Feb 8th, 2016


Modern Sonic games have mostly received a lukewarm reception, while some have outright bombed. Throughout Sonic’s beleaguered history as the mascot for Sega and eventually Mario’s counterpart in the Olympics series, the Blue Blur has gone through several different styles of games.

In a new interview published on Polygon, CEO of Big Red Button Bob Rafei has revealed that the failure of Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric nearly shuttered the studio due to its performance. The game was not a technical marvel and required several large patches to get it up and running and despite that, the core gameplay was still mediocre.

“Unfortunately, the reception to Rise of Lyric was not as strong as we would have hoped. This industry really is punishing if you don’t have a product that performs well. We nearly closed the studio.”

So what was behind Sonic Boom’s failure? It’s hard to tell if the new Sonic and friends with attitude or the technical performance of the title doomed it, but Rafei seems proud of his work with Sega to create a new take on Sonic.

“The goal of the Sonic Boom brand was to make Sonic a bit more [well rounded] and to increase the other characters’ personalities.”

Obviously fans didn’t agree with Rafei and his studio’s vision for Sonic, as Sonic Boom was a critical and commercial failure.

Did you play Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric or avoid it entirely?

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