Feb 7th, 2014


It’s the beginning of the year and the end of the third financial quarter, so we’re starting to see sales reports for companies roll in. We’ve already seen Nintendo’s reports and we expect Ubisoft’s at the end of this month. Sega Sammy’s report is in and it looks like Sonic Lost World did pretty well for itself. According to their financial report, the game sold 640k copies worldwide across both the Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS.

We know US sales from NPD Group account for at least 179k, so it seems like Sonic paired with Nintendo might not be such a bad thing. Of course yesterday Sega announced Sonic Boom, a brand new game to accompany a CG cartoon show that will be airing later this year.

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  • RedRocBoy

    Realy enjoyed the game. My first Sonic game in a long while glad to see these sells hope it sells more by the tome Sonic Boom drops. Can’t wait for that game. Love the designs and the game looks beautiful. Really hope this sells a million+.

  • FlashFan207

    Sonic Lost World is a great game. No surprise it sold pretty well. Looking forward to Boom.

    • Ducked

      Boom is gonna suck. Sega is stupid for basing the future of their video games into a TV series.

      • LightupmyLife

        Sonic is better off as a 2D side scroller to me.

      • val berger

        but the game actually looks amazing and is done by people who worked on Jak & Daxter & Crash Bandicoot. Sure I don’t care about Television either and don’t like the characterdesigns, but still the game looks nice.

        • Mario

          In terms of gameplay, yes. In terms of character designs, well… I’m still gonna have to get used to that.

          • Guest

            lol are they gonna stay like that because i don’t mine. i was surprised at first when i played sonic adv 1 i guess he took a break

          • Michael Ocampo

            Are we the only ones who liked the designs? I thought it was a nice change to create a sort of freshness feel to it.

          • val berger

            yeah, the designs suck. can’t imagine how that could get approved. still it’s one hell of a great looking gameworld. I can only imagine how a Super Mario Galaxy or a new Zeldagame could possibly look like ๐Ÿ™‚

      • 00EpicGamer00

        Actually, the Sonic Boom game takes place in a different universe or whatever. It’s basically it’s own seperate series. So, Sega will still make games with the regular Sonic we’re all familiar with.

    • val berger

      640k worldwide is far from ‘pretty well’. Very far.

      • Extra Vinegary

        Not all games have to sell over a million copies to be profitable. For example, Hitoshi Yamagami said that Fire Emblem on Wii U would need to sell at least 700K to be deemed profitable and that Fire Emblem: Awakening needed to sell at least 250K to satisfy the company.

        • val berger

          640k on 2 platforms. nuff said.

          • Extra Vinegary

            How do you know that means it sold bad in Sega’s eyes?

          • val berger

            The question is more how do you know it didn’t? It’s very good for Nintendo if they manage to save that many ressources with Fire Emblem, but still 640k just isn’t good for a Sonic game developed for 2 completely different platforms. Especially if they probably sold like 500k on the DS and the Rest on the WiiU.

          • Extra Vinegary

            So how many copies would have to sell to satisfy you and the others? It seems Sega Sammy is satisfied with the sales, it was the second-highest selling new major packaged video game for the company and those numbers represent just over two months of sales.

          • val berger

            OK! POINT TAKEN! Maybe I just gave that franchise too much credit. I grew up at a time when people were fighting about which would be the better videogame hero, mario or sonic. Didn’t think of those numbers to be something special. On two systems. damn, sonic.

  • Kik

    Sega is humble for helping nintendo. Thank you sega. We all miss u

    • val berger

      haha, right. it’s just friendship and love that makes companies doing business together =)

  • Good news for Sonic/Sega I guess… As for me, I’ll pass on Sonic, I haven’t been excited for a Sonic game since Sonic Adventure 2: Battle for Gamecube. They pretty much perfected the way the characters should act, be voiced and how Sonic games should be played in a 3D environment.

