Nov 15th, 2013


If you’d like to test the water before diving into the pool that is Sonic Lost World, then you’re in luck! Demos for the 3DS and Wii U versions of the action-adventure platformer are now available to download from the eShop. Both demos let you take a run through the Windy Hill Zone Act 1, along with a tutorial segment on the 3DS.

These quick snippets should hopefully be enough to help you decide if this is your type of Sonic game. If you happen to check out the demo for either platform, be sure to let us know what you think.


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  • Myles Rodriguez

    WOW. I wanted this demo BEFORE I bought the game. Not that I regret my purchase, but really Sega? It took you that long?

    • Andreas Sunde

      It was released in EU 11 days beefore NA, and there’s still no demo here…

    • AAAkabob

      Welp I tried the 3DS demo, glad I never bought it.

      • Mario

        Did you tried the WiiU version?

    • ItzameyaToad

      I know im 3 days late but im sure they didn’t plan on releasing a demo but decided to since some reviews made people question the game.Now people can’t really use the excuse “well I heard the review for the game was bad”.

  • Miguel Angel Barrueta Hernánde

    to the eshop!

  • BrandonIsAGod

    Yay! I was at Best Buy the other day, was holding the game in my hand, but was hesitant to buy it. I ended up getting Batman Arkham Origins instead. Now I get to see if I’d like to buy the game or not 🙂

  • Jayce

    Yeah I think the control scheme is very very odd. I’m sure if I play it more I’ll get used to it… oh wait, I can only use it 10 times >.>

    • Chronic Gang

      you can play it many times if you dont go to the home menu

      • Jayce

        but I will have to eventually. Can’t just leave my Wii U on like that.

        • Chronic Gang

          Its only one stage how many tines can you play it over and over

    • Javier Smith

      I got used to the control scheme right away. It’s unusual, but it works quite well.

      • Jayce

        I’ll give you this. I played it more than once and now it feels more natural. I think I need more than one level.

  • Mario

    Guys, I just played both demos and all I have to say is this: Both games are good in there own way.

  • Gave it a try… I don’t like how the homing attack works in the game :/

    • Mario

      That hasn’t stop me!

    • Mario

      Who downvoted me anyway!?

      • wasnt me XD

        • Mario

          Well some people did. And they don’t seem to be fans of mine.

  • Rinslowe


  • makkan

    Sweden here, still don’t have the demo

  • Jelle Knibbe

    Of course, no EU demo. Dammit fellas!

  • uPadWatcher

    I took a test drive of the Sonic Lost World demo on the U… and it was OK. The controls on the Game Pad takes some getting used to, but the uses of playing the demo is limited (10 uses). It’s worth a rent at best, but still a fun Sonic game nonetheless. Let’s hope that Sonic Team create a third Sonic game exclusively for Nintendo system that looks better, plays better, and a better fun factor. Overall, I give it an 8 out of 10.

    • Chronic Gang

      it only sold 60,000 copies i doubt sega will keep sonic exclusive to the wii u if sales for it don’t pick up

      • Javier Smith

        yes, it’s a shame. i feel there is so much potential whenever these two companies work together.

        • Chronic Gang

          They need to create a 3d adventure game with sonic and mario

        • Mario

          True. When these two work together, they always know how to shine!

    • 00EpicGamer00

      Sega IS making another Sonic game exclusively for Wii U. Remember? The 3 game contract? Sonic Lost world, Mario and Sonic at the Olympic games, and some other one they’re working on.

  • this game looks amazing. hopefully one day I’ll play it

  • Jack5221

    A friend of mine gifted me the Deadly Six version last Wednesday for my Birthday. The game is a lot of fun. Controls took some getting used too, and I feel like the bosses that I’ve defeated so far (Only 2) were a little too easy. Other than that, no complaints. Great game, I recommend it.

  • Nintendo + Sega are doing what they know best – and the result is amazing! Sony and Microsoft: keep doing those bloated 1st person massacre (mass blast dorkyness) games – and Nintendo will keep their own, the cool – w i t h _ s t y l e ! … Word. <3 o_

    • Mario

      When me and my old rival work together, we’re unstoppable!

      • Javier Smith

        When are you and Sonic going to star in a platforming game together, hm?

        • Mario

          I have no idea.

  • Kenshin0011

    I didn’t like it 🙁

    Why can’t they just remake/sequel battle adventure 2?

    • Mario

      Oh well. Your loss.

  • Decker Shado

    Played the Wii U demo – despite it being just one level, I replayed it about 6-8 times, and each time was different. There’s a ton of stuff crammed into those levels! Accidentally spin-dashed to my death a couple times, but that’s par for the course getting used to the controls.

    Played the 3DS demo… why did this one get higher scores from IGN? The levels don’t loop around, and often it’s only a single possible way you can go. The design is nice and fun, but still disappointing after the console version. Also, the spin dash has to be charged a LOT more, or it goes about 10 feet and stops dead. The parkour is a hell of a lot harder to work with… generally speaking, it’s okay, and certainly a good portable 3D platformer in it’s own right, but it can’t hold a candle to Lost World on Wii U.

  • goldenfirered136

    After seeing IGN’s review and playing both Wii U and 3DS Demos, I have to call bullshit on them, I mean like Decker Shado said, the Wii U one has so much more replay able Lvs then the 3DS, and Not sure if its just me, but the graphics looks like a Next gen graphics to me. The only thing I find hard or, not fun, was the controls, but other then that it is a MUST buy game for me!

    • Deadpool U

      I wouldn’t worry much about the IGN review the guy who wrote it is from what I hear a Sony fanboy and he made the New Super Luigi review and he criticised it for ‘feeling like a DLC’ so that’s one clue that everything this guy says is crap.

      • Javier Smith

        I was so pissed when I saw that review. I know it’s not a perfect game, but that guy criticized it for all the wrong reasons, he never gave it a chance.

  • Chronic Gang

    you know what i find strange the wii u version only sold like 60,000 copies

    • Mario


  • YayGs

    Finally. I haven’t gotten the game because of the ratings, so this demo will definitely be the deciding factor.

  • Haris Devine Ghozlani

    I don’t find it in the 3DS eShop.

  • Javier Smith

    Played the demo on Wii U, and was blown away. Replayed it several times, this is a must-buy for me now. I know the reviews it received weren’t too great, but I’m willing to appreciate the game for what it was trying to do, even if it wasn’t fully successful in its goal.

    What I enjoy is the exploration which isn’t really in Colors (although I love that game as well). This exploration harkens back to the Adventure series, which is still my favorite iteration of 3D Sonic. I recommend everyone try out the demo and decide for yourselves if it’s your cup of tea.

    • Mario

      Ah! Memories!

  • CaesarGood

    I must say that this game sucks like hell, thanks for the demo..

    • Mario

      How many times have you played the demo?

      • CaesarGood

        Once was enough, that’s not really my flavor of sonic.. It’s beautiful though and probably takes some time getting used too, but I’ll pass this go round. Sonic Adventures is more so, what I am looking for…

        • Mario

          Maybe next game. But personally, I really liked the demo.

  • Noah

    Try it before you buy, but just know that there is a learning curve. The new engine takes getting used to, like when we all played Super Mario 64 for the first time. It helps to watch Aaron Webber’s tutorial video. Overall, it has its flaws but I’ve really enjoyed the game and really happy for Sonic.