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What the competition offers

Sony and Microsoft find themselves in a bit of an odd position right now in terms of convincing their customers that they need a new machine. Firstly, diminishing returns on the advancement of graphics technology means there will not be such a defined leap between last gen and this one as there was between PS2 and PS3.

Secondly there’s the problem of services. Most the innovation and appeal of current-gen consoles has been in their services, media and social integration. Xbox 360 in particular has become a bona fide part of many people’s lounge rooms, serving up television, sport and movies on demand as well as offering a full complement of web and social services plus all manner of games delivered digitally. That can’t really be improved through new hardware. In fact it could be argued that the vast majority of new customers seen in last gen’s games boom were attracted by features that don’t need iteration, be that ESPN on Xbox 360 or Wii Fit on Wii.

People who bought a new console primarily for those things will not need a new one, no matter what’s offered. So what can Microsoft and Sony offer that will genuinely move units?

Well first of all I think they’ll move a lot less units than everybody’s expecting, at least at first. Just like with PS2, the old consoles will undoubtedly be around and actively supported for many years after the new consoles launch, and with so many people so comfy with their 360s it could be a while before critical mass. Wii U has been taking a lot of flak for its slow rate of sale, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see a similar phenomenon when the other two launch.

That said, Sony has put their flag in the ground and showed off parts of their new system, declaring unequivocally that the PlayStation 4 will take the focus off media and connectivity and put it squarely back on games. This is a smart move, since as I mentioned anybody not interested solely in games is likely to stick with the older hardware. Sony’s thrown a ton of technical innovation and smarts at PlayStation 4.

Its x86 processor and PC-like build will mean developers can easily use it as a lead console or port over from virtually anything to PlayStation 4. They’re also supporting self-publishing for indies. The cloud will play a big role too, although I do sense a great deal of skepticism in the company’s ability to pull off full-game streaming to the extent they claim they will. All in all, Sony is making a clear power-play not just to PS3 customers but to all gamers.

No Netflix, no Twitter, media files. Sony wants you to believe that Ps4, like Wii U, will focus on games.
No Netflix, no Twitter, no pushing services in your face. Sony wants you to believe that Ps4, like Wii U, will focus on games.

Much is yet to be seen of the PlayStation 4, and virtually all is yet to be seen of the next Xbox, but there are some features that are no-brainers. A more app-store-like online service is obligatory, for example. Nintendo made big claims about this before the launch of Wii U too, saying indies would get full support and set their own prices. The eShop is coming along but Ninty will be in trouble if either of the other two have an online store teeming at launch and ready to release handfuls of smaller titles every week. Sony recently announced that all PS4 games would be available digitally, which is another similarity with Wii U, although with some PlayStation 4 games clocking in at north of 60GB in size, that may not be much of an advantage.

Subscription and loyalty services will also play a part. PlayStation Plus has become a huge hit and will continue on PS4. Microsoft would be smart to drop the pay-for-online model and adopt a similar loyalty program. Either way free-to-play will largely replace game demos and trials, and social connectivity will still play a huge part of both consoles, so each will be looking to build a dedicated consumer base.

In all it’s fair to say that Nintendo had its finger on the pulse of what would matter this generation when they designed Wii U, and it absolutely has the potential to compete directly with the two upcoming consoles in many respects. It would appear that Nintendo has failed to live up to that potential somewhat in the early days, but then Nintendo doesn’t exactly colour inside the lines very often, and their social-friendly infrastructure and indie-ready online service is liable to kick off at any time. The most important thing to note here is that Nintendo does not intend to compete with the other two console directly as they compete with each other, however have the ability to successful ensured they appeal to some customers who might only want one console.

Could the new consoles improve Wii U’s fortunes?

It’s well know that stimulation within an industry can work out well for companies across the board. For example the release of a new iPad might result in an increase in interest toward Samsung tablets. Could the release of two new video game consoles result in an increase in Wii U sales?

On one hand the case of iPad vs Android is very different indeed to PlayStation vs Xbox vs Wii U. Nintendo is not seeking to provide an alternative to the other two beefier consoles. As Shigeru Miyamoto once said, the company wants to avoid the industry “having only ferocious dinosaurs. They might fight and hasten their own extinction”. Nintendo envisions a market in which the decision to purchase a Wii U is completely separate from the  decision to purchase a PlayStation 4 or next-generation Xbox.

On the other hand, the consoles do all sit next to each other on the department store shelves, they do all offer a broadly similar experience and they do compete for mindshare and the almighty consumer dollar.

Directly following Sony’s PlayStation 4 presentation last week, some analysts were seen to point out a strange happening in the stock prices of Sony and Nintendo. The immediate reaction was that Sony Japan and Sony US dropped in value, while Nintendo Japan and Nintendo US rose in value. The most popular explanation for this is that stockholders were underwhelmed by Sony’s showing and so their confidence in Nintendo’s ability to stay competitive has been bolstered. I personally think something a little different is at play, and I reject the notion that this movement in stocks is even very weird at all. Take a look at this chart comparing some key milestones in the games industry and the simplified movement of stock for Sony and Nintendo.

stock graph

The fact is stock will often drop following a major announcement or release, mainly because stock is usually building up in expectation in the weeks and months before the event (in this case Sony’s US stocks had rocketed a decent 30% in the two months prior to the announcement) and so a small downward adjustment directly afterward makes perfect sense.

But what of the upward swing for the opponent companies?  Why did Sony gain following Nintendo’s Wii remote demo during TGS 2005? And why did Nintendo rise just recently after the PS4 event?

Put simply, people will always give more value to an unknown quantity than they will to a known one. When Nintendo’s Wii U is the only new console out and can only be compared to spectral, exciting, mysterious future consoles, it’s natural to be a little down on Nintendo’s machine. However once Sony’s PS4 starts to take physical shape the effect will begin to reverse itself. Once Sony and Microsoft have both released their consoles and Wii U is no longer solely compared to imaginary machines of mythical proportions that the consoles themselves will very likely not attain, I think we’re likely to see the company stock and people’s opinions of the consoles level out.

5 short-term predictions

So, having said all that, what will the next few months of next-gen fever bring, and what will it mean for Wii U?

  • The next Xbox will come bundled with a new Kinect and be fundamentally designed to stream to SmartGlass apps on smartphones and tablets. This will mean all three consoles have motion control, off-TV play and asynchronous local multiplayer capabilities.
  • Wii U will launch its virtual console once the period of 30 cent introductory games is completed, and by the holiday season there will be a decent library of classic games and an entire eShop subsection of indie games. This will be a conscious attempt to combat the digital offerings of the two incoming systems.
  • As third-parties spend more time with the Wii U dev kits more and more cross-platform games will arrive for the system, and while the two new consoles will be more powerful than Wii U it will become clear that isn’t as big a deal as it was for Wii vs 360 and PS3.
  • The next Xbox will not be as game-focused as Wii U and Ps4, and will suffer initially as a result.
  • Once both new consoles are revealed we will see start to see a lot less gloom towards Wii U.

Be sure to make your own predictions in the comments about how the upcoming console launches will affect Wii U.

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  • the only console I own right now, is Wii U. im gonna get a Xbox720 (or whatever its called).

  • RyuNoHadouken

    i own a Wii U and PS3…I will get a PS4…my son has a 3DSXL and an XBOX360….he’ll probably want the next XBOX too…we’ll be covered on any and all console games we show interest in.

    •  Sounds good but if the ps4 is 600 dollars will you still pay that?

      • Justin Lee

         If it costs 600 dollars, it better be a ps4/toaster/microwave/printer/wafflemaker all in one.

        • Fred

          Wasn’t the PS3 $600? In fact I’m not sure if it’s true, but I read that the PS3 cost $900 to make and Sony took a $300 loss on each console at first. It wouldn’t surprise me if the PS4, with 8 core processor and 8GB of RAM, also costs $600. 

          • Adam Baker

            I doubt Sony would make that same mistake twice. The PS4 isnt introducing a new media format, isnt supporting cell, isnt backwards compatible and doesn’t have extremely expensive hardware besides the gddr5 ram. This thing shouldn’t be a dollar over $399 if not less. And if they do price it higher,they should expect to see slow sales for a while. Regardless of the marketing.

          • Retro Cool

            Stories are circulating over 400, tho how true this is, IDK. 

            I imagine since Sony has lost so much money within the past few years and their only main income that has been steady is the Playstation.So, I feel that the console would not be to expensive in order to achieve profit.   The game support is, for me, a little on the sad side.  To many FPS, IMHO, I am just tired of them. 

            Until recently, I did not even know Sly Cooper came out because there was no marketing campaign for the game and the only reason I knew about Battle Royal was because it was covered by ever gaming website (IGN, Gamesradar etc.)

            Nonetheless, I love my “U” and what it offers so far.  If I am going to buy another system, it has to be reasonable in the price in order for me to consider it.  Yet, I will wait for XBOX to come out with that they have and see their specs I guess.  Not that it matters.  

            Rumors have that they are implementing a touchscreen and that Sony will have an attachement to add a screen to their controller.  All hearsay so far it seems. Will see!

        • MetroidZero


      • Sydney Ultrasyd

         And don’t forget to buy the Vita, to use it as a controller for PS4 ; )

        •  HAHAHAHA Yeah why pay so much when a wii u tablet controller comes in the box and only 350 the better price

          • Gamefreak361

            Plus its 200 bucks I think, why would you wanna spend extra? It’s just a ploy to sell their lackluster of a portable.

          •  Agreed and the vita was not that great..the call of duty game for it was crap and that’s not saying much

          • Arthur Jarret

             The Vita IS great. The software available for it is just underwhelming so far.

            This is the only reason I don’t own one…

            It has some great titles, but those aren’t enough to warrant a purchase of the entire device to most.

            If, by some miracle, the PS4 manages to sell more customers on the vita – then more developers will want to make games for it due to the larger install base which will result in better games for it.

            I think it’s highly unlikely anyone would get a vita just for off-tv play… and I’m also wondering about what the input lag would be for such a feature.

            Time will tell, though – one thing’s for sure: it’s going to be an interesting gen

          • RonaldRayguns

            What do you care what a system costs, in a comment above you said you where a lawyer Robert Randell.

      • BellsGhost

        You’re an idiot. Wow would it cost 600 dollars? Do you know why the PS3 was that price? Im willing to bet no. You’re a stupid Nintendrone.

        •  Again im the smart one and not some poser trying to be a man and you can say what you want. Wii U will be the console people will buy this christmas and you will see and again your comments get better and better and very laughable…Please keep going i can’t stop laughing..hahahaha

          • Adam Baker

            don’t fight with him, your feeding the troll. just ignore him, he’ll go away.

          •  Agreed but it was fun at the time i just wonder why some 13 would waste his time trolling a Wii U channel anyways but shows you his IQ is very low..to much call of duty on the brain but yes i agree with you 100 percent

        • MetroidZero

          What’s your estimate on the PS4 price? < $600 ?  < $500?  <$ ?


          • RyuNoHadouken

            399 base model 499 for bigger hard drive version

        • Eli Valentin Villanueva

          Look, in times where you can almost BUY any console, price is a matter. Right now people says Wii U is expensive, nevertheless PS4 and XBOX720 would not be a walk in the park, with prices rounding the 399-599. And for ost of the gamers, they buy 2 consoles, so choosing one or another this year is gonna be fun, because Money will be mandatory. So before your troll commentary, I like Nintendo but I already own an xbox and both consoles have great games.

      • RyuNoHadouken

        no….im not paying over 399

        •  With tax i would say atleast 420 dollars if they go that cheap

    • Nintendofreak

      dat is good i guess but oder than halo, gears of war n kinect y would ur kid want an xbox?

      • RyuNoHadouken

        he’s 10 and his mom bought him an XBOX 3 years ago, so he’s used to it

  • Shadriczo

    Now I really need to get a WiiU, but as soon as i start my job next week, I’ll save up a little money and head to miami to buy it there in may/june for a discount, then a Ps4 (but not for me, for my little bro since he’s a sony gaming fanatic. *facepalms for saying that.*) and upgrade my PC since it still uses PCRam (DDR-2GB) (320GB HDDS-Separated ATA HDDS) (A very Old GPU Graphics Card outdated since 2006.-LOL-)  & (Windows XP) (-Need A fricking ATX MotherBoard-)

  • Nathan Forero

    I’d like to own a PS4 if it had good games. It looks like it could be very interesting!

  • Marius Valasinas

    I own Wii U and PS3. PS4 will eventually replace PS3 and will become my most usable platform for both exclusive and multiplatform titles while Wii U will be only used for it’s exclusives. I love both Nintendo and Sony, but since Sony are power orientated ( while Ninty are gimmick controls orientated) and have ass kicking first party titles, Nintendo for me are the second thing only

    • Laud

      Gimmick control orientated? 

      So what exactly do you think about the new dual shocks touch pad?

      • The thing is a complete joke. They didn’t even show what it could do. The guy on the event just said “oh, it’ll have new inputs blah blah”. This year’s Playstation announcements at E3 will be laughable to say the least. They should have stuck with the old dual shock that PS3 had. Well, I’m calling it. Wii U will be the most creative gaming console of this generation and it’ll excel in this generation.

        • Nintendofreak

          the dude looked like a pedophile with is evil grin n the way he acted

      • BellsGhost

        It’s better than that stupid tablet.

        •  Facepalm!

        • how do you know? have you played the ps4 already?…………………..thought so.

