Mar 26th, 2014


Once again players of Sonic Lost World are getting a gift of free DLC from Sega, this time in the form of a crossover between Sonic and the Legend of Zelda. The crossover will consist of a new level aptly named “The Legend of Zelda Zone.”

Like Yoshi’s Island Zone, the level will feature gameplay mechanics from the Legend of Zelda series. Sonic, wearing Link’s trademark green hat and tunic, will go on a mini adventure in a Zelda-themed world with elements from several different Zelda games included. The Hyrule Castle in the background comes from Twilight Princess, Stalfos from Ocarina of Time will pop up as enemies and Link himself will appear, flying by on a Loftwing from Skyward Sword.

The level will feature an open area Hyrule Field, but will also include a miniature dungeon to explore with a tube-like design more reminiscent of other Sonic Lost World stages that will include heart containers, rupees and other surprises. At the end of the stage the rupees you’ve collected will be converted into freed animals. Also instead of Rings Sonic will have a heart meter in this stage.

Like the Yoshi’s Island DLC, this will only be available for the Wii U version of the game. 3DS owners will have to go without. The stage will be available for download through the Wii U eShop starting on March 27, 2014.

I have to admit I haven’t gotten Sonic Lost World yet, but seeing all the free DLC Nintendo and Sega are making for it is making me really consider it! How about you all, do any of you own Sonic Lost World? Are you excited for this DLC? Does it look of interest to you?

[Source: IGN]

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  • Shota

    Yea free !!!

    • Yeah, free is always awesome!

      • Shota

        It thought the yoshi one was only free and the second will be a paid dlc but im glad that i was wrong

        • Sdudyoy

          That’s what I thought also, maybe they changed their minds?

  • DK_Hadouken



      Why we can’t ride a Loftwing,SEGA?

      • ETMew2348

        links riding it duuuh XD

  • This is AMAZING. I really love this

    • Nintendoplaystation

      I know, got to get lost world out again. Looks real good.

      • sadly, I don’t have it…

        • BIG Franky

          its worth picking up… a fun game with great graphics… you need to get used to the controls… they are NOT bad, just needs a little getting used to… and once you do, really enjoyable.

          • Okay, see, I was curious about that, because I tried playing the demo, and just couldnt figure it out. I guess it’s like Wonderful 101 in that respect?

          • Joel

            It’s more than worth a pick up I think. As Franky said once you get used to the controls its an excellent game. I had generations and colours but I prefer lost world to both of them.

          • nyeh… I’ll try it once i get the money

    • Josiah Parsons

      Part of me wants a full up crossover title…

      • with that interaction sonic and Link have, I wouldn’t be surprised. that goes way beyond normal “crossover levels” in my opinion.

  • bakedapplepie

    Now I have to get Sonic Lost World.

    • Sonic 2099 The Hedgehog

      Me Too and a Wii U

    • abe

      well played sega, well played

    • readypembroke

      Now if they make a Metroid, a Mario, and maybe a Donkey Kong themed levels.

    • Yoshifan3

      why? its not really the best sonic game. i think sonic generations was better.

      • MerryBlind .

        Sonic Generations was a more polished product overall, but in terms of gameplay, visuals, music, etc. they’re both very good Sonic games.

        • Shane Michaels

          Generations has been the best game since Sonic Adventure in 1998. Colors is also a superb exclusive. Unleashed was fine without the extra fluff, and so is Lost World, I think. With a little bit of polish, this could be the style of the new era. We’ll call it… The Wii U Era?

    • Stal Lion

      Unleash your super speed, Jump wall to roof with fancy parkour, beating and collecting rupees being Hedgehog…… but give second thought before you mess with those CUCCOS in The Land OF Hyrule.

  • Dark-Link73

    OMG! I knew this was coming but I after seeing the Yoshi’s Island DLC I didn’t think it’d be this AMAZING!!!! I’m as giddy as a Japanese school girl right now! 🙂

  • MerryBlind .

    NICE. I’m really excited to see this. What would be even better is a bit more than one level for those. Yoshi’s Island DLC was too short being only one level. I know they’re free so I’m not complaining; what I’m saying is that I would gladly pay for a, let’s say, 5$ Zelda DLC that includes about 4 levels like other worlds in Sonic Lost World. Same for Yoshi’s Island DLC.

  • Daniel Gonzalez

    Good move, Nintendo.

