Nov 27th, 2012

The legendary maker of Pong and founder of Atari, Nolan K. Bushnell, is baffled by the Nintendo Wii U according to an article by the New York Times. When asked about the potential of the console’s success he states, “I don’t think it’s going to be a big success.”

He isn’t the only one spouting pessimism on Nintendo’s latest console, but having sold 400,000 Wii U in the first week, it’s hard to argue that the gaming system isn’t off to a solid start. What’s more, Bushnell and other industry veterans are predicting the overall deterioration of gaming consoles in general, pointing to mobile gaming as a key contender for the casual gamer. This is why, they argue, Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony are all moving to make their systems fully integrated home entertainment/media experiences rather than gaming consoles.

I’m not convinced. We’re on the brink of the next generation of consoles, and while Nintendo hasn’t exactly kicked down the door and demand complete gaming domination, there is clearly innovation in console tech. Furthermore, we’re at least a full generation of devices away from the web and various technologies converging to the point of console obsoletion. And even so, consumers will still want an all-in-one media solution.

That’ll take a good 5 to 7 years. In that time, you can guarantee that Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony are all looking at the same data and projections, attempting to accomplish a number of things:

  • Innovate within the gaming space to remain ahead of the curve
  • Expand beyond the gaming space to protect/insure against gaming uncertainty

Whether the Wii U is an evolutionary move or a revolutionary move remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure: Nintendo has more than one iron in the fire. Today they even proved that the Wii U isn’t their only holiday play by officially announcing the Wii Mini in Canada. How many other opportunities and extensions of the Nintendo brand could they be testing?

If there’s cause for concern, it’s also cause for excitement: Nintendo is perhaps least prepared to take on the mobile territory. Microsoft, makers of XBOX, also own one of the top 3 mobile platforms in Windows Phone. Sony, while having been largely unsuccessful with their Sony Xperia Play phone based on Playstation, have a boatload of experience in the mobile space. Nintendo, meanwhile , has done next to nothing when it comes to mobile beyond their own portable gaming units.

But what if they did? What if Nintendo partnered to bring their 1st party titles to a variety of mobile operating systems? What if they partnered to create a Nintendo phone? It’s fun to think about the future, but we’re right here, right now, and right in front of us we’ve got the Wii U.

The pendulum swings both ways. The first game I reviewed was ZombiU and I absolutely loved it for not only embracing a diamond in the rough genre, but also for leveraging the Gamepad to enrich that experience. The second game I reviewed was Madden 2013, a horrible rendition of the popular game that was put to shame by rusty Gamepad usage and poor graphics.

Make no mistake: the potential is there, but Nintendo can’t do all the work on their own. Like any platform, it’s all about developers, developers, developers. If Nintendo can rally the troops to create intriguing games based on the Wii U’s unique Gamepad+TV proposition, the sky is the limit, and the Wii U will be a stepping stone for something much bigger. But if Nintendo fails to capitalize on their “next gen” headstart, we could look back on the Wii U as one of Nintendo’s last attempts at originality. Fortunately for us, I think Nintendo already has some surprises up their sleeves in the next 2-3 years ahead.

What do you think? In 1, 2, or 5 years from now, what will we be saying about the Wii U? How about Nintendo as a whole?

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  • HSN1

    We’ll be saying that the Wii U is a great console with a revolutionary controller, while the $84485 PS4 fans will go BLAHALB GREFIX BHLAB, Xbox 720 fans will complain about the cost of online¬†subscription and PC fanboys will keep making love with their graphics card

    • Johny

      pretty much yeah ^^;

    • Captain Falcon

      *fanboys, not fans
      I’m a PS fan, Xbox fan, and a Ninty fan. Oh fuck it, that’s right… I’m just a gamer that doesn’t bash other consoles and gives each one a try before constantly complaining.

      • Hey! what happened to the comments section? . . . It looks weird yet kinda futuristic. . . but u cant see the number of dislikes anymore ūüôĀ and u gotta sign in with an account ūüôĀ

        • Captain Falcon

          It’s DISQUS. It’s a great comment system!

          • Michael Wakeman

            Yeah there was actually a rumor going on here-weird kinda- that DISQUS was gonna go on, now I go on and i fing a sleek and sexy looking comment software that dosen’t take 5 hours to post stuff

      • HSN1

        That’s what I meant, sorry if it caused confusion. Also you aren’t alone: it’s just that fanboys are louder than us

    • Nintendofreak

      ummmm nvidia

    • Mark Thom


  • Immallama22

    Hm, interesting… I’m not too worried about the Wii U though. I think it’ll be fine… ūüėõ

  • Immallama22

    Ok, now I SHOULD have an icon :3

  • Leeroy

    Some guys never learn

  • TheLast

    A petition for all of those who would want GTAV on the Wii U. Feel free to sign if you like.

  • Jonas

    Nintendo Phone would be a good idea, even if i dont know if i would get one.
    I think nintendo will release more variations of different consoles/handhelds. Different in price and power. I would not be surprised if they announce a new console in the next 2 years.
    Maybe they will release a handheld smaller than the ds and for android/iphone like games.

  • I don’t know why people keep thinking that mobile things are the future? ¬†The only reason it looks that way to them is because wireless phone carriers keep trying to get everyone on a smart phone so that they can sell them data. ¬†Some people want to play games (I have noticed that females love to play games on their phones) on their phones or pads, but those are the casual gamers! ¬†The console will never die because you cannot take large screens with you!

