Sep 21st, 2012

Sony believes that its PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita consoles can do what the Wii U does. Earlier this year, as a response to the Wii U, Sony announced “Cross Play”, where players can use the Vita as an extra screen for their PlayStation 3. This is the second time Sony makes this soft of claim. Back in June, they had the audacity to suggest the Vita was better than the Wii U.

This time, Sony’s John Koller doesn’t think the Wii U is anything special. He believes the combination of a PlayStation 3 console and a Vita can offer the same functionality. He said, “What the Wii U is offering is something that Vita and PS3 can do quite easily”.

After Nintendo revealed the Wii U at E3 2011, Microsoft and Sony started their copiers and within a year, Microsoft had “SmartGlass”, and Sony had “Cross Play” — both technologies mimic the Wii U’s use of a tablet touchscreen controller. But unlike the Wii U, both SmartGlass and Vita Cross Play are gimmicks, as we pointed out in our in-depth article earlier this year. Even Nintendo said that they found the competing technologies from Microsoft and Sony “flattering“.

Wii U vs Vita

For Sony to claim that their PS3 and its overpriced handheld little brother can do what the Wii U does is complete nonsense. First of all, developers cannot depend on gamers having a Vita, so any functionality built into it can never affect gameplay in any meaningful way. Secondly, a PlayStation 3 and Vita combination costs a lot more than the Wii U — the Vita alone retails for $250.

Not to mention that the Vita is probably the most failed Sony console to date. Since its launch, it has only sold about 2 million units, while its competitor, the Nintendo 3DS, has sold almost 20 million.


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  • Bobsingh

    What a fail Sony is. Come up with your own ideas!

    • Nintenlord

      We bashed this so hard on nintendo news that even that aelous was afraid to show up hahaha

      • MinowaEli

        Never speak of MyNintendoNews on here again. That site is full of idiots.

        • LUCIFER

          Lol duck you
          Go pluck yourself

          • revolution5268

            you are a nintendo hater on 3ds, same on my nintendo news.

          • TheWholeTruth

            Actually, Remote Play existed a long time ago with PS3 and PSP.
            A Cross-Controller feature is nothing new for PlayStation, it existed since 2007.

            And the facts are there. The Vita and PS3 can do what the Wii U can do.

            Wii U has:
            -Augmented Reality cameras.
            -x6 Motions Sensors.
            -6″ LCD Touchscreen.

            The Vita has:
            -Augmented Reality cameras.
            -x9 Motion Sensors.
            -5″ OLED Touchscreen. (With 16.7 Million colors)
            -A Rear Touchpad

            Looking at the specs, the Vita is above the Wii U’s controller, but Sony main focus is now having Wii U style games, only exclusive to PS games support that Cross-Controller of Vita/PS3 (until further notice…).

            But, that doesn’t mean they have the same features.

            The Wii U can use it’s controller has a screen on ALL games.
            PlayStation Remote Play is limited to what you can play and do.

            Here’s what they can do:
            Wii U:
            -Watch a game on the controller while having the main screen free to watch something else
            -Record Live TV.
            -Nintendo Premium Service (rebate of 10% that can be used on other Nintendo games, reward system)

            Vita/PS3 have:
            -Cross buy (Buy one game, get the Vita Version free). And Content Sharing (Your creations you made on Vita/PS3 are shared)
            -Cloud Based Save Storage you can store your games online (Vita PS Plus). CB Save files storage (stop playing a game on your PS3, pick up where you left off on your Vita).
            -Playstation Plus Premium Service. (Get over 250$ of free games that changes every 2 week, also gives you additional weekly rebate off games. Sounds familiar?)

            They both have more functions.

            Sony never popularized Remote Play PS3/PSP it since it lacked dual analog sticks and technology that can be found in the Vita.

            Again, for someone who doesn’t care for mobile gaming consoles.
            The Wii U is a much better choice at 300$.
            But if you want a mobile console, one could argue that buying a PS3 and Vita comes to around the same price to a Wii U and 3DS.
            The PS3 and PS Vita both cost 250$, making a total of of 500$.
            While a Wii U cost 300$ and 350$ and a 3DS’s normal price is 170$, making the total to 470$ to 520$. So it’s around the same price.

            Let’s not forget that the PS3’s graphics are still impressive, just look at The Last of Us or the Uncharted series. Nintendo needs to make AAA High End Graphic Games like thoses games.

            And not to complain, but Nintendo will need to upgrade their Miis and how they look. A 1080p Mii is still a Mii, it’s not has realistic as a PS Home Avatar, nor a Custom made avatar from Sports Champion 2 and White Knight Chronicles. Haven’t seen the full extent of the customisation you can use in SC2, but it’s still a realistic character.

            In any case, it’s constructive criticism. Take note.

            Both the Wii U and PS3 have a lot to offer in their own way.

            I’m not bias, I’m informative.

          • ninty1

            NO U

          • Big N

            Additional info for “@TheWholeTruth”

            Playing with Console and handheld side by side aka Cross Play is already existing since Gamecube and GBA/GBA SP for Zelda Four Sword Adventures. GBA/s are connected to the Gamecube console and players can do their adventure within the GBA screen (up to 3 GBA can be connected) and the other one is playing on the TV using the Gamecube controller.

            By the way, I like your facts but I just want to raise this one as I think there will be someone there will think that this aka Cross Play was originally from Sony.

        • AKA-Link77

          Yah! 😀 @bobsingh
          And the Piecev’ Sh!t 3 (PS3) and the Piecev’ Sh!t Vita may do the same thing but we wont be able to play Mario, Metroid, Zelda or simply games that DONT SUCK on Wii U™ !!
          😉 😀

          • AKA-Link77

            **** Dam!! i ment
            “on Piecev’ Sh!t 3!”

          • TheWholeTruth


            What’s with all the hate?
            Seriously, are we in kindergarten or what?

            Love is louder.

      • Kyron

        That “Aelous” guy is the biggest troll ever

        • NintendoGator

          Gayolus needs to be Backer Acted………..Seriously………..Out

        • revolution5268

          don’t you ever mention that name in this site again…or else.

          • NintendoGator

            Yes sir……………….Out

      • Pikmin

        or Sony to claim that their PS3 and its overpriced handheld little brother can do what the Wii U does is complete nonsense. First of all, developers cannot depend on gamers having a Vita, so any functionality built into it can never affect gameplay in any meaningful way. Secondly, a PlayStation 3 and Vita combination costs a lot more than the Wii U — the Vita alone retails for $250.

        Let me tell you how to write an article. First of all, you dont make a claim then lay down facts that dont support what you just said. What does the price have to do with if the vita + ps3 can do what the wii u does? Right, nothing. Second, ‘developers cant depend on gamers to have the ps3+ vita..’ right, you’re putting something else in that doesnt support your first statement at all again. Your articles are really low quality.

        • davedave

          Let me tell you how to write a reply… Developer cannot depend on gamers having a ps3 +vita. That is a fact. Most ps3 owners do not own a vita. Fact. There is, therefore, little incentive for developers to spend time and money implementing features in a game that most people will not be able to use. Sony may release some games with this feature to showcase the technology but 3rd party developers are unlikely to give it much support.

        • DK

          that post was almost as bad as this article

        • relo999

          Well as a developer I can safely say, it not a good option to assume your consumer has a vita as well as a ps3 (that cuts your market down considerably). Both to mention that price is about a 100 euros higher than the wiiU. So to summerize Vita+PS3 almost 25 % higher price and is a really unsafe option to bigin with from a developer standpoint.

        • 007 1/2

          do u have anything better to do than tell people how to write? no u have no life. the wiiudaily people have other lives and dont have the time to write a best-selling novel.
          also the wii u gives u a price for everything. the ps vita is $250 on top of a PS3. this makes the wii u considerably better and cheaper.

        • Nintenlord

          Hahaha you try to sound smart but are realy dumb

      • Wildman

        Oh, Sony… when will you learn?
        Nintendon’t play dat!

        God… I hate Aelous. Worst troll ever. I sent him away for a while after blasting him with my wild words.

    • blinder2

      ill tell you why there ps4 will cost a lot more to make than they sell it for,so they no its a lot easyer to just buy better CPU,GPU than is is to try an inventsomthing new,nobody would buy it if they had to sell it for what it cost them to make,forget about making money on it,im an old gamer 41 years of play all sorts of games,since 1971 i buy all,SONY and MICROSOFT but they make me sooooo very angry

    • just nintendo

      Sony always is CHEATER


      You say your a real gamer yet the same time get you pantys in a knot when other companies try out things.Nintendos not original neither are any comoanies they all copy. For example nes zqpper was stolen crom odyssey light gun. The hypocrisy of the fanboys is amausing. What about when nintendo backstabbed sony causing them to justly want revenge. Sony is the way it is becuase innocent nintendo backstabbed and embrasse the poor ducks.
      Now stop being a fanboy
      You DUCKING beach

      • AKA-Link77

        Yet again:
        “If it wasnt for Nintendo, PS 1/2 or 3 would not exist!”

        • LUCIFER

          Yeah if there werent backstabbers they would never have gotten revenge you cupid duck smh go tuck yourself

          • AKA-Link77

            i stand uncorrected. . .

          • brian winn jr

            your a moron sony lover

          • theunknownhero

            I am well aware of what he is referring to and it actually happened the other way around.
            Sony and Nintendo were going to make the first disc based console together, but the relations broke apart because since Sony developed the disc technology they tried to get Nintendo to sign a contract granting them all profits from any game sold that was on a disc.
            What else was Nintendo supposed to do, but tell them to go screw themselves.

          • TheWholeTruth

            He’s actually an Xbox fan, maskerating as a PlayStation fan.

            The other comments he made about “Smartglass” and how “Microsoft will outsell the Wii U” on other places reveals his true identity.

