Apr 13th, 2013

Gun enthusiasts are clinging to YouTube these days, where there are tons of channels showcasing all sorts of guns, machine guns, sniper rifles, and even rocket launchers. This time, the guys at RatedRR take a Wii U and fire at it with the new Barret MRAD, a .338 high precision sniper rifle. As you can guess, the Wii U didn’t come out on top. This isn’t the first time the Wii U has been subjected to violence — just after it launched, a guy stuck the Wii U in a microwave oven.

Check out the video below of the Wii U getting shot to pieces.

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  • CharmanderRulz

    I don’t get why?

  • Oh look…. a bullet fired from a gun destroys an electronic device made out of plastic. Amazing.

    • CharmanderRulz

      I didn’t get it too. Is this news or are we ment to enjoy a tool (in this case a gun) doing what it’s made to do (shooting). I wonder if people that are gun enthusiastic enjoy this?

      • Jeffery02

        Who knows. I have to give the shooter credit at least though for knowing that the GamePad is NOT the system.

    • Nintedward

      Yep. Apparently these ”guns” are capable of damaging things. Really clever devices, that’s why they’re banned here in the UK lol.

      • Squid

        I wish it was like that in the US.

        • Elem187

          Like what? You wish we were all a bunch of defenseless, helpless sheep that has to rely on government for protection? I couldn’t think of anything more terrifying than depending on government for anything.

          When seconds count, the police are minutes away.

      • tronic307

        Banned guns means only the criminals get to use them. What will the people do if the country gets invaded, or devolves into a fascist regime?

        • Elem187

          We are about to find out in the USA once our crazy communist president gets his way…. And it will probably happen, sadly.

        • Nintedward

          Banning guns helps. Sure there is guns in UK. But they are few and far between and hard to get and expensive. Which reduces gun crime 10 fold. America should do the same. And have licence only firing ranges.

          • tronic307

            The people must be disarmed because our leaders are cowards, and they know we know it. No one follows a leader without honor unless by force of mandate; it goes against the survival instinct.

          • SkateRyan

            Our president isn’t trying to ban all guns. What you’re talking about is an effort by more than just the president to rid our country of unnecessary assault rifles that have proven to be of no other use than novelty or a weapon of mass murder in our country. You can still have a hand gun. You can still have a hunting rifle. We just want the military-grade assault rifles out of our society.

    • Guest

      Don’t get mad bro. They just spendin’ dat googoo money.

      • tronic307

        They act like it’s their console lol.

        • correct

        • No I just think it is wasteful to spend money on something like this just to destroy it when you know it can be destroyed by the bullet. Donate that money to an organization to help people.

          • tronic307

            You guys don’t understand: They are making a killing in ad revenue from the video. Maybe donate some of THAT money. What’s $299?

    • What a waste of a bullet

  • HSN1

    EMMAGERD Viulence!1!1! [insert rant on broken society]

  • Linskarmo

    I’m not going to watch it. Why do people feel like doing these things? It’s just wasteful.

  • JuleyJules

    Why is this stupidity news and on this site? Is this site for people who like the Wii U or hate it? I’m really beginning to wonder. Where are the idiots shooting at a PS3 and 360 too? I’m sure that would be equally as exciting.

    • CyanideInsanity
      • Guest

        This is totally ridiculous shooting any systems. There is enough gun violence in this world and stupid videos as these just feed the haters and are pointless. Why is this news on wiiudaily and other sites? are they trying to ruin or promote wii u? i’m very confused.

        • it could help promote the system for people who didnt know it existed.

        • [000]

          Don’t say sh*t about gun violence. You don’t know anything about violence if you think people are going to be more violent if they see a video of someone shooting a video game console.

      • tronic307

        Oh well, I expected the Xbox to fare better. Rest in pieces!

      • yep i bet they laugh and cheer and praise that video but when its a nintendo product they are very biased but fireing weapons is fun and I believe people fund the products they destroy and i doubt its playstation and xbox fanboys like most like to point fingers at, its better marketing for them to shoot popular items and not just something no one cares about.

        • david jarman

          I think you completely missed the point of what people are saying and why they are saying it. Nobody here was pointing the finger at any fanboy. However, this is a wii u fansite and nobody really cares to see the useless destruction of the console. It’s a very negative video.

  • Vinicius

    Stupidness. Give it to someone instead of destroying it!

    • Zelly Jeffers

      I always think this when videos like these pop up, regardless of the device. It just seems so wasteful.