      • Sidney Majurie

        Amen. And don’t forget about the Move Slab 😀

      •  just forget these loons they feed on hate from us and there laughable..I laugh every time they comment and say crazy things that are not true. But what games do you have for the wii u

        • Laud

          I have: ZombiU, AC3, MarioU, Ninja Gaiden 3, and a bunch of indie games the newest addition being Bit Trip Runner 2.

          •  that bit trip game is awesome i got it yesterday i have all those games but dont have ng3 but i heard it was good but try mass effect 3 on the wii u it’s a good game but im ready for watch dogs for wii u

          • Einar

            I am excited about Watch Dogs too, also the Wii U is going to get a whole lot better when they reduce the loading times between apps and menus 🙂 Right now I feel like I have to consider wether or not I really want to enter MiiVerse, because it takes so long to load it :S

          •  true but they may have it fixed by then

          • Andu Barnett

             actually they announced a firmware update that will fix that so yes, the will have

          •  good but as always your going to have some loons fanboys trolls who will hate on wii u but i really am glad to own the Wii U

          • Always will have fanboys and the ones who are fanboys who say they arent. Always have the negative and posative, which is needed without them would be chaos

            ps: go play tummy sticks and flirt on some other website this sections about what sony and microsofts console blah blah wii u.

          • Cant little man i go where i fucking please and what can you do..like i said btch

    • uPadWatcher

      Double standard, Marius… double standard.

      •  What game are you buying next man Im getting the mirror of fate for 3ds Then lego city stories but not sure yet on monster hunter

        • Lazara the Last

          What type of game is “Mirror of Fate”?

    • zerooooo

      By gimmicky control oriented I hope you mean new, fresh, and innovating because thats what it is. Its a fun way to play and off screen play come in good use. Pretty damn good graphics for a gamepad…

      • DragonSilths

        Without new controllers we would all be in the Atari days and still only have a single joystick still lol.

    •  For you


      Do you really think the Gamepad is a gimmick?

      Personally, I find nothing gimmicky about it at all.

  • 60GB for a game? What the fck is this!?!??!? The highest I’ve seen is 20GB on my steam account. What a load of bullocks…

    • Really? Because Rage was around 50GB and so was Max Payne 3. That’s not uncommon these days, with massive texture sizes.

    • AAAkabob

      I doubt it’s 60 gigs seeing as the physical discs can only hold 50 gigs

      • Adam Porter

         all the more reason to start turning away from the physical discs.

        • AAAkabob

          I’d agree with you if it didn’t take me over 12 hours to download 1.5 gigs back home. I’ll be damned before I have to wait a month to download a single game. My college even has better wifi but it still has relatively crappy wifi.

          Point is not everyone has awesome Internet, infact my college limits our download speed to 20/KB sec once the download is too large

          • Gamefreak361

            Smack the dean for being cheap.

        •  Lol.  When have you downloaded a 50GB game man?  Besides, if Sony includes a BD XL drive, the discs can hold over 100GB!  Downloads can’t deal with physical media.  ISP’s are handicapping bandwidth to make more money so it is not even beneficial for all digital.

      • Gamefreak361

        From what I know,  they’re gonna increase the size of the of blu ray.

  • John Novakovich

    My predictions, the sales for the three consoles will be at about the same #s three months after each console launches. i.e.- 3 months of wii u’s= 3 months of ps4’s= 3 months of xbox8’s. I think Microsoft will have a slight lead over sony, though.

  • I have desided to stay with Wii U and i will get xbox720 but passing on sony…there is just too much hate coming from the fanboy’s it has turned me complete off

    • BellsGhost

      Lol. Wow, what a stupid reason to not buy a console. You’re an idiot Nintendrone.

      •  No im smart and more then i can say for you..Keep trying trooper and thanks for the laugh dude you make me laugh every time you comment and don’t forget Nintendo4Life…..

        • Actually if you are saying “Nintendo4Life” it does clearly make you an fanboy. I’m a Playstation fan and I give the Wii U nothing but praise as well as the PS4 and (sometimes) Next Xbox. 

          So saying you are not getting a PS4 because of the fans (who are clearly not fans) is just plan stupid. You are acting like a sheep following the Nintendo branded herd. 

          I like Nintendo but I soon realized that I don’t need to worship them everytime. They do make mistakes just like Sony and Microsoft (Well Microsoft makes more) and I learn to deal with those mistakes. 

          So stop acting like a Nintendo drama queen and just stop bitching just because the trolls keep saying “PS4 IS TEH BETER LOL!!” because really they are just a small quarter of the Playstation fanbase, the rest are well natured    

          • Only a few are true gamers

             I agree i just buy the consoles and get what games i want for each and trolling is a waste of time

          • Bla bla bla

      •  Oh don’t hate sonyfanboydrone just because you will not your way does not mean you have to cry little boy..hahaha

        • Again you are just proving the trolls right that you are nothing more than a butt hurt fan drone of Nintendo. 

        • Only a few are true gamers

           Dude just stop man stop and just be a gamer and forget trolls

      • I actually agree with this being a stupid reason to not buy a console.  Don’t be a sheep.

      • VR-4nic

        Right, I’m not going to buy a Wii U because Josh Randell is obviously a Nintendrone/Xbot and has turned me off towards Nintendo because obviously he is someone I should be listening to. How stupid do I sound? Lol! 

        • Only a few are true gamers

           Wow i have been on this site a few days and man this bell guy must have some major brain damage he attacks people who say it like it is and he b@tches like it’s the end of the world

    • Adam Baker

      i dont think ur purchasing decision should be based on other ppl, but should be based on how much fun u think ull have with the console n its games.

      •  true and Wii U is the choice for me and im also getting ouya in june

    • I’ll do the same, except I’ll be going with Wii U and PS4.  Last gen, I went with Wii and XBOX 360.  After having the 360 for two and a half years, I can say that I am completely turned off by Microsoft. 

      First of all, their exclusives are uninteresting and boring to me.  I really don’t like Gears of War nor Halo.  Not only that, but those are the only two mainstream exclusives compared to the dozen or so that Nintendo and Sony have on their side.  I’m also very dissapointed with their XBOX LIVE subscription that they practically force on their buyers.  If you are like me, all you get a LIVE subscription for is so that you can play online; something the other consoles do for free.  As well, I cannot use Netflix or demos for free, which is also done by the other consoles free of charge.  If you ask me, there’s nothing that LIVE does that makes it worth the subscription.  I just feel that Microsoft is very greedy with their consoles, especially when you see God damned adds on your main OS system.

      This is where PS4 and Wii U comes in.  They offer all of my favourite exclusives and will not make me pay to play online, which Microsoft will most likely do.  And it is speculated that 720 will ban all used games, which I strongly disagree with.

      And you shouldn’t base your purchase off the fact that some people are ignorant and rude.  Just sayin’ is all.

      •  I can agree with that what is really keeping me from buying is the price tag now maybe later when they have more games and such i might get but 400 or higher is to much to pay for a console

        • Even if the console has more modern specs and is considerably more powerful. Yeah, $400 is TOTAL too much for a system like that *End of sarcasm* 

        • Yeah, PS4 won’t be a day one buy for me either.

      • DragonSilths

        Sony may start charging for online. They need any money they can get lol.

        • From what I’ve been hearing they are doing great, better than they were last year so really I don’t see that  happening 

          • DragonSilths

            Yes its true they FINALLY after years and years started to make abit of a profit. But was it alot? Nope.

    • DragonSilths

      I never had any thoughts of getting the PS4. Sony died for me back in 2006. I havent ever bought a Sony product in my life and I never will. But at least I respected Sony years ago. Nowadays I just can’t support the way does business.

      •  My respect for sony went out the door with 2 things a 600 dollar price tag for a ps3 at the time and them getting hacked 2 times..makes you not want to trust them too much

        • DragonSilths

          I had a shread of respect left for Sony then when that Hack happened lol. Well lost the last bit of it. Now with Cloud on the PS4? People will trust Sony with stuff on Cloud??? Hahahaha fool me once shame on me, fool me twice shame on you.

          • I can feel the heat coming off the fanboy-ness from this comment, You and John Randell should start up a heating service because clearly all the heat from your butt hurt comments could heat up a whole room. 

          • Not true i just go after the posers who hate nintendo

        • You do Microsoft’s Xbox Live got hacked for almost a year whilst PSN was only down for 2 months, so saying that is again showing how closed minded you are to other consoles. 

          • Laud

            Dude, calm down.

            You should start up a heating service because clearly all the heat from your butt hurt comments could heat up a whole room. – Original Insult.

          • Only a few are true gamers

             I think everyone here should just stop the BS and be gamers This console war shit is a waste of time …hell

          • Look in the mirror guy…it might help

    • Only a few are true gamers

       Dude who the F@@@ is the clown below me. What he needs is not here but man i buy consoles i want regardless of what some freak thinks

  • Laud


    Graphics are already too expensive to produce for small studios so this jump in graphics is not a big deal.

    Nintendo is where it’s supposed to be when it comes to value and innovation.

    Nintendo will turn into a marketing machine late June of this year.

    PS4s obviously rushed launch on the holidays will cost them and Xboxs cool and calm approach will also cost them because they need to be able to bring people over from the 360, if they can’t do that then they have failed their launch. (Subject to change)

    E3 is going to be amazing this year.


    This year and the next are going to be pretty interesting.

    • I totally agree on the graphics.  I remember when Final fantasy 10 was introduced.  My best friend brought a picture of the cover art to school and tested people on whether Tidus was a real person or drawn.  Alot of people couldn’t tell back then!  Needless to say, graphics have evolved immensely since then.  But you know what?  Graphics don’t enhance game play.  Content does.  Graphics can do a temporary WOW factor, but they don’t make a game fun.  That’s why to me the graphical leap is useless.  I want the games to be fun, challenging, and innovative.  For me the best thing about console evolution hasn’t been the graphics enhancements, but the speed of games, fluidness of controls, and bigger, more immersive worlds and storylines.  Those things should never take a backseat to graphics.

      • about damn time someone realizes this. its about the games and having fun

        • David Noble

          I’m thinking “Bingo!”  Graphics are important to a point, obviously, but think about it.  Would you rather have a virtual reality 8-bit game or a game that is exactly like real life?  We’ve already got real life.  What we don’t have is monster fighting and Mario Kart and casual space travel.

      • Silent

        And thats exactly why so many people buy the 3ds. It is a new experience not just a new portable with a lame screen. 

      •  Stop the BS, you know graphics enhance the gameplay, what else does?  A controller is still a controller be it an arcade stick, gamepad or Wii stick.  They all do the same things but in slightly different ways.  Without nice graphics, you could not go into other worlds because the graphics would limit you.  Just stop it.

        • Battlefield 3… horrible gameplay but pretty graphics
          Crysis 2 & 3, mediocre gameplay but amazing graphicsMinecraft, Incredible gameplay but horrible graphics I believe you just got owned. 

          • val berger

            You don’t own anything by just picking out specific examples. 

            Of course graphics aren’t everything, but they add very much to the depth of a game. And games like skyrim were very hard to bring on the PS3 as games like those just are getting too complex for that gen to handle. It’s not necessarily about graphics, but power itself. Of course you won’t need that to play 1st party nintendo games, as they are obviously produced to fit the WiiU’s specs. But it’s a nobrainer that 3rd party devs will soon feel kinda lost with the WiiU, as it’s gonna be the only System with a Power PC architecture, less ressources and so on. So if you give a f*ck about third parties, then it’s correct to say, graphics aren’t top priority. 

            It’s nice to see that there are ppl out there who see the value in good gameplay oer tech specs, but you guys also have to understand, that those improved specs will sooner or later be the state of the art and the mainstream audience won’t be sticking on pure gameplay values but on the stuff promoted in TV Ads. 

            The Problem with the WiiU is its target audience. Instead of going for the casualgamers like with the Wii, Nintendo decided to go for so known Pro gamers with the WiiU, ignoring the fact, that this is exactly the audience, who usually wants to have the best tech. So Nintendo-loyalists will of course keep sticking with Nintendo, but in terms of getting new audiences on board, I don’t really think Nintendo will succeed. I personally don’t think that’s so important, as I bought the console for Mario & Zelda in first place. But games like Mass Effect 3 are demonstrating, how bright a third party game can shine thanks to stuff like the Gamepad-only-option, which really enhances the experience. So there’s so much potential there and in the end, we will merely see the usual suspects on that console.

          • Haize

            What exactly are you rambling on about? You seem to change your argument by the end of your comment.

            Anyway, the flaw in your statement is this: You’re judging a 3 month old console based on the few launch titles available and claiming it has reached it’s potential? That’s a bit premature, don’t you think?

            Secondly, who says that Nintendo can’t capture the hearts of core gamers? If you own a Wii U, check out Miiverse. There are a lot of core gamers on there. If done right, Nintendo coukd completely change a lot of minds at E3. It’s vary rare that Nintendo lets information get leaked, regardless of 1st or 3rd party. We know some of the games they have been working on, but we haven’t seen anything yet. E3 will change all of that. This will also be a perfect time for 3rd party devs to show new games. Plus, with games like Watchdogs coming to Wii U, there is no denying the great 3rd party support. If the Wii U version isn’t the best version of that game, I will shocked. The Gamepad possibilities are very exciting.

            And you know, Wii U wont be as powerful as PS4, but what will drive sales isn’t graphics, but rather the experience of a great game. There’s a reasonMincraft is so popular and it isn’t because of graphics.

            And honestly, I would bet that the Wii U is quite a bit more more powerful than the PS3, so with the right grapical direction, a Wii U game could easily look better than a PS4 game. Case in point: Skyward Sword.