            Make that troll go away, for the love of God, Lucifer, do us all a favor, shut up and go away.

          • TheWholeTruth


            Both the Wii and Xbox are using DVDs that Sony created.
            Neither of them are paying royalty fees to Sony.

            Xbox does charge a royalty fee for all disc base games and online content that is being sold, even on third parties, even when they’re not the publisher.

            But that’s Xbox.

      • revolution5268

        you need to do more research, sony has the information on how to make a console because they been working on both nintendo and sega, now THAT’S backstabbed.

        • Chan

          Careful. There are a huge difference between design a console and manufacturing a console. Sony have been manufacturing the console at that time. Nintendo has always design their own console with always custom hardware for very specific new way of playing…think about NES, Gamepad (indeed creation of nintendo), Analog stick for gamecube, WiiMote…
          So Sony has enter because they were just seeing how to easiy built a console and get lot of money from it.. Sony is like Microsoft, it’s been too long time that they put the word “Innovation” aways from their Labs!!!

          • revolution5268

            in order to make something for the product, you got to know the how the product works (specs) that’s kind of disadvantage because Sony at that time knows how genesis and snes work and later they plan to release there own console base on all the information they got..

      • Opticine

        Go back to school and learn how to spell and use proper grammar, you shouldn’t have dropped out. And Nintendo did not back stab them, they decided they would use cartridges, before Sony even did any work for them.

    • somebody

      wii u:300$-350

      difference:wii u is better

    • Jetty

      LOL I love this sh*t!! Reading arguments is what unites fans from both sides. This is entertainment.


      Now I don’t have to play my 3DS tonight lol.

    • Johny

      ONCE for a change…. thats why i like nintendo…every generation , new innovative completely new different controller, console and the way we play/experience gaming =)

    • Dreamcast

      Technically, Nintendo is the one copying since remote play as been a PS3 feature since 2006. Also cross controller has been available for some time now with Vita/PS3. MvC3 was the first game to use I believe.

      • Nintenlord

        Cross play since 2006? Whit what? Another thing do yo know what cross play is

        • TheWholeTruth

          With the psp.

          But it wasn’t nearly as innovative as the Vita nor Wii U is today.

    • Big N

      If I recall it right Cross play was already existing since Gamecube and GBA. I recall I play the Zelda Four Sword Adventure with my friends. One in the TV using his Gamecube controller and the three of us using our GBA/ GBA SP that was connected to the Gamecube console. It was a great fun.

    • Elite

      Haters going to hate! I love my vita and my ps3 ooo and my 360. I also love my wii and my 3ds, and soon my wii u basic. I will admit though, both micro and sony have there follies but so does N. No matter what i am still one who will eventually buy every current gen console, that is what i do. I like to play those exclusive games for each. If they are not exclusive i play them on pc if i can.

  • Fvaco

    Ok, come on Sony, run a TLoZ…no further questions

    • td,y,i,.

      Vita has cross-play but you have to buy a separate game for the vita to do that. Not mention the Vita itself is overpriced and not all games that come out for the ps3 come out for the Vita.

      • TheWholeTruth

        No you don’t, they’ve announced cross-buy.
        You buy the PS3 version, you get the Vita version for free.
        Then you have two games, one for your living room and another on the go.

        No need to buy twice and it’s particularly handy if you have brothers and want to share the game.

        Likewise, if you think Cross-buy is pointless, then just buy the Vita version at a discounted rate (40$ instead of 60$). The money you’ll be saving will make the Vita pay for itself. It’s one way to look at it.

  • Shock

    Bravo Wii U daily. Bravo.

  • Come at me bro

    Wha a bunch of sore losers!

  • TheUNation

    Triple facepalm!!!!!!!

    • theorangefish

      Who cares ? Vita and the triple are awesome. I don’t like the gamepad I think wii u gamepad, cross play and “smartass” are all gimmicky! The only thing I like is the carry your game with you idea. A Vita is not that expensive, my local store offers a vita wifi + 8Gb card + 1 game for 200€.

      • theBALLANCEDopinion

        By comparing a portable device to a home console you are comparing apples and oranges.

        • JumpMan

          more like apples to bricks.

      • NesToWiiU

        Yeah,but try to find good games or any games for it.Nice try though.Saying everything is a gimmick is like saying the internet is a gimmick.

      • Shane

        Making people pay for PS Vita, and then saying that it can do what the Wii U can do is fine, but like the beginning of what my reply says, “People are paying for PS Vita”, aside from PS3.

      • Yodin

        Wii u gamepad is not a gimmick, Vita is not any better, I even owned a PSP and gave it away, I even checked games for vita and only 2 games I liked but that was not enough for me to get one, not enough games I can say they have 30 or so games for vita compared to 3DS games, I owned the 3DS and love it found games that I really like. Sony does not even come close to that.

        • theorangefish

          Man guys I just said I don’t like any of the 2nd screen ideas. The only thing I liked was the possibility to take a cosole game with me. The sentence “buy a
          ps3 game and a vita game to use cross play!” is not true. 1 question is everything “not pro nintendo” trolling? Am I a Ps fanboy and a U hater? I like the wii u and i’ll get one day but I just don’t like the gamepad. I know many of you love it and call it “da best controula evar”.

      • GameChanger

        You really want to talk about gimmicky? What was the purpose for that touch panel on back of the Vita?

        • LazerK


      • brian winn jr


      • TheDavyStar

        So cross-play isn’t gimmicky but wii u is? QUADRUPLE FACEPALM!

  • snestendo

    When you actually use it, you can start talking, but right now it is pointless.

  • bg

    Of course it does it was made for that reason just like all of their stuff.

  • Nintenlord

    Hahahahahaahaha good 1 sony…….you mean sony that you are serius

    • JumpMan

      Sirius. as in Black. Hurry Pottah!

  • NintendGo

    Sure i see that the vita has anolog sticks too. I also see that it has NFC ( sarcastic )

    • NintendGo

      I mean i see that vita has a camera and NFC ( sarcastic)

      • MinowaEli

        The Vita has a camera… >_>

  • Armani

    Even if it was the same, can it play New Super Mario Bros U? Im not suprised Sony wants to copy Nintendo, Just like they did with their gay Glow Sticks. haha

    • Sethlaw225

      come on man u didn’t like the magic wands LMFAO jk jk it’s pretty sh**y

    • Alienfish

      😀 Lightbulb on a stick!

    • revolution5268

      you mean those glowing dildos?

      • The Random Man

        They’re squishy too. XD

  • NintendGo

    Oh so you admitt that you want to copy the wii u by saying vita can do the same thing

    • AKA-Link77

      “Sony jus’ got Nogged the Fugg OUT!”

  • NavyBlueYoshi

    Apparently Sony forgot, if you we’re to do that, you would need a ps3 and a vita… Hmmm 300 for a ps3 and a 250 for a vita for a grand total of 550 where as the wii u is 350, neutral people (and even some sony people) will obviously lean towards the wii U…. Pretty desperate for attention to bash the wii u though…

    • Nko Sekirei

      the only reason why ps3 cost to much during its release was the blu ray dvd player

      • Golden Fox

        Yeah and the Hardrive as well

      • Br

        No it was the whole package, in particular the useless cell processor, the same performance could be gleamed from the 360s affordable 1 but the price of the cell processor alone was higher than cost they sold that ugly chunk of plastic for. But lets all console ourselves, even if the playstation was quite profitable Sony themselves are hemmoraging money and billions in depth, lets just hope the company collapses before we’re subjected to another unoriginal eye sore of a Sony console

        • TheWholeTruth

          You want Sony to fail yet the Wii is using DVDs, a technology created by Sony…

          Come on, what’s the point of hating other consoles, it’s utterly ridiculous.

          Unless you have a good point to hate Sony, like if they were to make a defective console or something of the like, then yes, do be angry.

          But other than that, Sony makes greats consoles, they are high end and cost much more to make. Most games are for a Mature audience, an audience who have jobs, and are perfectly capable of buying a 500$ console.

          Don’t hate on something you know nothing about.
          Same goes to Any PS3/Xbox who hates the Wii U.

          So far, the response of the Wii U has been generally well received.
          It’s too early to tell anything.
          It’s like hating an unborn baby, it’s not out yet, give it a chance.

          • toddblend

            What about going digital. Nintendo has already set up their 3DS and WiiU to take that into affect. So when the mass market makes that huge jump to digital then Nintendo doesn’t have to pay Sony anything on royal dvd fees when they no longer need it. wahahahaah….cough!

  • TheHydra707

    So lets see
    *Non Integrated Second Screen
    *Small to no developer interest
    *Virtually nonexistent install base
    *More than twice the price

    Hot damn sign me up Sony! This sounds like a great deal!

    P.S. with this logic The Gamecube/Gameboy Advanced is capable of doing what the Wii U does.

    Im sorry Sony, but just because there are two screens involved. It doesnt mean they’re exactly the same thing. I know that concept might be over their head, because well it involves thought.

    I think at this point Sony is just saying, and doing outrageous shit to try to get attention for their products.

    • Nintedward.

      The nintendo DS does what the vita and ps3 can do , lol !!!!!!

      • NavyBlueYoshi

        Well said nintedward, well said

      • revolution5268

        vita and ps3 does what nintendid.

        • LazerK

          Nice one

  • SteampunkJedi

    As said in the article, developers can’t rely on people having both the PS3 and the PSVita, so Cross-Play can’t be a very compelling add-on to games. The Wii U is far better for two-screen gameplay because the second screen is always included.

  • Wils81

    First it was Sega does what Nintendon’t. Now…
    Sony does what Nintendo does.

    • NesToWiiU

      I only heard that recently from jamesnintendonerd.It’s too bad he isn’t making that much videos.I guess I’m waiting till he makes reviews of more N64 games.

