Apr 28th, 2015


A brand new Iwata Asks series is now available on Nintendo’s main website, where you can see Iwata sit down with four different developers who worked on Xenoblade Chronicles X. The interview style Q&A session has several interesting tidbits about the upcoming game, but perhaps the most interesting is that the game is so chock full of lines and dialogue, that some of the main voice actors lost their voice while working on the game.

Initially the developers discuss the recording challenges of Xenoblade Chronicles on Wii, which had around 4,000 lines of recorded dialogue. Iwata then asks the team how many lines of recorded dialogue are in Xenoblade Chronicles X, and Kojima responds that there are four times the dialogue, with around 11,000 spoken lines within the game. Iwata is shocked at the number, but Takahashi goes on to iterate that the reason the voice actors lost their voices was during the battle sequences.

Fans of the Xenoblade series know that your teammates give helpful shout-outs during battle, asking you for assistance or to use a certain ability. During the recording for these sequences, voice actors were shouting for hours, which caused some of them to lose their voice.

Takahashi – But because there were so many lines, some voice actors lost their voices during the recording.

Yokota – They’re in-battle voices, so they have to be very loud.

Iwata – Naturally, because there’s a lot of shouting during battles.

Yokota – Exactly. Kojima Yes, and we had to ask them to keep shouting for hours.

Takeda – Voice actors are voice specialists, so it takes a lot for them to lose their voices. I’ve worked on jobs requiring a lot of screaming by actors in the past, but I’ve never seen or heard a professional voice actor lose their voice during a recording.

So not only is the game world in Xenoblade Chronicles X so expansive that it almost didn’t fit on a Wii U disc, the voice actors recorded so many lines of dialogue that eventually they lost their voice for a few days! If you’re interested in reading the rest of the interview, be sure to check it out here.

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