            Oh, and Skyrim run badly on PS3 not because of it’s graphics, but because the PS3 is difficult to develop for in general. That and the developer is known for being a bit lazy when it comes to fixing bugs. Anyway, the 360 runs just fine. Also, look at Far Cry 3. The graphics in that game are waaay better than Skyrim and it runs just fine.

          • val berger

            Relax, hombre. Sorry for not accepting everything and sorry for also accepting the world beyond the Nintendo-horizon. If you didn’t understand, what I tried to say with the Skyrim-comparison, then I’m sorry about that too. Little hint: This wasn’t exactly about Skyrim. Do the maths yourself. If you really think, that Farcry got better visuals than skyrim, then I bet you also thought about the fact, that FC3 doesn’t offer nearly as much complexity in its world as Skyrim does. Of course you did. But that’s not the freakin point. 

            It’s unbelievable how fanboys react, as soon as you dare to come up with a minimum of criticism. It’s not like Nintendo had done everything right with the whole launch and softwaresupport, if even Iwata himself sees that, why can’t fanboys?

            I’m a huge fanboy myself and think the hardware concept of the WiiU actually is the greatest of all time, but I don’t think it should be forbidden to see the flaws. Every console got its flaws and only because the WiiU also got some doesn’t nearly mean it’s a bad system. The Wii did have its flaws as well as the Cube and so on. Not to speak of the competition, they are full of flaws themselves. 

            Sorry that you need to endure ppl like me, don’t just pointing out how bright and shiny everything is, but in the end be thankful that I don’t behave like a drunk baby called donaald, just bashing for fun. 

          • Laud

            Thanks for getting defensive because you can no longer support your arguments.

            You’re a joke.

          • val berger

            What’s the matter with you ppl? Why the hell are you attacking me, just because I don’t say what you wanna hear?? Have you guys completely lost your mind? I don’t want to waste time, trying to fight windmills, because that is what it’s like, explaining hardcore fanboys the nature of criticism. It’s not like anyone of you had brought any valid argumentation, only attacks and sarcasm and so on, because that’s what those evil multi-console-users deserve. Goddamn fanatics, turn on your brain and realize, that there’s something more to explore at the end of the rainbow.

          • Laud

            No one is attacking you dude, it’s just that no one agrees with you.

          • val berger

            you mean by tealling ppl ‘you’re a joke’ you try to have a conversation? back to start, try again. I’m sure you don’t even understood a single word of what I was talking about because by writing the first sentence of critique, you’ve already switched on DESTROY THE SINNER mode. It’s okay, It’s just, that this is a Discussion board, not something to waste my time with narcissistic kids who can’t handle critique.

          • Haize

            I’m sorry, I don’t see how I was being hostel or a “blind fan boy”. I merely pointed out a flaw in your argument and gave my opinion on the matter.

            Skyrim runs bad on the PS3 because the cell processer is difficult to develop for. So difficult, that the PS3 version wasn’t originally going to get dlc. I am not a fan of Xbox, but most 3rd party games run better, like Skyrim, on that system. It isnt about power or complexity, the PS3 is just a bitch to make games for.

            Also, I admitted before that the PS4 will undoubtedly be more powerful than the Wii U, but 3rd party support doesn’t have to stop. There are lots of 3rd party games slatted for the Wii U and if Nintendo can make sales rise, developers wont leave the system in the dust because that would be shooting themselves in the foot.

            Like I said before, wait until E3. Things will be a bit more clear for all next gen systems by then.

            The Wii U isn’t perfect, you’re right. But its a fantastic system, with a huge amount of potential from 1st and 3rd parties. Now its Nintendo’s job to convince everybody else.

          • val berger

            It seems that you’ve misunderstood me ealier, as we seem to agree in most terms.  As I said before, The skyrim example wasn’t exactly about skyrim, but the fact, that there still are games, which are getting more complex and which can profit from more powerful hardware. I am actually aware, that everything, we’ve seen on the PS4 so far is totally meaningless, as not a single game of the announced ones, wouldn’t work on the current tech-gen in terms of implementation of those concepts. But then again, as developers got less limits, they’ll create stuff, that’s gonna make use of those advantages. And maybe that’s my little problem with the WiiU as the only ones, really using the consoles advantages will be (like always) Nintendo’s 1st & 2nd parties and maybe a few 3rd parties. If you’re telling me, that there are so many third party games in development, then maybe it’s just a matter of different taste or whatever, but I just absolutely don’t feel that way.

            But you’re right, I can’t wait for the E3 to see if I’m wrong, which would actually be a really good thing ;D
            But after about 23 years of playing and worshipping Nintendo  consoles, I see some patterns here, that will just never go away again. And in the end, like I said, I didn’t buy the WiiU for 3rd parties, but for those exclusives and that are exactly the games, I’m waiting for with the E3. And I guess, so are doing most of the other WiiU fans. and I guess that’s exactly the problem for third parties, that will always return with every generation. 
            For me, the only third party, that has somehow managed to stand out on the WiiU (by now, of course, this is a bit early 😉 ) is Ubisoft. ZombiU sales numbers are absolutely massive and some of their other games are also doing quite OK I guess. And they are by far the only developer who is now always announcing WiiU versions for like every huge upcoming multiplatform title. 
            If other publishers would join them on that road, that would be what Nintendo had planned. And then I’d be kinda surprised. But then again, I like surprises …

          • Haize

            I see what you mean here. The 3rd party games announced for the PS4 will most likely not appear on the Wii U for the simple fact that it’s just not as capable, graphically, to handle those games. And yet, at the same time, the Wii U is a very capable system. It can run Unreal Engine 4, so it should be able to handle most 3rd party next gen titles.

            You’re also right about Ubisoft. They are the only developer so far that has put full faith into the Wii U. All of their recently announced titles will be on Wii U. There are also so 3rd party exclusives such as Monster Hunter 3: Ultimate and Lego City: Undercover.

            You also make a good point about Nintendo consoles in general. Most people buy it for the Nintendo exclusives. I for one bought mine the day after the Wii U Nintendo Direct where they announced a huge amount of games, including 2 Zeldas. I do think that Nintendo is trying hard and has taken some large strides in changing 3rd party support. And if they have been successful, I think this will be revealed at E3.

            I also kind of feel like Nintendo hopes for more 3rd party exclusives and will most likely seek out these opportunities. They’ve showed this a few times already by producing Beyonetta 2 and Lego City. A really big one is the Shin Megami Tensai X Fire Emblem. That is such a fantastic idea! ZombiU and Monster Hunter are other great examples, although these weren’t produced by Nintendo, but the developer. Obviously, this is great for Nintendo fans and Wii U owners, but ironically creates a potential issue for the developer. If the game doesn’t sell well they may rethink making a Wii U only game.

            I’m an enormous Nintendo fan and have owned, and still own, every single one of their home consoles and hand helds (except for the Virtual Boy). I have a lot of faith in Nintendo and they have really impressed me lately. This isn’t talked about much, but they recently announced that they weren’t going to restrict bringing Japanese titles to the west. Maybe this is due to Operation Rainfall or maybe they just realized that people outside of Japan miss out on a lot of great titles. This is very exciting and opens up the door for even more games.

            I have a lot of optimism for the Wii U and I am absolutely thrilled for E3. Sony and Nintendo are bringing the big guns thid year. If Nintendo shows off Smash Bros., the new Mario, Mario Kart, Wind Waker HD, the new Xeno-something, Beyonetta 2, Yoshi, and the brand new Zelda, as well as new, unannounced titles then this E3 will be epic and I may faint from excitement.

          • Elem187

            The Wii U will handle Skyrim MUCh better than the PS3. You forget the Wii U has 4x the memory than the PS3.

          • val berger

            That’s not the point. I was referring to skyrim as an example for games with complex architecture. take Skyrim, add a bit complexity and it will be a problem again. I mean, of course, the WiiU will handle a 14 month old game. What I meant was, that it’s just a matter of time, until especially a third party game will hit the limits and that this will sooner happen with the WiiU. It’s a natural thing to happen and I don’t say that this automatically means, games will be bad. But  when it comes to cross platform development, developers will sooner or later stop creating stuff for the WiiU and in the end, it’s gonna be another Nintendo console, you’ll buy for it’s exclusives. Which actually isn’t a bad thing either as I personally loved the Wii and even the Gamecube (actually especially the Gamecube) for it’s exclusive games. I just don’t think, that a WiiU alone will be enough in 2 years and that’s exactly, what Nintendo tried to tell us. With the Wii, Nintendo told us from the beginning, that it’s targeted to be a console for casual gamers or pro gamers who buy it next to  PS360. 

            The WiiU was said to be for Coregamers, which (in my understanding) means, it should be getting full third party support. But I don’t really see that happen. And it would be really cool, if people wouldn’t attack me now, just because I think that way, because it’s ridiculous. No one needs to be on my side, but let’s discuss instead of pissing each other off. (I’m not referring to you, Elem187, but this thread has taught me to be cautious ;D )

          • Elem187

            I can attest to this. My PC does Crysis 3 very well, and runs circles around the PS4’s demos of Killzone 4, Infamous, that silly car racing game graphics…. But Crysis 3 is more of a tech demo of the Crytek engine, so its not really a real game.

          • val berger

            At least you gotta say, it’s more game than C1 and C2 together 😉

            but yeah, still a tech demo.

          •  That is clearly your opinion.  Given that they keep them coming and Crysis is always hype up, it must mean something.

        •  Graphics do enhance gameplay because they let you have better inmersion, but theyre not the base that make a game fun, and games are all about having fun.
          So im glad that they make better graphics each generation but I’d prefer more fun games

          •  In addition to enhancing the graphics with each generation (except Nintendo), they also enhance the fun too you know.  If they did not, no one would be buying them…  Other people make fun games you know.  Nintendo is not the master in that department.

          • [CMD] DEATH

            Uh what did Nintendo do with the Wii U? Make the graphics better then the last of there consoles, yeah it wasn’t the next step up like PS4 and the Nextbox but it’s a bit better then the PS3 and Xbox 360 so they are enhancing their graphics, next they will most likely be on par with what ever the next consoles are, CAUSE! They can’t get much better then the PS4 and Nextbox consoles, I see a little bit of an improvement on the PS4 but not too where it looks real life. Also Nintendo may be one of the very top in the “fun” department, most 3rd party games are core gamer stuff not casual, I find few “fun” games that are from 3rd parties, although I have played some real fun 3rd party games. But just stop trying too be a “Mr. Know it all analyst” (yeah I know your not but it seems like your trying too be) and just have fun with games! Stop thinking only the graphics are what make a game fun cause that’s wrong.

          • val berger

            You’re wrong again. You only see things in black/white which makes it absolutely impossible to have a productive conversation with you. and still you’re the one member with the most postings here. doesn’t really make sense. It just shows, that you don’t really have too much else to do in your life. just crawling through videogame fanboy boards, bashing consoles. congrats, you really made it on the list of the most potent human beings on planet earth. I guess, by now, everyone wishes, he/she could just be like you for one day, living this thrilling and varied life. 

        • Agent X

          When were you born? If it was all about graphics most people would not be playing classic games. What changes gaming experience is the way you get to play the game and not the graphics. No doubt graphics plays a part but its not that significant. That is why if u played 5 parts for Call of Duty in a console generation or Mario or Metriod or God of War or Gears of War without experiencing different ways to play them, they all become stale

          •  Classics games are just that – classics!  That can include all of the 360’s ‘platinum hits,” as well as classic hits from 1970 on.  Of course graphics varied from 1970 until now.  I know when I play classic NES,SNES, Genesis games, I need to put the scan lines on it because the graphics don’t hold up.

        • I enjoyed FF2 (US) much more than I enjoyed FF13.

          •  I did too.  Lol.  I don’t think that FF’s play mechanics translate well on more powerful systems, but it was perfect for the 2D world.

        • [CMD] DEATH

          Graphics, still not everything you know! What’s a game with good graphics but bad gameplay? Boring! What’s a maybe not so great graphic looking game but with good gameplay? Fun! What’s a good looking game with good gameplay? Fun and looks good! See, a good looking game with bad gameplay is boring but good gameplay with not so great graphics is still fun, it mainly matters about gameplay, graphics just add too it.

          •  What you Nintendo nuts keep failing to grasp is that most other developers know how to make fun games.  Nintendo is not the king of fun and they are not the only ones who knows how to make fun games.  They are the only ones who makes fun games that have weak graphics however!

          • D.M.T

            Yeah because Gamecube’s graphics was weaker than PS2 graphics right? N64 had worse graphics than PS1 right? Only the Wii had weak graphics

          •  THe N64 did not have better graphics than the PS did.

          • D.M.T

            Maybe…but N64 wasn’t underpowered at all


            N64 had much better graphics than PS1! N64 was a 64 bit system for starters.

            But then again, a 14 y o troll like you wouldn’t know that!

          •  I am far from 14 as I have a 13 year old son.  You know nothing about technology.  The N64 was 64-bit, but that was done (another Nintendo hardware trick) to make up for it’s lack of storage and power – plus marketing.  You need to understand technology then you can understand how Nintendo and only Nintendo, put’s together systems that are cheap and weak but may excel in one thing or another to make it look good, but has no substance.  If the N64 would have had a CD drive, then it would have been on point – but not in polygon count or textures which is what what really separated the two. 


            Your a child, your posts give you away.

            N64 was 64 bit and PS1 was 32 bit!

            So once AGAIN, you’ve got owned!

            Looking forward to more of your dumbass comments for the rest of us to rip you apart with XD

          •  I did not get owned because I already know that the N64 (the name kinds of gives it away) was 64-bit and that the PS was 32-bit.  I was there when they came out.  YOU must be a child or just a plain fool to think that if one is 64-bit, it must be better than the 32-bit one.

