Jun 14th, 2014

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4vVu2-Ea9sQ]

We’ve heard a bit about Sonic Boom since its announcement a few months ago but it wasn’t until E3 2014 that we saw much gameplay from the blue hedgehog’s latest adventure.

While we were at E3, we managed to capture some gameplay footage of the game, allowing us a look at Knuckles and Sonic exploring what appears to be a facility of some sort. Combat looks to be interesting, if a bit on the slow side considering Sonic is usually known for is breakneck speeds.

What do you think about Sonic Boom so far? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • kevin nun—-

    New writer!

    • Bob Charlie

      Yeah, and what an article it was…

      • Jessey

        I will take that as a compliment =P

        • Bob Charlie


    • Jessey


  • anthony optimo


  • steveb944

    Meh. I think I’m done with Sonic for a decade.

  • Rodger_Ramjet

    It doesn’t look as crap as many have commented. It could turn out to be a game that’s quite good. Time will tell I guess

    • triplegamer3K .

      The developers are REALLY talented.I think they’ll do great.

  • Rinslowe

    Saw this on youtube yesterday or the day before.

  • matthew garcia

    Sonic has not been good since dreamcast. This footage doesn’t seem to be changing my mind

    • greengecko007

      I didn’t know Sonic was good on the Dreamcast. Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 both had a few serious glitches.

      • Sdudyoy

        The Sonic adventure series are some of my favorite games, but a few serious glitches is a understatement.

        • greengecko007

          I’ve played both of them too, and I can honestly say that they were fun, but very obviously mediocre games.

    • 504HotBoy

      I agree. They may have had some decent Sonics after the Dreamcast. But I think Sega overall quality in games went downhill when they became a 3rd Party only company. It’s like they lost their passion and creativity in games.

  • greengecko007

    Sega still doesn’t know what to do with Sonic… There’s something to be said about continuously trying new things, but it’s only because they haven’t found something that works great. At least they are supporting the Wii U.

  • NatT96™

    Sega had other ip’s too right?

  • 00EpicGamer00

    “We got to see some of Sonic Boom and E3 so we’re bringing it to you.”
    Lol, what? *puts on grammar nazi glasses* don’t you meant “at” instead of “and?” *takes off grammar nazi glasses*

    On topic: this game doesn’t look all that bad. Wow, an actual Sonic game that I’m kind of interested in.

    • Jessey

      Whoops, thanks!

      • 00EpicGamer00

        Dont you write for PS4 Daily as well?

        • Jessey


    • Zorlac79

      The question mark goes on the outside of your quotation marks, lol.

      Sorry, to grammar Nazi a grammar Nazi is much more satisfying.

      • Shota

        thank you i always make those mistakes with quotation marks

        • Stephen Macneil

          Be careful, he’s wrong. Punctuation goes on the inside of the quotation marks.

      • 00EpicGamer00

        Sorry, lol. It’s just…my English teacher taught us that punctuation goes inside the quotation marks…she only showed us a period. But I just assumed that a question mark or exclamation point did as well…whoops…would you mind if I edited that comment and fix that?

        • Stephen Macneil

          The punctuation does go inside the quotation marks, so you are correct. The British way puts it on the outside, American on the inside, so both ways are correct it’s a format choice. If you live in North America you should be using American format, though.

          • 00EpicGamer00

            Oh, okay. So, I was correct this whole time? (And yes, I live in America).

        • DereX

          There are many circumstances where the punctuation goes on the inside.

          If the question mark is in the sentence that you are quoting, then it is correct to put it on the inside. That is probably what your English teacher was trying to say.

          • 00EpicGamer00

            Thank you. They was very helpful. 🙂

  • TheKnowing

    Lol I’m usually not one to jump to conclusions but this game might not live up to Sega fans expectations, but for you who think otherwise I will speak for myself. This game doesn’t look like the best Sega has to offer, the art looks like something they could have done 7 years ago. previous games had better graphics like Secret Ring and Unleashed. I’m afraid that if Sega continues to ignore what little fanbase they have left and not just make Sonic Adventure 3 Battle or something of the sort they will crash and won’t have enough money when the opportunity presents itself. Go ahead Sega keep ignoring that will be your downfall.

    • lonewolf

      Actually they have other franchises as well not just sonic and sega is not making this game.

    • iamserious

      Personally I like the change. It’s like a mix between action/adventure/plat-former/puzzler game haha. Hope this brings new people to the Sonic fan-base.

      • 00EpicGamer00

        I like the change of the characters as well. I think I’m the only person in the world that actually likes Knuckles new design.

    • TheKnowing

      I am not afraid of the innovation, I am afraid sega will fail us again. Despite the fact the designs are fresh and bring something new, I can’t recall a recent Sonic game with a seriously amazing story like SA2B. I may be sounding biased but that game was so well rounded what else could you ask for? No Shadow still? Doesn’t the sonic team know how much people like shadow? Chaos people wan’t that to, the ability to train your own chao with different things. Just things that made sonic games good for a long time. I feel like Sega is neglecting their Sonic fanbase and giving us things “they think we will like” instead of what we want.

  • truMADDness

    It would’ve helped if someone was playing decently. Wasn’t much going on beside running in circles and the camera being moved around allot. Not enough diverse gameplay shown to be able to judge it properly. A couple different levels would’ve been good also.