    The other the industries keep trying to do is to get people on the cloud. ¬†All the cloud does is allows them to control your content as to thwart piracy. ¬†This is why paid off media keeps writing articles telling you that ‘discs are dying or dead.’ ¬†They want you to believe it so that you move to the cloud (the corporation’s servers) and grab their content. ¬†They assume it will increase sales, but movie sales are not hurt by piracy and I doubt that game sales are. ¬†Music just plain sucks these days which is why no one wants to buy.

    • Jonas

      didnt think of it that way. Interesting comment

    • D2K

      Agreed.¬† Mobile gaming is an “and” not an “or.”¬† Mobile gaming will never eplace the console or PC gamign experience.¬† If it could, it would have done so when the Game Boy was released.

    • Nintendofreak

      i guess people think dat angry birds can be remaded infinite times without getting annoying

  • D2K

    The fact this question is even being asked is ridiculous.  Nintendo has been the most successful company in video game history. 

    Out of the 7 home console generations Nintendo has won 4 of the 6 they have been involved in. Since Nintendo basically built the PlayStation, you can put the 5th gen as an honorable mention as well.

    They have won all of the handheld races. 

    Of the top-ten best-selling game franchises of all time Nintendo owns 6 of those slots. 

    Of the top-ten best-selling game consoles of all time Nintendo owns 5 slots with 3 in the top five.

    D-pads, diamond slot button formation, bumpers, triggers, analog sticks, rumble, multiplayer, 3D, motion control, arcade sticks, wireless, memory expansion, online, platform games, portable games, and many other things people take for granted in gaming were either brought to the table first by Nintendo or perfected by Nintendo.

    Despite the Wii being a generation-behind in power it mopped the floor with the PS3 and 360.¬† Despite an epic fail of a launch with the 3DS, the system has rebounded to start selling at a faster rate than the original DS which just so happens to be the 2nd best-selling console of all time at 152 million units sold. If it has a good holiday, it could inch closer to the top spot overall owned by the PS2 at 153 million units sold.¬† Despite a ‘very’ lackluster ad campaign and marketing strategy for the Wii U, it has sold 400,000 units in it’s first week.¬† Not only that, the Wii has tacked-on an extra 300,000 units.¬† Despite announcing that the Wii U would sell at a loss, if a consumer purchases one game it sells at a profit and since you need to buy a game anyway with the basic model and 9 times out of ten a person buying a deluxe model isn’t just gonna settle for NintendoLand, the Wii U sells at a profit at $349 where it took 5 years for the PS3 and 360 to turn a profit..

    I already explained the whole GPGPU situation in a post elsewhere so I don’t need to rehash, but suffice it to say that the Wii U CPU is not weak, but clocked low on purpose because the GPU does most of the work.¬†

    The system will sell just fine.¬† No one can predict a number and it is moronic to attempt to do so.¬† 5 years from now, Nintendo will have announced the successor to the Wii U at E3 2017 which will hits store shelves in November of 2018 which will be exactly 6 years to coincide with Nintendo’s strict console release schedule.

    So there you have it.

    • Lord Carlisle

      You know, I really have to applaud your post. ESPECIALLY the part where you went over all the things Nintendo created or perfected.

      Some of my family consists of Xbox fanboys. When they saw the Wii U, they proclaimed it to be “a rip off of the PS3”. Really. Nintendo created virtually everything that’s on the modern console controller, both portable AND otherwise.¬†

      • D2K

        It’s just like people claiming that the Wii U Pro controller (which feels great BTW) was a rip-off of the XBOX 360 controller.¬† Everything on the 360 controller is a rip-off from Nintendo except for the shape, and home button.

        People have ripped off of Nintendo for decades, yet they take a couple of things and people cry bloody murder over it.

        • brownygtst94

          ¬†Yes.. Sony was even sued by immersion.. for patent infringement for stealing there rumble technology for there dual shock controllers.. Then you have the (move) Obvious rip off of the wii mote.. and of course if that wasnt enough now there all stars rip off of super smash bro’s lol…

          • Lord Carlisle

            And you know what’s even funnier? Originally an employee of Sony mocked the Wii Remote and motion technology in general, saying the controller looked like a lollipop stick.¬†

            …Look at the move. It’s a full-on lollipop.

          • MujuraNoKamen

            ¬†I’d say it looks like a fluorescent Dildo.

        • prettypinkpanacea

          I am pretty sure I once saw a patent blueprint of the wii u pro controller floating around the internet at some point last year. I believe it was actually patented some time prior to the xbox controller. I think Nintendo have alot of patents up their sleeves that the general public and other companies are unaware of. After all, they do have a research and development team working on innovative new ideas and designs.

          • D2K


    • Ian Hart

      If Nintendo nails down the OS(which I know they will) then Wii U will definitely be the head of the living room. I am already using it as a remote, my main means forum surfing, all while playing NSMBU.

      Miiverse is the fabled place all Nintendo fans dreamed about, a forum free from Nintendo hating morons. Soon E3 2013 will be upon us, I can’t wait for some core Nintendo franchises. However I really feel that Nintendo needs to expand their in house developers and start dipping back into their past, I need some oldies like wave race, f-zero, earthbound (would = mind blown), and Mario sunshine U would be killer.

      I digress… I fell the gamepad will bring 2d gaming back to its former glory, because of the portability, full controls, gamepad screen size(which is really nice) and power. Also throw in the E-shop which make getting to impulse purchases relatively painless. Mix in some Zelda, Metroid, a proper 3d Mario(along the line of galaxy or 64) and the Wii u will be unstoppable.

      • Lord Carlisle

        I want to see a 2D platformer much like the Donkey Kong Crash Course minigame in Nintendo Land(using the motion controls). Admittedly, I wasn’t impressed looking at it, but it turned out to be really fun and addictive.

