Dec 11th, 2013

Skylanders SWAP Force costs money. Let’s get that out of the way right now. If you want to experience everything the game has to offer, you will need to buy more figures. There. Now that that’s out of the way, we can talk about the game itself. Skylanders Swap Force marks the return of Activision’s billion dollar franchise for its third entry in the series. All the leveling, looting, and platforming from the old games is still here, with a few great features added. Though this game is an improvement in many ways, there are still a few things holding it back from perfection.


If you haven’t paid any attention to the Skylanders series ever, allow me fill you in on the basic concept. Skylanders are mystical creatures who live in a place called “Skylands”. Through a curse put on them by Kaos–an evil overlord–they have been frozen into little statues and sent to Earth as banishment. It is then the player’s job as a portal master to put their Skylander figures on a “portal of power” (the portal accessory that comes with the game) to bring them back to life in Skylands, in order to fight Kaos. So, to recap: Kaos bad, Skylanders frozen, toys come to life, great fun is had by everyone.

The story specific to Swap Force is fairly simplistic, but there are enough twists–including one big character reveal–that make it feel fresh and fun to watch. Some of the writing can seem a little childish at times, but most of the predictable jokes are easily dismissed with a facepalm and a smile. In this game, Kaos is back with another plan to take over Skylands, this time wanting to harness the power of ancient elementals who gather for a ceremony to replenish all the magic in Skylands every one hundred years. This magical ceremony happens at a volcano located in a new area of Skylands called the “Cloudbreak Islands”, which are thankfully a lot more fun to explore than the environments in past games.

The “Swap Force” characters are a group of 16 Skylanders who got caught up in the eruption long ago. This eruption gave the ability to swap their top and bottom halves, making them able to combine their powers and abilities. This is the main draw of the new game, in which the physical characters in your living room can swap their tops and bottoms in order to be read by the portal as an entirely new Skylander. This new innovation requires a new portal of power to be purchased with the game–which is understandable–considering that it must now read both halves of a figure. Also, all previous Skylanders will work with this new game, so if you already have a collection going, you can rest easy knowing that they still have value.

Practice makes perfect!


If you’ve played a Skylanders game before, you probably have a pretty good idea of what to expect from Swap Force’s gameplay. You have a main hub where you can upgrade your Skylanders, buy hats, and move on in the story. The hub in this game is a huge improvement over the one in Skylanders Giants. Previously, it was the cramped deck of Captain Flynn’s ship, making everything run together, and feel really tiny. The hub in Swap Force is a forested area called Woodburrow. It’s big and spaced out, and has two teleporters that send you from one side to the other. It also features a little combat practice area to try out your Skylanders’ new upgrades, and see how much damage they are doing. There are a lot of other little secrets to find all around it, making it dynamic and giving it character.

This is what OP looks like.

It’s hard to explain, but against its predecessors, Skylanders Swap Force’s actual level gameplay seems much more refined. Most of the elements are still the same. You go through the level collecting treasure and defeating enemies along the way until you complete the main objective for the level. The variety in the levels is amazing. Lush jungles, arctic battlefields, and western cities are just some of the many environments your characters will be trooping through, which makes the levels more immersive than they’ve ever been.

The levels are also significantly longer now, with some taking me over an hour without even being able to do all the Swap Force Zones. Also, a popular fan request addition to the game is a jump button. Every single Skylander in existence now has the ability to jump, which is a new addition that opens up new puzzles and combat possibilities. This is kind of weird with characters that can fly though–because while flying–if they try to cross a gap that is meant to be jumped over, they’ll simply plummet down. While falling isn’t that big of a deal as you’re zapped back to the place from where you fell, it just seems strange that characters with the ability to fly still need to jump over gaps.

Another way they shake up the gameplay is with new “Swap Force Zones”, which require the new Swap Force characters. Each Swap Force character’s bottom half has its own movement type associated with it, such as dig, climb, or bounce. The Swap Force character that is using the required bottom must then complete a little mini-game, such as climbing up a wall and dodging falling debris, or blasting yourself through rings with rockets. It’s a fun little distraction from the rest of the level and you earn some good cash from it, letting you compare your score with your friends.