  • triplegamer3K .

    I honestly think sonic has gotten better over the past years,and while lost worlds was a little “average”,this game looks like a step in the right direction,and another great wii u game.People who don’t like the game are most likely sonic fans who can’t accept change,or gamers who love to hate on sonic.

    • Or just people who can tell the difference between a good game and a bad one.

    • SkullScience

      I whole-heartedly agree. I find Sonic fans to be extremely narrow minded. If the game doesn’t fit a particular formula it sucks. It is ironic that Mario and Sonic were huge rivals yet Mario has diversified over the years. When Sonic attempts to diversify it gets slaughtered by so called fans of the franchise. Let’s hope the game gets judged on its own merits, but we all know it won’t.

    • Dark Lord Sauron

      agree and besides this game takes place in another universe annd some how sonic fans just cant deal with the fact this game looks amazing so im giving sonic boom a chance

    • Daniel Carvalho

      I didn’t like this game. Not because I’m a Sonic fan who can’t accept change (I don’t even like Sonic that much to be a fan) neither I love hating the Hedgehog. I just couldn’t get interested into the game, that’s all.

  • Shota

    the 3ds version looks like sonic rush. wii u version mehh gonna wait till the game is finished

  • Donaald


    • hahahero

      LOLOLOLOLOL! Oh man. I haven’t seen that in a while.

  • DoctorFart

    Sonic 06 HD

  • Wilks

    I was so excited for Sonic Boom, then ProJared shredded my dreams.

    • SkullScience

      I don’t know, his timed reviews had charm, then he kind of blended in with the crowd.

  • linxz

    this is not looking that bad. i like the adventuring aspect of it, but as long as it doesn’t neglect all the other stuff…e.g. speed. if they get the graphics RIGHT then it might just turn out nice. the franchise needs a makeover but too many false efforts so far…

  • wiimenonowiiu

    Very diffrent from the sonic we know look interesting

  • Officer Raichu

    why you no include shadow OMG

  • J.r. Storms

    So are they following Nintendo is terms of multiplayer? Im amazed Sega is still able to make sonic games. Any game after sonic heroes (besides generations, which i dont count because its all level remakes) i cant get into. It sucks that that Sega literally sent Shadow to his grave when they released Shadow The Hedgehog, and also put him in sonic 06 right after. I dont care what anyone says, Sonic Adventure 2 Battle was my favorite Sonic game.

    • C4

      Sonic 2, Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2 Battle had some kind of “multiplayer”

      They probbaly just realized that people actually want “real” Coop, likely due to the recent Mario games.

      SA2 I think has the highest density of good, fast-paced Sonic-style levels and the other characters and chao garden add to its variety 🙂

  • WilmaGColeman

    this game doesn’t look all that bad. Wow, an actual Sonic game that I’m kind of interested in. http://tw.gs/W6z5hV

  • C4

    Hopefully the other stages look more interesting visually. I want beaches and lush green forests

  • jjbredesen

    At first i thought this looked cool, but after seeing this i am not so sure anymore :/ Camera controls, and boundary detection seems really bad…

  • Green


  • SkullScience

    Will be interesting to see how this one plays and looks. I believe it was originally the CryEngine 3 GDC 2013 demo. Good to see that tech being put to use on Wii U. I find Sonic fans to be some of the most linear and narrow-minded fans of any video game franchise. If it doesn’t fit a specific formula the game will suck. I hope people judge the game on its own merit, but, knowing the franchise attached, I doubt it.

  • majora :D
  • jon

    The game reminds me of the fun lego series mixed with a bit of Sonic Lost World a game me and my kid havent managed to pick up. If this is coming out around lego batman 3 it will make a decent claim for my money (and sons’ pocket money ;-))

  • jon

    Thanks for an interesting article, where can I pre order this

  • Spaniard0069

    So if this hybrid Sonic Heroes meets the fighting stages of Sonic The Werehog (I honestly don’t remember what it was called but I bet I’m close) does that mean we can get a sequel to Streets of Rage. I can’t be the only person still breathing that would murder a school bus full of children for a sequel to Streets of Rage. What about a proper sequel to Shinning Force? I’ve come to terms with Shenmue not happening but what about Panzer Dragoon? Hell I’ll even take Hd remasters of Panzer Dragoon Saga and Shinning Force 1, 2, and 3 from the Sega Saturn. Shinobi? I can keep this up all day.

  • Daniel Carvalho

    I’m not gonna lie, I didn’t like when I first saw the remodeling, and even after seeing the demos I still don’t feel even a bit interested in the game…

    Sorry SEGA, you didn’t get me with this one either…

  • Hmmmmmm………

  • FIreproof_actual

    ZZZZZZzzzzzzz…..Sonic in name only…..too bad.

  • Don’t think I’ll be buying this

  • MerryBlind .

    I don’t care what people say, I loved Unleashed, Generations, and Lost World, and I can’t wait to play Colors on my Wii U.

  • PrincessKairi

    I’m just glad to see at a new 3D platformer coming. The 3D platformer has been sorely neglected for years now by most (exceptions such as Sly Cooper, Ratchet) all the while we’ve had soooo many 2D jobs, i’m well & truly over it!

  • Prizm

    looks like another lame 3d platformer.