    • brownygtst94

      ¬†Nintendo didn’t build the playstation… They didn’t want sony’s cd add-on so sony went off and built there own system the original playstation…. get your facts right.

      • D2K

        I said “practically” not “definitely”.¬† The whole reason the PlayStation happened is because as you said they wanted to add a CD attachment to the SNES.¬† The original model they made was built to play both SNES games and CD based content.¬† It was a tandem development project until the companies parted ways.¬† Sony didn’t know anything about developing a video game console until after dealing with Nintendo.¬†

        Don’t know why I needed to say this.¬† It’s just semantics.

      • MujuraNoKamen

        ¬†You’re right N didn’t “build the Playstation” but they played an important role in it’s production. But it wasn’t Nintendo that didn’t want the CD add-on, late in the production of the CD peripheral, Sony said they’d only go through with the project if they were guaranteed all profits from the hardware and all software for it, naturally Nintendo said no, it was after all an add-on to their console and they were going to make games for it that they needed profit from so, yeah…

    • RoadyMike

      Absolutely awesome post dude
      Are you perhaps D2K?Just wonderin

      • D2K

        ¬†ROTFL!!!!!!¬† Yes I am.¬† ūüôā

    • Chris C

      Hey I love Nintendo and their history as much as you do. ¬†But you know what, sometimes you have to give some tough love. ¬†And the fact is – that regardless of all of Nintendo’s past achievements and innovations, none of that guarantees nor is especially relevant to today, right now with the Wii U. ¬†Even you would have to admit that it’s an entirely different gaming world than it was in 2006. ¬†

      What you didn’t answer in your response was the article’s main point, that the Wii U needs “developers, developers, developers.” ¬†You didn’t address that at all. ¬†And with all of your talk of Nintendo’s past you conveniently left out the fact good development eventually abandoned the Wii. But it was motion control that sold the Wii…and the Wii U needs Asymmetric Games. It needs Developers right from the get-go.

      I love Nintendo and I want the Wii U to succeed. ¬†I want Development Shops to give the time, money, and man-power to make great games for it. ¬†But that means Asymmetric, Two-Screen games. ¬†Shouting Nintendo’s praises all over the place doesn’t do a thing to convince me that the Wii U is going to get the 3rd Party Developers it needs to be the success that it can, and should be. ¬†

      You want to get real? Then let’s get real by admitting a lot of Dev shops have made major strategy shifts to tackle the mobile gaming market, the free-to-play with DLC model, and have had to deal with the rise of Tablet & Smart-Phone games from a pure business perspective. ¬†Many of them can’t afford to develop the games they want to for consoles. ¬†They have had to adapt to the modern gaming world. ¬†Let’s also get real by admitting that no matter how easy the Ninty Dev Kit is for the Wii U to write code for…this does nothing to lessen the amount of creativity, brainpower, money, time, and manpower Dev Shops need to make new Two-Screen based games that wow the gaming world. In fact it takes more of all of those things because asymmetric gaming adds layers of complexity to the entire gaming experience, there’s so much more that Developers have to get perfect.

      In an ideal world where time and money are not issues, and the competitive landscape for Nintendo was back what it was 5 or 10 years ago…sure, a Development shop would take more risk to make EPIC Wii U games. ¬†But in the real world of today, in the big business driven gaming world with a lot more players than before – there is zero evidence that Dev shops are placing their chips on Wii U development. ¬†So this article is very relevant and important for Nintendo’s future.

      In my mind, the next Zelda, or a super-small Indie Dev shop, thanks to the new E-Shop and the flexibility Ninty has given to Indie’s…the Wii U’s best hope just may be those super-small Indie shops that push all their chips to the middle of the table with an Asymmetric Wii U game.

      Regardless, I hope the Wii U gets the development it deserves.

      • D2K

         As I stated in another post, console gaming is not in any trouble at all from the mobile gaming market..  The 7th generation has been the most lucrative in video game history selling 237 million home consoles AND COUNTING.  That is 32 million more than the last generation and this all in the midst of a global economic meltdown.  This also themost balanced generation in terms of overall sales.  The Wii helped in that area.

        Mobile gaming is a “and” not and “or”.¬† People are not going to replace the console experience with the mobile experience.¬† The only tangible threat to console gaming would be the expensive to develop major titles and the fact that many 3rd parties are either folding up shop, or migrating to mobile gaming because they cannot afford to develop major titles on the 360 and PS3.

        However this doesn’t effect Nintendo as much because Nintendo specifically constructed the Wii U that it would be easy to develop for, cost-effective for a development company, and Nintendo has created a whole new division dedicated to helping independent parties develop their games for the Wii U.¬†

        To be honest, not only is mobile gaming not a threat to console gaming, the Wii U (and possibly the Ouya) will lure companies back to the console market that left because of the hefty price tags of developing for the PS3 and 360.  This is another reason why the PS4 and 720 will NOT be a huge jump in power.  Sony and Microsoft cannot afford to take huge losses again and do not want to lose all their 3rd party support to Nintendo. 

        Saying there is zero evidence that development companies are putting their chips on the Wii U makes about as much sense as saying there is zero evidence that you will ge hit by a car tomorrow.  You could, or you could not.  What difference does it make?  The Wii U launched with 23 titles which is a record for a console launch.  Of those 23 titles only 2 were 1st party titles.  Of the 51 launch window titles, only 5 are 1st party titles. 

        This is simple stuff.  This is not rocket science. If you can read and you can count it is painfully obvious that 3rd party support is not a problem in any way, shape, or form for the Wii U. 