  • Pat Shane Thornton

    That’s a decent number for that game exclusively on Wii U

    • Ducked

      and 3DS…

      • Pat Shane Thornton

        “Thumbs up”

  • Ony

    I… kind of hated this game.
    I can’t really explain why, but it made me so upset every two seconds, erhhfglq

    But otherwise the game is very very beautiful, the game design & level design (well on paper) are awesome, so much colors (not the wisps, they are shit sorry about that) emerge on the screen like in Mario 3D world.
    I don’t really understand why this game is shit while it is really good.
    Well that’s my feelings on the game.

    Waiting for downvotes :3

    • beerkin

      I hear you. Something about makes me want to stop playing as soon as ipick it up……lots of cheap, unavoidable, nonsense.

    • Shota

      mixed feelings eh?

    • LightupmyLife

      They must be on an off day.

  • Justin Carlson

    I’m still planning on picking this one up.

  • Noah

    I, for one, loved Sonic Lost World. I thought it was a great throw-back to the megadrive times while not being afraid to try new things. Sure, there are some tweaks to work out, but I am very happy with the new Sonic engine. Good Sonic Team, congrats on the sales.

    • gamingpalooza

      I second this… the game was actually great… it pissed me off badly to read all those shitty reviews from people who had no idea what they were talking about. I beat the game, it was awesome. I hope SEGA and Nintendo remain partners…

  • Enjoyed the wii u demo but even if it had reviewed well it would still be low on my list of games to get. The 3ds demo seemed aweful with slowdown, twitchy controls and anoying worms that halt your progress.

  • Stephen Macneil

    Shipping numbers are really not the same as sales. Sega might have shipped that many units but a lot of them might have sat on shelves.

    • Fred

      But they also sold it digitally so perhaps it’s even higher than these numbers if they sold a lot digitally.

    • BIG Franky

      actually, according to the financial report, the 640k+ is actual sold copies… not shipped copies.

  • Sycamore

    I think I’m going to pick this up soon. Should I get the wii u or the 3ds one?

    • Louie

      The Wii u version is better, the levels are bigger and have a lot of alternate routes, where as the 3ds version feels a lot more linear.
      they’re both good, but the Wii U version just has better content.

      • Sycamore

        Thanks! I will get the wii u one.

  • Gabe Hoffman

    Over half a million isn’t too shabby considering how hard it was slammed by critics

  • Donaald

    Not impressed.

    • Daniel Gonzalez

      Why so?

      • Donaald

        300000 each shows that these game had no love and considering how bad it was reviewed and how badly it wanted to be SMG, it came to no surprise to me that it wouldn’t even get to a million.

        • Daniel Gonzalez

          Fair enough.

  • Dรกibhรญ wotshissurname

    It’s on the positive end of the poor sales spectrum, that much I know.

  • Frankie

    I am surprised it sold this much. Good for Sega. I thought the game sold a lot worse, but it is good to see it has decent numbers. I want to see the budget of the game and see how much money was made.

  • LightupmyLife

    640k across two platforms isn’t much to brag about. Not bad sales, but not good sales either. Not surprised with a game that had clumsy controls.

    • BIG Franky

      actually, it really is pretty good considering the 640k was amassed over only 2 months. basically a 50/50 split over the 2 consoles as well. the industry is considering those numbers to be pretty good.

      • LightupmyLife

        3 months. Not good enough in terms of the Wii U. In my opinion, it’s not that good if you divide them between two platforms. This is why few third parties develop exclusive games for Nintendo. They just sell better on other consoles, or better off being multi platform. Sonic being the exception since its lost value over the years.

        • BIG Franky

          dude… Sonic LW released October 29!!! that leaves Nov & Dec… 2 months…you can’t round down by 29 days! LOL… what a farce your comment is… the vast majority of sales according to the financials were in NA (where it released on Oct 29).
          those are solid numbers (again, going by those that are familiar with the industry and know what they are talking about)… you sir, are just a DEBBIE DDOWNER.

          • LightupmyLife

            It’s February. Lol. So that’s more than two months. I think someone’s math is off. I’m not interested in Nov and Dec as you are. That should have been obvious to you. So yes, I can
            round down 29 days if I’m not using Nov and Dec as an excuse.