            The Sega Saturn had TWO 32-bit processors in it, but it was not as good as the PS in 3D!  Two 32-but chips still does not equal 64, but other factors go into a system being great or not.  You clearly have no knowledge of the technology.




            two 32 bit don’t add up to one ‘true’ 64 bit!

            You shouldn’t believe everything you hear in the school playground kid!

          •  I never wrote that it did.  The N64 was 64-bit, but it was weak in everything else.  It was like buying an Audi A8 but getting the V6 model.  The PS was like buying an Audi A6 but with a V8!

          • [CMD] DEATH

            You must be a Drony then or something cause if you always try and find the worst in a company (in your mind) then your a hater, I don’t care about if the graphics are amazing or not the best, if it’s fun I’ll play it! And when did I say Nintendo is the “only” company that makes fun games and no one else dose, dude I play CoD and that’s from Activision and it’s real fun too me, Ubisoft also makes really fun games, so dose SEGA, Atari, Blizzard, Capcom, Infinity Ward, Treyarch, LucasArts, Naughty Dog, Rockstar, Sony, Microsoft, THQ, Zynga, Bungie, Disney, and many many more, so you’ve got it all wrong bub. Also most of those companies I just mentiond also make fun games that have weak graphics so your making fun of all of them too.

          • It’s not just you, but anytime someone says they care about gameplay and fun whenever I talk about PS/Xbox, they bring that up.  They are basically saying that Nintendo is automatic fun while those with graphics are not.

        • RoadyMike

          Graphics do NOT enhance gameplay nor offer more depth idiot.The game itself does that with the story,the characters,gameplay,or all 3
          When graphics and power can longer enhance the gameplay,they are no longer important,get this through your skulls already:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gg9vQne6K9c

          Example of when graphics and power actually mattered:Because the SNES wasn’t powerful enough for Miyamoto to make the games he wanted(an open world,3D Mario and Zelda),Nintendo made the N64 and we got Mario64 and OoT
          Example of when graphics no longer matter:Shooters.Why the fuck improve the graphics for those games,when all the gameplay only consists of:Run,shoot,run,die,respawn.Run,shoot,throw grenade,die,respawn,rinse and repeat
          Example of graphics not being necessary:Minecraft.Amazing game,has depth,decent gameplay,is HUGE and all WITHOUT the best graphics

          If graphics are so important and truly enhance gameplay as you say(not power,graphics is your argument),name me 3 games that made the game fun,enhanced the gameplay and offered great depth because of the graphics alone
          Remember,don’t name me games that have great graphics and were praised for that,but have made the game more fun BECAUSE of great visuals.I’ll be waiting

          •  My new thing is to not respond to people who want my input but call me names at the same time.

          • D.M.T

            Yeah because you never call people names right? Hypocrite. Answer the question that RoadyMike asked you.

          • RoadyMike

            I’ll take that as an excuse to evade answering what I asked for.My “win” I guess 😀


            Nobody wants your 12 yo opinion Donaald.

        • Proof that a game doesn’t rely on graphics is the fact that people who replay games that are YEARS old do so not because of the graphics which would have been significantly improved by then, but because the game was fun to PLAY, perfect example Final Fantasy VII, I bet you if you asked anyone whose replayed that game theyd say its because it was fun to play, not because of the graphics…DEFINITELY not cause of the graphics lol

        • Ahiam94

          Get a life.

      • Agent X

        Very well said…

      • The ps4 is very capable of pulling off great bigger and immersive worlds and less loading  times which can hinder a games fun due to its hardware, now the wii u is already old tech besides the gpu but with the price tag of the controller you can tell how much they spent on makeing the wii u future proof, but let me get on to what Im ranting about is that its limites are already been found.  Idk I believer im in the wrong place but i got tired of looking where to post >< but ending conclusion is for big worlds filled with things and fluid fast gameplay with lots of fancy things you can do in that world heavely gets weighed down by what the hardware can put out.

        • Laud

          Nintendo isn’t trying to make the console future proof.

          They know that tech is moving fast so they’re making affordable consoles that last until the start of the next gen.

          • BellsGhost

            Like the Wii?

      • My point was (as some of the commenters seem to miss it): since the year 2001 graphics have been good enough to produce an astounding and great game.  Fine tune them all you want, but a focus on graphics is not going to improve the quality of gameplay (at least not by much).  What will improve them is shorter load times, smoother controls, more functionality, a new and interesting STORYLINE, and just basically improved user experience.  Graphics are not a selling point for me, and probably not many others who are above the age of 20.  I’ve been playing video games for 20 years and I don’t look for graphics when I play.  Mostly I look for a deep story, or great game play.  And great game play doesn’t mean action.  For instance, one of my favorite game series is the Harvest Moon series.  It’s fun, interesting, and fresh. 

        Skyrim was a good game not because of graphics (though they do enhance it a bit), but because of the art style, the hundreds/thousands of stories, the controls, the customizable experience, and the openness of the game.  My only problem with skyrim (aside from the PS3 glitches) was how ridiculously easy it was even on the hardest difficultly.  I actually had to re-create a character and basically try to be weak (and not do any smithing/crafting whatever it is called) just to make the game challenging.

        It doesn’t take cutting edge graphics to make a great game.  Game creation is much more of an artform than that.  graphics should be emphasized after storyline, fluid game controls, and great game-world immersion (this is partially done by graphics, but graphics is NOT the main piece of it).

      • Rinslowe

        Exactly, the amount of visually impressive titles that had memorable gameplay last gen, can be counted on one hand IMO.

    •  Agreed!

      • BellsGhost

        Hey everyone! Watch out! It’s the awesome lawyer! Don’t get on his bad sie, or he’ll sue you so fast, it’ll make your head spin. Just don’t ask for this guy to proofread any papers though, cause his grammar and punctuation sucks really bad, but it’s okay! Cause he’s a lawyer, yes he is.

    • Nintedward

      Insert a coment from Donal telling you how specs and graphics are everything. Regardless of the fact that the Weakest system allways seems to win.

      • Laud

        I wonder where he is, he’s usually patrolling this website like a mad man.

        • Zorlac79

          It has been nice and peaceful without so far….. Unless bellsghost  is his other profile, then he has been wreaking his typical havoc down below. :

          • Only a few are true gamers

             Bells is like a bad fart it takes time for it to go away

          • BellsGhost

            Everything I type is fact. Wii U sucks, it wont run on par to PS4/Nextbox,and it’ll be a repeat of Wii again. Last good Nintendo home console was GC.

          • bizzy gie

            “Wii U sucks” is an opinion and you don’t have the intelligence to back that up.

          • Only a few are true gamers

             And who are you again and do we care and look at the numbers numb nuts wii  100 million units ps3 79 million in six years. You mad bro!

      • Retro Cool

        This literally made my night… ha ha nicely put

      •  Well…  Al I hear on this site is about the Wii U’s “GPGPU,” it having better graphics than the other two and how it runs 2011 Direct X 11 specs!  Sounds like you people think that specs and graphics are everything too!  Shit, you know they are or there would be no need to make new systems.  Nintendo has to make excuses because they like cheating the suckers who buy their products.

        • Same with Microsoft, Oooh so that’s why your made because you like playing on the Xbox. Silly little idiot, that’s not a console, that’s a baby’s toy

        • Zorlac79

          One person makes a comment about it, someone replies about it, and now it is “all you hear on this site”…..lol.  Got a serious case of tunnel vision there don’t ya?!

        • tronic307

          Cheating? What about Sony and Microsoft bribing customers, bleeding mountains of cash, artificially flooding the market with their loss-leading hardware campaigns. Nintendo does not offer $1000 consoles for $300. The PSXbox drones who feel entitled to such have even more hubris than the corporate entities they glorify.

          •  True, they offer $180 consoles for $300 instead!

          • tronic307

            Clever, but that was mere speculation, half a year before any teardown could be done. The original source article has since vanished. According to Nintendo, Wii U is profitable after one game purchase:

          •  I read that then, but in case you have not realized it yet, I don’t trust Nintendo, they lie too much.  I cannot trust a company who hides system specs or tells us “it’s not about the graphics, it’s about the control” as their excuse to not having good graphics.  Nintendo has never created a system where they do not make a profit and I would never expect them to start.  They are just lying to make it appear that a lot was put into the Wii U and you are getting a deal, as opposed to the Wii where you were really getting ripped off.

          • tronic307

            Why would they lie about taking a slight loss on each Wii U when that looks bad to shareholders? Nintendo postures more than lies; every company does that. They just refuse to engage in a technological arms race that they see as unwinnable.
            Short-sighted? Maybe, but unlike the competition, they have no other industries to fall back on. They only play it safe out of necessity.

          • D.M.T

            Actually, Nintendo doesnt play it safe, they take more risks than Sony and Microsoft

          • tronic307

            Innovation, creative risks? Sure, they do that to set their brand apart. But, Nintendo sat back and watched while Sony and Microsoft risked their fortunes on HD gaming, only deciding to jump in once that strategy was proven profitable. Naming their console “Wii” was a huge risk in 2006, downright controversial even, and it paid off in spades. Naming the current console “Wii U” lacked any sort of boldness whatsoever. If they were going to play it that safe, they might as well have called it Wii 2. Maybe then it wouldn’t be confused for an accessory.

        • Colm O’Rourke

          Just to check, you are intentionally ignoring the fact Nintendo are the best right? 

          Sorry, but otherwise your comments just don’t make sense.

      • Revolution5268

         its always been that way.

    • John Novakovich

      Nintendo better start marketing, otherwise people will still think the wii u is just a 300 dollar controller. That’s what sony, to their credit, has done. Every website I go on has a ps4 ad. 

      • My friend thought that, and when she saw the console, she was like “Is that a new Xbox?”

        • Daryl Bonner

          Yeah sadly I thought the same before I looked up info on one on youtube but for people that don’t really look up things without ads people just see it as a add-on for the Wii… sadly

          • killercorgi

             I kept telling my sister it was a new console she kept thinking the game pad was an add on I don’t know what I said differently

          • killercorgi

            add on to the wii

    • Let me summarizes what you basically wrote:
      Nintendo will be fine and they are the best ever. Even though Sony had a great conference, they are at a disadvantage because I assume they supposedly rushed it.

      • Laud


        Boy meets world references aside, I think you misunderstood.

        Nintendo will be fine regardless of what they do, even if they exploded, financially they’ll be fine.

        Sony didn’t have a great conference they had a hype fest in which they tried to hype everyone up on promises.

        The hype was everywhere too, they even used the PS1 start up for the first person to walk on stage. It was hilarious to see how hard they were trying.

        It is definitely rushed, all the hardware that they brought up is pretty new and they’ve given themselves so little time to do all the things they said they were gonna do. In result, a bunch of features won’t be working for a while after launch.

        Sony shot themselves in the foot with that cloud stuff too.


        • Zorlac79

          I also find it ironic how all these people rip on the Wii U for it not being up to spec and how the PS4 will be superior while it’s biggest feature right now is to play old PS1 n PS2 games which obviously won’t use said power!

          • VR-4nic

            How it playing PSone and PS2 games the PS4 biggest feature you freackin tool! Its a nex gen console meant to play nex gen games, if I wanted to play PS2 games then I would on my PS2!  Is the Pii U, sorry Wii U’s biggest feature playing GameCube games? No it can’t do it! Why, because obviously most people buy a nex gen console to play NEX GEN GAMES! Moron! 

          • Zorlac79

            How mature, lol.  By the looks of you I wouldn’t expect much more from you type anyways!  So then, if it is not one of it’s main attractions, then why are they pumping tons of cash into it then?  Why was a very large part of their press conference about streaming and cloud and a bunch of stuff that people know won’t be as good as they hope and don’t even care about?  And you as does everyone else knows that next gen graphics aren’t even going to be available for a long time! Oh wait, unless you are talking about knack, lol.  The Pii U?!?!?  Wow!  That is from a third great intellect!  Thanks for trying though!  Good Bye.

          • VR-4nic

            I can see you agree with me then sense you said I have a “GREAT Intellect! Thank You! Then again I didn’t need you to tell me I was right!

            Adjective: Of an extent, amount, or intensity considerably above the normal or average.

            Noun: A great or distinguished person.

            Adverb: Excellently; very well.Synonyms
            grand – big – large – high

        • RonaldRayguns

          my neighbors son was the best friend on that show….

          • Laud

            Twas an awesome show…

        • Offens1

          That’s right somone finally get’s it.
          Here in the Netherlands (Europe) it’s not  such isseu. The most households has broadband internet connection. But i can imaging that it’s not for everybody to archieve it.
          That’s said who’s gonna pay service and maintenance for servers to do that.

          Nevertheless we can’t deny what smartphones and tablets are doing right op to now. Diffrent erea en and economie this time

    • Will you marry me Laud???

      • Laud

        I’m no good when it comes to relationships.


    • Lorddeff07

      “PS4s obviously rushed launch” Do you know what you are talking about? Just think abt this for a bit

      – The PS4 is made up of off the shelf “custom” PC Hardware. Noting gets more tried and tested than that.

      – Sony, of the big 3, is the only true hardware manufacturing company. 

      – Lastly, do you realize that work on a new platform typically starts immediately the current one is released?

      Don’t for a second think that sony not showing a “box” wasnt done on purpose, you think it would have taken anything outta them to even make a dummy box for display (think the very first X looking xbox console). 

      As for innovation, if you mean that nintendo has innovated with the second screen thingy  then you like most seem to be delusional, that was done on the PS3 and psp…. and nintendo dropped the ball not supporting the actual biggest second screen in the world right now, phones and tablets.