        It’s not even logical to suggest that the GPGPU will drive 3rd parties away because in addition to Nintendo giving help to developers (and all of the multi-plats that look better than the 360 and pS3 version were the result of Nintendo’s help) the PS4 and 720 will also be using GPGPUs so developers will just have to get out of their chest and get used to the change.

        • Chris C

          Just porting a game or adding a few elements is not true support of the Wii U or Asymmetric Gameplay.

          So let’s read and count. ¬†On the Wiki page above I count 30 of all Wii U games that are not exclusive to the Wii U. 7 are unknown.

          I count 30 in the Wii U exclusive list that we might hopefully count as evidence of Asymm Gaming 3rd Party console dev support…instead of just latching onto the Nintendo brand.

          Of those 30 “exclusives,” 5 are 1st party Nintendo developed, while 11 are 1st party published by Nintendo. But hey, we’ll use your 5 figure.

          That leaves 25 3rd Party Wii U “exclusives”. ¬†But wait, in this list it includes:

          Mass Effect 3 Special Edition (Port)
          Romance of the Three Kingdoms XII (Also being released on PS3, shouldn’t be on the list to begin with)
          Tank! Tank! Tank! (Originally released in 2009)
          Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (Port with added mushrooms and a Mario suit for the Wii U, not to mention the lead Tekken Dev. publicly had negative things to say of the Wii U)
          Ninja Gaiden 3 (Port)
          Warrior Orochi 3 Hyper (Port)
          Dream Pinball 3D….? Who knows but going out on a limb that a Pinball game ain’t innovating anything.
          Batman Arkham City (Port)

          So I don’t really count these as true Wii U 3rd party dev support. Now we’re down to 17….from the 67 Wii U titles on the Wiki list.

          In this 17 are
          Game Party Champions
          ESPN Sports Connection
          Family Party: 30 Great Games
          Your Shape Fitness Evolved

          Are we going to say these are devoted to innovating on the Wii U? Looks like a group of rehashed party games or shovel ware from other systems.

          Then there’s:¬†
          Wii U Panorama View (working title, Unknown Dev)…so we can’t count that in the 3rd party support column as it’s published by Nintendo. ¬†

          Now we’re down to 12 3rd Party developed games exclusively made for the Wii U.

          1 Funky Barn
          2 ZombiU
          3 Rayman Legends
          4 Jett Tailfin
          6 Game & Wario
          7 Lego City Undercover
          8 Sing Party
          9 The Wonderful 101
          10 Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
          11 Rabbid’s Land
          12 Bayonetta 2

          We’ll just scratch Sing Party off the list right now. …Down to 11.

          Of these, 4 are published by Nintendo.  Ubisoft has 3 more.  And of the 5 that are currently released and out for the Wii U, only 1 game РZombiU, has shown a true 3rd Party Developed attempt to innovate for Asymmetric Gameplay and the Wii U.

          But who’s counting. You’re right this isn’t rocket-science, if you can read and count, and comprehend…you’ll see there’s one more number to talk about.

          0 – evidence that 3rd party Dev’s have embraced Asymm., Two-Screen console gaming as the next wave.

          • D2K

            The XBOX 360 had 21 launch titles with 4 1st party.  The PS3 had 12 launch titles and 2 1st party.  The Wii U has 23 launch titles and 4 1st party.
            The official definition of 1st party means any title published exclusively for that console even if it is actually developed by someone else.¬† That being said, I don’t see how this helps your point. It certainly doesn’t disprove MY point that the Wii U has more than suffcient 3rd party support, and you throwing this red herring at me playing the sematics game didn’t help you here at all.¬† You know that I was referring to games actually developed ‘and’ produced by Nintendo (such as New! Super Mario Bros. U and NintendoLand.)¬† I know you are smart enough to know that.¬† There was point in having to go through this.¬† Getting back to the ACTUAL point of the conversation, there is no reason to expect 3rd party support to be an issue for the Wii U.¬† If you want to choose to look at the glass as half-empty that is you perogative.¬† I choose to look at it half full from all teh reasons I stated in my original post at the top of the thread, plus the fact that the lack of 3rd party support didn’t stop the Wii from selling (and it still isn’t stopping it from selling) and more and more independet developers are coming onto teh scene to replace the bigger ones going bankrupts left and right.

            Which I think is a good thing.¬† It’s time for some new and fresh ideas.¬† It’s time to let some new blood start their own franchise legacies and what not.¬† There are tons of talented people out there whom only need the opportunity.

            As far as the point you keep trying to drive home of there being zero evidence 3rd paries have bought into the Wii U GamePad, um, where did I say that they have? Am I typing in my sleep? Is my evil twin running loose again? Do me a favor and let talk about points I actually did say. Despite the fact that there is no proof that 3rd paries have not embraced the Wii U GamePad, it is foolish to take a stance on something that is virtually impossible to determine after a console has had a shelf life all of 10 days.

          • Chris C

            Fair enough there’s no point in arguing further. ¬†We both want to see lots of epic games made for the Wii U that have the GamePad in mind from the very start – not as an after thought to throw a couple features onto just to make a showing. ¬†

            No one’s gonna make these games better for the Wii U hardware than Nintendo. ¬†Though Ubisoft seems earnestly enamored with the two-screen approach.

            Dude I’m not being pessimistic I just want Nintendo to see wild success with their new machine.

          • D2K

             Well, lets just kick back and see what happens.  Should be a good show.

    • robjackson81

      This is an exceptional response. Love every word of it. You know we ARE looking for writers!

      • D2K

        I’ll think about it.¬† I have a lot of school work right now and I wouldn’t have the time to do the job properly.

