Apr 23rd, 2014

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Today, Toys for Bob has announced its next entry in the billion dollar Skylanders franchise via a cool new trailer. This year’s installment is called Skylanders: Trap Team, and will release on October 5, 2014 for all major platforms.

As seen in the trailer, players will be able to trap enemies defeated in the game and use them as characters. This will require a new portal that contains a slot for the trap and a speaker for the characters to yell out of. Here are a few other things you should know:

  • There will be more than 40 villains in the game that are able to be trapped and played with, including Kaos himself. However, it will supposedly be a “version” of Kaos, but no one is sure what this means.
  • In typical Skylanders fashion, new characters will be a mix of classic skylanders and special characters wielding “traptanium” which are able to trap baddies.
  • There will be multiple styles of “trap crystals”, which are used to capture enemies, spanning the eight elements in the game. There is no word on the exact number.
  • Per the norm, all previous skylanders will work in the new game, and no new skylanders will travel backwards

There are still some unanswered questions, like how many players the game will support, if it has online play, and if you need a separate trap crystal for every single enemy you face. With the information we have, are you placing your preorder, or are you waiting until the date comes a bit closer to start the cash flow again? If you’re still on the fence, maybe the images below will help you make up your mind!


[pictures and some info via Kotaku. Thanks!]

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  • eli

    enough with skylanders…they’re giving me a headache

  • I’m pretty excited, but I need to know more info before I go hardco-


    I would like to know a few more things, like if it has online play or how many trap thingies I’m gonna need…

    • Ducked

      Did Swap Force have online play?

      • nope. and only 2 players

        • Ducked

          Ah, online would be a good addition then.

    • gerome

      you want it so hard?

      • kevin nun—-

        He wants it hard.

      • I WUNT IT HURD

    • Commander Raichu

      i havent had tried skylanders since giants my check this out

      • I suggest Swap force, if you already have a collection. it’s miles ahead of giants

        • Commander Raichu

          ok i was a little under the fence about swapping but ill try it out

          • trust me. Giants is bland and boring compared to swap force

          • Commander Raichu


  • Anthony Sibilla

    Ok, now make an ACTUAL Spyro game.

    • MysteryT

      Oh god. So skylanders is actually supposed to be a Spyro game? owo
      They’ve ruined my childhood!

      • Yep… at first it was Spyro Skylanders but turned into something else in the end… sad I know

      • It’s a really nice tribute to him, actually. All the devs were spyro fans. He’s in good hands

        • URFTBOUND4LIFE .

          Nah,man. All they did was name dropped him to boost sales.
          Noticed how they downplay him in every sequel…
          How is that showing love?

          • true, he was there to get the series off the ground, but there have been inside spyro jokes throughout the entire series. Just look at all the sheep

          • Arthur Jarret

            I travel by train every day on a busy commute… I see enough sheep every day (people actually wait in line to take the automated stairs instead of just walking those 10 steps to the platform)

            Edit: my point is, why aren’t there more sheep photos at the end of every zorpix editorial?

          • I could do a sheep day XD

      • Squid

        I think it’s more a spin off than anything,

    • Commander Raichu


    • jjbredesen

      YES! save the series from Activistion and give it back to the orginal devs, The first 3 Spyro games on PS1 where fantastic! Some of the best games i have ever played, and then it started to go down and down, and now with Skylanders (sorry Zorpix) i feel it has been ruined.

      • Anthony Sibilla

        This is the LAST thing I wanted for the Spyro franchise. Milk him to death every year and ruin his face even more than the Spyro in the mediocre LoS series.

  • Ducked

    I’ve always thought this and Disney Infinity look cool, but never want to throw out $75 for a video game. One day I’ll play Skylanders and Disney Infinity, not caring if its a kid game.

  • Wooopigsooie

    It would be Zorpix that posts about this… Lol
    As a side note, check out 2:52. That’s a close call!

    • Ducked

      I knew Zorpix wrote this when I saw the article too lol. Skylanders and Monster Hunter is his jam.

      • Just call me Skylander Hunter.

        And theeeere’s my perfect crossover

        • Commander Raichu

          hey whats your favorite skylander personally i like jet vac

          • Gameplay wise, chop chop. He has a nifty shield and cool combos, one of which can do over 500 damage if every stab hits.