      • Guest

        Not if it’s an Apple product…

    • maybe so but it was bought for the purpose of shooting it with that weapon by I believe another entity whoever funds their items

    • Elem187

      Look at the bright side. At least Nintendo can chalk up another sale!

  • METHical reality

    They got money those brats to waste like that .. and btw eventhough they got money they are cheap bastards for not performing their stupidity on a Wii U Deluxe

  • djvalbnc

    F*cking stupid americans.

    • david jarman

      I’m sorry, but idiots are found all over the world.

      • david jarman

        Why is this even on here?

        • dylanbob121

          cause they fel’ like it

        • Nintedward

          It’s alright buddy , cus guess what ? When the PS4 comes out , I’m gunna do a video of me taking a dump right on it. And it’s gunna be front page on PS4daily , N4G , IGN , etc etc etc

          • thats gross but they will definitely make a video of the ps4 and xbox 720

          • [000]

            I can 100% guarantee you that if you do that, you WILL make the front page of practically every gaming news site, and probably spark a giant flame war between thousands upon thousands of people, spreading havoc and devastation across the far reaches of the internet, obliterating any existing peace between fellow gamers and luring trolls and haters of all kinds, and destroying the entire- Ok, maybe I went too far..

          • Nintedward

            I’m gunna do it. I’m gunna make millions of dollars off of youtube by doing this XD

          • [000]

            Not that I’m encouraging it, but I guess it would be funny…

            ..Actually, I really think you should do it. There’s nothing like a good console war.

          • crocodileman94

            If you replace the PS4 with an Xbox360/720, you would give the phrase Shitbox a whole new meaning.

          • Nintedward


      • Zorlac79

        Yep! Everywhere you go in this world there is a mix of good, bad, and in between. To judge a country’s entire population by the actions of what you see in the media from said country is poor judgement.

      • thats true but honestly statistics show us americans are far from the smartest, our top scientist and nearly all of the major discoverys and inventions people made here from people that were immigrants and not born or educated here

        • david jarman

          We were smart enough to hire those people for our country. There are plenty of smart people and students in our country. We may not be the smartest, but we are far from being the dumbest. A lot of foreign students come to our country to further their education.
          We did make a lot of discoveries, inventions and also improved other people’s design.

        • Zorlac79

          The European American is the second most educated following the Asian ethnicity. Our problem here is the democratic perspective that enables failure by teaching that we are all winners no matter what. Getting a participation trophy even though you lost?!?!? Sure, lets carry around a trophy that states we are losers, but at least we tried. Don’t want to hurt someone’s fragile little feelings!

    • B139Gh

      Yeah, but we are still number one though. By the way, what crap hole do you live in? Oh yeah, no one cares.

    • DESS_M_8

      Okay, stupid f***ing American society. “only in America” would you find it so accessible to video yourself shooting a high powered rifle at toys in western society, or buyin bullets from a supermarket, or walking Ito a cinema and shooting the audience, or walking into a school and shooting a bunch of kids. Defend the whole of America out of blind pride when it IT iS only in America that idiots are allowed such free an easy access the such weapons. It is retarded.
      America…. F*ck yeah!!!!! Indeed

      • Zorlac79

        Yeah, only in america is there corruption……O_o Bad things only happen in america…… sure, keep fantasizing. Mexico has slayings by the thousands from the cartels, china kills baby girls out of population control, iran stones rape victims to death in public, europe allows heroin to be sold in public that kills thousands in a brutal manner, russia…. I won’t even go there!

        But since some morons go on a killing spree you can go ahead and judge the whole population for that. And dream on if you think we are defending it.

        Gun control is a big issue right now over here, so these things are big news at the moment.

        But what we don’t appreciate is how people in glass houses throw stones. When your own country forces you to do unheard of stuff, you walk past corruption to point your finger at us! Believe me, you have problems of your own!

        Many Americans on here, including me, have said this is a stupid video, and an utter waste of time and money.

        If you want to ridicule people about excessive use of guns, go preach to mexico’s cartels! They need the help the most! People are getting slaughtered by the hour!

        • DESS_M_8

          LEARN TO READ DUMBASS!!!!!!!!!

          if you have to point a finger at Chine and Iran to make your society look better then you are as f***ed in the head as your general society.