      • revolution5268

        James is pretty much doing the movie.
        he is a busy person.

    • Mac

      or Sony does what nintendoe’s

  • Raul

    SmartGlass is a gimmick for sure. Cross buy isn’t.

    • EvanescentHero

      But Cross Buy and Cross Play aren’t the same thing.

    • Kyron

      Cross buy?

      • EvanescentHero

        Cross Buy means you buy a game on the PS3 and get a free copy on Vita, or possibly vice versa.

    • Alienfish

      I agree cross-buy is cool. Monster Hunter Ultimate should have this.

      • Br

        Cross buy is interesting but theres no profit in it for the developer, id have to develop 2 copies of a game for fairly different systems meaning more work and development time/cost, limit the more powrful system so the game is happy on both and then give away a free copy of a game, the only ppl with vitas are sony fanboys i guess they’re trying to convince PS owners to buy their underwhelming handheld

        • TheWholeTruth

          That’s not true.

          The game is already being made for one system, it’s fairly easy to port a game to another console. Just look at all the ports there is from Xbox 360 / PlayStation 3 / Wii U.


          Developers are taking the time to make 3D games for the PS3 just like they are taking time to develop Functions for the Wii U.

          I must admit, I found Assassin’s Creed 3 on the Wii U pretty underwhelming.
          The only thing that has been added is his tool belt. I’d want more options, like how you can unlock additional content by having both Assassin’s Creed 3 and Liberation for the Vita, not just Cross-Controller.

      • EvanescentHero

        So should Smash 4 on Wii U and 3DS. =) Or at least a bundle.

  • Ninty1


    • LazerK

      Still not enough for this amount of fail from Sony…

      • Arsonist Monkey

        *gets hit in face by train*

  • Nintedward.

    Sony have already been anihilated for this across the web , but let’s continue .

    Let me use Rayman legends as a prime example . You have one disc in the console , and you have a 1080p 60fps image on the tv which 4 people can control with pro or wii remotes . The person with the gamepad has a syncronized asymetric image which he can touch interact with in real time .

    This would not work on the ps vita and ps3 together because the ps3 barely has enough ram to keep up its framerate and resoloution on the tv alone.

    So yeh , do not fear soldier’s of Nintendo , this is what is called desperate butt hurt troll marketing . It stanks , bad .

    They say that 2 of their consoles combined which cost’s £500 can do what Nintendo can do with one console for a minimum of £250 ???? hahaha.

    The only way the psv and ps3 combined up to the standard of wiiu is if each console had the same copy of a game in each one , like 2 copies of rayman legends for example and the ps vita is working together with the ps3 , not just accepting a stream from the ps3 .

    EPIC FAIL !!!!!

    • blinder2

      what they will do is wait for the PS4 to come out and then do 1 of three things 1st ps vita to ps4 2nd new version ps vita ony cheaper to ps4 or a gamepad like the nintendo for a cheaper price than the nintendo gamepad if your were to buy it seperat.the thing is this it could spell doom for NINTy simply because they will have much better graphics and a gamepad,it could do more things like 4 gamepades at once ect as well or vita,but i hope not SEE if im not wright.

      • frank

        Don’t comment if people could POSSIBLY have trouble reading it

    • Atstyle

      not only that but what will they do when nintendo start using the 2nd gamepad for games.

      2 gamepad gameplay style would require 2 vitas plus ps3. so a whooping 700$ investment just for a game minor game feature…

      Nice try SONY

  • *Insertname*

    Vita isn’t that bad (it’s low sales are due to it’s ridicules price and lack of games for its launch), but the Vita and PS3 combo still won’t compare to the Wii U.

    • JumpMan

      totally, i mean, i wanted a Vita before it came out (for LBPV (FTW!)) but then i found out it wasn’t a launch title, and then i found out it came out 6+ months after the Vita did… not worth it. but claiming that Vita+PS3 is even at all the same, not to mention BETTER(!), is just lying through your face. i’m sorry… actually no, i’m not, but it’s true.

  • Britton

    There are a few things I was thinking of as well. The Vita costs about $250 by itself. I’ve been told you cant even play the thing without getting a memory card which is $20 at the cheapest and a game which is $30 – $50. To use the vita as a standalone console the cost is roughly $300. IF you were to use it as just a controller, I guess you could eliminate the other costs. But that is one hell of an expensive controller. Then you add a PS3 which is roughly $250 + games and controllers, etc. The price of using the PS3 and Vita together to mimic the WiiU is AT LEAST $500-$600. PLUS… it will not function NEARLY as well and will not be able to do some of the other functions the WiiU can do. Then you look at Nintendo where you can get the WiiU for $300-$350 and you can already use previous controllers with the system. You can also use your 3DS as a controller and to link up with the system. The 3DS goes for roughly $170. So you CAN get a WiiU (which is a next gen console) and a 3DS (which is dominating the Vita) for as little as $470 together. That by itself is MUCH better than considering a PS3 and Vita combo.

    • blinder2

      didnt no 3ds could connect,latter i no it will but not now,but i agree with what you said about price

  • Nintendo Power of Canada/USA

    Sony will one day FALL. People don’t expect powerful consoles from them, Maybe better Ram and CPU, but same old graphics

    • NavyBlueYoshi

      Nintendo ram: 2GB
      Sony: 500mb…

      • Kyron

        He was talking about next gen

      • Nintedward.

        The developer of Dynasty warrior’s developer even said the wiiu CPU is a little weaker than the ps3’s , but he also said

        “Developing on new hardware in itself was a challenge, and also making that launch date was a challenge. But from a visual standpoint, based on the performance of the Wii U, we knew the game had the capability of having much better graphics than games on PS3 and Xbox 360. Make no mistake, from a visual standpoint, it is able to produce better graphics. So our challenge was to make a higher quality graphics. We were able to meet that.”

        Basically the wiiu has modern architecture which is hard to understand . And people may say , ”but the cpu isn’t as powerfull” . The thing is though , everything else is very powerfull in the wiiu .
        The gpgpu can take strain off the CPU . Nobody knows what this gpgpu is clocked at yet , but I am guessing its somewhere in the huge region .

        • Alienfish

          Clock speed doesn’t mean what it did ten years ago. The fact that WiiU is [rumored] to be clocked at 3.0 GHz with three cores and three threads of simultaneous code means that it can handle more than the competition currently can. These stats alone beat out the processor in Xbox 360 and PS3. Then you add in the fact that WiiU has more L2 cache and an L3 cache that doesn’t even exist in current console processors and you have a formula that beats the living hell out of what is on offer right now. I don’t know what this guy was thinking, but he obviously didn’t know what he was talking about. The processor is powerful, and easily more so than the PS3, let alone the Xbox 360. The GPU is equally more powerful and, like you said, has GPGPU qualities for improved processing.

          • Nintedward.

            This .

          • theunknownhero

            Not to mention the processor has been confirmed to support out of operation coding. This in itself is a new technology and this is the first developer I have heard say that the cpu was weaker than ps3’s everyone else just says the clock is low, but with out of order operation the clock speed means almost diddly squat.
            The cpu will actually look at what the coders have written and then choose which operation it will do first to optimize the output. Out of order operation is an amazing thing which i am glad they incorporated into their console.

      • JumpMan

        @NavyBlueYoshi you should make an icon of a navy blue Yoshi! i might (MIGHT!) be able to help you with that if ya want!

    • Nintendo Power of Canada/USA

      I don’t even care about power. Just buy the Wii U in your in happyland

  • LP

    Nicely said on the sales fail by Vita… Another thing is that I am sure Sony & MS are surely “inventing” an add-on for their systems, just to match The big N (remember Move + Kinetic?)… Of course it is gonna be very expensive because of how “revolutionary” they are… Long live Nintendo.

  • Nko Sekirei

    i agree sony is just plain scared of wat the wii u is cap of they just cant admit they got beaten

  • JCS

    Thats all fine and good but if you dont own a ps3 or vita you are looking at some $500+ and then comes the issue of games that support cross-play. Last yrs E3 Sony showed the move yet only a handful of games support it and none of the big titles for this holiday season mention move support and I feel the same is true for cross-play (unless the Wii U becomes extremely successful then I see Sony and Microsoft pushing their Wii U versions)

  • JP


  • Golden Fox

    Lol Sony…

  • Bacon

    Sony is feeding their fanboys to defend the ps3 and the vitanic

    • Nintedward.

      Even sony fanboy’s read this article and felt a little cold inside . They must of thought ”jesus christ , sony is lying to try and pick the sales up !!!”

      • Bobsingh

        lol yeah

    • Gabe Hoffman

      I hear ya. The Vitanic has already sunk and idiot Sony fanboys such as TheRatedD, Pyro2000, SonypwnsNintendon’t will still keep trying to defend it and claim its superior

    • 007 1/2

      vitanic lol

  • blinder2

    i agree i cant stand SONY,you wait when there ps4 comes out they will say its 10 times the power of thr Wii U,and i espect it will be but the thing is they will bleed loads of money in order to sell it,the same as microsoft does,it does not take a genius to sell a product for a lot less than it cost to make,NINTENDO cant do this and yet they come up with new things and the other two copy them,its a shame NINTENDO cant take them to court,as they do this all the time.the reason why in my opion the VITA does not sell its to much like the ps3 the games are for the most part the same,i bought one then sold it,most games on the VITA could be played better on the PS3 and thats been out 6 years plus the 3ds is so differnt from the Wii.

  • Josh

    Might as well stick with my GameCube and GameBoy Advance.

  • marioU

    ps3 cant do what WiiU can do, because ps3 has a tiny 258 memory or something compare to WiiU 2GB. ps3 will DIE in a matter of seconds ho ho ho

    • JumpMan

      OMG SANTA!

    • NesToWiiU

      …You mean 8 to 32GB…

      • revolution5268

        i think he was talking about the ram memory.