            Visually, probably Camo. cute little guy :3

            Personality wise, terrafin. Ever since I heard him say “That guy owes me five dollars!” in the first trailer.

        • Ducked

          For me, its Disney and Final Fantasy…and well…they already have a game for that :3

    • I was wondering if anyone would notice XD

  • Mario

    Wait a sec! Trapping Kaos!? But isn’t he the main villain!? How does that work!?

    • apparently it’s a special version of Kaos or something… I’m not sure 😛

  • Sdudyoy

    Are the toys from the first sets compatible with the new ones? I haven’t played any Skylanders game before and I’m curious, my problem is that I don’t like the idea of buying toys for games, it just seems like a waste of money, than again video games in general kinda are.

    • yeah, all previous toys always work with the new games

      • Sdudyoy

        Thanks, I tried looking it up but I couldn’t find a straight answer.

        • no prob :3 they released a video earlier today (or late last night, not sure) of the actual press conference, but in it they mentioned that all previous figures work in the game

  • Aaron Michael Castle

    I’m 28 and i find skylanders a blast. . Disney infinity is missing a little something.

    • Ducked

      I haven’t played either yet. Disney Infinity interests me a little more because I’m a huge Disney fan. But I hate how DI ruined the characters and made them clunky looking.

      • I just think Skylanders has amazing character design. To have so many good looking creatures is really astounding

        • Ducked

          The mixing up characters which I believe was added in Swap Force seemed pretty sweet too.

          • it’s really fun, and works surprisingly well asthetically. None of them look SO far off that they look downright impossible

          • Ducked

            Well that’s good, I hate impossible

          • impossible is scary

  • DoctorWily

    First of all, I want to say that whoever invented this idea for Skylanders/Disney Infinity where you buy toys to unlock items within the video game is a genius. Obviously – it’s made them billions. However, as a gamer I hate it. When I pay $60 for a game, I want the full game with the ability to unlock everything including all of the characters a la SSB or Mario Kart. I don’t want to have to pay $8 or $15 or whatever it is to unlock any one particular character. This is just a unique/clever way of disguising microtransactions or mini-DLC and I am not a fan. I don’t care how awesome the game is, I will never support this type of format because I don’t enjoy being “milked” by billionaires.

    • Rinslowe

      It’s perfectly suited to kids IMO and collectors, who would have toys to begin with… So why not allow the toys to have multiple functions via NFC??
      For people without kids or those of us “too cool” for toys then yeah, not so interesting…
      The games are pretty neat…

      If it was for more mature games and we had to compliment with figurines all the time, then yeah, like microtransactions (which is uber successful in China)… No thanks.

      • DoctorWily

        I have no problem with the toys. There are plenty of games that have toys as separate entities that people can collect and play with them. I have a problem with the fact that content of the game is essentially hidden away from you unless you spend more and more money on it. I have no idea what the total amount is, but maybe Zorpix can do the math and tell us how much the fully unlocked Skylanders would cost with all of the figurines. I could be way off but it wouldn’t surprise me if it was in excess of $200. Is it worth it to spend that on one game? Especially since I imagine most kids don’t even play with the physical toys – they just sit on the platform while they play with the digital version… Like I said, that just isn’t for me.

        • Rinslowe

          Yeah, if it was widespread and forced all the time, then no thanks…
          As it is it’s still a scary prospect really.

    • I honestly always had a thing for collecting knick knacks, but hated that all they did was sit on a shelf. Now I found a perfect solution, and the game is fun too.

  • Donaald

    Announcing a new Skylanders game is kind of like announcing a new fifa, they come every year.

    • Ducked

      Well Activision makes it, so its the same with Call of Duty.

      • Commander Raichu

        I think its the most innovative yet expensive milked series right now

      • It’s like CoD more than you may realize. There’s two studios working on it. Activision released SWAP force while Toys for Bob was working on Trap Team

        • Ducked

          Ah, so like Infinityward and Treyarch taking turns each year. Wow, I didn’t realize that.

          • yup! And they’re both Activision. Seems to work quite well for them

  • gerome

    it’s coming to the wii u?!. yeah, yeah!! finally, a game for the wii u niggas!! woooohooohoohooo!. it has to share it in an orgy with the xbox one and ps4, but atleast it’s somethin’.

