May 21st, 2013

A brand new trailer for Sniper Elite v2 has been released, showing off some of the features you can expect to find in the Wii U version when the game launches on May 24th. Quick selection of weapons via the gamepad as possible, as well as a view of the entire map of a given location. The trailer also touts “gamepad mirroring”, though I’m not sure what benefit that has.

When the game originally launched on the PC and other consoles, it included a pre-order mission that allowed you to snipe Hitler. Currently there’s no word if this mission will be included for Wii U owners at launch. Still, I’ve played the PC version of the game and enjoyed it immensely and I’m looking forward to this, if the co-op experience is the same. Will you be picking it up?

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  • eli

    i am star fox!

  • kaygivs

    yes…. i’ve heard good things about it but never had the chance to actually play it

  • david jarman

    Oh baby!

  • sean


  • Nintedward

    I never payed attention to the series until it was recently announced to be coming to Wiiu , and I guess it looks ok.
    I might buy it if the Wiiu version gets great feedback and it is actually better/different from the other versions.

    Anyone know the EU release date ? I know it launched today in the US didn’t it ?

    • Nope, the 24th, unless retailers messed up, in which case it might be available today.

  • I’m assuming gamepad mirroring translates to “off TV play”. Weirdly put, but still. That’s how you can play mario bros U without a TV.

    It is odd how the pictures in the trailer dont actually mirror though… Maybe it’s just when a bullet is shot? I know from the game getting a shot is highly cinematic

  • D.M.T

    I don’t know much about this game so I’m not sure if I should buy it or not.

    it does look good but that’s about it, I don’t know if it is good or just a lazy port.

  • A game that won’t sell well because it is a year old and has no DLC included at the moment. A shame too, because the map features interest me, particularly enemy tracking and knowing the blast radius of explosives.

    Still, it does give a glimpse as to what features can be incorporated into Sniper Elite 3.

  • Magnus Eriksson

    Ooooh, jippie! Another old game launched on Wii U. This is just oboy oboy oboy. Thank you Nintendo, you are great.

    • fireheartis1

      Your an idiot bro you know that. These are game that Nintendo owners haven’t got to play yet, so it’s awesome to get them. Plus there’s amazing GamePad features that make the games better. That whole trip wire thing on the GamePad is jus awesome. Do you Xbots get to have that I think not. This game is going to be amazing and people like you need to realize that. plus Nintendo saw that us Nintendo owners haven’t got to play these games yet, so they made it happen. For an idiot like you do talk crap is just annoying and you need to shut the front door already.

      • Magnus Eriksson

        You must be very well educated. You spelled idiot right every time. Good.

        • Way to avoid everything fireheartis1 said by bringing up his education haha nice sidestep.

    • Guest

      Except it is not up to Nintendo to put these games on there console….. it is up to the publisher and cleared by Nintendo(the same with Xbox and Playstation) So really your comment holds no value…

  • Vinicius

    Better not cost 60 bucks!

  • Møhåmmęd Jårmøn

    I’m getting it. This game is great. I’ve been waiting for this one

  • Morits Lian

    Knowledge or whoever the wannabe-troll is, piss off with your multiple account downvote bullshit.

    On the other note, I would totally try it out if I could

  • Robknoxious1

    Portions of what I’ve seen of this game really interest me. Too bad one of the main gimmicks of watching somebodies insides get blown apart ruins it for me.

    Anyone know if that portion can be turned off?

    • Robknoxious1

      Lol I get a down vote for not liking gore – classic.

    • Adam Morales

      From what i played on the pc demo it can be turned off or even skipped i think. But it’s for more than the gore, for instance hitting a grenade bandoleer and seeing it hit or miss is kind of exciting, but i can see the repetition getting annoying, as much as I loved it XD

      • Robknoxious1

        Good to hear and thanks for responding 🙂

        • Adam Morales

          Absolutely my friend.

  • discuss

    Sniper Elite 1 was the worst sniper game I’ve ever played.

  • Justis Bistawros

    That gamepad mirroring is so sick i can be playing the game and have little kids come in and say wheres the bullet how come it didnt hit the guy you shot at and i can say only i can see the bullet kill the man kids.

  • I didn’t get this game when it first came out but I think I will be picking it up now.