        • Nintenlord

          Sorry i tumb you down by misstake

  • NintendoWizard87

    Can Crossplay >0% Lag for play only on the Vita for perfect control? No.

    Can the Vita replicate the exact control scheme of its PS3 counterpart, without improvising with the rear touch pad? No.

    Does every PS3 owner have a PSVita? REALLY? No.

    Is Wii U better than an expensive knock off, that will receive no support? Well… yes.

    There are no guarantees that devs will support the Vita crossplay on all games. Even a few would be lucky, unless Sony force it. This is a blatant attempt to steal Nintendos thunder, something I will treat with the contempt it deserves.

    Wii U is FAR superior to PS3-PSVita crossplay.

    Accept no substitute.

    • blinder2

      there is only a couple of thing that could get NINTENDO into real trouble,if the developers cant get to grips with the gamepad,that means the games will dry up,same as it did with the Wii,also it has no support for direct 11,all new big games will support this xbox720 ps4.But i pray i am so wrong

  • Mac

    i have yet to see the vita double as a tv remote and a dvr playback device so the vita and ps3 cant do everything the wii u does.

    ps vita and ps3, it only does everything……except be secondary cable box of some sorts…

    • JumpMan

      it only does everything… other than; Asymmetric gameplay,
      plays all the best Nintendo games AND third party games,
      comes in white (LOL),
      has an integrated second screen that comes WITH the system, thus forcing every game to gave at least SOME feature for that,
      trigger buttons,
      runs 1080p on 95% of the games on it,
      has a social network built into the online network,
      uses the second screen like a real window into your games,
      well… i should probably stop there… gosh, to many things that something that does EVERYTHING doesn’t do… whodathunk?

  • Paul

    epic failure on sonys part

    even though the vita is a wicked system it lacks games and apps which is why everybody is going for a wii u

    unless the vita gets hacked then theres no need to buy it as you carnt play older games except on there store

  • The Plague

    They need to worry about getting some games on the Vita that make people want to buy it. We might be buying them to put in our gaming museums sooner than they think. I do have a PS3 btw. I am just stating why I don’t own a Vita. I go for the exclusives that give the console its value to me and this is where Nintendo has always had my money.

  • theBALLANCEDopinion

    Ok. Lets assume that hypothetically that the ps3 Vita combo could do everything the Wii U can do. Ok, super. In that case, to the unbiased consumer, it would come down to which set up is most affordable. Again, Wii U wins. the cheapest ps3, a PlayStation3 20GB (Gamestop Refurbished), will run you $199.99 plus a $250 Vita makes a total of $449.99. Compare that to the cheapest Wii U bundle, $299.99. That’s a $150 difference! Ok now turn off the “hypothetical switch” and what do we have? Not only is the Wii U cheaper, it has more modern hardware, a camera on the game pad, EXLUSIVE Nintendo franchises, motion control, a BIGGER second screen, and graphics capabilities that will soon surpass that of PS3( if they haven’t already) and at the very worst be only a tad bit less powerful than Sony and Microsoft’s next gen consoles. The only thing the PS3 has on the Wii U is more memory, but even that is easily fixed with an external usb hardrive which are very affordable these days. Seriously the only people that would buy a PS3 at this point are either faithful Sony fans in denial or genuinely misinformed consumers. And that is the balanced opinion.

  • richman

    that right there just show you that sony is in deep trouble they release another slim for $300 that is a lot of money for a console that is 6 years old and now they claim that the ps3 can do what nintendo can do that right there also tells me that they do not want to release a ps4 next year because they know if they do it may not be as powerful as those sony fanboys claim it will be so they try to steal some of wii u thunder.

  • Nintyfan

    LOL! This is barely even news, Sony is so obvious with these statements 😛

    Also no dur PS3 and vita can do what Wii U can but will devs be using that type of hardware to that function? NO! IM NOT BUYIN A 300 DOLLAR PS3 AND $250 PSVITA WHEN I CAN GET WII U FOR FULL PACKAGE AND REAL EXPERIENCE!


  • tronic307

    Nice try, Sony. Talk to me when the 3DS isn’t outselling the Vita 10 to 1!

  • Lord Carlisle

    I honestly believe the Wii U will easily be a success.

    First, look at the pre-orders… they’re sold out practically everywhere, and now the only place you can get them is Gamestop… sure, they bought a huge mount of the consoles themselves, but they’re still going out rapidly… the Deluxe set is gone, and the basic package is nearing its disappearance.

    Second, the Wii U was originally announced over a year ago. The new Xbox and PS have yet to be unveiled.. I assume their consoles will take around as long as Nintendo took to release it… that gives the Wii U a pretty nice head start, especially at a point where things are getting bland… I’ve got COD fanboys in my family, and even they admit that they’re starting to get bored of the same old COD and Battlefield.

    Which brings us to the third and final point. Innovation. Nintendo has been doing what neither of the competing companies do… INNOVATE(I like to think of them as the Apple of the video game industry… minus the re-release of the same thing and high prices). Some say Nintendo products are but gimmicks.

    Gimmicks. Many, including the writer of this article, are guilty of using that word in negative connotation. How many times have you heard an Xbox fanboy say, “Nintendo doesn’t innovate, they use gimmicks!” Guess how the Webster dictionary defines gimmicks? “An innovative stratagem or scheme employed especially to promote a project”, OR, the most appropriate…

    “An innovative or unusual mechanical contrivance; a gadget.”

    I love how people don’t even know the definitions of the words they use.

    • TheHydra707

      This comment needs thumbed up a 1000000000000000 times. I love how people use words out of context.

    • paperchao

      just remember, the reason why the 360 had games built from that and ported to other systems is because, its easier to develop for devs and it had more time to settle, which means the wii u could end up being the console that gets 3rd party games built off, but its still just a possibillity.

    • LazerK


  • Maverick-Hunter

    Show me how the vita can do nintendo tvii just as well, show me that vita does asymmetrical gameplay, show me how the vita has better graphics. Yeah you can’t can you Sony? … Let the butt hurt continue.

  • Dan

    Yeah explain to me how u will stream content on vita with a paltry RAM and lonnngggg load times

  • TheHydra707

    Something I really love is how Sony knows they’re at the end of the line.

    Theres a guy on YouTube called Archemedies123. Brilliant guy, and he did a video on Sony’s catastrophe this generation. Its interesting how all Nintendo and Microsoft had to do was set back, and let Sony make the mistakes. Then learn from them. While Sony takes the financial hit. Everything Sony has tried to emulate that was successful for either Nintendo, or Microsoft failed.

    I skipped the N64, and most of the GameCube library in favor of the PS1, and PS2. I dont regret it. I like a lot of Sony’s first party characters, but theyre a shell of their former selves. So im not coming from some Nintendo Fanboy point of view. My preference is Nintendo though. I grew up with the SNES, and I still think its one of the greatest consoles in history.

    At this point Sony is just gasping for air. Trying to get any form of attention. The new PS3 Super Slim is a catastrophe. 4 SKU’s on the market at once. I mean what the heck?

    I think its clear that Nintendo’s main competition will be from Microsoft. I dont think Sony poses a threat to either at this point.

    • Nintenlord

      I agree but if microsoft still have the pay to play online strategi this is going to be a quick fight for nintendo

  • Lazara The Last

    desperate much Sony?
    Too bad Sony and Microsoft are going to copy the Wii U if it becomes a success, and it will. I just hope that Nintendo can sue them for it, and then this will be the end of sony as a gaming industry! ;D

    • JumpMan

      *daydreams* holy crap, that would be one WONDERFUL world… only Nintendo and third parties… <3<3<3<3<3

      • SUperMetroid1234

        then an anti-trust suite by the US Government because they have a monopoly

  • Tatsumaru

    Hmmm, some sony fanboys often love blasting the wii u for it’s “High price” but they’d be willing to pay $300 hundred dollars for a vita, plus $250 for a ps3?
    F’in ass backwards thinking…

  • Anubis

    SONY: The Wii U is like having a handheld and a home console at once with better quality games, exclusive games amazing graphics, innovative game play, and more! Once you re-word it, they sound so cluless.

  • BLACK OPS 2?


  • dojo

    ok fail buddy thats around 280 american dollars vita epicly failes the psp is better then the vita


    Holy shit i had some respect on sony but geez this is not how professional developers or companies should act.

  • dojo

    ok fail buddy thats around 280 american dollars vita epicly failes the psp is better then the vite sony is failing and xbox failed a while ago

  • Lusunup

    Whats funny is nintendo never bashes on any company and yet Ps3 here talking shit! the can go do there console war with xbox leave nintendo alone. show that were more superior than them cause they never start problems, thats probably the reason all the people that play nintendo are much nicer than other and to that we think you.

  • Mylochek

    I knew sales on the Vita were low but come on SONY really? Buy two systems to match what one system can do? What fool would fall for that ploy.

  • efren

    oh wowwwwww sony=booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.Nintendo=best consle evverrrrrrrrrrrrr sony=nothing

  • efren

    sony copying wii u it means sony is realllllllly bad

  • bleachorange

    does vita even have a touchscreen like the gamepad? if not, that’s sort of a big difference right there….

    • The Random Man

      It has a touch screen.

    • *.*

      Is anyone thinking sony is going the way of sega and possibly on its death bed?

  • haha

    I was a sony rep 4 the better part of a yr the vita nore ps3 can even come close. It’s touch application aren’t even that advanced.

  • Lan

    Sigh Sony….And their new super slim PS3 sells at the same price point as the WiiU which is just around the corner -__- If Sony fanboys still complain about the WiiU being overpriced…then that is sad.

  • Sethlaw225

    so sony is telling me i have to buy a PS3 and the game plus the Vita and the game for that. idk thats kinda pricey just saying.