    • Rinslowe

      Whaat the hell?

      • jjbredesen

        Welcome to the world of today’s “cool” kids….:/

        • Rinslowe

          Too “cool” for me…

  • TaintedXGamer

    well fuck,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and ii still haven’t gotten the last 4 swap force skylanders i need to unlock all the elements/skill zones in Swapforce.

    • Ducked

      Its not coming out until fall

  • angel

    I am saving up to make a demo video(trailer) of a game of what i am trying to sell you guys and my vision of it, still a long way to go. I Have to pay people and that requires money that i am currently saving and going to work 2 jobs this summer just to reach my goal soon. Then put it on kickstarter, wish me luck. (For the WiiU and maybe other consoles)

    • angel

      Just wondering, what would you guys want in return for your contribution. this will help to attract more crowd if the return favor is juicy enough.

  • Arthur Jarret

    In more exciting news, the 20th anniversary edition of Another world that was released 3 years ago is coming to Wii U.

  • Capt. Smoker

    I hate this series…. I hope the original spyro series comes back at some point, I’ll never forget what this franchise did to me, I just got my galaxy note 3, bought the game on the playstore, then…..then….. the controls are so complicated, I wound up dropping it, just one day before the arrival of my screen protectors…. but it was too late 🙁 now I have a big gross snotty line on my beautiful amoled screen, it just stares at me all day long….so haunting, damn you skylanders!, I’ll get you for this!!!

    • Ducked

      I wish more people knew how great the original Spyro games were on the PlayStation. They felt perfect, until Insomniac games gave the series up, and moved on to Ratchet Clank. Just like Naughty Dog abandoned the beautiful Crash Bandicoot series for Jak & Daxter. I’d sure love to see the two series be brought back to there original developer.

      • Capt. Smoker

        You read my mind, PS got overlooked for platformers and it had the best of that generation in my opinion, especially Spyro and Crash, though Spyro went downhill, I quite enjoyed it on the gamecube, especially enter the dragonfly, the new franchises just don’t live up to those golden oldies ^^

        • Ducked

          Crash went downhill as well. Although Crash Wrath of Cortex was a decent game. Spyro Ripto’s Rage and Crash Bandicoot Warped were my absolute favorites! I wasn’t as crazy about Ratchet and Jak & Daxter as I was Spyro and Crash. I was a big fan of the Sly series. I think Sanzaru would do a good job taking control of the the series, they did great with Sly.

          • URFTBOUND4LIFE .

            I hated Wrath of Cortex. The camera was awful and I died a lot due to miscalculated jumps even more so than in the originals. How you fuck up a fixed camera is beyond me.

            It was a soulless hollowed out version of Crash Warped.

          • Ducked

            I didn’t like how you fought Crunch every time, but I didn’t have any problems with the camera.

    • Commander Raichu

      it really stinks that there not playstation exclusive anymore -_-

  • djvalbnc

    Mario Kart 8 Bundle announced for Switzerland!


    • Commander Raichu

      Europe you mean
      Reggie better get it over here

  • bart

    you get the starter pack two traps but if you do not have one trap can you still continue the game?????

    • if you catch something in a trap, you can release it and re-use the trap later

  • RecheDiazrivarola

    leon, madeline we need your help. Purchasing our products or we will die.

  • Rugmouse

    You in line already, Zorpix?

    • tent’s all pitched!

      • BIG Franky

        yeah, i’m pretty pumped for this….

        • Did I ever add you to my friend list? I need SWAP Force friends on my Wii U…

  • Commander Raichu

    Its happenning
    Mario Kart 8 bundle confirmed

  • Charlieblizz

    I’m not thrilled about having to buy a new portal pack for every game now, though. And now I’ll have to buy characters AND “trap keys?” I enjoy the Skylander games and all, but I don’t enjoy the ever bigger cash grabs. Maybe if they branched out and pushed the characters into other games or something. Some sort of Skylanders fighting game using previously bought and powered up figures might be fun.

  • Looks like you need 8 trap crystals one for each element, my cousin is gonna love this he’s a huge Skylanders fan. The trailer is actually pretty damn cool as well.