gameboy, PS3, 2 360s and two DSs. Variety is the spice of life. But in the end, most serious folks in the industry take Nintendo as a company to emulate. Even Dan Houser (co creator of Rockstar…GTA, Red Dead ,etc…) told GameInformer at the time GTAIV came out that the developer he most admired was Shigeru Miyamoto. In the end, only trolls hate Nintendo.

    • The True Gamer

      Well, and people who dislike their games

      • Maxwell Baumgarten

        Well, nintendo seriously has variety. It’s not just mario. If you take mario away, the variety looks even greater. Fire emblem, pikmin, star fox, Metroid, zelda. There has to be something that everybody would like if they tried it, even if it’s just one game.

        • The True Gamer

          Nintendo has those games, but not necessarily everybody likes them. There are people who like mainly fps, racing, strategy, mmo, and sports games. While Nintendo has variety, I’m sure many people don’t enjoy a single first party Nintendo franchise. Different people just like different games.

  • IcyCatt

    And now I’m smiling

  • uPadWatcher

    Take THAT, Microsoft!!!!!

  • disqus_TCujPcjAm7

    why dont you bash ign for not posting this sony president wiiu support why are you bashing microsoft derp they are a direct competitor to nintendo its ign job to cover gaming news

  • disqus_TCujPcjAm7

    ashley really microsoft is a direct competitor towards nintendo and sony? and Sony has trashed nintendo so many times i lost count,. including the motion plus, and 3ds is a gimmick? to turn around and copy the big N why are you not trashing IGN for not posting this news it makes more sence since ign is a gaming news website exposed!

    correct me if im wrong however you sound more like a undercover sony drone lol

  • oman

    The thing for me is this is good to hear. Something that makes me laugh is that the senior devs at each company would have surely cut their gaming teeth on a nintendo console’ which would have prompted them to choose a career in game and console development! How quick are most to shun nintendo and its products ! I like this guy!

  • Damian Waga

    Now, if Sony and Nintendo announce a cross PS All-Stars/ Smash Brothers, I can die in peace.
    Well, after a few years of the games release, of course.

  • Rinslowe

    I like the guy, first off. Not to cause confusion. But is it at all possible he’s making an inference to the fact PS4 is region free? Another advantage of their system as opposed our wonderful Wii U, which just happens to be region locked. Hence the fact he has two versions…?

  • Pokewarrior2000

    That was surprising. Unexpected to say the least.

    • manowaffles

      I disagree. It makes total sense. That way you can see how the competition is doing things, and you will get an idea as far as what strengths and weaknesses they have to better offer products yourself.

      Living in an echo chamber will never produce new & innovative ideas.

      • Pokewarrior2000

        I never said it made no sense, just was unexpected. I thought maybe that some were influenced somewhat to think of only one console series as good by the people whom work at the companies, like the higher ups and some arrogant lower tiers (not that they are arrogant). But you do bring up a very good point. I’m curious why he has 2 though, that I don’t get at all.

        • manowaffles

          Because the Wii U is region locked. 🙁
          He has a US one and a Japanese one. There are some games that are only available on one and not the other.

          If I was rolling in the dough, I’d have a lot of other things before I thought about a 2nd Wii U myself, but I suppose I might run out of other things to buy eventually…

          • Pokewarrior2000

            Ah, I that’s interesting. And I’m with you on that, much as I love the concept of the WiiU.

          • manowaffles

            It’s a great system that really can bring something new to games. There are only a few examples of games that truly utilize it’s potential so far. Ubisoft seems to have some good ideas for it (ZombiU and Rayman Legends are amazing!)

            I’ve yet to see Nintendo themselves use it in a full game to this full degree though (Nintendo Land is a good start, but mini-games don’t cut it.)

            Where’s Pac-Man Vs. for the Wii U?

      • C.S. Bailey

        True, but I’m sure there are Wii U’s at the Sony offices. Saying he actually has two at home means a little more.

        • manowaffles

          I would argue that it would be better to have them at home rather than work for that purpose. At work you are concentrating on what ever project you may have. At home, your trying to wind down, and don’t have a specific goal in mind besides enjoyment. It makes a difference as far as how you would interact with the console and provide a far more realistic user experience that an official work related use might not uncover.

  • DarkLegacy

    I thought he would’ve owned one Wii U console but when it said that he owned two Wii U consoles I thought he was a Nintendo fan like everyone else including me. also good to know that he’s a fan of Nintendo including it’s games

  • starwars360

    Maybe he want own of both to research for new things for PS4 and copy ideas. Just like they did with PS3 for copy ideas from Wii. Lol

    I also believe he own both so one is his family member owner to play and other for himself to research new things that Nintendo had offer in Wii U and maybe want copy idea from Miiverse commutation? Could be. 😛

    Anyway who know. We knew he will not answer us and keep himself for his life of secrets until we know what go on with PS4 in future if have some copy ideas from Wii U. Lol

    Loved my Wii U, Xbox 360 and PS3. Soon will be own of Xbox One by this November launch release and for PS4. Well sorry to Sony President, you shall have wait for me to get PS4 when inFamous: Second Son is release in 2014 because there no interest launch titles expect Killzone 4. I will get Killzone 4 when inFamous: Second Son release. I know there cool new IP racing game for PS4 but still not interests. I more interest into Forza 5 then PS4’s new Racing IP game. 🙂

    • Chibi RAWR

      ….do you know how dumb you sound. PS3 copied wii?