  • Sonic 2099 The Hedgehog

    Amazing Move and it’s Hilarious that on this Dlc Sonic is look like Link

  • bistricky

    That’s the way to do it. Thank you Sega!! 😀

  • Will.F. Martinez

    i havent bought the game yet either, but now it looks like ill be getting a copy myself

  • Zuxs13

    I think i will actually pick this game up now. Its been in the bargain bin for a while now, looks like it really is a bargain.

  • Robinpreet Sidhu

    I never thought that Zelda will ever crossover!

  • jrob23

    pretty cool. I just wish this game as a whole and this dlc didn’t look as if it was running on the wii. not very impressive considering the Wii U power advantage. But great to see it anyway

    • Nintendoplaystation

      The wii u could do better but it looks better than wii and it’s free DLC

    • Shane Michaels

      Considering Lost World’s art style, it’s a tremendous change. Can’t expect too much.

  • I have the game and it’s great. This DLC I’ll get it “direct”ly tomorrow after work. It looks really fun. While at it I should also get the yoshi dlc I suppose.

  • steveb944

    I knew I should have bought this when it was on sale, but the demo was very blah. Time to wait for a good deal and get this ASAP
    Groupon to the rescue. Get it while it’s hot everyone.

    • HungryMetroid

      yeah, they only let people play ONE level in the demo. how am I supposed to get interested in a game when there’s barely any content to get a feel of the game?

      • C4

        Yep, it’s kind of stupid. The demos around events like E3 and so on had like 3 stages as far as I remember.

    • Shane Michaels

      I’ve played the demo only once, and based on that one time, I sorta dont like this game. So I will try it a second time, and a third time, and a few times, until I get a feel for it.

      • C4

        Which stages does the demo include? It’s basically hit and miss so far for me, some stages are good, some are bad.

        • Shane Michaels

          The first level of the game, Windy hill zone 1.

  • ActivesiN

    that is some solid dlc, and for free, thats awesome

  • Yoshifan3

    *Yawn* wake me up when better dlc is available.

    • Shane Michaels

      I’ll wake you up…
      with my fists…

      • WarioForever

        LOL, that’s really funny.

  • BIG Franky

    I already own the game and enjoy it immensely… got it for the kids last fall and have found I like it almost as much as they do. it really is a fun game…. not sure why it got such bad reviews or why people hate on it.

    • MerryBlind .

      Same. I really enjoyed it. Thing is, critics always hate on Sonic no matter what. I LOVED Sonic Unleashed on PS3 (except the werehog level), really enjoyed Generations on PC (most polished and consistent Sonic game in a long time) and Lost World on Wii U was a very pleasant surprise in terms of gameplay and presentation.

      I yet have to play Sonic Colors on Wii, but now that I have a Wii U, I’ll finally be able to!

  • Yoshifan3

    I dont like the legend of zelda series, i think its the most overrated nintendo series. dont care if this dlc is free, i wont get it.

    • NkoSekirei

      legend of zelda series is awsome

      • Yoshifan3

        not to me, i think its completely overrated, there are way better nintendo franchises imo. i dont understand why the LoZ gets as much hype as it does.

        • NkoSekirei

          yeah right dude

          • Yoshifan3

            whatever man. i take it you cant even be in a decent conversation. so im not going to bother with you.

          • NkoSekirei

            i am being nice but now ur being an @$$ dude and calling the zelda franchise overrated is just trolling cause ill tell u which game series is overrated and that be call of duty and if ur saying link between worlds,link to the past,ocarina of time,majoras mask,twilight princess,legend of zelda nes, and few other good ones overratted then ur taste sucks

          • Yoshifan3

            i hate COD. i just like mario better. mario and yoshi games are the only franchises i like. im not trying to be an ass, so my apologies.

          • greengecko007

            Are people not allowed to have opinions? The only one being an ass here is you, saying that their personal taste sucks.

        • asdfg

          u definitely mad

    • ETeach

      That’s all well and good, but it seems kind of silly to not even try the stage since it’s free and all. Besides, it’s still half Sonic, so if you enjoy Sonic, I’m sure you’ll still have fun with the new stage.

    • asdfg

      u mad

    • Sdudyoy

      Why does it matter if It’s Zelda related, It’s still a free stage for Sonic.

    • Shane Michaels

      That’s fine…

      You horrible monster….

      It’s fine. Like what you like.

  • The Clockwork Being

    This is epic!!

  • HungryMetroid

    this is cool, but wouldn’t have been better if they named it “Hyrule Zone” instead of “The Legend of Zelda Zone”?