  • bleachorange

    actually, sony copies nintendo much more than microsoft ever has. just look at their response to nintendo’s motion control. and microsoft is coming out with an app for smart glass. that’s probably due to the fact that they have no handheld or anything to readily convert like the vita unless you count windows tablets. anywho,

    i’m just saying that while they’re no nintendo, microsoft comes up with different stuff. i had an xbox 360 and i jumped ship for the wii u because I don’t want to miss out on nintendo’s 1P titles again, not because one console is superior to another. for me, it’s about content, not hardware.

  • Kahhhhyle

    You might as well have titled this article. “HEY SONY LOVER BOY COME BE ANNIYING SOME MORE!”

  • logan7699

    And what developer is going to build a game from the ground up that will require a vita and ps3….none they may add and they may even port a WiiU game with the function and all 100,000 vita owners will enjoy….the WiiU in one day will sell more then the vita sense launch…

  • Allon

    Never owned a ps3 or a psp!Microsoft and Nintendo only for me!!!

  • Shane

    I guess the PS Vita DOES have a processor in it, otherwise it would have been included with the PS3 at launch. That’s the problem. Sony could have technically been the Wii U since 2006, but they wanted to make a new handheld codenamed “Vita”(total guess) to compete with the already underpowered, but still more popular Nintendo DS. Then once they release it, and don’t announce that you can crossplay with games, Nintendo says, “We already have 3DS, and were happy with what it can do without crossplay, oh ya BTW, we have a Gamepad controller that is a ‘dedicated controller to our console’, without needing a processor. We already have 3DS for that, that can still crossplay, we just haven’t done it yet.” Sometimes I’m so smart that I don’t have to read these articles. HAHAHA. Just kidding. I’m not getting paid so it doesn’t matter. Just think about it.

  • Adam Fox

    Both the ps3 and vita are CAPABLE, but we know that Sony doesn’t ever use what they got. The vita is a powerful device, but for unknown reasons, Sony doesn’t utilize their hardware. Most vita games are mobile games from smartphones and tablets or their games are watered down console ports. Seeing what the old PSP has done, the vita should be capable of doing a lot more. For some reason, Sony holds back and it’s just hurting them. If they had released Little Big Planet & God of War as launch titles, it may have been a lot better for them.

  • LordiMcKill

    How can Sony even compare the Wii U to the over priced piece of junk that nobody’s buying.

    It just goes to prove time and again that being the most powerful machine does not make you the winner.

    The Wii did it..

    The 3DS has done it…

    And the Wii U will do it….

  • Enigmatic

    Your calling Crossplay a gimick, but not the Wii U’s tablet controller one? He’s right, the Vita and PS3/ Vita combo can offer a better combo. The Vita has it’s own engine, that’s why. The Vita has the same size touchscreen as the Wii U, and controlls on top of it. The PS3 COULD stream data to it just the same as the Wii U does to it’s controller. It’s just a more expensive combo, but that makes sense because the PS Vita is also a stand alone gaming console.

    Also, sales have nothing to do with anything. Nothing at all. It’s not Sony’s fault that developers are being money hungry and making games for the weaker handheld just to get more sales. It’s an endless cycle.

    Twilight, Justin Bieber, and many other super popular forms of media get high sales as well. Sales are not everything. People are not always intelligent buyers.

    Your also forgetting one crucial feature. Remote Play. The ability to play a PS3 game on your Vita from anywhere that you have a connection. That’s innovation, a feature in the Vita that was, for some reason, locked for most PS3 games. You can of course hack it to get rid of the restriction though. It’s the ability to bring the PS3 anywhere.

    Another cool thing is Crossbuy. Which is buying a PS3 game and getting the Vita version of the game completely, and utterly free.

    You can see the negative emotion in Allison’s article here. The anger, and the bias. I question why she writes anything on this site. Not professional, not profesisonal at all.

    • TheHydra707

      Huh kinda like how you come on a site for a console you dont like, and post novel sized comments?

      Riiiigh! Interesting little life you must live!

      • TheHydra707

        Your sales comparison is invalid as well. Red liquorice sells more than black liquorice. Is it because the mass audience have broken taste buds? No its because red liquorice has a more overall mass appealing flavor.

        Justin Beiber sells because its accessible pop music. Does that mean all accessible pop music is bad? Nope

        Sorry nonsensical troll. You lost again =(

        • Enigmatic

          “Huh kinda like how you come on a site for a console you dont like, and post novel sized comments?

          Riiiigh! Interesting little life you must live!”
          Coming on this site and commenting take less than 7 minutes of my day. I can do it from my smartphone, anywhere, and at almost anytime. Stop looking down at people’s lives like your all high and mighty.

          “Justin Beiber sells because its accessible pop music. Does that mean all accessible pop music is bad? Nope”
          Did I ever say or even imply that all accessbile pop music was bad? Nope.

          “Your sales comparison is invalid as well. Red liquorice sells more than black liquorice. Is it because the mass audience have broken taste buds? No its because red liquorice has a more overall mass appealing flavor.”
          What a foolish comparison. We are talking about the PS Vita’s ability to do Cross Play. People’s opinions for food are heavily based on how their taste buds develop. As in “what is the better food” is different for everyone. The Vita/ PS3 bundle can be superior, like Sony said. That is a fact. It’s not a random preference of taste.

          “Sorry nonsensical troll. You lost again =(”
          You people on here do not know the meaning of “troll”. I have come on the site to state my opinion, it’s not my fault that the Nintendo fanboys within you get pissed off when I do. First ammendment,dude.

          “She is simply pointing out how fu&king absurd Sony sound on this one”
          You guys are the only ones that are being absurd. The Vita/PS3 can function basically completely identically to the Wii U. That is a fact. Tell me how I am wrong. The Vita has a touchscreen, and buttons on it, just like the Wii U controller.

          • Collected

            Vita cannot do half of what the gamepad can do, and is flawed in design as a home console controller:
            -the two analog sticks are smaller than the standards established and possess a smaller range of motion.
            – the back touchscreen which tries to simulate the extra buttons of a PS3 controller does not have a separate coating to indicate where to press. This also results in a player holding the controller gingerly as they have to be careful not to press on the back touch screen accidentally in gameplay (this is especially true because of the responsiveness of a multi-touch screen).
            – While it tries to simulate shoulder buttons through the back touchscreen it is missing these buttons as well as analog stick clickers. Totaling a lost of four buttons
            – Lag for the PS3 + Vita controller combo can occur which is not an issue demonstrated with the gamepad and Wii U.
            – Vita lacks a front facing camera, microphone, NFC chip and a cable box-like functionality of the Nintendo TVii system that Wii U will have.
            -Lacks the legal means to play your home console games on your portable console (Remote play sounds interesting but they don’t want you to use it, so it seems).

            And now onto some more trivial issues:
            -Smaller front touchscreen
            -Multi-touch could potentially mean making more touching mistakes as it is responsive to much less force, like accidental taps
            -Single-touch while having its flaws (like any technology) but will have less gameplay errors due to emphasizing precision (directed force) over responsiveness (see above)
            -Vita is more expensive to purchase along with a PS3, by forcing the issue of its functionality as a console controller this also takes away from possibly portable gaming time (due to battery loss).

            While the cross play feature is interesting I stand by what I said before about it appearing too early in its life cycle to really make a difference or stand out. Giving the timing it really appears to be an expensive knock-off for the Wii U (while offering less to buyers) and only copies to most basic principles that were first displayed by the Wii U when it displayed at E3 2011.

    • Nintedward.

      ”You can see the negative emotion in Allison’s article here. The anger, and the bias. I question why she writes anything on this site. Not professional, not profesisonal at all.”

      She is simply pointing out how fu&king absurd Sony sound on this one . Any normal person will have the same reaction as Allison unless you are a sony fanboy. The ps3 and vita combine cannot achieve anything like what the wiiu can and ti make it even worse the 2 combined is like twice as expensive as a wiiu , LOL !!

      It’s not like she has a choice to write rationally about sony here , they have lied publicly and failed .
      They deserve a rocket launcher fired through their HQ .

    • Ibiexplorer4

      With the way the word “gimmick” is thrown around, I’m convinced that any feature introduced can be called a “gimmick” this day in age.

      Though I do have to agree with you with this, though. Wii U daily has never been good with handling negative press against the Wii U well.

  • Lexseven

    *Sigh* I’m tired of Sony and Microsoft ripping off Nintendo.

    I mean I like Sony, but they have been acting like assholes here recently.

  • TheHydra707

    I have an idea. Lets play “Who Wants to be the Next Dreamcast-illionare!

    The category is Hardware

    *Wii – Phenomenal Success lifting over 100 million units, and making a profit off each one. While sales have slacked off. The Wii’s successor is coming out. With preorders all ready sold out!
    *DS – Also a phenomenon moving over 100 million units, and made a profit.
    *3DS an unexpected price cut, but after a little over a year turns profitable again! Having a 20 million plus install base. Beating the DS phenomenon in its time frame.

    *PS3 – Generally accepted as a commercial failure. Costing over a whopping $1000 to produce. Charged $600 for it on launch, and had to make another price cut shortly after. Did not become profitable till just last year, and just released ANOTHER hardware revision. Making a total of not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 SKUs on market at once!
    *Move – A failed emulation of the Wii remote/nunchuck. With sales that could make the Joker cry!
    *Vita – Another commercial failure! It doesnt know if its a portable gaming device, or just a peripheral for the PS3. Selling just 2 million units!

    Lets tally up the results.
    *Sega CD/32x failed add ons to extend a dying console.
    -Sounds Like the PS3/Vita/Move
    *Sega Saturn a failed hardware revision that was a stand alone Sega CD
    -Sounds like Sony again
    *Sega’s financial apocalypse
    -Sony again
    *Sega using mudslinging tactics to promote inferior products.