  • sam davis

    ok first love this new comment writing system.

    nintendo would be in big trouble when, not if, mobile gaming becomes the norm. but as of now. they will be just fine
    oh and this mac ūüėõ

  • Nintendo always has been an innovator of gaming experience. And the wii u is the innovation vehicle for the next years. Now the others have to show what they can offer.

  • Wayne Beck

    People who think Tablets and Cellphones will ever have a significant impact on the Console Gaming markets are clueless. The current downturn in the industry can be wholly attributed to two factors and neither is mobile gaming.

    The life cycle of the previous generation is over. That’s just the way this industry works. Every 5-6 years, sales on all consoles dip. Software sales go down and analysts¬†predict¬†the end of the Console Gaming era. That of course never happens. Nintendo announces a new console, everyone says it has no chance, it sells like crazy and people remember that gaming runs in cycles.

    Of course, some people will then point to the fact that this generation’s retraction has been sharper than previous ones. Which is¬†true, but¬†probably¬†has nothing to do with the fact that we are all still stuck in the tail end of a global economic meltdown. Yes people, the second reason sales were down this past year is because sales of everything were down this past year.

    Mobile Gaming will never have a significant impact on Console Gaming for one simple reason. Console Gamers want Consoles. That is just a fact. With 100 million Nintendos, 70 million Playstations, and 70 million Xboxes sold in the previous generation, it safe to say Consoles are going nowhere. It’s safe to say there are 50 million people in this world who will always buy at least one console. I would argue at least 40 million will buy all three. The other 200 million may or may not buy one, half of them¬†probably¬†will, but it really doesn’t matter.¬†

    You will never recreate the experience of a home console on a mobile platform. If the Vita and the DS can’t do it. Cellphones never will. Science and Numbers are on the Side of the Big Three and they will be until people stop liking entertainment or PC are implanted in your brain…

    • D2K

       Considering the economy, even if the Wii U only sold half as many units as the Wii did it would still be a success.  The 7th generation overall is the biggest selling generation to date.  Overall console sales have done nothing but increase since the crash of the early 80s.

      I used to be one of the ones that felt another console crash was coming, but the numbers don’t support that.¬† This current gen has seen 237 million consoles sold and counting.¬† That is 32 million more than the previous generation.

      Why is it so hard for these so-called experts to look up this easy access information?  Are people that lazy and/or facetious?

      • prettypinkpanacea

        I believe it has more to do with ‘spin’. It is big business. Big business has big business interests. Speculation, elicitation and confusion are three of most powerful and influential PR strategies any business can use to communicate messages and evoke certain types of responses from certain classes of respondents. Poltical lobbyists use it all the time on ‘the right set’ of individuals in order to strategically influence outcomes and set agendas. Any publicity is good publicity because it ‘grabs’ your attention.
        How you respond to the publicity or stimuli should probably be more important to you. In other words, forget the douches and focus on the win factor of the new wii u.

        • D2K

          Good points.

    • angel

      i am one of those who buy all three consoles but still like nintendo better for some reason

  • wober2

    The next xbox sounds like a crazy motion game experience. Nintendo is fine tuning what we want in a gaming experience but going a bit more traditional with the controller and gameplay type. Yeah the controller provides some extra functionality and I really do love it, but really I feel like they are listening to their fans and giving the nintendo fan what they have been wanting.

     I worry Xbox 720 will be too focused on motion gaming and tv subscriptions. It Might have amazing graphics but if the gameplay looses its depth I dont think those graphics will win over the core gaming audience. Halo will come out on the next xbox and epic has already said they were thinking of bringing gears to ps3. I really doubt valve will make another xbox exclusive. Poor sony has the weight of its other sectors pulling it into debt. I do not think nintendo looks so gloomy. But I also do not think the controller or new gameplay mechanics are ground breaking, just really well done and price conscious. I do think a steam box would just kick ass though.

  • It just got launched, so it’s to early to make bets on it, whether it’ll succeed or fail, no matter what anyone says, Nintendo won’t just cease to exist. Mobile games don’t change much on that. Personally I don’t play mobile games, well k one I play when in the train or something Tetris. Other mobile games aren’t worth the effort for me, I have my DS for mobile games and sometime soon a 3DS.

    I can’t predict the future but I honestly doubt that Nintendo, nor Sony or Microsoft will cease to exists because of mobile gaming.

    On a side note I have a love/hate relation for the new posting system. Love the ease of posting hate the fact my mobile messes up the display, throwing this whole comment system over the article itself, so have to read articles on my pc, can this be fixed by any chance? If not I’ll blame Microsoft it’s their windows phone I use to write/reply/read this site most often so fuu M$!!!

    • It’s the same on my Android phone too. I’m using Chrome, what about you?

      • This phone uses IE but the mess is only on cellphones it seems, I’ll try some different browsers later on the comp. Very annoying though

  • Nintendofreak


  • GeDDeN

    Sony is about to kick rocks, xbox 720 is gonna GREAT but very expensive… I mean 2 different xboxes.. You know thats just a marketing strategy to make people buy the $499 version… Don’t get me wrong I skipped the Wii¬†entirely (trust me am a fan of Nintendo, always will be) but I believe the graphics and processing now a days are good enough for at least another 3-4 years. That’s why I’m very confident in my Purchase of a WiiU. (The gamepad is SICK, can’t imagine playing games any other way after Batman Arkem City) So I will just wait for a while until they drop the price “$199” for the next xbox and skip sony all together like I have always done…

  • I really want the WiiU to succeed.¬† I really do!¬† However, going purely by what we have available to us now (not including rumors or the like) it’s not looking all that bright.¬† There has yet to be that single, break-through game that really showcases the potential of the GamePad.¬† Nintendo Land and ZombiU come close, but just don’t have that impact that’s needed.¬† Rayman Legends looks like a good contender but we won’t know that until it comes out.
    We’ve got the ports from other consoles to show that the WiiU can keep up with the big boys but that’s all they are: ports.¬† The GamePad just adds convenience to these games and there’s no reason to buy the WiiU version if you already have the original, save Ninja Gaiden 3.