            Don’t be upset because I don’t consider 640k of sales impressive. That’s one mans opinion. I do love the immature comment at the end. You sir, are comical. Thank you for the fanboy type rant. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • BIG Franky

            LOL… bro, did you even read the report? the 640k is AS OF December 31, 2013!!! SEGA’s 3rd Q fins are what are reporting the sales THROUGH December 31… so yes, the 640k IS only encompassing 2 months worth of sales….LOL!
            admittedly, the above article is poorly written/unclear on this… BUT if you read it carefully and/or checked the source doc, it actually is obvious. So yes, it appears that it is you sir, that is incorrect. you’re welcome for clarifying.
            and FWIW, this “fanboy” happens to own a PS3 and a PS4 (with my primary console last generation being my PS3)…. I just feel the need to clarify blatant stupidity when I see it.

          • Virus6

            I love seeing the word “fanboy” thrown around so haphazardly these days. Calling someone a fanboy is pretty much synonymous to saying “I don’t agree with you so you must be wrong”

          • LightupmyLife

            Not all all. He’s entitled to his opinion and would have certainly respected it, that is until he decided to name call and spaz out because I don’t agree with the news or his opinion. I have no clue whether he’s a fanboy or not and vice versa, but he certainly ranted like one twice from what I read.

          • LightupmyLife

            Speaking of stupidity, did you read what I just said? Lol. Cause if you did, then you’d know I’m not going by the”report.” Despite that report, it’s not that impressive regardless over two platforms.

            Nice to know that you own a ps3 and PS4. It doesn’t change the fact that you are acting like a fanboy and spazzing over an opinion that you don’t agree with. I just feel the need to clarify what I feel about the news, you just feel the need to call people names that agree with you or the news. I hope your kids don’t pick up your habits.

          • BIG Franky

            dude… you are just a tool… I stated that 640k over 2 months was considered good numbers for a non-first party title…. and then you “corrected me” by stating, (paraphrase) – ‘no… its not two months, we are in February’ … I then proceed to let you know that the numbers were in fact as of Dec 31… and now you say you don’t care and proceed to throw the whole ‘fanboy’ nonsense around. you are obviously a frigging TOOL … .I’m done with you. out.

          • LightupmyLife

            “dude… you are just a tool…”

            “you are obviously a frigging TOOL”

            You can call me what you wish. No skin off my back. Difference between me and you, is that I don’t attack people who don’t agree me. Yes, I called you a fanboy for the spazzing out like one. Good that you’re done, I think I read enough of your silly nonsense. Good day.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            You’re calling people a tool when you initiated the “Debbie Ddowner” insult? Lol. Do you even read what you type? You’re just as much of a tool compared to Light. He’s right about one thing, you do come off as being immature. My opinion, you’re both wrong for different reasons. Both of you grow up.

          • Link of all time

            you must have a huge nose danny, perhaps tool shaped. Danny tool says grow up guys, better listen or you’ll get a 3 paragraph essay on why you should.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Awwwh…..you’re breaking my heart. Hello again my misguided fan. Sorry that I didn’t answer my phone so you can stalk me, but I’m busy being too awesome to answer. Leave a voicemail. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Rinslowe


          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Nice logic ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • Rinslowe

            Say what??

          • Daniel Gonzalez


          • FoxMulder900

            Nobody threw around the word “impressive” besides you. All that is trying to be pointed out here is that the sales were better than what people thought. It’s you that jumped in and tried to portray it in a negative light for no reason.

          • LightupmyLife

            Hahaha… oh brother.

            “Not bad sales, but not good sales either.”

            That’s my opinion and I’m entitled to that. There was no reason for him to attack a poster who doesn’t agree with him. I gave the positive and added in the negatives. There’s pros and cons to everything. So you’re saying that I should only talk about the positives of my gaming experience and leave out the negatives? Lol. Duly noted.