    Annnnnd! Sony WINS! Who wants to be the next Dreamcast-illionare!

    Sony’s PS4 has now been dubbed the next Dreamcast!

  • MadPopGaming

    “But unlike the Wii U, both SmartGlass and Vita Cross Play are gimmicks, as we pointed out in our in-depth article earlier this year.”

    This quote demonstrates exactly why Wii U Daily is the best website covering the Wii U today.

    Calling it like it is, without fear of being labeled “biased” for mentioning the truth.

    I saw an article in GameInformer talking about all the uses and potential of SmartGlass, yet they never once mentioned Wii U; as if this idea came out of the blue and it wasn’t a direct reaction to Nintendo’s new console.

    And Cross Play? You’re paying at the very least over $500 for a combo with inferior graphics in comparison to Wii U and won’t be fully supported by every game.

    Sony is looking very desperate with this move. And I like Sony.

    • Nintedward.

      ”Sony is looking very desperate with this move. And I like Sony”

      It almost saddens me that they feel so threatened by Nintendo that they have to copy all their games and tech . I like sony , but I am starting to hate them , more and more by the day.,

      Little big planet karting = mario kart , PSAS = smash bros , this shit = wiiu.

      Its very sad to learn that sony has stooped so god damn low . Even microsoft have more dignity than sony and have said they have no desire to compete with nintendo in the handheld market because they are unstoppable.
      And they did something different with their kinnect sensor . It’s nothing like a wii remote .

      • MadPopGaming

        Yeah, I mean I try to be objective and give every company a chance (there’s at least a couple good exclusives on every console) but lately Sony’s been grating my nerves.

        I should say, I’m not against the idea of Cross Play, just against them saying it’s equatable or better than Wii U

        SmartGlass is also fine on its own, imitation is the best form of flattery, after all, and this might have a positive effect on movies.

        But as a journalist, I would never introduce something like that without giving some context to its creation to begin with.

        • Nintedward.

          Exactly . Why come out and say ”its can ‘easily’ do…” When it blatently cannot even do a fraction ?? it’s like lying to get sales . Infact thats exactly what it is . Ass holes . That I own play and like …..

  • WiiUandNOpsVITANIC

    Stealing nintendos thunder! Word!!
    Vitanic lmfao

  • mike

    at least microsoft’s smartglass is just an app and they haven’t said anything but sony… shame on you sony, shame on you…

  • Kaetsu

    Why would I pay 250$ for a ps3 plus another 300$ for a vita when I could buy Wiiu which has far better games?

  • JC

    I own a ps3 and I have to admit that Sony crossed the line !

  • uribemaster

    Crossplay reminds me of the combination you can do in Final Fantasy crystal chronicles on the gamecube. If you connect a GBA to it, you can use it as the controller and it can show you the map. I’m guessing it would be something like that

    • EvanescentHero

      Yeah, and since it was complex and required you to buy extra peripherals, there were next to no games that used that feature on the GCN. Which is why Cross Play is nowhere close to what the Wii U can do. Also, far more people had GameBoy Advances than do Vitas, and the cables to connect it were far cheaper than buying a Vita. And the GameCube could handle up to four GameBoys connected at once, whereas I doubt the PS3 can stream to four separate Vitas. So how do Sony expect to compete with the Wii U?

  • samuDC

    Sony will probably copy nintendo again with the wii u, just like they did with motion control.
    Why else would they release a new ps3 that only costs 150$.
    I guess that the ps vita wil have a pricedrop also, so that the price of the two systems combined will cost almost the same or less than the price of a wii u console.
    But i think they can’t make it work the same way as wii u works.
    Nintendo rules!!!!!! ^_^

  • Christian

    Alright, let’s do the math.
    Sony Playstation 3: 160GB Console: $250
    + Sony Playstation Vita 3G System: +$300
    Total Cost: $550! That’s almost TWICE as
    much as the Wii U Basic Set! Cut the crap,
    Sony, and try to get sales another way.

  • sidistic0N3

    Lol Sony. Fail

  • xXHaizeXx

    Right…just like PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is JUST like Super Smash Bros. I swear…I like my PS3, but not because of Sony. Only because of 3rd party. Sony is so full of themselves. Yep…your shitty handheld is JUST like Nintendo’s new home console….except it sucks, costs a ton and has like 2 good games. COME UP WITH YOUR OWN IDEA!

  • Collected

    Why are Sony hyping up cross play and cross buy, yes they exist and are interesting features but PS Vita is meant to be a portable console first. Why aren’t they taking more time to talk about upcoming games. Seriously, I feel this is the wrong direction to go with to sell the PS Vita so early in its lifetime. Maybe in 1-2 years when it has a bigger install base these features would have been see as rewarding and could keep old customers and attract new ones

  • Ljink

    Sony… how sad you’ve become. This is just a tactic being used to buy them more time to come up with something “original” for the PS4. Remember when they tried to say that they had Wii U’s concept first and they lost that patent claim? Now they’re like “if that didn’t work, let’s try a new gimmick! Face it sony and microsoft too, all you can do now is improve processers and grahics cores. It’s not like nintendo can’t call up IBM and say “we want 4GB RAM and 800GB of memory.” Nintendo has a saying and it’s something like “be innovative, be ambitious but most of all be AFFORDABLE!” It doesn’t matter the specs, nintendo cares about the satisfaction of the customers price-wise.

    Your console may have potential to mimic Wii U but there are some things that only Nintendo can do. Sony, step back, you’ve lasted long enough. Let Nintendo take over until you get your originality back.

  • Jetty

    Nah, too easy. I’ll find something better to do with my time.

  • Bugman

    Good Luck getting your audience to buy a 250+ controller for the PS3.

  • nambit

    PS3 + Vita can do what Wii U (and 360) does: Play games… big deal. 😛

  • ssb4

    Vita plain sucks andonly those annoting ps3tards actually havee a vita and ps3. Plus sony wants attention, they know ps4,will be so stron that it woll be 900 bucks and then they will die out.

  • Doctor Pancakes

    I lose respect for Sony with every year that goes by… it all started with the PS3. They aren’t ever original, when the Wii released both Sony and MS were asked if they would ever release a type of motion controller for their consoles and both laughed and refused saying Nintendo can do what they want, we have our own plan… a few years later BOTH companies come out of the rip off closed with their form of Motion gaming to get some of the insane popularity Nintendo gained with the Wii. The Move was a carbon copy of the Wii remote. I couldn’t believe how bad Sony was selling out… then I did my research… found this …and found my self loathing the company… if you look deeper you see all they do is copy Nintendo Lol
    I hate that such good exclusives get tied to the PS3, it sickens me to have to have one to play these good games on such a broke a** controller…

  • Ronny Lee 19881

    I lose respect for Sony with every year that goes by… it all started with the PS3. They aren’t ever original, when the Wii released both Sony and MS were asked if they would ever release a type of motion controller for their consoles and both laughed and refused saying Nintendo can do what they want, we have our own plan… a few years later BOTH companies come out of the rip off closed with their form of Motion gaming to get some of the insane popularity Nintendo gained with the Wii. The Move was a carbon copy of the Wii remote. I couldn’t believe how bad Sony was selling out… then I did my research… found this …and found my self loathing the company… if you look deeper you see all they do is copy Nintendo Lol
    I hate that such good exclusives get tied to the PS3, it sickens me to have to have one to play these good games on such a broke a** controller…

  • Ronny Lee 19881

    Woops, I don’t get how this site works…

  • amondel

    Sure, triple the price and none of the games.. Sony consoles are sad 🙁 the games are so friggin bugged and online full of hackers/ ie borderlands everyf***in time i try to play online there are hackers who make my mlney go unlimited

  • Ljink

    The funny thing is, is that Nintendo actually created videogame rival, Sony. A while back Sony made games on the SNES and came up to nintendo asking to basically co-create the next console generation in 64 bit games. Nintendo turned them away basically saying “go ahead and create your own console, see if we care!”. Ultimately the PSONE squashed the 64 in sales primarily due to a 2 year head start and disc based storage. Nintendo, some of the blame unfortunately is upon you.

  • dalalailama

    well… the have vita and ps3… but they do not have Zelda :D!

  • Groose

    There is one thing the PS3 and Vita combo can do that the Wii U can,t do…..FAIL

  • PS3 Consoles

    when the Wii released both Sony and MS were asked if they would ever release a type of motion controller for their consoles and both laughed and refused saying Nintendo can do what they want, we have our own plan… ??

  • NoPUNintendo

    Guess I’ll be the guy to say it. I love my PS3 and Vita. I am excited for the combo of things the two consoles can do. But, I do not think it can do exactly what the Wii U can do. I love playing a PS3 game through the Vita, that’s something the Wii U can do, and it’s another reason why I love the Wii U. No, I’m not saying the Wii U is a copy of the Vita/PS3 combo. But what I’m saying is, Sony can do a few things with the Vita and PS3. But I don’t see it being as big as the Wii U. You all know how the Vita is doing, in terms of sales.

    • Madmagican

      Yeah, I get what you’re saying, but if you think about it, Nintendo started the whole playing console games with handhelds thing during the 6th generation; the Gamecube… think of four swords

      • NoPUNintendo

        Good game. Also Wind Waker did it to.

  • Mr.Chimera573

    Sony, just shut up for once. The Wii U already SOLD OUT of all pre-orders at many retailers, and you have the guts to say the Vita is better? If it is, then why doesn’t it sell out? It is because you are spewing a load of complete and utter bullcrap when you should be advertising your new console and what it will be able to do.

  • oldenvye6432

    Well seeing that Wii u preorders have probably already outsold Vita lifetime sales it’s obvious consumers out there don’t care much for Sony’s opinion.

  • TheBaconator

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but Wii U game pad runs 720, I don’t think the Vita does.

