Oct 9th, 2017

It was only a matter of time before the new SNES Classic was hacked to play other ROMs and what not. And that’s exactly what has happened now: hackers have officially cracked the new console and made it possible to load custom ROMs and many other things.

It’s not a huge surprise that the SNES got hacked. After all, it uses the same hardware as the NES Classic, so there wasn’t a lot of work that needed to be done in order to crack the system.

If you have any desire to hack your SNES Classic (and void the warranty), you can do so with an app called hakchi2. All you have to do is to plug in the SNES Classic into a PC with a USB cable and run the software. The program also automatically backups the system in case anything goes wrong.

This then allows the user to add other game ROMs to the console, add custom backgrounds, and more.

The SNES Classic launched last month. It includes 21 games, two controllers, and retails for $80. Although it’s been sold out for a while now.

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