      I agree with you on E3 though….

      • EvanescentHero

         Uh, no. Perhaps it technically came out first, but Vita integration with PS3 was announced AFTER the Wii U was, and since the Wii U is packaged with the GamePad, every developer can count on a potential buyer having one to use with their game. The Vita you have to buy separately, which very few people have, so no developer is going to spend too much money developing titles that will sell poorly. In addition, Nintendo was doing multiple screens on the GAMECUBE, connecting GBAs, AND the DS also has two screens, in case you hadn’t noticed.

      • Laud

        Uhh, did you just forget the Gamecube and the GBA? 

        I think you did.

        I remember playing Four swords. 🙂

        • Ah but here’s the thing, the GBA only worked on some games and not all of them, even then I don’t remember playing a Gamecube game on my GBA 😕 

      •  “As for innovation, if you mean that nintendo has innovated with the
        second screen thingy  then you like most seem to be delusional, that was
        done on the PS3 and psp.”

        The DS did it first.

        The Wii U is designed around dual screens and asymmetrical play, where as the PS3 isn’t. You have to also buy both a PS3 and a PSP to do remote play, and good luck playing any game that requires dual sticks on your PSP.

        “and nintendo dropped the ball not supporting the actual biggest second screen in the world right now, phones and tablets.”

        Oh please. People need to stop comparing the Wii U game pad to smart phones and tablets. The Wii U game pad is a controller, it serves a completely different function than a phone or tablet. Who wants to lay games on a device with no buttons, thumbsticks, or even a dpad? Screw that.

        As for Nintendo not being innovative, what planet are you living on?  You owe D-pads, shoulder buttons, and dual screen play to Nintendo. Every company is doing touch screen and motion controls as well, trends Nintendo started.

        “Sony, of the big 3, is the only true hardware manufacturing company. ”

         Hey, guess who out of the big 3 is the only game company? Nintendo. It’s their entire business. That’s why they make the best games. They started off making hanafuda cards. They still make them today.

        Games are games, whether they’re card games, board games, sports, or video games, it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t need great hardware, it only needs to engage the player to be a great game. I’ll put my money on a company that lives and breathes games rather than one that lives and breathes expensive hardware.

        • BellsGhost

          Nintendo does not make the best games. It’s been the same crap since the 80s. Nintendo needs new IPs.

      • SH*TBLOCK

        You are right about every company is working on the next console. But I due believe that Sony and Microsoft were planning on keeping the 3 and 360 going strong for a couple of more years for the simple fact that NOTHING can get better than 1080p on TV’s (for at least cheap) for at least 4 years, but with the U coming out, they both felt the pressure to put out the new console…

        Sony has made stuff for years, BUT Nintendo has made gaming systems a lot longer than Sony…

        As for the comment on PS3/PSP being first, I think the others said it right and you are definitely wrong. NINTENDO HAS BEEN THE TRULY INNOVATIVE OVER IT’S WHOLE LIFE IN THE GAMING CONSOLE DEPT! They tried merging games from the Gamecube to GBA, I played Madden and Splinter Cell on them. Sony made it possible to use the PSP with the PS3 (AFTER THEY SAW WHAT THE WiiU WAS GOING DO), and yes they have advanced from the Gamecube/GBA days, BUT THAT IS WHAT TECH DOES. Take the Wii Balance Board, Ya think that was the 1st? Nope, On the original NES they had this soft-plastic 5 foot running-pad where ya ran on it for a couple of games. Nintendo brought that idea back with new tech and put that into the Wii here look; http://www.google.com/search?q=nes+running+pad&hl=en&rlz=1C2SNNT_enUS346&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=VC8vUeytHsS30QGEu4DQBg&sqi=2&ved=0CEMQsAQ&biw=1366&bih=677

        Nintendo has been doing this with their consoles and hand-helds for years. I said since the 1st time I heard what the game-pad will do that Sony and Microsoft will copy this, and once I played it and saw how greatly it makes a game well BE MORE with the touch-screen that they probably will copy/add a touch-screen in the PS4 and Xbox720 controller too. The PSP is out as a hand-held but on the PS4 it will be just another controller you can use for it (that you have to pay an extra $200 for). Also, Smart-glass will not do what the Game-pad or PSP can do for the game on the console. Maybe you’ll be able to play some tablet games on it, but it will not be able to play Mass Effect, AC3, Madden, etc on that. BUT Microsoft will have a touch-screen of some sorts added to its next consoles controller, watch…

        If anybody doesn’t think that Nintendo holds the most influence in the gaming world you are F-ing crazy. The Wii came with Motion Controls, now the other two have them, for extra money, and that list goes on and on. 

        Now Nintendo hasn’t been perfect and has made many mistakes over the years as well. They thought they couldn’t lose the Golden Goose, but did when the 3rd parties found other avenues to get their games out and make more adult-ish games Nintendo was left to think of what else to do big time. Nintendo made a mistake on the Mini-disc of Game cube which isolated them again with the other consoles. They made a big mistake not making the Wii HD to begin with. We would have had so much more of the same 3rd party games instead of the red-headed step-child versions of them, or not at all. Then add into the fact that would’ve added so much more from the 3rd party Developers now into the WiiU than we have now.

        I do feel Nintendo has learned from their mistakes and will be more in competition with the other two YET doing it their way for sure. For what the Wii didn’t have it made up for and spectacular ways, and that is why it has the most sold of that gen. They will ALWAYS HAVE their great classic games that no true gamer can’t say aren’t fun and great to play, and their knack for innovation into the future.

      • tronic307

        “Sony, of the big 3, is the only true hardware manufacturing company.”

        True, Sony lets the hardware engineers run the company…right into the ground. Nintendo is the only true GAMING company.

    •  You forgot that the Wii U has FLOPPED so Nintendo is out of it already.

      • Wii U has flopped yet its still getting support? 
        You are either:

        A) A butt hurt fangirl who won’t leave the site because you are basically glued to your seat.

        B) Your an idiot.

        C) Just another failed troll. 

        D) All of the above.

        I think I’ll pick D), because you really are such a butt hurt fangirl who is glued to their seat whilst typing out comments that try to make you look smart but clearly you are an idiot and you seem a lot like a failed troll. 

        I’d say a GTFO is in order here. 

      • Too early to tell if it “FLOPPED”.  I don’t think they’ll go the way of Sega and abandon their system but the worst I think the Wii U will do is get third place.

        Once the games start coming out, sales of the Wii U will pick up.  I think Nintendo should inform customers that the Wii U has the ability to expand it’s storage space via a external USB.  I think this feature is often over looked at.

        •  It sold 57,000 units last month – it has FLOPPED!  At this point the games cannot save it and with no ads of any kind to be seen, they may be pulling the plug as we speak.  Like I wrote a while ago, Nintendo should have had a AAA title out at launch they showed the system was more than a Wii.  With all of these baby games coming, it does not help and those games do not show off the graphics of the system, even if Nintendo says it’s not about the graphics.  If it ‘s not about the graphics, then it’s not about the sales!

          • tronic307

            Baby games? That’s rich! I suppose if it’s not a murder simulator with prostitution minigames thrown in for good measure, then it’s not ‘mature’ enough…FOR TEENS!!! Nintendo games actually require an attention span; they do not cater to ADD addled adolescents with latent criminal tendencies.
            ALL games are TOYS, Donaald. YOU PLAY WITH TOYS LOL!!! 

            Learn to live with it. 

          • 360 did worse than Wii U on its launch and did not flop. So…

          •  So, that is a tired argument and a different time.  New systems and GTA V is coming out.  The Wii U is DOA.

          • “If it ‘s not about the graphics, then it’s not about the sales!”

            Oh really?  Historical trend says otherwise.

            The Wii sold more system than both the HD competitor.

            Graphics alone does not sell a system, if you need a lesson in that, I suggest you look at history. 

            – Gameboy had inferior graphics compared to the Gamegear (No color) and yet the Gameboy kicked it’s tail.

            – Playstation beat the N64

            – PS2 destroyed the Gamecube and Xbox.  The difference in sales is not even remotely comparable.  You can put both the Gamecube and Xbox combined and it still wouldn’t even match half the sales that the PS2 made.

            Wii sold more than Xbox360/PS3 despite it being a generation behind spec wise. 

            So you’re telling me despite these historical trend, graphics are all that matter?   Please.

          •  I hate repeating myself.  The Wii was a NOVELTY item, meaning that it was a one shot deal for the moment!  It sold, but it was not sold for the love of the game, it was sold for the love of the hype.  Notice how the Wii U is no where near those sales.  No hype, no sales.

            The Gameboy was out long before the Gamegear.  The PS had better graphics than the N64, the N64 just had cleaners graphics.  The PS2 came out first, the Xbox last. 

            Do you understand?

          •  Agreed about the Wii part…however my point was not about the novelty, it sold more regardless of how you feel about the system.  Their “Blue Ocean” strategy worked. 

            “The Gameboy was out long before the Gamegear” 
            You’re point being???Gamegear was discontinued in 1997 and it’s sales were pultry compared to the Gameboy

            “The PS had better graphics than the N64, the N64 just had cleaners graphics”
            LOL your kidding right? 

            “The PS2 came out first, the Xbox last”
            Again, the point being???   PS2 had inferior graphics compared to the Xbox and Gamecube.  I didn’t mention release date. 

            “Do you understand?”
            Apparently more than you do. 

          •  Again, the Wii sold, but it did not sell to repeat customers, only causal (admittedly their target) customers who were only good for buying a game or two.  It is like saying a one-hit wonder sold more albums that Michael Jackson, but Mike had 50 hits vs the one!  Which one could headline a tour – the one-hit wonder or Mike?  Who was really more successful?  I know he is dead…

            My point with the Gameboy is that it was well established without any comp.  The Gamegear seemed like it was comp but Nintendo knew how to market better back then.

            The PS had better 3D graphics than the N64 and that is a fact!  The N64’s storage is what mainly hurt it.  The N64’s graphics amounted to blown up graphics which is why the games were not that detailed until they cam with the higher memory cartridges.  If they would have had a CD-ROM, things would have been very different…

            The PS2 came out first so it have a sizable lead with name recognition.  The Xbox still beat the GC even though it came late in the game, so that proves your argument wrong since the better system graphics won between those two.  All of that plays into why the PS2 won.  How come you did not talk about the PS3/360?

          • D.M.T

            Dude stop making lame excuses. Point is this: the WEAKEST console always sells more. That’s a fact. It doesnt matter why Wii sold more, it just did.

            The Xbox came BEFORE or just days after the GameCube. You’re acting like Xbox came out months after the Gamecube.

      • You flopped…goodbye

    • Revolution5268

       how does anyone forgot when wii u was announce the wii went down and ps3 & xbox 360 went up. The wiimote part did not make any sense at all

  • You my friend are a fortune teller. Once all 3 systems are out they’ll speak for themselves. The Wii U is a really good console. A few revisions and it’ll be excellent. What’ll turn heads at Wii U is this year’s E3. I can’t wait because unlike the past 2 E3s I’ll be watching vividly.

  • Sydney Ultrasyd

    Got a Wii U, but I might buy the next Xbox or the PS4, if they don’t block the possibility to buy used games, that’s the most important feature in my opinion. This could be very important for Wii U sales too.
    Actually I stopped gaming for a few years, and Wii U got me back in the loop. I own almost all consoles and computers, but I was fed up with Microsoft and Sony, I skipped 360/PS3 era, maybe because all those FPS / guns games.
    I used to say that “gaming was better before”, but now I’m not sure anymore haha ! When I see something like Ni No Kuni, I think that it’s sometimes worth buying a console just for 1 great game …

    • Adam Porter

       i have the same feeling, a friend was showing me Ni No Kuni on his ps3 and i’m kicking myself that i sold my one a couple of years back.
      tbh nearly all the nintendo consoles ive owned i have bought just to play zelda. but i did get into mario a bit more as years go on, and now with the wiiU ive got monster hunter, mario and zelda games all on one machine and that’s all i really need, with the exception of a few third party titles.
      Final fantasy used to be a system seller for me but they haven’t made a game worth owning since FFX 🙁

  • uPadWatcher

    I’m looking forward to own both the Wii U and XBOX (as long as it’s not priced like the PS4’s $599.99 target).

    • BellsGhost

      Stupid Nintendrone. Will would PS4 cost 600 bucks. Are you that dense to not realize why PS3 was that much?

      •  Ha Your the only person i see that’s dense and keep your trying to troll …you will fail every time!

        • BellsGhost

          Wow. So you are that stupid? So sad. Maybe you should skip games entirely & stick to school. You’re obviously an idiot.

          •  Been out of school years ago boy and have 2 sons so im not the  one living on welfare and staying in my parents basement so agin your comment is a weak as it can get but then i could be wrong you could be dumber but my own sons have it better then some poser trolling a website so keep trying trooper..and really is this all you got ..You might need to get some help your losing it

          • oontz

            If you’ve finished school and still write like this, then your English teacher FAILED!

          • Keep trying trooper…Your not that good but here is proof on how much of a epic fail you really are

          • oontz

            Ha Ha Josh. The proper grammar is “you’re” not “your” and sentences end with a punctuation mark, like a period. 

