Aug 29th, 2017

Nintendo has promised to have more supply of the SNES Classic than the NES Classic. And they better, because demand for the SNES is even greater than the NES released last year.

That’s according to GameStop, the biggest games retailer in the world. According to GameStop merchandising director Eric Bright, they sold out of SNES Classic pre-orders in just 8 minutes.

“The amount of demand that we’ve seen on the website was certainly greater than the NES Classic when it first got out. More and more people want it, and there were a lot of people that did not get an NES, so they’re trying their hardest to get an SNES.” he told Forbes.

The NES Classic launched last year and was a massive hit — the console was sold out from first day on the market to the last day.

Nintendo has said that they have learned from the supply mistakes they made with the NES Classic last year, and that they are preparing adequate supply of the SNES Classic.

But with the increased demand, it’s highly unlikely that there will be enough SNES Classic units available when it launches. And that’s despite the fact that the SNES is $20 (or 33%) more expensive than the previous console.

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