          • FoxMulder900

            Not what I said at all, I mostly agree with your original comment (notice how it currently has no downvotes?) But when BIG Franky disagreed and said they were pretty good, you called him a “fanboy” and put words like “impressive” in his mouth. Nobody stated the sales were impressive, he just said the industry is considering them pretty good (which is true).

          • LightupmyLife

            I never stated that I was putting them in his mouth. That was my word alone. You misunderstood, so I’ll clarify that. I basically called him a fanboy due to his immature comment which wasn’t necessary and because he was ranting like one. If the industry thinks they’re pretty good, then that’s them. I’m stating my opinion that they are okay, but not that great, at least to me. Franky took my comments a bit personal. If you read his previous comment before my fanboy comment, you’d see why it was brought up. He initiated the name calling, so if people want to defend that here(not saying you are per say), then it’s quite a biased site. Lol.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            I disagree, as I think the sales are quite decent for two platforms. You do bring up a good point about bias on the site. From being on Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo sites, people talk down pretty much anyone with a diverse opinion. It’s the internet after all, my expectations are low, so should yours.

          • ETeach
          • Guest

      • Daniel Gonzalez

        On two platforms, yeah I’d call that pretty good. I can’t speak for the game itself since I never played it.

  • …..

  • BIG Franky

    Considering it is just 2 months of sales, that is pretty damn good actually. I also saw that the 3DS version accounted for just over 50% of total sales.
    I’m telling you, Lost World (on Wii U) is not nearly as bad as the reviews would have you believe…. definitely worth checking out. My kids and I thoroughly enjoy it.

  • Daniel Gonzalez

    Good enough for Wii U standards.

  • Cena’s Smirk

    I have the 3ds version. I’ll be getting the downloaded version for the WII U in July when the Club Nintendo Coin count to platinum resets. I do like the demo.

  • palomino blue

    Didn’t really like the demo. Does the game get any better?

    • Daniel Gonzalez

      I’ve only tried the 3DS demo, wasn’t too good. The controls felt sluggish. Far as I know, people claim the Wii U port is the better of the two.

  • Drunken Reggie

    We are happy with these sales numbers, but I can’t say we didn’t expect more. Still great and are happy for Sega. Sonic Boom will sell 20 million copies around the time after it’s release. Yes, we are that confident…or that drunk. I know I am. This is the Regginator and I am on my way to my next AA meeting. Happy gaming.


  • Virus6

    I don’t really get why this didn’t sell much. I think the reviews were a little too harsh on the game as a whole. While it’s not Mario Galaxy good, it’s still better than most platformers out there.

    • LightupmyLife

      I’d say clumsy controls have something to do with the reviews. While it wasn’t a bad game overall, it could have been much better. I prefer Mario Galaxy way more than this one. Maybe Sonic Boom will be better in comparison when the time comes for it. As for sales, Sonic games usually sell better as a multi platform than an exclusive. Exclusive games on Nintendo have always been risky despite good reviews.

  • Dark-Link73

    “.. so it seems like Sonic paired with Nintendo might not be such a bad thing…” Of course not Ms. King. SEGA already started that “…traditionally Sonic games sell better on Nintendo consoles than in any other platform.” Sonic Lost World is a very fun game on my opinion and rather challenging. For my son and I, Sonic Lost World has very good replay value. I hope SEGA comes out with more high quality Sonic titles in this the year of Sonic. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • billy

      i dont know if sega was telling the truth about that because sonic generations sold better than any of the nintendo only games. I also think SEGA thinks they have more money than they do because they should not be making deals to be on only one console that just brings sales down.

      • Dark-Link73

        Billy, “traditionally” is a relative term, not an absolute term. SEGA said that Sonic games “traditionally” sell better on Nintendo consoles, they never said “always”. Now, you compare the sales of Sonic Generations, to ANY Nintendo only Sonic game. Sure, Generations sold 1.6 million copies, but you don’t know how many copies were sold per console, do you? It would be interesting to know how many copies were sold on xbox 360, PS3, Vita, PC, and 3DS. By comparison, Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games sold 3.8 million copies on Wii and DS. Lost World already sold 640,000 copies on Wii U and 3DS so I’m sure, per console, Wii U and/or 3DS sales of Lost World already surpassed the individual per console sales of Generations.