          • Yeah who cares oontztroll really? Whats funny is your talking right out of your butt and so if your going to troll someone and for the record you suck at it come a little more prepared because right now your laughable and trust me trooper your not smart enough to even be on this site and what i really enjoy is that im here to stay and it’s a free america so please go to your little ps4dailly and troll there because right now your comments are really out of date ….lol oh and josh is my sons name you will never know my name little man your not even in the same league of gaming as i am boy  and whats funny my own 2 sons have more guts than you have so comeback when you think you have something to threaten me with and good luck finding it

          • BellsGhost

            It’s you’re dumbass! Not your. Tell me, are your two sons as stupid as you are? Hopefully not, im hoping the dumb gene died in you, there’s already way too many idiots(yourself included) in the world. Lol, what a sad earth we live on when an idiot who can’t distinguish between your and you’re calls others fools.

          • RonaldRayguns

            his name is robert randell

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          • RonaldRayguns

            wow…. deaf people can be lawyers?

          • Yes ron they can and some people deserve to suffer

          • BellsGhost

            Lol. You’re not a lawyer! You can’t even get a simple paragrapgh done correctly! I highly doubt you could pass the Bar exam. Lol, you’re so fake. I bet you have a crap job in real life. I feel really bad for you.

          • Trust little man you have no idea of what i can do i wonder what would happen if i came and paid you a little visit would you put up such a great fight because i would just go after the ones you care about most and use them against you and that would be just the start

          • Gamefreak361

            then* Apparently yours isn’t so dandy.

            You’re fired!

          • oontz

            That’s why I love this site. It’s like a game a chess. I leave a space open and see who is smart enough to react. 

          • Bull.  Also, he isn’t obligated to write as if he is composing a paper.  This isn’t school, it’s the internet.  The interactions here are quite casual, and not proofread.  So please stop acting like a pathetic snob who needs to nitpick at the most pointless details just to find a reason to insult somebody.

          • BellsGhost

            Woah! You have two sons?! And still you don’t know the difference between your and you’re?! You really are an idiot! I feel bad for your kids, having a dim witted tool as a father. I don’t live or sleep in a basement by the way; I actually have no basement what so ever. You must be really immature. I mean, for real, you have 2 kids, im assuming you’re married, and yet here you are, always bashing Sony and sucking Nintendos dick. Haha. I feel bad for you. Your life must suck.

          • No hell last night i was busy ficking your old ladies pussy and she loved it im going to make you watch next time

          • Good job answering the questions that people asked you.

          • BellsGhost

            I did answer them smart one. Now go play Mario.

      • Adam Baker

        answer me this: why are u on a Nintendo fan site if ur only gonna troll? you could be doing more productive things kid.

        • BellsGhost

          Cause Nintendrones annoy the hell out of me. Also, im not a kid, you must be the kid, seeing as how you think it’s mature to talk down to someone for age. Also, you like Wii U, a kiddies console. Lol!

      • Gamefreak361

        English motherf**ker! Can you type it?!

        • BellsGhost

          It was english dumbass. Only thing I screwed up was I put will rather than why. Stupid Nintendrone. Go play pokemon, the crappiest “RPG” out there. Pokemon was fun when I was young, but, I grew up.

          • No you didnt..you just got dumber and became a faggot

    •  You have to remember not all sony fans are like this but it’s laughable every time loons like belly troll tries to say how bad Nintendo is but then why troll a site none for wii u ..In less he really loves Wii U ..Anyways he’s a joke and i laugh every time he comments

  • Orange Lada

    Have the Wii U and PS3.  VERY happy with the Wii U (although I’m looking forward to firmware updates) although the games library is somewhat lacking.  Have Zombi U, The Cave, Trine2, Just Dance 4 (I have a 7 year old) and Nintendoland of course.

    Will I buy a PS4?  It isn’t a money issue for me, but no, I probably will not buy a PS4. My PS3 library won’t play on it, they keep making noise about not supporting “used games”, I don’t really think the video will get much better, and I really like the Netflix and Hulu implementation (and the social networking wii plaza thing- that surprised me) and menus much better.

    Xbox720 – don’ t know yet.  I’d prefer to be down to one well supported console, and for me the Wii U is looking far better for use in our family. The off screen play – almost forgot it – another killer feature.

    • EvanescentHero

       The PS4 can by default run used games, though third parties can include features in the game (some of which are present in today’s consoles) that will prevent used games from running. =/

    • Richard Yates

      My missus luvs the cave! So do i…keeps her quiet while i play Dayz on my pc….i luv my wii! 😛

  • Kieran Sedgwick

    This was a very intelligently written article – higher quality, on average, than most of the stuff on this website.  

    It’s interesting to note how the offscreen play makes an appearance on each console, and how similar the feature sets are becoming.  
    Oh, and there was one sentence that didn’t make sense:”The most important thing to note here is that Nintendo does not intend to compete with the other two console directly as they compete with each other, however have the ability to successful ensured they appeal to some customers who might only want one console.”

  • I remember watching the announcement for Wii U.  It had been like 10 years since I wanted something that bad after seeing it.  Two Screens on a console?  Hell yes!  Off screen play for console games?  WOW (especially since at the time I thought that all Wii games would play on the gamepad)!  Backward compatible with Wii?  SWEET (I had never owned a Wii).  Can do HD graphics? Better be able to!  Nintendo T.V.!!!! Freakin COOL (even though I don’t watch T.V. so I don’t use it…but the concept is great, especially with other services like netflix supported.)  —————————–I had my PS3 at the time, but I wanted that Wii U!  And I was freakin pumped.  So I got my Wii U.  And I’m happy with my purchase.  But then my PS3 broke.  So I was VERY excited to hear about the PS4.  After the announcement I had NO desire to own a PS4.  Nothing interested me or seemed worth going “next gen”.  All it convinced me was that I needed to buy another PS3.

    • BellsGhost

      Wii U sucks.

      • You are entitled to your opinion.  But you sound like a childish idiot.

        • BellsGhost

          Why? U mad bro? U mad cause wii u sucks?

      •  How insightful.  You have a way with words and expressing your opinion in an intelligent way.


      • Zorlac79

        Awwww, someone is upset that there is a community here that is happy with their system, unlike this fanboy that is depressed with his recent news of inevitable failure.  So you thought that you would come here and try to ruin our excitement.  It might have worked in the third grade, but we have grown up and moved on without you.  That’s ok, there is a few of you here.  You guys can all start up wiiUsux.com and share it between the 5 of you!  Maybe alleviate some of the emptiness from within when you actually have someone who wants to hear what you have to say!

        • Uuuh are you guys just the same thing? Because all I’ve been seeing is bashing of the PS4 and 720

          • Zorlac79

            As for “are we just the same thing”?  No.  We are not bashing it on a PS4 or 720 forum!  And show me one post where I have bashed the PS4 or Xbox?!  I only bash on people that come here to troll, those that go to a Wii U forum to tell them it sucks.  I have a PS3, 360, and a Wii U, and love them all for the purposes they each serve.  The only thing in particular I don’t like is $ony as they are a terrible company with horrible business ethics.  

          • BellsGhost

            U sucks. Period. It gets ports, and has no games, and only tards who only owned a Wii think Wii U had a great launch. Lol! Wii U! Same rehashed Mario and Zelda. You Nintendrones feel like you need to justify the money you WASTED on the crap wii u.

          • You mad poset still bitching like the little baby you are..keep trying the blow up dolls not working for you

          • Revolution5268


        • BellsGhost

          I don’t get depressed over video games or video game consoles, im not pathetic like you, I actually have a life. Wii U sucks, it’s fact. Lol, wii u, what a crap system.

          • Zorlac79

            And what a great life it is you have!  Running around to other peoples places and telling them there stuff sucks.  So sad with how low your life is you want to try to get other people upset.  I’m sure you have never really had a boyfriend even though you long for something other than people ignoring you on your free psn account.  You seem pretty depressed about the Wii U, trying to convince yourself and everyone else that it sucks just because your mommy and daddy didn’t give you one for christmas.  It’s ok lille guy, we all feel for you.  But it is the kind of feel bad where we would rather not hear about it.  But I am sure you won’t be able to hold it back.  Driven by hate, anger and frustration, you will be back.  Some day you will move on, but will be replaced by someone else so unoriginal, so uninspiring.  You guys always fade out, come and go like a cold.  Irritating while it’s there, but not permanent and no real damage done.

          • So was your dead mama’s pussy but keep hating little boy the game has only started

      • YAWN.  How informative you are.

      • DragonSilths

        Dude dont be gross. The Wii U isnt made to pleasure you.

      • Interesting statement, then please feel free to explain what your studies have shown to support your hypothesis that the Wii U in fact “sucks”.

    • EvanescentHero

       The PS4 doesn’t bring a whole lot besides power to the table, that’s true, but the recording video and livestreaming capabilities interest me a lot.

      • I don’t think that the livestream and video recording capabilities are really anything to write home about.  Why would I want someone to play my game for me?  And why would I want to watch other people play a game when I could play it myself?  The livestream and video recording is obviously a way to let kids think they can become a YouTube star, and I’m really against a flood of 12 year olds all thinking that they are some superstar gamer spamming useless videos onto YouTube.

        • DragonSilths

          the recording gameplay stuff gets uploaded to sonys facebook page not youtube lol.

        • I agree.  And whether it is youtube or sony’s facebook page.  The concept is the same.

        • EvanescentHero

           *shrugs* I think it’s cool. I agree about the twelve year olds, but the livestreaming I actually really like. It means if a friend of mine has a game I can watch them play it and possibly even help them out a bit. I think taking over someone else’s controller is a silly idea, but just watching and being able to communicate is a good one.

    •  Who wants or needs two screens?  Give people what they want, not what you want.

      • Two screens is a great concept from a development point of view.  Especially with the touch screen on one.  Just thinking of the possibilities makes me wish I worked on games right now instead of databases.

        •  I great CONCEPT is all that it is because it has no usefulness.  Nintendo has failed to make use of it and relay that to consumers.  People need to see why that controller is the top controller for the system other than it having a screen on it.

      • val berger

        obviously you don’t want two screens. maybe there are other types of gamers out there. maybe that’s a good thing, if theres something for all tastes, instead of one solution, only serving mainstream-loving guys like you?

        •  Clearly most people don’t want of have a need for two screens since the Wii U is not selling!  No one – Nintendo nor Sony has even given us a good reason to want or need two screens!  It is only good in a two-player or more game like sports so you can call plays without the other getting an idea of what you will call.

          • val berger

            You obviously didn’t even give it a try and still you’re arguing here. that’s odd. maybe ppl shouldn’t respond to your begging for attention anymore as it’s always everything but objective and in the end just annoying.

          •  You obviously don’t know me and I did give it a try and it is useless.  I don’t need attention and I never ask for replies now do I?  All I do is make comments, but the sensitive respond because the truth is hard to take.

          • val berger

            ok, now you really got me laughin. you poor little puppy. all you do is making comments and those bad, bad nintendofans don’t wanna play with you 😀

            you really are a funny little man, aren’t you? think about the way you make those comments and…. and try to think a bit more …in general … and sooner or later, great things might happen.

      • “Who wants or needs two screens?  Give people what they want, not what you want.”

        I could have sworn this echo’s the line of thought before the DS made its debut.  Now look at it, the best selling hand held in history…

  • Edward Rhoderick

    Nintendo has a huge loyal fan base. I grew up with Nintendo and 30 years later still enjoy their games.As for 3rd party multiplatform games if the Gampad does something interesting enough like it did for Batman AC I’ll be picking it up for Wii U.Xbox is at the bottom of my list because  aside from Gears of War I don’t care for any exclusives for it.PC or Wii U are my usual choices as of late. Graphics have come to a point where they really don’t matter anymore. Not that they ever did before. Some of my favorite games in recent years have been indie games with old school or not so good graphics.

    • Zorlac79

      Same here!  I have noticed with myself that when a game is based on it’s looks, I play it for a little bit and put it down.  When it is fun to play, I want more after I have finished it!

  • As far as hardware specs are concerned, the Wii U is far behind.  The CPU of the Wii U is a triple core running at 1.24 GHZ that is derived from the Wii (The Wii is an enhanced Gamecube CPU)

    It’s GPU is pretty much a lower end Radeon 5000 “evergreen” series clocking in at 550 Mhz.

    RAM – Wii U has 2 gigs of RAM with 1 gig solely going to the Wii OS.  Bandwidth speed is half of that of the PS3 and Xbox360.

    The specs of the Playstation 4 is above that of the Wii U.  8 core AMD running at 1.6 Ghz (I heard it’s really 2 fused quad core)

    GPU running at 800 Mhz and based on a mobile Radeon 7000 series.

    RAM – 8 gigs of GDDR5 (Normally this is video card RAM) and has twice the bandwidth speed of DDR3

    While the difference is not as huge as the Wii vs Xbox 360/PS3, it’s still pretty noticeable.

    Even if the Wii U gets in third place this generation, it doesn’t necessarily mean that Nintendo will go the way of Sega.  Nintendo will just have to reassess their strategy and come out with a system that match/exceed the specs of their competitor.

    I predict that the Wii U will not match the sales of the original Wii but that does not mean it’s a bad system.  Nintendo just can’t compete Spec wise this generation. 

    Will we see a repeat of the 7th generation?  Will the Wii U be left behind by third party developers because it cannot handle the new gaming engine like Unreal 4 or Square Luminous engine?

    • Laud

      You’re wrong.

      It’s not a CPU, it’s a GPGPU.

      No, the bandwidth is not half of the speed, it’s faster.

      The DVD drive also reads and writes about 4 times faster than the Xbox and 3 times faster than that slow blu-ray joke.

    • MetroidZero

      Haven’t heard anything about Square Luminous (haven’t looked in to it), but they already confirmed that the Wii U supports Unreal 4.