    That said, this coming year is going to be absolutely crucial for Nintendo.¬† Particularly this coming E3.¬† The WiiU is out, it’s proven it can appeal to hard-core gamers.¬† The next step now is to really wow the audience with unique, innovative titles and not just a slew of ports.¬† Ninendo’s past 2 E3’s failed in that aspect, in my opinion.¬† They accopmlished what they needed to, but didn’t build enough anticipation.¬† Now is the time for the big-time first party reveals.¬† If Legend of Zelda U is a thing, now is the time.¬† If the Retro Studios project is Metroid Prime U, now is the time.¬† If Smash Bros. U really has a playable version up and running, now is the time.¬† If Nintendo has any brand new, truly innovative IP’s that they’ve been saving up their sleeves, NOW IS THE TIME!¬† Show us those first-party titles we’ve grown to love!

    Everything on the table, especially with the imminent announcements of Sony and Microsoft’s new consoles.

    That’s my two cents anyways.

  • Mr. Nick

    I don’t understand this. The console has been out for just over 1 week. This is an exciting time.

  • I Hate ZombiU very Gross game and i am not interested but i like my Wii U and NintendoLand no matter whether its next gen or not, does not count its the gameplay that counts all i gotta say. I am enjoying it now with my friends we had so much fun with it.

  • Clem

    The way I see it, mobile could eventually catch up to console gaming, but I don’t think it could ever catch up to Nintendo. At the rate that mobile technology has been evolving over the past several years I would not be surprised to see it catch up to console technology in time for the next-next generation (ie Wii3, PS5, Xbox… I dunno, 1440?).

    The question remains though, can mobile create an experience that is as engaging to a console gamer as a console itself? What does a console have that mobile lacks? The two main things that I’ve been reading other people say that console has over mobile are the ability to play on a big screen at home and console’s ability to pander to hardcore gamers. However, some mobile platforms already have the ability to stream to your TV in full HD.

    The only thing that leaves for mobile to overcome is their current inability to satiate the hardcore gamer. The “touch-screen, gyro and accelerometer only”¬†approach does not lend itself well to hardcore gaming¬†as we have seen in many hardcore franchises that have been ported to mobile platforms. In order to create an engaging and dynamic hardcore experience it would seem historically that buttons and sticks are needed; on-screen control sticks and buttons in mobile games have more often than not proven to be more cumbersome than they are worth. But you couldn’t very well put a control stick on the iPhone, that would make it awkward and less accesible for mom and pop who just use the device to check their emails and send funny gifs to each other.¬†Will mobile masterminds be able to innovate a way to overcome this obstacle?

    Let’s say that they are creative enough to crete a platform that is equally engaging to hardcore gamers and complete non-gamers alike, never mind how. At this point I do think that certain console companies would be in trouble. I could see Microsoft and Sony trying their hardest to integrate mobile into their consoles, like Xbox’s smart glass or Sony’s attempt to make a playstation phone, but I don’t think that it would be enough to make them stand out to the countless consumers who are new to gaming, having been brought in by mobile. Anyone hoping to compete with that is going to have to be very innovative.

    Nintendo, as we all know, is all about innovation,¬†consistently¬†forsaking following the trend in favor of trying something new. I think their creativity is what is going to keep them safe in the event of mobile truly threatening the console industry. I consider the Wii U Game Pad to be a better answer to the looming threat of mobile than anything anyone else has done. Previously I stated that mobile’s touch screen, accelerometer and gyroscope were not enough to make it engaging to a hardcore gamer, but to be fair that set of inputs has created many new possibilities in gaming which we had never seen before.

    What Nintendo has done with the Wii U Game Pad is something that I am surprised that I have not heard more people praising them for. They have combined a classic gaming controller, complete with buttons, analogue sticks and triggers, with gaming technology that has previously only been used effectively by mobile: the touch screen, accelerometer and gyro. Even the 3DS couldn’t really touch mobile on that front because if you move the system at all it breaks the 3D effect. I was truly disappointed to hear that the Game Pad had a resistive touch screen because that means that it doesn’t have multi-touch, which is now the one thing mobile has that Nintendo doesn’t (in terms of gaming tech).

    Nintendo’s intelligent blending of classic gaming technology and unique new mobile gaming technology means that game designers, who are trained to think either in the console space or mobile space can create new experiences by combining the two.¬†To be honest I know little about the Xbox 720 and PS4, though I heard that the Xbox 720 was integrating some kind of motion control. If those platforms want to stay afloat during this potential war against mobile, they may have to start thinking like Nintendo. We’ll see in the coming years what they come up with.

    So yes, I absolutely think that mobile could invade the console space in the next-next generation ¬†or later (though probably not any sooner); all they need to do is come up with a way to innovate their platforms to make gaming on them just as much fun for the hardcore demographic as it is on a console. I don’t know how they’d do it, but I respect the creativity of the leaders of the mobile industry enough to think it’s possible. But I really don’t think that Nintendo or anyone who plays their cards like Nintendo it going to be destroyed by it. Nintendo battled Sega for a few generations, then they’ve battled Sony and Microsoft for a few. Maybe in a few generations down the line, Nintendo and Apple will be the big names in gaming.