    • Obvious78

      The Wii U Gamepad does not run HD at all.

    • TheBoldman67

      IT RUNS 480P, but the Wii U is still better.

      • EvanescentHero

        But speaking from experience, on a screen that size, replicating the game looks exactly the same. The Wii U screen is lower-res, but on a small screen it doesn’t matter.

  • Toofly

    Why are you posting old articles…. We heard this the first time around

  • Benjamin

    Quite simply, this is Sony’s plea to keep Sony fans from trading in their hardware for Nintendo’s.


    HI MY FRIENDS (“,)




      SHUT UP!!!!

  • Kris

    Oh really? When I try to play my PS3 games on my Vita it always says “content not supported”. I bet it won’t change with any update. They will just add mediocre dual screen gameplay to future titles.

  • Johny

    lol sony stop embarresing yourself with that dirty anti-nintendo stuff


    U got to be kidding me, faceplam

  • Zhenya

    does Sony know their gaming history? I swear ever since the success of the PS2 they have been nothing but cocky. The Vita is like one of those Segas Game Gear, Sega competed with the gameboy with a more powerful handheld but it failed.

    Sony is like Sega, Sony could have learned from the past, but no. They made the same mistake as Sega did 20 years ago!

  • MujuraNoKamen

    The Vita is definatley a greater rival to the Wii U than Smartglass but it’s still not as good for a number of reasons. First of all is the cost, Vita alone costs nearly the same amount as the whole Wii U, and to use it as a second screen requires a PS3 which immediately doubles the cost. This raises other problems, like you said in your article, the fact that Vita isn’t sold with the PS3 means that few people (when you consider how low Vita’s sales are) have access to the second screen, therefore developers wont be willing to use Vita connectivity in any meaningful way. I’m not a developer but I bet adding in that functionality is a long and costly process and since few people will be able to use it, it will be wasted so if connectivity was used in a game it would be a little afterthought rather than a deep gameplay mechanic like what we’ve seen from Wii U’s gamepad.
    and what exactly are Vita’s features? do they rival the gamepad? not really, unless I’m mistaken, Vita can’t play games when the TV is in use like the gamepad can, also does it have a gyroscope to allow it to be used a like a steering wheel for example (we may see this in Mario kart Wii U) does it have anywhere near the same amount features as the Gamepad? NO

  • yan

    this clearly shows that sony and microsoft are afraid of nintendo. they know that their overprized products are coming to an end… who is gonna buy a vita for 250 $ when wiiu costs 300 $, a console which is more powerfull than ps3 (even core gamers know that)!

  • Madmagican

    poor Sony… they have no imagination, no creativity to even think of; saying the ps3 and vita can do what the Wii U does is like saying dial-up can take on our current internet

  • aboodalkendi

    ya ya then ps4 wil be on the top

  • aboodalkendi

    i know the wiii u but they take assassin creed 3 ???
    and more

  • aboodalkendi

    and the 3ds mario mario mario nothing else this is suckk

  • GirlGamer

    vitanic? totanic okay?

  • kingtendo

    sorry sony,you cant use 2 sony vita’s and a tv togeather,you cant use a sony vita and have 3 other’s playing with remote’s for a fun 4player mode.

    sorry sony you’r ps3 dosent come with a vita.

    sorry sony your vita dosent support the same game’s as the ps3 doe’s.

    sorry sony you’s vita is powerd off of 1 batter not the console.

    sorry sony……..

  • Kev

    What a mess! PS3 and Vita are both on life support. This is an act of desperation, a lame attempt to revive a dying console and it’s handheld. 90% of the PS3’s game library is complete and none of those games were developed with SONY’s expensive combo in mind.


    Sony is just UTTER CRAP.

  • DragonChi

    That’s right Sony, you just keep making that hole your in deeper and deeper.

  • dartil

    Wii U is gonna be epic fail of all times they use tecnology from 2005 what a big logic and you will neve ba able to compare the hardware with next xbox and ps4 the weakness of hardware will be the first enemy for Wii U when the next ones come out

    • Logansneo

      That’s pretty proficient typing for 5th grade dartil. You keep up the practice son, were all rooting for ya’!

  • zoohero dk

    the only thing there is to say about playstation is that they then have run out of ideas … can only say… playstation allstars = super smash bros … lota = paper mario… vita as a controller for ps3 = wii u… playstation move = wiimote… find the ideas yourself playstation or stop trying

  • Xblade13

    At least Microsoft hasn’t bragged about Smartglass rivaling Wii U. They know where the line is.

    Sony, you want to know why the PS1 and PS2 did so good? It wasn’t the power. It was the GAMES! You know, your awesome games you dropped!

    PS1: Spyro trilogy, Crash Bandicoot, Medievil, Resident Evil 2, Tony Hawk Pro Skater series, Final Fantasy VII VIII and IX, Metal Gear Solid, etc.
    PS2: Kingdom Hearts 1 2 and RE:Chain of Memories, Jak and Daxter trilogy, Ratchet and Clank, Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3, Tony Hawk Underground, Final Fantasy X X-2 XI and XII, Devil May Cry, etc.
    PS3: Metal Gear Solid 4, Uncharted trilogy, Devil May Cry 4, PSN, God of War, Final Fantasy XIII XIII-2 XIV, various HD Collections, etc.

    PS3 had some good games, but none of them called out to the younger crowd like Spyro, Crash, and Jak did. Many of their best franchises were left on the wayside, to make room for more “mature” games. The franchises that did remain only got one or two new entries this generation, and not always the best ones (I’m looking at you, FF XIII>:C ). Kingdom Hearts is only just now coming to PS3, and its an HD collection, not III!
    Sony, Vita Cross-play is NOT going to save you, nor offer true competition to Wii U. Vita is failing because of lack of good games EXCLUSIVE TO IT. It is a HANDHELD first and foremost. If you want it as the PS3/PS4 controller, bundle it with the system, lower the price, and make GOOD GAMES for it. Learn from SEGA, people want affordable and fun. They want to see GAMES they love (SEGA really only had Sonic).

    PS2 beat Gamecube due to GAMES, and DVD drive

    Sony, its time you payed attention to how games work. Its not about POWER. Its about Games and FUN. Thats why I like Nintendo. They understand what we want. Do you?

    • Ljink

      See, that’s why we need people like you who use complete LOGIC! Oh yeah and don’t forget 5million of those ps2’s were from Dragon Quest 8.

      • Xblade13

        Forgot about that one. Plus all those racers and fighters and EVERYTHING. PS2 was awesome. PS3 didn’t have quite as much appeal to me.

        • Memories

          Sony killed PS3 when they removed PS2 beckwards compatibilty

    • MujuraNoKamen

      You speak the truth, power isn’t everything in consoles it’s about games and fun. In previous console generations people would have been laughed at if they bought up the “power” argument in a debate about what system is best, now it’s sadly the norm and all the FPS addicted 10 year olds who think graphics = everything, don’t deserve to have their opinions acknowledged or be called “hardcore gamers” (like they so often are) What you said in this comment is the reason Sony is now my least favourite of the big 3, they insult the competition to make their half-baked ideas look better. I have problems with all of the big 3, I hate the way Microsoft are unoriginal and release unreliable products (ring of death on 360) and when they charge us to use online (on top of the cost of the wireless adapter thing for 360)
      I fail to see how people can say Sony is the best, look at how they lack originality and what are their best games? Spyro, Crash etc, all of which are “left on the wayside” Now Sony and its fans can only use play the “superior graphics” card when in their heyday they did what was right and put games above all else.

      • Xblade13

        In another article I posted something about a character to represent each company. Wii U was an awesome culmination of EVERYTHING, PS3 was a goomba because they are “easy to kill”, as in “most likely to fail”, and Xbox was Jar-Jar Binks (idk spelling) from Star Wars prequels, due to clumsiness and his “they all broke” line. 😀

  • Logansneo

    Let’s take Michael Pachter’s tact and approach this from a strictly financial comparison:

    Nintendo Wii U Deluxe: $349 (which I just paid for in full on my reservation today 😉

    Sony PS3 320GB Move starter pack: $349
    Sony Vita: $249
    TOTAL = $598 (less tax)

    Xbox 360 Star Wars Kinect bundle: $399
    Android tablet (ASUS TF Infinity 32GB): $499 (chosen due to 1080p screen and ultra-fast tegra 3 processor) TOTAL = $898 (less tax)

    Now any Sony or Microsoft fanboys will undoubtedly point out that these two iterations of the PS3 and Xbox 360 are more expensive than versions CURRENTLY available without Move or Kinect hardware. To this I call bullshit! Why? The Wii U comes fully compatible with Wii remotes, which most people probably already have, and a motion control tablet. Also to compete with a Vita “enhanced” PS3 and Nintendo in any legitimate way, Microsoft would have to have a hell of a tablet, ergo the ASUS TF Infinity.

    That’s if I “fairly” compare the Wii U to these systems at the END of the their life cycles. Let’s be unfair, shall we, and compare the NEW Wii U to the NEW PS3 and Xbox 360.

    The PS3, on launch DAY sold for $599. The smaller hard drive variant wasn’t available in my city (San Jose, Ca.) for a couple weeks after launch but I’ll give ’em that one so $499. And the cheapest, and nearly useless version of the Xbox 360 due to it’s totally inadequate hard drive space sold for $399. Neither of these systems offered anything more than standard dual analog controllers…..and that’s it. Great graphics, great games…..nothing revolutionary though.

    Hmm…you know I think Pachter might be onto something…..maybe it’s huffing glue!