    •  Here we have another one stuck on cores and specs.  From what I read that PS4 CPU is in fact two fused quad core AMD CPUs based on the jaguar architecture.  Now I love AMD and have been using their CPUs exclusively in my custom builds for personal and most clients because they offer great value to performance but the fact remains the jaguar core is a low power CPU in the class of the Intel Atom.  Not exactly a power house of a processor.   

      Also just like the Wii U the PS4 will be using the AMD processor which is an APU so it will use the graphics cores along with the CPU cores together.   So all the people that slammed Nintendo for not going the dedicated CPU/GPU route should be eating their words.

      So in the end I am sure that the PS4 will have more RAW power but I am still skeptical if that will actually do anything to improve the games at least graphically enough to make a difference.    This generation is all going to come down to the whole package and right now Sony looks weak.   Maybe Microsoft won’t pull a bonehead play like not giving backwards compatibility to 360 games but if they do then they are as dumb as Sony.   They can praise streaming games all they want but the internet bandwidth in the US and many other places is not up to par and with the strict limitations they put on how much you can use it and download it will suck balls.

      •  Two quad-core put together is still 8!  We will see how this configuration comes together.  You cannot always add backward compatibility with those two complex systems.  Clearly the way that these are built changes that.

        •  Good for you… you can do addition.  You mother must be proud

    • EvanescentHero

       I honestly doubt it. The Wii couldn’t run UE3 easily (it was possible to get it running, but it was an immense pain in the ass, so no one bothered). However, since the U can run UE4 (yes, I know, a scaled version, but it can run it nonetheless), porting games based off it should be much easier for third parties.

      • I hope that the Wii U will have better third party support than the Wii did.  If they can run UE4 on it, all the better.

      • Only a few are true gamers

         Not bad but im looking for a good Wii U game to buy in march any ideas i have zombi u mass effect 3 COD,NSMBU,AC3 and all the indie games

        • EvanescentHero

           LEGO City Undercover looks like fun and that’s releasing in March.

    • Adam Baker

      and this affects how much fun u can have with Wii U n its games? ok guy.

      • Did I say that the Wii U wasn’t fun?  I never said or imply any of that, I plan on getting a Wii U once Smash Bros, Mario Kart and Zelda are released. 

        I’m not going to pretend that the Wii U can compete specs wise compared to the competition.  That’s all I’m saying…I’m not a fan of Sony (never owned any of their consoles or hand held)

        • And the 3ds doesn’t really compete spec-wise with the Vita.  What are overall sales now?  8-1 for the 3ds?

          •  Just like the Wii couldn’t really compete with the Xbox 360/PS3 spec wise, that was my point. 

            The Wii U could beat the PS4/Durango in the market place in overall sales.

            PS2 beat the Gamecube and Xbox despite having weaker specs
            Playstation beat the N64 despite having weaker specs

            The gap (spec-wise) between the Wii U and the PS4 is not as big like the Wii vs PS3.

            The DS had inferior specs compared to the PSP as well, so specs alone is not an indicator of how well a system will do.

          • DragonSilths

            PS1 beats N64? Sales wise maybe but N64 was a better System. Smash Bros, Mario 64, Ocarina Of Time.

          • I hate to ask if you even read my reply correctly but I’ll tell you what I posted

            “Playstation beat the N64 despite having weaker specs”  I was talking about sales wise here. 

            N64 was obviously superior to the original Playstation save for the cartridge storage. 

            It’s your opinion that the N64 was a better system because of the games you just listed but I happen to enjoy them also. 

            I never did own any Sony console or hand held and just bought Nintendo only. 

            I support Nintendo from the NES, SuperNES, N64, Gamecube, Wii and will eventually get a Wii U because I enjoy Nintendo’s first party IP more than anything else.

          • DragonSilths

            Yes I know its my opinion. I did enjoy Spryo and Krash Bandicoot and Twisted Metal back in the PS1 days…But overall the N64 was just so god damn magical lol.

    • Kirzan

      Because Cell allowed the PS3 to run games so much better than the competition because game visuals and performance are based on the platform’s specs. Developers always try to use the platform as much as possible to deliver a different experience across them.

      Every, single, platform, has had different specs. Yet why did exclusives mainly stop after 2008? Because making the same game for all platforms, with the same performance, no matter the platform’s specs, generates more REVENUE.

    • Mark Thom

      O M G u are right the wiiu is dead lol

      •  I never said the Wii U is dead, I think it’ll do fine.  It just won’t compete spec-wise against the competition…The same way that the Wii never competed spec-wise against the PS3/Xbox 360

    • the wii u can run unreal 4 that was confirmed a long time. iam not sure about luminous though but i think it can run that too


      Giving us specs just shows you’ve completely missed the point!

    • It runs unreal engine four.Wish people would do some proper homework before writing rubbish!

    •  hate to tell you but it can run  unreal 4

      • BellsGhost

        Only part of it Nintendrone, not fully.

    • Watch Dogs is being brought to the Wii U.  The specs are weaker than what Sony has and what Microsoft will most likely have, but it’s not like how the Wii was compared to PS360.  The gap is much smaller.  The Wii U will be able to run multiplatform games.

      • I already acknowledged that the gap between the Wii U and the PS4/Durango will not be as large as the Wii vs PS3/360.  I’m just concerned that it’ll not be supported 3-4 years into it’s lifespan to keep up with the PS4/Durango by third party publisher.

      • BellsGhost

        The’re going to be the ugly versions though, and the least impressive too. Haha, wii u sucks.

    • DragonSilths

      Nintendo DOESNT WANT TO COMPETE SPEC WISE. If they really did give a shit about specs they could pull a Sony and go uber powerful but alas Nintendo has brains and wants to offer something different and not just a clone of whats out there. They could go uber power and do fine with it, its just against what Nintendo believes.


        This would be the second time in recent history that would be the case.

        SNES>Sega Genesis
        Gamecube>Playstation 2

        All Nintendo consoles back then match or exceeded the competition.  N64 game were limited due to the use of cartridges and the Gamecube used mini dvd that was barely larger than the Dreamcast. 

        Wii came along that did not support HD and Nintendo were mute about it’s specs (In the past they actually revealed it).  It took other people to reverse engineer the Wii to find out what the specs were.  It basically was two Gamecube tapped together while Microsoft and Sony were miles ahead of their predecessor. 

        Now that Nintendo has made their entry into the HD gaming world, the Wii U is also behind what Sony and Microsoft are offering when it comes to Specs. 

        Sony didn’t go “uber” powerful with the PS4 either as they never invested as much on the CPU like they did with the Cell with IBM.  If anything PS4 is a modest leap compared to the PS2 to PS3 leap.

        “They could go uber power and do fine with it, its just against what Nintendo believes.”

        Well history has proven you word. 

        • I find it hard to believe the gamecube was better than PS2.  Though I never had a gamecube so I could be wrong.

          • PS2 had more storage capacity for their games. Single layer DVD and Double layer DVD and had online. 

            Gamecube disc could hold 1.4 GB and were essentially a mini dvd.  They did not support online but LAN (Mario Kart Double Dash comes to mind). 

            I believe one game had online but the name escapes me now…

          • You should look up the potential things you could do to an original PS2.  It’s kind of interesting. 

          • Gamefreak361

            Phantasy Star Online

          • Thank you.  I knew it was in the tip of my tongue

      • BellsGhost

        Hmmm, yet their games are clones. Seriosuly, Zelda and Mario is the same crap from the 80s. Nintendo is king of rehash.

  • EvanescentHero

    I currently own a Wii U and a PC. I may get a PS4 once games I care about come out (the fact that I can record and livestream straight from the console is a pretty awesome feature to me), and I’m highly unlikely to get a 720 unless Microsoft does a serious about face and gets exclusives that interest me.

  • DemonRoach

    Nintendo should of waited to release their unfinished wii u.  They released a system, but nothing else, and it doesn’t even work properly right now.  It will turn out to be a huge blunder, as always.  Nintendo stated they do not want to compete on hardware, well they are not competing on anything right now.

    • Help me understand how it is unfinished and how it doesn’t work properly? Do you own a Wii U?

      • oontz

        As an owner myself I’ll agree it was unfinished. I shouldn’t have had to download a massive update the first time I used it, just to have key functionality as promised by Nintendo. Its OS also still lags and is buggy, hopefully this is remedied in the future as it needs a speed boost! 

        I can’t agree about it NOT working properly. I love it, it plays games in an interesting way. But I’m not going to sit here and praise it as it’s been collecting dust as I wait for more games to be released. I am however enjoying PS3 and grabbing Tomb Raider next week! 

        In the end it was unfinished, needs to be tweaked a bit more but it does work. It plays games and thats really its only job. 🙂 

        • DragonSilths

          You waiting years for the Wii U to come out. Waiting an hour for an Update really isnt a big deal. Yes a speed boost is coming and it will be nice but when I turn on my Wii U and Xbox 360 at the same time my Wii U boots up faster lol. Hell I can even go to Miiverse after it starts up and then my Xbox has finally loaded up to the dashboard lol.

          • BellsGhost

            Liar. Nintendrones lie way too much. Wii U sucks and is slow.

          • Slow hell so is your mama’s pussy but she’s not btching

    • Richard Yates

      This numpty above talks utter crap! He needs to link up with donaald and form a club for dimwitted bafoons who spout bullshit on here all day long!! Its clearin so many ways that nintendo have looked ahead when designing the wii!…..let ps4 an xbox720 fight eachother and then there will be only one competitor….get it m8? duh!!! 
      I remember how dire my ps3 was in its first year! do u? spaz!!!!!!!

    • Bobby Bany

      i agree with the they should have waited thing, buuut everything else you said is entirely radioactive garbage trash crap you are saying and u r a cancer 2 this site
      plz leave
      and have a nice rest of ur crappy life

    • DragonSilths

      No system launches at 100%. Wii U didnt have a RROD lol so its a success.

  • tronic307

    They were smart to dump Sony stock after the PS4 reveal. Eight Gigs of GDDR5 is like $400 ALONE. If Sony priced the PS4 at $600 they’d still lose their shirts unless everyone bought like 10 games. Perhaps Sony should offer 2-year contracts.

    •  Where do you get such prices?

      • Gamefreak361

        I’d take a stab and say that the console is going to be at least $400 or possibly 450 max.

  • Gurbeer Gill

    These consoles, including the Wii U, will all have launched within an era of extreme economic uncertainty.  I think the Wii U in the end, with its more modest jump in technology, will become a favorite amongst developers.  There are few companies out there that can afford to spend as much money as a high budget movie.  And imagine the amount of time PS4 games will take to develop.  PS3/360 games generally take over two years!
    All this makes it a very risky proposition to develop games for the new uber powerful consoles.  And in today’s economic environment, risk is a very scary thing indeed.

    • SirDjss

      well i hear what you are saying but you forget to mention that engines like cryengine 3 and other new ones comming makes it way easier to develop games with. so to make the same game for example with t newer engine compared to a older one is aboute 50% faster, yea and u can do the math on the rest mate 😀

  • The only thing it means is death for the wii u

    •  Not necessarily, even if the Wii U gets third place in the market.  That does not mean that the Wii U is “doom”

    • DragonSilths

      Hey look I found my old broken record.

  • dgallo911

    Interesting read, however whether Nintendo wants to or not, i see them directly competing with the PS4 in the near future. As mentioned above, the xbox has become more than just a gaming system and i reckon its a pretty safe bet to assume it will be cross compatible with basically everything (programs/apps etc) thats associated with Windows 8 along with all its existing services so it will essentially become a media hub that can play games instead of a more traditional gaming console Like the Wii U and PS4 will be.
    As a Wii U owner,  im more worried about both the PS4 and NextBox not embracing/adopting a 2nd screen ( i know theres the Vita thing for Sony but unless the vita is bundled with the PS4 then its not a core part of the gaming experience – unlike the Wii U) because if 2 out of 3 systems arnt using it then 3rd party developers will either avoid it or do very little with it.

    • SirDjss

      correct 😀

  • Kirzan

    What do you think Sony and Microsoft (and maybe Nintendo for some of them) are gonna do for the next 5 years? RELEASE THE SAME GAMES. Who the hell ever bought a Nintendo product for it’s technological advancement? We buy Nintendo for the classics, the first parties, and the weird exclusives. DEM SCLUSIVES! They really just need to work on the Wii U Menu a bit, and then sign DEALS. That’s probably where Nintendo’s going to fail hard, IMO. The deals! They don’t seem to push very much for awesome contracts. They seem to forget waiting 1 year for the first truly amazing first party, Zelda, is incredibly long.

    Nintendo will have all the cool indies/small scope games everyone else has on the eShop + it’s extensive library of timeless classics. No store will ever have as much awesome OR nostalgia. PS1 classics on SEN are fun, but they never made “the good ones”, “the rare ones”.

    • DragonSilths

      Nintendo has been trying very hard behind the scenes to get devs aboard the Wii U. They are basically saying anyone want to work on the Wii U??? We will even help you figure out how it runs. Nintendo can try as hard as they are but some devs just dont like Nintendo…cough EA…cough.

  • Nintendude

    So far, I haven’t really been impressed by Sony. They really didn’t convince me to get a PS4.
    I guess I’ll just have to see what the next XBox has in store for me.

  • I’ll be beyond shocked if any of the new consoles match the sales of the last ones.  Nintendo screwed up some things with the Wii U, but I still think it’ll be ok when Zelda/Mario Kart/SSB arrive.  Not the ground-breaking success of the Wii, though, because its appeal isn’t as obvious, the price is higher and the economy is worse.