          I said W-E-S-T-E-R-N S-O-C-I-E-T-Y

          I am well aware of excessive and oppressive use of violence in the middle East, Burma and Southern America, political oppression in the far East. However using guns and weapons in this way is what they were intended for and it is sad that people are treated in this way,


          Shooting a toy with a sniper rifle, filming it and posting it on YouTube for a ‘WOOOOOOOO YEAH look what mah gurn did to that there toy WOOOOOOOO.” is the exact retarded mentality of the retarded state of your country. People like this shuold not be allowed access to such weapons but your laws state it is his “right’ to do so. I have never said that Americans are dumb. I have said that the society your forefathers have built for you over 200 hundred years ago is a complete joke and furthermore completely retarded that no president since has seen fit that it needs changing as I’m pretty sure you don’t live in the 1700’s anymore?

          If a local civilian can walk into a store and buy a firearm relatively easy and do whatever he wants, or whatever his minimal brain capacity says would be ‘furn’, then god help america. Really.

          • Zorlac79

            Wow! I wasn’t even rude or ignorant to you.

            Just shows your child-like mentality with the name calling.

            I am not going to dumb down to reply to the meaningless points in your post.

            Oh, and learn to spell and write proper grammar.

            Added you to the troll list….

  • Joel

    Looks like the hatedom for Wii U is very strong.

  • ZakAttack7

    I guess someone just couldn’t wait for Sniper Elite v2

    • Elem187

      awwww yeah, Sniper V2

      I wonder if they are going to shoot a PS4 when it releases?

      They wouldn’t be able to shoot the nextbox because currently its invisible.

  • Archiq09

    I love guns but I not pay 300$ just for 1 or 2 shoots … I will shoot a sandbag dummy, more funny and low expensive xD

    • Nintedward

      Or some big water containers 🙂

    • tronic307

      You don’t get Google money like that.

  • Magnus Eriksson

    Much better to destroy it instead of giving it to some less fortunate poor kid. Stupid shit video and stupid people with to much money. I really dont get shit like this… Also, WiiUDaily is better than this.

  • uPadWatcher

    *Darth Vader voice*: NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yahya Abduh


  • Johny
  • jcnba28

    Americans and their “big boy” toys… -_______-

  • 701

    you gotta hand it to the gamepad, i’d say it held up decently considering the circumstances, but yet, my heart bled, terrible video, nice rifle though

  • First of all: why post this?

    Second: If you shoot at it give it to me instead, then I too can finally enjoy the WiiU instead of using it for target practise.

    Third: Haters will love this.

    Fourth: Was that C4 neccesary?

    Fifth: Why say something stupid like “The new console from Nintendo or as I LIKE TO CALL IT, NEW CONSOLE TO PLAY MARIOKART ON” such a useless comment and again haters will love it, but hey newsflash there is plenty more on WiiU then Mario Kart.

    Sixth: Not really an educationally interesting article, and it hurts to see people throw away the money just to shoot at a console, instead just give it to an orphanage intact, then you make people happy.

    As if the doom and gloom isn’t bad enough allready, WiiU daily just feeds the trolls and haters extra with this. I’m sure there is more useful news available on WiiU then just this…

    Edit: As for the Xbox360 video Posted in the comments, same story as for the WiiU, atleast that Xbox had the RROD and according him the 3rd Xbox360, but still, just get a new one from Microsoft and also donate it to an orphanage instead of blowing it up with c4. Do these guys (shooting electronics, blowing it up etc.) really have nothing better to do?

    • Nintedward

      ” The Wiiu ,or as I like to call it , New console to play the worlds best exclusives on”
      ”The Xbox 360 , or as I like to call it , a Weak PC with no exclusives”

      • Nintendofreak

        there is halo n gears…..n halo

    • Nobody

      Calm down, it’s just some dudes shooting stuff. It’s nothing new.

      Also, everyone has their reasons to like or dislike the Wii/Wii U. I personally call the Wii, “That console with the really cool light gun games and horror games”.

    • it helps promote the system believe it or not

  • I never get these types of videos,I mean what is the point? Next they’ll be throwing an iphone into a volcano,to see if it can withstand magma.

    • ilolmyself

      hi welcome to technolgy versus volcano! Next up is the iphone! Will it survive the deadly magma? Nope! Tune in next time to see if a nokia phone can survive!

      • hikkerd

        yes it can

  • Alex Damman

    i like gun videos, but why on earth do they have to test out the guns on targets like expensive electronic stuff? just get a freaking watermelon, it’ll save you a heck of a lot of money and i’ll guarantee you you would have had just as much fun playing mariokart on that wii u as you did shooting the rifle!