      • C.S. Bailey

        He’s talking about the PS Move, genius.

  • blindtiger

    he HAS to own nintendo consoles so he can copy them!

  • Chibi RAWR

    Having all 3 systems is logical for game people. he gets paid $1000 so he can buy 5 wiius if he wants. he needs both because once again it comes back to logic. WiiU is not region free, thus if you want to play something like Dragon Quest 10 on WiiU you are forced to buy a Japanese WiiU.

  • Leo

    Of course he does. He is studying it to copy the competitor.

  • Daniel Gonzalez

    I’m sure even Miyamoto and Iwata have a PS3 at their homes.

    • Maxwell Baumgarten

      The eji anouma has one that he plays skyrim on lol

  • Lil J Moore

    I now have two WiiU’s too.

  • It’s only the immature, dude-bro fanboys who have this notion that they need to have this unhealthy devotion to their company/console of choice, as if it were their love-partner, parent, family, or even god.

    Even Miyamoto showed his respect for Sony:

    • Rinslowe

      Just look at that seemingly unassuming gentleman holding a Vita… The staple of a legend.

      Mr. Miyamoto is such a gamer!

      Strangely on a side note, all those NPC’s on the second floor reminds me of the Citadel in Mass Effect for some reason… (By NPC’s I mean real people, real people…)


  • Fuzunga

    He would only need one IF IT WAS REGION FREE!

  • Dodge Pribyl

    I’m going to shove this in the face of so many PS Fanboys…

    Hater: WiiU sucz! Noboddy ownz one. PS4Lyfe!!!

    Me: Nobody owns one? Your god Yoshida owns one. I guess he’s nobody?

    Hater:*Descends into madness.

  • C.S. Bailey

    Honesty is a great way into consumers hearts.

  • bizzy gie

    I alreadt knew this (well not about the second Wii U). I follow him on Miiverse.

  • Marius Valasinas

    Good effort, Mr. Yoshida. You don’t need to own PS only to be a gamer. I love all systems that deliver good games.

  • bradtastic2

    I love all 3. Microsoft are scum bags but they make a great console.

  • ItzameyaToad

    I commented on another website that had an article similar(was talking about Microsoft staff playing Wii U games at a games booth) where I said “Its funny people who don’t work for or hold a position in a company be it Nintendo, Sony or Microsoft think that the people who work there must be anti-(competition) or hate Nintendo or Sony. A large portion of staff from all of the companies most likely hold no bias against any console regardless of if they prefer there companies console.” It is nice though that Sony’s President can say he likes/owns Wii U, not suprised though because most executives don’t hold thing’s against companies like most people do that don’t work for any of the companies.

  • Simon Stevens

    where are the fanboys now…. lol none of them have bought a wii u, I’m a pretty simple guy, always prefered Nintendo consoles because they bring unique experiences to the table along with great games I never grow out of but I go wherever the great games are, ps2 was my favourite system because of the jrpgs, wasn’t a fan of ps3 because it barely had any, just crappy shooters, right now the wii u is my only console aside from the wii, mostly because they have the games my son loves to play but if Sony ever bring YS celceta to Europe along side the Vita tv, I’ll be buying one, don’t see te point in this whole console war stuff, people should buy the systems for the games they wanna play and shut up lol.

  • Johny

    i want a japanese wii u too >.>

  • Startus

    This further proves that these infamous “Console Wars” only exist in the minds of fanboys.

  • disqus_TCujPcjAm7

    Deleting my responce to this article exposed!

  • disqus_TCujPcjAm7

    Oh really sony bashed and made fun of nintendo motion plus and 3ds system I dont see you calling sony out Ashley or ign for not posting this article on their website exposed your nothen more than another Sony drone lol your not fooling anyone here aand stop deleting my post exposed!

    • Christian Schoff


      • disqus_TCujPcjAm7


  • Dáibhí wotshissurname

    Quite nice to see that not everything has to be fierce competitions.

    Sony bought Nintendo (Sony Worldwide has the bigger bank balance) and left left Ninty to their own devices? That way, we could see a Sony/Ninty crossover!

  • Dáibhí wotshissurname

    Hate Microsoft though. After the Xbox One reveal, I get the image they are at odds with their own target market and want to tell gamers what to do.