    The PS4 and Nextbox will have some impressive specs and features, but it will translate to basically the same old FPS’s with more particles.  Only the really dedicated fans will shell out $430 for a system with maybe 2 launch games that are really noticeably beyond what the older consoles could do.  I’ll be very impressed if Sony can achieve the dream of all PS 1-3 games streamable, but I’d take bets that won’t happen for at least a year after launch.  Move (and Kinect 2) don’t seem to excite anybody.  I think most people would’ve been happy if they just could’ve just stuck an extra gig of RAM into the 360 and PS3.         

    Maybe the world economy will turn around, people will turn to consoles and away from appstore fluff, and the PS4/720 will have 10 unbelievable exclusives at launch, with at least 2 a month after that. I wish all the new consoles would be fantastic and have great success; I just don’t think it’s likely,     

  • This isn’t disasterous stuff either though.  This stuff can and will be fixed within the next couple of months.

  • I think that you can do the same thing on the gamepad and more

  • My predictions spec-wise (since Durango is said to be unveiled by April)

    PS4>Durango>Wii U

    •  Why are you so focused on specs?  

      • Every time a new generation starts, specs excite me.  I love imagining the possibilities of what new games I could be playing.  The novelty will wear out soon but I’m so excited by the 8th generation.  The 3DS was the first one to start it and can’t wait to see what Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony has up their sleeves. 

        • SirDjss

          I you like specs so much buy a PC like mee i have a REAL Amd 7970 and a ivy bridge cpu. So for mee the ps4/720 is already outdated coz its way more then 2 time more powerful then the consoles thats not even been released 🙂 

          • Congrates on having a PC that blow the PS4 out of the water.  I was just comparing the consoles, if I had included PC to the mix, I would have put that first.

  • Mark Nie

    For the sake of all the prospective PS4 owners out there, Sony better not pull a PS3 and suddenly lower the specs of the PS4 at E3….

  • Only a few are true gamers

    What i think will grow Wii U big time is the indie games but time will tell..

  • Aiddon

    why am I getting the sinking feeling that the PS4’s debut year is going to be just as lukewarm as Sony’s previous system launches? It’s definitely going to be interesting to see how consumers react to the offerings this holiday as we all know Nintendo’s going have a stronger library ready while the PS4 is probably going to have typical launch-window syndrome

    • PS3 launch was luke warm because of it’s high price and lack of games….PS4 will likely not be as expensive as the PS3 come launch date…

  • sup3rnoah

    i wont be getting a ps4 unless dark souls 2 is pushed to it.

    • Haha demon souls, then dark souls, the next level should be monster souls :p

  • Lorddeff07


    1. Nintendo will sell the least of all three next gen consoles. The Wii was a casual success, selling over 90mil consoles…. but many fail to remember that the last time nintendo had a home console that was a successful gamers console was way back with the SNES. Thats talking ’93/’94. If they are suddenly going back to being a gamers console? Then besides the nintendo faithful, they won’t be winning gamers from Sony/MS. Cause This gen, both sony and MS showed that they have at least 70mil “core” gamers (each) willing to support them. 

    2. This is going to be a generation that is defined more by the exclusives tahn any other generation before it, sorry to say… if nothing else sony has more development studios than nintendo and MS combined. This is why the PS3 could in 13 completely new first party IPs in an industry that usually suffers from sequelitis. And thats not even talking about their revisited IPs from previous generations.

    3. Expect to see both sony and MS offer up a contract buy in model for selling their consoles to remove that initial hit. sony/MS offers a $100 buy in for a 3 year $15 a month contract that gives you free membership to their services, a free game or two…etc. It works for mobile, it can work here too.

    • Laud

      If this gen is more focused on exclusives then Nintendo has already won.

  • Vita Outsold Wii U in Japan Last Week


    Doom and gloom indeed

    • SirDjss

      well how dumb is it to even compare a handheld to a consol ? try compare a handheld to a handheld 3ds sold 74000 last week and vita sold 11000 sort of !? so whats our point mate ?

      • Laud

        Ignore this guy, his troll face sticks out like a patch of grass in the desert. 

        • SirDjss

          yea well put it mate 🙂

  • I was amazed watching the start of the PS4 conference. Not sure if anyone else noticed but the Sony suite basically said exactly the same thing about what the PS4 will do that Nintendo did when revealing the WiiU. I would love to see a comparison video of the speeches revealing the two consoles. I think Sony just said the same thing in better English and with more marketing flare. So glad Nintendo avoided cloud gaming though that was maybe the biggest diffference I saw between the 2 consoles and I don’t want cloud anything.

  • SirDjss

    so is this site aboute ps4 or wii u ? i dont get it ? if i want to read about ps4 i visit another site ?

    • BellsGhost

      It’s cause Wii U sucks and is boring.

  • val berger

    Did anyone notice, that Donaald is the most active user on WiiU Daily? So he’s actually pushing a Nintendo Fansite like NO OTHER FAN around here. We should thank him for supporting he community 🙂

  • one thing I have to make notice i dont see on wii u daily is that the vita which everyone says is crappy which idk its all speculation to what i hear but it outsold wii u last week in sales.  Hopefully its just that week and keep in mind that was before the vita price cut.

    • SirDjss

      that doesent matter mate , you cant compare a handheld to a console , makes no sence 🙂

  • SirDjss

    so for you noobs that think you know anything aboute tech comparring Ps4 vs Wii U i have a link for YOU : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JE4GkcKQvLg

    • FackMaaii

      A GPU is more important in a console. Wait till we see a PS4 and Wii U GPU comparison and see if the same apply

      • SirDjss

        ofc the gpu is more importent in both PC and consoles 🙂

  • Nintendo is the grandfather of gaming.  Without nintendo we wouldnt see leaps in technology in gaming.  The gamepad itsself is innovative.  Nintendo has always use amd chipsets.  Sony and microsoft just started using amd processors because they new customizable chipset architecture is more lucrative to making games and cheaper produce.  When nintendo comes out with something sony and microsoft have to invent something close or copy to counter.  Nintendo doesnt care about competing with the other systems.  People talk about graphics but its not the core of gaming its gameplay!  Eventually if you keep pushing consoles to just graphics there will be a dead end and just have simulation of a game that looks like reality and believe nobody would want that.  Nintendo changes the way you play games and I love the way that I can integrate different controller which no system has a done.  If I want to use motion wii motes I can do that.  If I want to use a classic controller i can do that.  I want to use a gamepad I can do that.  If I want to use a pro controller I can do that.  The amd process in nintendo which is a gp/gpu allows you to play your wii u games on the gamepad.  Brilliant.  Now sony is trying to copy nintendo and do the same thing.  All im saying its a pattern and this happens everytime when nintendo makes a n ew system.  Nintendo will come out on top.  Just wait for the hardhitting games to hit.  Its a wrap. 

    • SirDjss

      correct mate 😀

    • BellsGhost

      Game isn’t innovative. IIPad and Kindle Fire did 1st and is a lot better. Not only that, but Nintendrones think more power equals better graphics, while partially true, it also means better draw distance, better physics, and most importantly, better AI. All Nintendo games are simple with simple stories and simple AI. Sony/MS have games where AI is important. Nintendrones are stuck in the past. Ford is the grandfather of cars, but American cars suck in todays time. BMW, Honda, Nissan, Toyota, VW are all better than Ford.

  • Anybody can make a system with a quadrillion processors and a quadrillion terraflops.  When the ps4 comes out it will be intrigue people with graphics but thats it.  Yah you might see better lighting and shadowing but that really it.  I going to school now for computer systems engineering and ive the specs for the future on what the human brain can handle or see.  The human eye can only process 55 megapixels.  Half the time you are only seeing maybe a quarter of the graphics that are displayed.  I laugh.  I dont even want to get into 4k.  It just looks really clear!

  • FackMaaii

    Wii U was announced: “It’s going to shit all over the other consoles. Wii U has better hardware than the other systems, just look at that tech demo!”

    Ps4 was announced: “Graphics don’t mean anything”

    Maybe graphics aren’t the most important but good hardware means more possibilities.

    I think next gen is going to be really interesting.

  • CChaplin

    I predict that for me, personally, this console generation will play out exactly like the past couple:  I start out by getting Nintendo’s system as soon as it launches and then eventually buy Sony’s console once a game come out for it that I absolutely cannot pass up. It has yet to happen that a game comes out exclusive to Xbox that I can’t pass up.

  • Suraj Alexander

    ps4 wasn’t much of an innovation as wii u is. all ps4 done is add share button, touchpad and improved specs whereas wii u has a whole new controller and improved specs. to achieve off tv play on ps4 you have to buy ps vita which is another £250 unless ps4 comes with psvita, which is highly unlikely.


    The price on the new PS4 and Xbox 720, (if it’s too high, say over $500) they won’t sell as many. That right there could boost the Wii U sales plus all the new games coming out. I hope the Wii U starts selling a lot more coming this June after E3.

    •  No, the system has flopped already so people will not be willing to spend money on a dead system and with the many baby games made for it, people like me will feel neglected and I could not expect to see serious games on the Wii U.

  • oontz

    PS VITA outsold the Wiiu in Japan last week! 


    Come on Nintendo RELEASE SOME GAMES PLEASE!!!! 

    • Sonicgill

      Last month was a drought for games.

  • Nathan Forero

    I like all game systems, really. Competition is good for any company so that’s why it pushes them to make new innovations and keep prices at a steady rate. No matter if you’re a Nintendo/Sony/Microsoft fanboy, it’s good that they all exist to constantly 1Up (hurr hurr) each other.

  • David Noble

    Frankly, I’m not surprised about this change in stock, even without the table.  Sony has been mocking the Wii U, and they literally just announced a much weaker version for twice as much.  Obviously, that gives them HUGE ratings.  Anyway, here are my extremely too hopeful predictions:

    People will start to realize that the fun part of video games, or anything for that matter, is the new discoveries and surprises that peak curiosity, not improved old things.  Back when the car was invented, people didn’t stick with wagons, even if they had smoother wheels, stronger covers, etc. 
    Give us something we haven’t seen before, something interesting, unheared of, even downright wierd!  That’s what Nintendo does, and I’d say they do great.  Maybe others will figure that out too.

    Sony and Microsoft will figure it out as well, and we’ll all want an XBox, a PlayStation, whatever the Nintendo console is, and if we don’t like them all, we’ll actually have a hard decision not based on the past, the basics, or just general biased.
    I don’t know about anyone else, but I would love to have to choose between a console that gives me a full-dimensional view with video glasses and another that you can interact with the characters by voice, and that’s obviously much worse than what these companies are capable of.

    Consoles will be dynamic and have some choice, like candy.  No one goes into a candy store and sees just chocolate bars.  Sometimes I like caramel, sometimes chocolate, etc.

    Hopefully, the world will eventually stop its “one direction, one direction only” path and start to explore, stop ripping off, stop cheating, stop remaking.  Maybe the candy industry is the only industry that got it right.

    Anyway, I’m done ranting hopefully, so thanks for putting up with me.

  • joystick gamer

    I’m just waiting out the new crop of Wiiu with a firmware that makes the games load faster. This is the only reason I have not bought my Wiiu.

  • Justin Gray

    Nintendo will steal thunder from both Sony and MS at e3 when they show off new hardware and the big N is unveiling upcoming software, be it Metroid or Zelda ect. It is possible that Nintendo will show some applications of two gamepads in new software that will be appealing to the “get together and game” piece of the market. If MS wants to force kinect on its consumers they will pay the price for not having heard the masses concerning the hate for the kinect. Sony will not release a price officially until less than 2 months before launch and it will be very high and scare away gamers who will say “For a couple hundred more dollars I could build a gaming PC and play anything.” Sony and MS will copy Nintendo again by showing off third party exclusivity they paid a ton for. Games for the PS4 will cost more than $60. Price drops of both PS4 and Xbox (x) at about 12% in the first year. The Vita will die hard and cost Sony a ton of money. You will see a big price drop on it this year at the holidays.

  • beetlebungs

    I’m fairly certain we’re starring straight into the barrel of another video game crash. Which I think would be interesting to witness. New giants will rise up, among them, most likely, Apple, Google and Valve. I’m hoping that the Steam Box will be the final push to make Linux the new dominant gaming OS. And it’s pretty clear that iPhones and Android devices have demonstrated that they are, indeed, the future of portable gaming. I say we pull the trigger and begin the cycle once again.

  • JVAN63

    I have a Wii, Wii U, and a 360. Using the 360 to stream is idiotic, unless you’re paying MS for Xbox Live Gold for multi-player online play, then that’s ok. I don’t do Live, and I’m sure as hell not paying Microsoft to use the 360 for Netflix and Internet, when my blu-ray player and Wii U do it for free – even if I don’t use the Wii U for those things, it shows that there’s no need to charge for it. I have no idea why those features aren’t free on the 360!

    I use gaming systems to game, period. I buy a console because I want to play the titles offered. The PS3 is a good console, it just doesn’t have enough titles I want to play that I can’t get on the 360. 360 has titles unique to it that I want to play, but they’re third party, so I don’t know if a new version will be out for the 720 (Valve, please make a #3 of anything!). Nintendo always releases versions of Mario and Zelda, so I have no problem buying their stuff on release day, as those are two of my favs. ZombiU was just icing on the cake.

    720 will be a wait and watch for titles for me. I’ll probably get one eventually, once their library is compelling; and it’s on a Black Friday special!

  • Rinslowe

    What it means for Nintendo is that they have made their initial 3 million units of target profits and whatever else they can achieve before having to employ system price cuts. First party release titles should be bundled at around PS4 and/ or 720’s launch dates for a healthy dose of disruption.
    Nintendo may not be in direct competition with Sony or MS in a literal sense, but they still need to show their teeth at the appropriate time…