Skylanders: Swap Force is the next adventure to come from the toy video game cross-over king. Not to be outdone by Disney Infinity, Swap Force features all new toys that can swap parts with one another. Swapping the torso of one toy with another creates a new character combination that translates as new abilities within the game.

Skylanders: Swap Force Wii U features

  • 16 new SWAP Force inter-action figures
  • A diverse and dynamic, story-driven gameplay experience, filled with adventure, combat, puzzles, mini-games, and drop-in/drop-out co-op multiplayer. The back catalog of 100+ characters from Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure and Skylanders Giants is forward compatible with Skylanders: Swap Force. Plus, the level cap has been raised to 20 for all Skylanders characters AND all Skylanders now have the ability to jump.
  • 50+ collectible characters including 32 never-before-seen Skylanders heroes; 16 new SWAP Force characters, 16 new Core Skylanders characters, 8 new LightCore™ Skylanders characters, 16 new versions of fan-favorite Skylanders from the previous games with all new “Wow Pow” upgrade power
  • Embark on a brand new adventure, with new enemies and challenges. Meet new friendlies who can help the Skylanders defeat Kaos and his minions in the Cloudbreak Islands
  • Skylanders: Swap Force characters feature new abilities such as flying, climbing, digging, bouncing, or teleporting offering new exploration options
  • Swap Force HD hi-res graphics bring more detailed characters and visual eye-candy to the environments

Skylanders: Swap Force Wii U screenshots

These screenshots depict a few of the new characters and action within Skylanders: Swap Force.

Skylanders: Swap Force Wii U trailer

This E3 2013 trailer demostrates the body swapping ability of the new figures.