  • 0.o …

    … jesus although i agree sony is fairly stupid for saying this and that sony cant even compare the usefullness of the wii u gamepad and the vita… damn u guys REALLY hate sony 0.o i just orderd my wii u and was wondering what the nintendo community would be like (havent had a nintendo system since the n64) so i came to check out some nintendo sites GOD DAMN was this the complete oppisite of what i expected XD ur all just like the rest of the people on ps3 or 360 sites … anyone know a good news site i can look into for wii u news without peoples fanboyism in the way >> i really wish gamers would grow up from this bs and learn to love gaming for what it is…

    • Zhenya

      But why does it feels like it’s the right thing to do? Maybe it’s because I grew up with Nintendo? Whenever I hear someone criticism on Nintendo I get very mad and for no reason at all either if its a good point or a bad point, and believe me it’s very annoying to me and that’s the same with Sony fanboys the reason they love Sony is because they grew up with them

    • Xblade13

      I actually have played and enjoyed all 3 company’s offerings. The reason why I have downplayed SONY recently is because of this article. Not to mention all my favorite Playstation franchises have either been forgotten or recieved mediocre installments this Gen (with the exception of Metal Gear of course)
      Most of their newer franchises are great, but none are hardly what I call good ways to attract younger gamers. I was 5 when I played the PS1, playing Spyro and Crash to death. I have a 5 year old cousin who I tried to bring to video games with my PS3. Only game he could play was Little Big Planet, and he didn’t like it very much. I got a bunch of old PS1 games for him, and he LOVES them, even if the “graphics” weren’t as good.
      The Wii U looks like it has it all. The PS3/Vita combo does not.

      I don’t hate Sony. Rather, I don’t like the decisions they’ve made this Gen. I’m hoping they’ll listen and make the PS4 awesome with good games rather than trying to mimic Nintendo.

      I’m neutral with the Xbox. Kinect was great in theory, but not so great in execution. Also, 3rd parties are what makes it strong. Their 1st party total is weak. Halo and Gears of War are pretty much it.
      Nintendo is getting great 3rd party support along with their strong 1st party.

  • Sikora

    … reading these comments make me ashamed to be a nintendo fan. Sony has a point. Deal with it guys.

    • Collected

      Sony’s point is flawed, uninformed and said mainly for mudslinging. They have already backpedaled to say that somehow they are not in competition with the 3DS, but do their own thing. That’s a sign of hubris and delusional behaviour, they do not want to accept the flaws of their systems, only doing so when it is absolutely needed. Such as with the PSN hacking; and the sufficient bribe which occurred afterwards.

      Sony are not perfect and if they say something that is clearly out of its depth then they can and will face backlash from their fanbase. As well as other fanbases should they try to insinuate or insult their competitors. How good did mud-slinging do the SEGA systems anyway, what is the point of it.

      Well done Sony you copied the topmost layer of a new controller design for a Nintendo next gen system that will be superior to your PS3. Now show some good IPs that make work of it or shut the hell up and bring out must-have games for your PS Vita. You cannot simply stand there and tell me half-truths and hyperbole and expect me to respect you.

      In conclusion all game developers and publishers make faults, errors and exaggerations (Nintendo, Valve, Bungie, Bioware, Sony, Microsoft, etc, etc). Do we let them continue to do so, or do we try to better them through protest and counter-arguments. Did Sony really think people wouldn’t respond to this with scorn? Really?

  • ineedawiiuNOW

    my favorite games: n64: super mario 64
    ps: spyro 3: year of the dragon
    gamecube: kirby airide
    ps2: kingdom hearts 1+2
    wii:super mario galaxy 1+2
    ps3: dont have one lawl (i mean dont have a ps3)

    • Xblade13

      My favs list:
      NES: Super Mario Bros. 3
      SNES: Actraiser and Super Mario World
      N64: Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask and Super Mario 64
      PS1: Spyro 1 and 3
      PS2: Kingdom Hearts and Jak and Daxter
      Gamecube: The Wind Waker and Pikmin 2
      Xbox: Halo 2
      Xbox 360: Halo 3 and Assassins Creed Brotherhood
      PS3: Metal Gear Solid 4
      Wii: Skyward Sword, Mario Galaxy 2, and Super Smash Bros. Brawl
      DS: The World Ends With You, Flipnote Studios (Its simple but EPIC)
      PSP: Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep
      3DS: Dream Drop Distance, Kid Icarus Uprising, Mario 3D Land
      Vita: Nothing; don’t want one yet.
      Wii U launch window: NSMBU, Assassins Creed 3, Pikmin 3
      PS3 upcoming: Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix
      Xbox 360 upcoming: Halo 4

      Different tastes on different consoles. I have stuck with Mario, Zelda, and Kingdom Hearts for forever.
      FAV MICROSOFT SYSTEM: ? (only really play for Halo.)

  • 0soul

    Yup… Cause we who have ps3 that spent 300 are gona spend an extra 250 for the “same” experience Wii u give, not even. Tell me again how great the trigger buttons on vita are, lol cant answer that. all you can do is transfer and play for a few amount of game. So yeah im gona spend 550$ for the “the Wii u experience”

  • black sun

    really i just want a wii u because: 1. it looks cool 2. i wanna play the last smash bros. plus i hate sony for copying nintendo come on, playstation all stars battle royal they’re copying smash bros. playstation move just like the wii, it’s obvious sony can’t come up with anything original.

  • empty6pack

    Well, the simple back question to that would be….then why hasn’t it and why isn’t it Sony?

    I own a PS3 so no fan bashing, but that statement seems to be clutching at straws somewhat.

  • Tehtriggerman

    “Sega Saturn a failed hardware revision that was a stand alone Sega CD”

    Props to Sega Saturn. It was a huge commerical success. (In Japan anyway) I still play mine to this day.

  • Pikmaster

    I Love how other systems always try to copy Ninten.

    AR on 3DS- AR on Vita
    The DS was first with Touchscreen
    Wii- Kinect/Move
    Now this…550$ load of garbage? Gimmie a break.
    Come up with your own ideas, assholes.

    • djmunky

      Actually, touch screen and AR started with PC.
      Also, Kinect actually copies the PlayStation Eye, and the PlayStation Move is basically an update to the PlayStation Eye that I think would have happened whether or not Wii was invented.
      It’s also not “copying” it’s marketing. When companies see that something is working for another company, those companies will put their own spin on the original idea.
      For example, Thomas Edison never invented the light bulb. He was like the 20th person to improve upon it, and in “copying” others’ ideas he made quite a bit of money.

  • Xblade13

    In this economy, one cannot afford expensive consoles. $550 for PS3/Vita is a bit much. Add in Move to replicate the Wiimote and nunchuk, and it starts to get higher. Not to mention, you would either need multiple Moves or multiple Vitas for multiplayer, and thats just not feasable to people who need the money for other things. It makes console games portable, which is nice, but it is not the same as Wii U. Vita’s screen doesn’t become a 2nd window to the game world (at least, not yet). It becomes a replacement for the TV, not a supplement.
    Also, developers are not going to bank on people owning both systems to make games. It limits the audience and their profits. Don’t forget, game-making is a business.
    Now, I don’t hate Sony. Cross-buy is a good idea. Developers may not like it though.
    Think about it:
    You get a PS3 game, then get a free download of the Vita version. (Again, why do I need both in the first place?) However, this should also work in reverse. Get the Vita game, download PS3 version.
    The PS3 version is $50, and the Vita is $40. If Sony sold them seperately, then it would add to $90. But they don’t. So if they give a free copy away, they are making only half the possible revenue.
    I look at the 2 versions, realize I could get the cheaper Vita one, and save 10 bucks by getting it. I get a free PS3 download of the game. Sony just lost $60 they could have made.
    You could say its a good deal getting 2 games for 1, but remember: they are the SAME GAME. Just different consoles.

    I know, consumers like Cross-buy. But the developers are wasting half their time on one version (the two would be more different to develop than you think. They have to add the touchscreen, back touchpad, loss of triggers, and less cartridge space than the PS3 disc into their development strategy.) They would either have to remove PS3 version content to put on the Vita, making it mediocre, or vice versa with Vita-only content. It just seems more difficult for developers than simply making a Wii U game. With it, you are working with 1 system, not 2. Developers may rather work with Nintendo, and that would break Cross-play and Cross-buy. Sony apparently wants to give us good stuff, but are ignoring their own financial troubles. Also, if Vita got a price drop and good games, then I might actually buy one. However, it seems Nintendo has the better deal for cheaper, along with the fact developers may like it better and it has better games. I’m supporting Wii U.

    Sorry for the long post.

    • zman73

      hey cheapo we know you aint bout crap and ur not a gamer sony copied? haha dual analog sticks? who made that haha nintendo lowers there price because they cant sell crap if u didnt spoil your kids by buying them there little nintendo crap evertime it tries to make a rip off of sony so ya add some fat plumber mario and ps vita would get all there sales but they make games for hardcore gamers uncharted killzone resistance and guess what they make games for u little big planet 

  • toddblend

    You no what Sony GBA/GameCube connection can do what Both the WiiU and PS3/Vita can do. Sony will always copy!

  • Arsonist Monkey

    The only thing i like that sony has made is Twisted Metal and Little Big Planet. If you think about it, maybe Nintendo decided not to make the Wii hd so that way, when sony and microsoft had consoles out that could play up to date video games, Nintendo could make MORE sales with a revolutionary non-hd console and then wait to release an hd console later on that is much more powerful than their old technology and with new innovations. And since sony and microsoft already have consoles that play the latest games, there would be no point in buying consoles that play the same games just with better graphics. Lets not forget how much it would cost to make these consoles. No one is going to pay £700 for a console with nothing going for it other than better graphics.

  • ps3 joystick

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  • John

    This website is so cute 🙂

    I love how defensive people get about precious Nintendo.

  • They say vita is overpriced and yet the base wii-u with only 8 gb of storage is what $299? lol i got the 3g vita for 300 with a 32g memory card… and plus persona 4 gold nuf said