        Also, when a company signs an exclusivity deal with another company, the company giving the exclusive is usually compensated for giving up potential revenue. I’m sure there’s also a clause that SEGA can exercise if they feel it necessary to end the exclusivity deal, just like Ubisoft did with Rayman Legends. So I don’t think it is that SEGA “thinks” they have more money than they do, it’s just that SEGA knows that Sonic sells good enough on Nintendo consoles for them (SEGA) to be comfortable with the “lower sales” as you call them.

        • billy

          Hmmm…. Good point

  • Guest

    …. total units sold from BOTH consoles combined….
    …. IS GOOD?

    I know people are trying to put a positive spin on this, but for Sonic, that’s really bad…
    I mean, REALLY bad…

    Generations and Colors sold about 1 million games PER console. So, forgive me for assuming that 640,000 for all the total sales of their game was a bad thing, but I don’t see any possible good in this scenario.

    Can someone please explain what’s good about these sales (without saying “They could’ve been worse.”)?

    • LightupmyLife

      The sales are moderate to say the least. Indeed, they aren’t good to me either.

    • Andrew Gonzalez

      Well considering it even sold after bad to mediocre reviews.

    • val berger

      yeah that’s what I’ve been sayin

    • Mendoza Manuel

      You know in what time period those other games achieved 1 million in sales?

    • FutureFox

      SM3DW sold 1.94 million as of Dec 13th 2013 (less than month). So to me the Sonic numbers are not good at all.

  • Mj78

    across one system, that would be amazing…across 2 that is…well, pretty crap

  • GregoryTheRainMaker

    I did not expect these many units sold, and what others have mentioned before…the reviews for the game were bad. The fact the game sold like this in a 2 month period is notable. Sega did good.

  • Guest

    That means that 11.4% of Wii U owners bought this game which isn’t too bad if you think about it

    • FutureFox

      How’d you come up with that figure? They didn’t explicitly state what the individual sales were for the Wii U. This combines the total across both 3DS and Wii U.

  • Rinslowe

    Yeah not a bad effort for a title that received less than flattering reviews, on almost every site…
    Not bad at all.
    (Sales Oct 18th – Dec 31st)


    I’ll have to pick this game up

    • Wiiluigi

      Me too it’s only wish list.

  • Cube

    The only reason why sega OK’d those 3 games exclusively for Wii U is because Nintendo probably promised them to use Sonic in Super Smash Bros.
    The amount of royalty Sega would get rom SSB was worth it.

  • Sharingan

    Stupid reviewers complaining how very platformer like sonic is.

  • Random12multi

    Isn’t this low sales for A SONIC game…..

  • Jonathan George Anaya

    Total FLOP. WiiU Daily sugar coated this. Sega lost money year over year. IF the WiiU had a larger install bade, then, perhaps this game would have done better?
    Everyone always complains that the WiiU needs more games…. Yet, when decent games come out, no one buys them! People, what does Nintendo have to do to get WiiU’s to fly off of shelves?

  • William Cole

    Sonic sells best on Nintendo. Yes, Generations did well but that was with an install base about 15 times greater than Wii U on both platforms. Do the ratios, it isn’t half bad.

  • Skelterz

    I just think that sonic is like a brother of mine and im here to pay my respects because like its his funeral tomorrow and i can’t make it cause mario is throwing like a party thing…

  • Rinslowe

    Looks like our resident downvote troll is back.

  • but, but only a Mario game can sell well on a Nintendo console!! Cop that, third party doubters, lol

  • TinyGreenMonster

    Despite all the haters, I will go on record and say Sonic Lost Worlds is a fun game. It is not perfect and fails in several areas, but until the boom, this game let’s me get my Sonic fix.