  • Cap9

    What a waste of a Wii U. That’s a really dumb show…well atleast Wii U got some publicity lol

    • bingo its helping promote the wii u system, finally someone else sees that

  • NintendoNoob

    I CAN’T WATCH!!!! but I must peek

  • fireheartis1

    Dudes and dudettes I think this John Kinsley is a troll as well man. Why else would he post the stupid crap that he has been posting on Wii U Daily. It’s high time that the person who runs this website look into this guy. I’m really tired of seeing this kind of stuff end up on here. If Mr. John Kinsley can’t proof that he’s not a troll he needs to be banned from posting on this sight. I didn’t even watch this video because it’s just a dumb way to waste money, and real “shooters” will think the same thing. I little brother is a gun enthusiast and when I told him about this video he said “What an idiot waste of money and what a way to make us gun enthusiast look like morons”. “This is why they created gun ranges bro and idiots like this are the ones that do not deserve to have guns”. I for one agree whole heartily with my little brother on this one man. This type of people are the ones gun control should be for, and they should even have guns. The real “shooters” are the ones that need less gun control and more gun control for idiots like the ones shooting up consoles and other expensive stuff. They’re the ones who may cause trouble down the line with a gun man.

  • Mickey Mouse

    Completely pointless and stupid, just someone trying to get Youtube views on their channel. Which is why I’m not going to dignify the video by watching it and increasing the view count.

  • tronic307

    If Google likes something, blow it up on YouTube. You WILL get $$$. Some YouTube supertrolls make 6 figures a month. I’d blow up every brand new gadget I could get for that kind of loot. I’d do the unboxing video first, of course. If they were smart, they would have done this at launch.

  • Cerus98

    I’m sorry, I thought I was coming to a website dedicated to Wii U news. Apparently sparking a flood of hate posts (thereby generating traffic) by posting YouTube videos of the stupid shit people do for views is the name of the game now.

    What’s next, two girls, one cup wearing Luigi hats?

    Ps. Anyone else notice its tagged as fun, hardware?

  • discuss

    To all those people saying “OMG waste of money give the Wii U to charity!!!!”:
    Take a look in the mirror.

  • This is done to demonstrate all that the Wii U is good for since it has flopped.

    • Cerus98

      The only thing that’s flopped is your originality at being a troll. Get a life.

    • david jarman

      I did a little homework on you. I checked out your other posts to see what makes you tick. You’re an instigator. You sacrifice respect for others cause voicing your opinion matters most to you. You attack gay people, you attack law enforcers(I bet you love ’em when you need them) and you attack ethnicity/faith(Judaism). The interenet has given you a voice and you abuse it. You come in here to harass. Call it your”truth.” Call it what you want. The truth is you’re just here to harass and upset everybody.

      • LOl. You are mad because I speak facts. You also act like you did some high level detective work when it is oh so easy to see what I wrote. Man you are smart. All of what you wrote has nothing to do with my stated facts about the Wii U with evidence! Each website has it’s own culture and I say thing on other that I would not here. Take it for what you will.

        • david jarman

          Dude, stop talking I’m done with you. Apparently you’re not smart cause you completely missed the point of what I’m saying to you.
          Ps. If you were smart you’d be able to distinguish a fact from an opinion or at least word it in away that didn’t sound opinionated.

          • Lol. YOU addressed me. If you did not want to hear from me – shut up then.

          • david jarman

            I guess I can’t reason with stupid.

        • tronic307

          Opinion is NOT fact. X1000. I’ll even give you a fresh box of chalk.

    • tronic307


  • tronic307

    Okaaay, this is dumb. Can we get some real news, please?

  • marioU

    so Nintendo lose money on each console. how sad.

  • Zorlac79

    If you want real nintendo news as opposed to this useless crap, check out nintendo enthusiast .com Believe me, troll free and real news! A fresh breath from this junk!