    • C4

      Maybe they think not all Sonic players know what “Hyrule” is. But I agree it sounds odd.

  • helpo

    Have you ever imagined playing an old classic that you loved and wanted it to be online to show off your skills or even play with friends and family that live to far away to play the game with them. Imagine Super Mario World with online and voice chat, Mario kart with online and voice chat or even super smash bros! from N64 with online multiplayer and voice chat the list can go on and on this can be something that I know will be a hit! We together can make this happen if we show nintendo that we really want this! This would be amazing!

  • ETeach

    I only wish they’d make 2 or 3 more of these and create an entire world for these levels. They’re so much fun, but it’s bitter-sweet how short they are. Still, between Nights, Yoshi’s Island and now Zelda, it’s obvious the developers are having fun making these stages, and that’s really nice to see.

    • MerryBlind .

      Yeah I agree

  • Sdudyoy

    Well I’d forgotten about this, looks good!

  • Mendoza Manuel

    Did not believe this articles headline while on the homepage…they got me

  • Cena’s Smirk

    I was planning on getting the download version of sonic lost world when the new club Nintendo year begins (July 1). I would consider getting it now but I already reach platinum status, and extra coins don’t carry over. its going to be a long wait.

  • FilipiCn

    I have to get this sonic too! Sega is doing a great support to Wii u. I don’t liked to much the sonic demo, but maybe the full game could be very fun. Someone tried it?

    • Blue Hernandez

      Yes it’s very fun! You should get it. It is very challenging though it has been one of the more rewarding experiences I’ve had in gaming. If you need tips just let me know.

  • Christian Schoff

    d ^_^ b

  • greengecko007

    I never got Sonic Lost World because it always looked mediocre, but I am very impressed at the amount of support it has been getting from developers, with FREE DLC even.

  • LukeMM95

    Just realise Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 on the Eshop already!

  • Roman

    Based on reviews and game play videos, I have decided to sit this game out. Here’s for hoping the next Sonic game will be done right! (And we’re back to the Sonic cycle).

    • Mario

      Oh quit your whining! I don’t believe such a thing!

      • Joel

        Meh most people that have this game really enjoy it. If you have to base your gaming library purely on reviews then it’s going to be pretty bare and filled with paint-by-numbers AAA titles. Good luck mate

        • MerryBlind .

          Including me! It’s a great game! Some levels are very imaginative and fun, and the music is excellent like in most Sonic games!

    • ETeach

      The Sonic Cycle broke when Sonic Colors came out.

    • MerryBlind .

      Don’t always listen to critics and ‘the internet’… especially for Sonic games. Critics love to hate on Sonic. Sonic Unleashed was very good, except for the ‘werehog’ parts. Sonic Colors I heard was an incredible game. Sonic Generations is awesome. Sonic Lost World is awesome too.

    • Shane Michaels

      The Sonic cycle is a myth. Everyone knows when a new game is announced, the Sonic fans complain about the changes.

  • Stal Lion

    Unleash your super speed, Jump wall to roof with fancy parkour, beating and collecting rupees being Hedgehog…… but give second thought before you mess with those CUCCOS in The Land OF Hyrule.

  • Gabe Hoffman

    Legend of Sanic Ocarina of Fast

  • Miles “Tails” Prower

    I can’t wait to download this. It will be great!

  • Ducked

    Lost World wasn’t very good imo, its nice nintendo is rewarding the people who bought this game.

  • Osiris11235

    I’m thinking I might get the game based off of all this awesome Nintendo-themed DLC.

  • Blaze247

    I LOVE the Legend of Zelda Series!!! AND I love Sonic Games… And NOW I can get the Best of Both WORLDS?!?!??!?!?!! Sign ME UP!!! 🙂

  • Tom Greene

    I want this now …Sonic here I come!!!

  • FlashFan207

    This is awesome! And yes, if you haven’t played this game yet, you must! Very fun!

  • Fifi Larns

    The DLC was actually pretty cool 😀 . Wish it was a longer course though .

  • JohnPhillips

    Yoshi’s Island DLC was too short being only one level. I know they’re free so I’m not complaining; what I’m saying is that I would gladly pay for a, let’s say, 5$ Zelda DLC that includes about 4 levels like other worlds in Sonic Lost World. Same for Yoshi’s Island

    • C4

      Problem is they also feel like the “first stage” in a game. The normal worlds have so much variety (somtimes good sometimes not so good 😉 ) because they are spread over 4 stages or so.

  • e_rocket

    Great!!! now I want to have this game 😀