Dec 18th, 2013


There were quite a few surprises in Nintendo’s latest Nintendo Direct. One of those surprises is that there will be new exclusive DLC levels for Sonic Lost World on the Wii U.

Each new DLC level will be based on a Nintendo property. The very first of these levels, based on Yoshi’s Island, is completely free and available now on the Nintendo eShop.

The level has Sonic moving along a 2D plane, with a design very reminiscent of the Yoshi’s Island and Yoshi 64. We played through it and it is very visually appealing and plays well, though it is perhaps a bit short.

If you own the game, does this make you want to revisit it? For those who do not own it, does this entice you to make a purchase? Let us know in the comments section!

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  • Kevin Malone

    Free DLC for a $50 retail game? MADNESS! I wonder how often that happens.

    • Fred

      Isn’t it AWESOME!

    • Speedy Petendo

      Next DLC is Zelda.
      Did you pick up on the 2 hints?

      Great sleuthing MujuraNoKamen and Alexander Kleinwechter!

      If the Zelda and Yoshi downloads are a hit, what property would you like to see next in Sonic?

      • Sdudyoy

        I noticed the Hints!

  • MujuraNoKamen

    The next one will be Zelda. Iwata said you can “LINK you systems to the EShop” and there was Triforce on the wall behind Sonic.

    • Speedy Petendo

      Can you find the 3rd hint that Zorpix said he will write an article about? I’m still looking for it. Regardless, it’s awesome the mystery was originally solved by the readers of Wii U Daily! Way to go!

  • Laud

    Only company that gives full free DLCs.

    Even a demo that isn’t a demo but a prequel scenario to the actual game. (Bravely Default)

    Demo comes on the 2nd of January.

    • CharmanderRulz

      Bravely Default isn’t by Sega and the demo’s story is completely separate from the main game. Think how Zelda MM re used assets to make a different story but this is mostly side quests that give a bost to your early main game. It was a long and enjoyable demo.

      • Laud

        It isn’t completely separate is it? I’m pretty sure I heard it was like a prequel in the Direct.

        Also, I know it isn’t by Sega. I was talking about Nintendo giving free DLC not Sega.

        “…Completely free side-story” – Reggie

        So it’s not separate, it’s just a side quest not in the game. Still, no one else has done this so Nintendo rules.

        • CharmanderRulz

          Sorry the second sentence sounded like it was adding to the first so I misunderstood.

          The Bravely Default demo that was early in the UK makes it clear before you start that no story is linked to the full game and it’s demonstrating the mechanics. The only ‘story’ is 2 types of side quests (item collecting and monster fighting) but all the gameplay and art is well worth the price of free. Just don’t expect to learn anything about the characters beyond names.

  • D.M.T

    I love this DLC! The Yoshi Island zone looks amazing

    • Javier Smith

      Yes. It is truly pretty. Especially the trees!

  • Fred

    Wow, I had no intentions of buying this game, but suddenly, I’m considering it this DLC pack looked fun.

    • Javier Smith

      Another thing to consider, Fred, is that the new patch fixes a lot of what was wrong with the original game.

      With more lives, the game plays closer to Donkey Kong Country Returns. Hard as ever, but with checkpoints and a lot of lives, it is very fun.

      • boynhisblobs

        I agree, it’s very fun and worth a rent on gamefly at least

        • Fred

          If only I was a gamefly subscriber.

      • BIG Franky

        agree 100%… the initial reviews were WAY harsher than necessary… its a good game, and YES… the patch helps a lot in enjoying the game, as it was ridiculously difficult…. and these DLC packs are a lot of fun! i’m happy I picked this game up.

  • Gabe Hoffman

    If there was a Zelda themed level I wonder whatnit would be like. Skyloft, Great Sea, a dungeon perhaps

  • Ducked

    I don’t own Lost World, but I must admit this DLC looks really good!! And the fact that it’s free! To bad I won’t be buying the game until after I buy Mario Kart 8 and Bravely Default

  • Lil J Moore

    This just screams Mario/Sonic crossover game.

    • Mario



    Not really, I have never liked sonic games 🙁 I even downloaded the demo and I just played it one time but I’m keeping not like it 🙁

  • DarkLegacy

    I love this DLC. It looks awesome

  • MewThree28

    I suspect a Mario or Zelda 3D level

  • TaintedXGamer

    : | ……….. OMFG! -loads up wii U-

  • Aaron

    This is awesome!! You can’t go wrong with FREE dlc:)

  • readypembroke

    Tried the Lost Worlds demo and I might buy it with one reason being this add on and plus I need a Wii U game.