  • Lucario Deluxe Edition


  • Michael Jurado

    it would have been mad funny if the wii u deflected the bullet better than armor LoL

  • Rafael Saldana

    I thank them for buying one and supporting Nintendo, they should’ve just bought call of duty though, it’s hours of fun opposed to the 5 seconds of fun that they had

  • Only a few are true gamers

    Disgusting and disrespectful…Must be mental problems

  • Shot in your ass, mother foker

  • Only a few are true gamers

    Hey everyone here is a better website than here and they don’t trash the wii u as they do here http://www.nintendolife.com/wiiu @Johnkinsley you must enjoy having this video on a wii u site you sure are a disgrace and the web page i show on here is a better place for wii u info and they don’t trash wii u

  • Ducked

    So this is what people do when they wish they had bought the Deluxe bundle

  • well lets look at it this way only a nintendo console could have come away with an almost unscathed part in that explosion

    • now to prove this we must shoot and blow up the others

  • sd

    See I just knew I wasted my money on the wii U. Its complete rubbish, cant even withstand a bullet. The Xbox 720 is made out of the same material as a black box and could easily deflect the bullet so the Wii u is crap. Oh and Sony are doing a deal with Disney now that they own marvel. So if you buy any Disney product with a ps4 you get a free magneto who will repel even the toughest of bullets. Suck on that wii u, this is all fact…….

  • The_fuzz_buzz

    What can I say, but, legit dude!

  • Jimmy D. Fugate

    I’d rather take “Wii U doesn’t get (insert game here)” articles over this, this is just the product of no good news.

  • TheLast


  • Noah Umana

    they always shoot the little guys, don’t worry wii u one fall but thousand will stand tall

  • JaviiAsdfwtflol

    Holy sarcasm

  • drman

    Kids are playing with guns. I don’t see anything fun or interesting in this video.

  • DESS_M_8

    Utter idiot. Retarded gun nut. Retarded website for posting this as ‘news’ worst wii u website EVER

  • david jarman

    Thanks for wasting our tax dollars on your training, weapons, explosives and probably the console as well. Wiiudaily, thanks for wasting our time and for feeding the trolls.

  • stupid Things from stupid people for stupid Fanboy

  • WarioForever

    Wooow, amaaazing!

  • Marius Valasinas

    This is the only Nintendo website that hates Nintendo.

    • Jeffery02

      Yeah. They seem more interested in just simply giving any news on the Wii U good or bad, redundant or not.

      • Silent

        True, we should just leave.

  • Nintengoth

    Ahem…… Whys?

  • Richard Yates

    Is this where the term “only in america” came from? 2 dumb fucks shooting shit, man u.s army recruiting is probably up the road why dont they go join that so they can blow the shit outa there allies as per norm!

  • Richard Yates

    What did the kid at the end say? yuk yuk tuk thats all folks a der a derrrRRR

  • Jeffery02

    I suppose that’s one way to the battery out. Would have made more sense with an iPod at that point though. Lol

  • bizzy gie

    I hate people.

    • Jeffery02

      We all do, sir. We all do.

  • Squid

    Eeeeeviiiiiiil! (jK)

  • Silent

    Some people are seriously Retarded and Greedy. Meanwhile, people who dream of having a wii U cant get one.

  • David Rampa

    id knock him the fuck out xD

  • discuss

    This website is about the Wii U. Testing a Wii U’s resilience does involve a Wii U. If you can’t handle a Wii U being shot then just don’t watch the movie.

    Yes, it is that simple.

    • Silent

      Making fun of a Wii U is about the wii U. This site is more like hateonwiiudaily.com
      I think Ashley King writes better and more positive articles than John Kinsley. Every negative article in this site is written by J. Kinsley.

      • discuss

        Some people do enjoy watching this and that has nothing to do with “hating on the Wii U” or whatever.

        • Silent

          Sure not, Some people i like to call ”trolls” get fed up by these kinds of things. I mean, no wonder why J. Kinsley posted this, It reflects his personality.

          • discuss

            Stop being such a pessimist: “If you like this movie you are a bad person”.

          • Silent

            Its not pessimism, Its called morality and ethics. You know that there are gun control problems, yet you post a video on youtube where you blast a gaming console just for fun, That is immoral and plainly retarded. Pessimism is when you think things will always turn out for the bad. If you look up the word pessimism in the dictionary, there is going to be a picture of John Kinsley on it.

          • discuss

            You have some really pessimistic morality and ethics.Next you’ll be shouting video games cause violence.

          • Silent

            A lot of people do that and I acknowledge that it is not fully the game’s fault, but the player is to blame too because a lot of games are not all about violence. Anyways, you think that i will soon be against videogames when right now i am posting on a VIDEOGAME website? Dick move. As for the video, the guy is wasting his time shooting a piece of plastic instead of playing with the console or doing something productive. It shows how greedy and idiotic he can be. Hes like, ” Im cool, I just shot a $300 console and didnt even care”. And Mr.Kinsley posting this in here, it shows how ignorant he can be. Even though it is just a guy shooting something, With THIS economy, the LEAST we should see is wasting.