  • Nintengoth

    Well the WiiU has only just come out, i reckon in about 5 years it will die down, its got better tech than the Wii so it can last abit longer.
    Over the next 2-3 years i want the following games… Super mario galaxy 3, Super mario kart WiiU, Starfox, F-Zero, Super smash bros WiiU, Metroid prime 4 and another Metroid game, Zelda WiiU, ZombiU 2? as well as other franchises.
    thats alot in a cuple of years.

    Eeek! only 2 days to go till i get my WiiU!

  • Chris C

    I was originally very optimistic. ¬†But it’s hard to be when Nintendo has made so many mis-steps. Shrouding their CPU/GPU specs in mystery as if they have something to hide, selling half-baked machines with major software omissions and missteps, ports of games that don’t utilize the GamePad well, have frame-rate issues, and are not graphically superior to their counterparts despite boasting a “more powerful GPU”. ¬†Then you have Reggie Fils-Aime claiming “3rd party titles look dramatically better” – when they clearly don’t, no one has said so, and that during Thanksgiving week, the XBox 360 sold 750,000 units, more than the Wii U (400,000) and the Wii (300,000) combined…and ZombiU has the 14th lowest Metacritic rating of all the Wii U launch games…plus all the other software patches and glitches….

    It’s just hard to see how on a MASS SCALE, not just the core Nintendo fan-base, Ninty can come back from the problems it’s made apparent during launch. ¬†

    I love Nintendo and there’s no doubt the Wii U has massive potential. ¬†But see, the thing is it’s a seriously complex machine. ¬†And the more complex something is, the more opportunity for something to go wrong, and the HARDER it is to create something great for. ¬†

    It takes a lot of thought, a lot more money, and a lot more resources to make a GREAT two-screen asymmetric game that makes awesome creative use of the GamePad. ¬†Developers have to devote more brain-power, and that costs them money. ¬†Look at the next Zelda…even Nintendo has said it’s the most expensive game they’ve ever made. ¬†This doesn’t bode well for Development Shops, if they see they can spend less on development and get more bang for their buck on a system like an XBox, where the CPU is likely more powerful, and the graphics seem up to this point…just as good.

    Bottom line is, Nintendo has to prove it to the world, that the Wii U is the machine they’ve told us it is. They have to prove that there’s an Asymmetric Game, on the scope and scale of Black Ops II, that captures everyone’s imagination and sells the Wii U. The next Zelda could be that game, and Nintendo frankly might need it to be to save themselves.

  • Ronny Andersen

    It’s a bit strange none others seem too see this, but the ones who need to worry infront of next generation are Sony and MS. Both have lost billions on their current consoles in the hope to muscle the other one out. They have no other choice (if they want to stay relevant), than to build mega powerful hardware that will cost ALOT. With the specs their potential customers are expecting now their consoles are in the $500+ area, and still selling at major losses. I expect alot of the really power hungry gamers to go PC next gen, as PC gaming have become steadily cheaper and started PC gaming the last couple of years and have no longer any interest in new consoles at all. Nintendo are not so much expected to have all that power and their franchises give them a kind of security for the future that Sony/MS don’t have. The WiiU wiland console exclusives much rarer. Most of my Xbox or PS3 owning friends have parked their consoles l do fine.

  • Michael Wakeman

    Why not instead of going through the amount of money for developing a phone either develop a successor to the 3DS-maybe a 4DS or a new line- or add a new application that you can use it as a phone. If they were to make a completely new product they should definitely bring it up to speed with other phone hardware and add a universal account with the wii u and 3DS.

  • Ronny Andersen

    It’s a bit strange none others seem too see this, but the ones who need to worry infront of next generation are Sony and MS.¬†

    Both have lost billions on their current consoles in the hope to muscle the other one out. They have no other choice (if they want to stay relevant), than to build mega powerful hardware that will cost ALOT. With the specs their potential customers are expecting now their consoles are in the $500+ area, and still selling at major losses. 
    I expect alot of the really power hungry gamers to go PC next gen, as PC gaming have become steadily cheaper and¬†console exclusives much rarer.¬†Most of my Xbox or PS3 owning friends have parked their consoles¬†and started PC gaming the last couple of years and have no longer any interest in new consoles at all.¬†Nintendo are not so much expected to have all that power and their franchises give them a kind of security for the future that Sony/MS don’t have.The WiiU will do fine.¬†

  • I get my Wii U at christmas and If I don’t like it I’m selling it.

  • RoadyMike

    Hey guys.LazerK here with new username and hey I finally have an avatar(I like how the comments look now btw)
    Just here to say that when I get a Wii U(probably for Christmas) I’d like to add some of you here.I’ll probably go by my new username.See ya then

  • NkoSekirei

    ignore the ignorant fools that bash the wii u over nothing they can go bang a cactus 

  • Hes baffled about Wii U. I’m more so baffled around the anti-nintendo attitude gaming journalists and media seem to have. Its like no matter what Nintendo tries to do or actually accomplishes,everyone still finds a reason to completely try to negate any of that just for the sake of hating the company.

    It’s like when will they actually get credit where credit is due for something? if this was microsoft or sony doing things like this, the media/journalists would be out in droves proclaiming them kings and innovators and visionaries. But when it has the big N label on it, it MUST mean its bad and most(again game media/journalists).

    Rant over but good lord,how many times does Nintendo have to prove everyone wrong before someone realizes one thing. Nintendo knows what they’re doing,whether you agree with their direction or not, they’ve been here and done that and still manage to prove everyone wrong every single time.

