Sep 27th, 2017

The SNES Classic launches on Friday, and if you’re getting one, you should know that you’re getting the same hardware as last year’s NES Classic.

The guys over at Digital Foundry cracked open their SNES Classic console and made an interesting discovery: it’s using the same processor, RAM, and storage.

Specifically, the SNES Classic and NES Classic use the same Allwinner R16 SoC (system on chip), with a quad core ARM Cortex A7s with an ARM Mali 400 MP2 GPU and 256MB DDR3. Both consoles also have 512 MB flash storage.

Which means the output of the consoles is the same as well: both consoles support up to 720p resolution.

This also means it will be easy for hackers and modders to work on the new console if they’re familiar with last year’s NES Classic.

While the hardware remains the same, the SNES Classic costs $20 more than the previous console (but it also includes an extra controller).

Here’s a picture of the two consoles side by side:

SNES Classic uses the same hardware as NES Classic

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