          • discuss

            Do you know that many people think that playing on a console is a waste of time and unproductive? Not to mention that buying a console and games is also a huge waste of money! I disagree because doing something that you consider “fun” is never a waste of time.

            However you can’t decide whats “fun” for someone else.

            If they like to shoot a Wii U and show it to the world who are you to tell them it’s not fun? It’s not like they hurt someone else with making this movie or that they are spending your money.

            If you still stick to your argument perhaps you should consider to quit gaming?

          • Silent

            So you can waste money and show the world how greedy and stupid you are just because it is fun? Oh let me remind you that 20 kids perished because a guy thought killing kids with guns was fun. Entering a cinema and killing several individuals is okay because it is fun for the person who did it? Even though something is fun, it is not always a productive and ethical thing to do. Videogames are a different thing that may or may not be harmful depending on the amount of time you play them. So you are going to tell me: ” Oh you can get jobs by playing video games”
            Yeah, you can, but anyone who does, unless they are THAT good, is living in their parent’s basement. Anyways back to the topic,
            ”However you can’t decide whats “fun” for someone else.”

            Ahh yeah you can. Everyone does. God does. The government does. Stealing is fun for people but whats That famous law again???? NO STEALING.

            Some things, even though they are fun, are not advisable things to do. This act clearly shows how stupid and ignorant he can be since he’s wasting money on THIS economy.

          • discuss

            You missed something vital: “It’s not like they hurt someone else by making this movie”.

            And about the money part: Spending money is actually good for the economy. When people stop spending money you have reason to get worried. Also it is entirely dependant on your income if 300 dollars is a lot or not.

            You are making a huge deal out of nothing here and you ignored the point that gaming is a waste of time and money. You could have spended that money on something productive or given it to charity. You are no better then the persons who created that video. (just using your logic here)

          • Silent

            Gaming is a waste of time only if you spend a lot of time playing video games. The thing I dont like about this video is the fact that they are wasting a Wii U just for fun. Basically throwing 300 dollars out the window like ” Oh I’m rich, I throw 300 dollars away and dont even think twice”

          • david jarman

            That’s not completely true. People get drunk for fun then get into their cars and kill someone. That’s a waste of time and lives. This is bad publicity for nintendo. Did you honestly looked at this video and thought to yourself”cool! I have to get a wii u”
            Most of us here are trying to support the console not trash it.

          • discuss

            Drinking and having fun is something else then drinking and driving (endangering others). Did you honestly looked at this video and thought to yourself “The Wii U can’t handle a sniper bullet and explosives. I’d better not get one”.

          • david jarman

            I hope your not in advertising.

          • discuss

            kk strong argument

          • david jarman


    • Cerus98

      An actual test wouldn’t involve a gun. As if a plastic box will stand up to it. /rollseyes

  • Bob

    This is retarded. What a waste of money and technology for a red neck to blow something up. Blow up an Xbox and I might get excited.

  • Robin Wolf

    Why showing this?

    • Silent

      John Kinsley is just trying to create web traffic and show us a part of his personality. Dick move

  • Silent

    Trying to remodel gun control policies and meanwhile this faggie is playing with guns. Dick move Congress, Dick move.

  • Captain~Raid

    I’d like to see them do THAT to the PlayStation 4 or Next-Gen Xbox, if they will, then the fanboys war will start, Inedible.

    P.S. ~This vid wasn’t worth the watch anyways.

  • Josiah Parsons

    Man. Xbox People. Can’t live with em’.

  • Welp, that was a waste of ammo and a Wii U GamePad.

  • lonewolf88

    soooo this is a wii U blog to show us information…. ummmmm… is this a hint…
    i really don’t get why they would put this on any gaming site… makes no sense at all…

  • Quicksilver88

    Why are people so lame? I mean you shoot stuff it blows up? So preictable. Just once I wishthe bullet would ricochet and hit the shooter. Still this website is really down on a product they supposedly were created to support. Truly ninteno enthusiast is a much better site with serious and good content. Despite all the hate here anyone notice how many kickstarter projects are coming to Wii-U!

  • Ibi Salmon

    At least it was just the basic set.

  • Cadrion

    There goes my plans for using a Wii U for body armor.

  • So the WiiU can’t survive an explosion. Good to know that, just in case I want something to do when I’m bored 😛

  • Was there a point?