    I just wish they would get the credit and ”dues” that that they deserve from most of the gaming media and journalists

    • prettypinkpanacea

      As per my previous comment. Its big biz. Somebody has to feed these journalists families. Do you know all the strategic partnerships of the companies these journalists work for? I know I certainly don’t. It has also become a lot harder to trace these types of relations now because of the plethora of different relationship types. Spark a match and it will light. Light a cigarette and it will smoke and burn.
      I love Nintendo. I always have since I first played the original NES console when I was a wee lad in the eighties. So I don’t need to worry about what some douche journalist or analyst is telling me. I make my own independent, informed decisions. Knowing your own belief in Nintendo should be enough. If not, become a blogger or write for wiiudaily ūüôā

  • kyuubikid213

    Here’s hoping the third party support continues.
    Assassin’s Creed III is pretty amazing.

  • Guilliman

    It really does come down to third party developers, more so than ever before for Nintendo.¬† With Wii U’s headstart there is the potential to make a sizeable mark on the industry before Microsoft and Sony get in on the act.¬† Nintendo inevitably will give us something special at some point, but unlike with the Wii, they’ll need a little more outside help and a little sooner for the new console to make a genuine foothold.¬† The concept behind the Wii was easy for everyone to understand, gamer or not, hardcore or casual; and that made it easy to sell.¬† Wii U is a console that whilst superior, is nonetheless comparable to 360 and PS3, with the addition of the jack of all trades gamepad, and that isn’t so easy an idea to run with.¬† Assuming the other two next-gen consoles will be conspicuously more powerful that Nintendo’s, we don’t want the situation to arise where people talk about the two similar systems and the weaker one with the funny controller.

    Having said that,

    I really don’t understand any of the doubters when it comes to the gamepad.¬† It’s got everything an Xbox or PS3 controller has, with some extras and that great screen.¬† How can any developer with even the smallest ounce of creativity not see the potential that creates?¬† Seriously, not a rhetorical question.¬† There are so many who have been critical of it and I don’t understand it.¬† The first time I heard that Nintendo were going down the second screen route I immediately thought two things: this could do wonders for console real time strategy games, and this is going to be fantastic for RPGs.¬† The ability to select units with your finger tips, or the ability to flick through your list of spells/moves/inventory as simply as thumbing through apps on a phone.¬† How come we haven’t heard developers wax lyrical about these kinds of possibilities?¬† Ways to use a touchscreen that are both innovative and accessible.¬†

    Zelda, Metroid and the rest of Nintendo’s innovative, heavy hitters are still somewhere beyond the horizon, and with that in mind I feel like there still isn’t a game either out or upcoming that does enough to irrefutably demonstrate anywhere near what the gamepad is capable of.¬† What is out there or around the corner is a lot of content that’s trying to sell the idea, rather than show it coming to fruition.¬† And this is my point about the need for third parties to step up.¬† So that by the time Nextbox/Xbox720 or whatever and PS4 turn up Nintendo is actually able to say look, this is what Wii U has to offer.

    • As for the third party games I think Aliens Colonial marines can be a big hitter, if the developer does what they said before wiiU launch it’s gonna be a very innovative game, they claim it definily looks best of the three major consoles, and te gamepad acts like the motion tracker. I can imagine “if” used well it’ll be great, “owh my god they’re coming out of the walls”. And you see dozens of dots on the Tablet controller. Like it was said and shown in the original movie and was re-used as a easteregg on Metroid Prime 2 and Metroid Other M (which again is based on the actual Alien Movie, but that’s just an additional extra free info for the ones who didn’t know that).

      It remains to be seen if they really can and will do what they claim, so for now I think that game might be the best one yet on WiiU atleast again if they keep up their promise.

      • D2K

        ¬†I think that Aliens: Colonial Marines ‘could’ be that Fight Night Round 3 type game for the Wii U.¬† People weren’t all that impressed with PS3 and 360 right off the bat either, but that game was one of the first games to give you an example of what those systems are capable of.

        Likewise, while Aliens will look better than the 360 and PS3 versions, it wouldn’t look far and away better I would think.¬† The key will be how the GamePad is used in the game.¬† If for nothing else using the GamePad in the fashion shown at E3 2011 is a winner for me.¬† Imagine strapping the GamePad to the Wii U Zapper and using that as the HUD and motion tracker.¬† The Wii-Mote and Nunchuk could be used for the gun functions.¬† Nunchuk for strafing and Wii-Mote for looking.

        IF…….(and that is a huge if) this were to happen and it actually works, that could revolutionize 1st-person shooters and bring a desperately needed breath of fresh air into the mix.

  • this box screwed up the page

  • nashbored1231

    Nintendo will totally beat xbox 720 and ps4

  • angel

    what if nintendo partner up with apple 0.0

  • Jason Edokpa

    Loving the new DISQUS

  • Some people are stupid while others are not

  • jlenoconel

    If the Wii U fails, then so will the next Sony and Microsoft consoles.¬† That’s how I see it.

  • ei8bitNinty

    Leave luck to heaven. Nintendo will stand in 5 years gaming.

  • Honestly, I hate computer and mobile gaming. They are NOT a replacement for video gaming. I need a controller in my hand and a physical game to handle. I’m currently using my Wii U, the only console I’ve ever bought at launch, to type this right now. This is truly an epic system and the best of its kind. Nintendo will always know what’s best. Even the Virtual Boy had it’s charm; I still have mine! However, they knew it was too early and waited for a better opportunity to tamper with 3D technology. Thus, the 3DS was born! I will always stand by Nintendo. Leave luck to heaven. ūüôā

  • I highly doubt Nintendo will be going anywhere, anytime soon. I take this article with copious amounts of salt.

  • Marcio Campos

    Nintendo pirates thanked you!