Similar to the Swap Force Zones are the elemental gates and dual elemental gates. Elemental gates require a Skylander of the corresponding element to open it (for example, a fire gate requires a fire Skylander). The Skylander will get healed if the area is of his element, and there is usually some kind of puzzle, battle, or mini-game to complete and win a hat or other collectible. The dual elemental gates are a little trickier. Let’s say you run into a fire and water elemental gate. There are two ways to open it. One is to have a water Swap Force Skylander swap a half with a fire Skylander and approach the gate. The other is to hook up a second controller, and have a Skylander of both elements in play. I’ve found that the second method is easier and cheaper, especially if you already have someone else in the player two spot. Luckily if you don’t, dropping in and out of gameplay is simple as placing a Skylander and pressing A.

The new lock puzzle!

In addition to swap zones, there is also a new form of lock puzzle in the game. Lock puzzles require the player to take control of two little electrical cubes named Zap and Bolt to solve puzzles that unlock doors to new areas. You move the two characters around the screen one at a time, trying to get them to meet and unlock the door. The puzzles are a fun distraction–if not a little easy–and provide a nice change of pace. There are other little mini-games, such as fishing, shooting, or rail grinding that come up periodically, keeping the game feeling varied and fresh.

In the form of collectibles, there are literally hundreds of things to find. Story Scrolls, charms, achievements, mission maps, hats, winged sapphires, and more. An interesting addition is “Portal Master Rank”, which is earned by getting achievements (yes, the Wii U version has in-game achievements). Each achievement has a star rating, 1-3, based on how hard it is to get. Every 6 stars or so your portal master rank will go up, allowing you to use charm pedestals scattered around the Woodburrow hub area, which give your characters permanent boosts in areas such as XP and treasure. It’s a nice little feature that makes achievement hunting meaningful, but the fact that some achievements are related to how many Skylanders you have detracts from its merit.

Graphics & Audio

The graphics in Skylanders Swap Force are stunning. Activision did a huge overhaul of the graphics engine, giving everything in the game a more realistic and immersive feel, even upgrading all old characters with a brand new look. The areas you travel through are all unique and memorable, with a lot of things going on around you, putting you right in the middle of the action. One level in particular has an entire war going on in the background, occasionally interacting with the player. With so much going on in the background of this level, I never noticed a dip in my framerate, which is worth mentioning.

This level is a raging battlefield. I loved it.

The music in the game is great as well, setting a more mature tone than its predecessors, but still carrying a playful sounding tune that is reminiscent of the original Spyro the Dragon series. The music never feels out of place and always adds to the experience, rather than taking away.

As far as voice acting goes, it continues to be top notch with several voice actors reprising their roles from the original games. Patrick Warburton, Tom Kenny, Tara Strong, Billy West, and others make their voices heard, giving each character a very fitting voice. Richard Steven Horvitz–the man who voiced Zim in the TV series Invader Zim–voices Kaos and uses his Zim voice for it. This is probably the best voice in the game and never gets old.

However, the script leaves an awkward feeling in my stomach. On one hand, I really want to like it because of the voice actors. On the other hand, some of the jokes, references, slang, and catchphrases are a bit overplayed for the mature tastes. Every time you put a Skylander on the portal, they mouth off their catchphrase. Some of the characters are cool; most of them are not. There is also a lot of phrase repetition, especially in multiplayer modes and mini-games.  You can turn voices completely off in the options (something my girlfriend made me do in the previous entry), but then you’re missing out on a terrific cast. I wish more effort had been put into neutralizing the script between the younger audience and the adult one.


There are two main multiplayer modes in Skylanders SWAP Force, outside of being able to play the entire story mode co-op. There is no online multiplayer in Skylanders SWAP Force.

Survival mode can be played alone, but there are 2 variations of it that require a second player and frankly, it’s more fun that way. Survival mode pits you against a horde of enemies in an arena type setting, where you must kill waves of enemies in order to score points and earn money/experience. Team Survival is a mode where you and your partner work together to clear the arena and combine your scores at the end. Rival Survival–my personal favorite–has two players working together to kill enemies, but they each have separate scores. The one with the highest score at the end wins. It gets pretty competitive without getting too serious, which I think is a perfect balance for this kind of game. Sadly, there’s no “fight till you drop” mode, which the name survival suggested to me and would’ve made the mode last a little longer than it currently does.

Versus mode pits two Skylanders against each other in a fight to the death. This mode has two variations: Ring Out and Arena Battle. Ring Out puts two Skylanders in a circular arena, repeatedly whacking each other to build up charge gauges. Once the gauge is full, your character will unleash a “super punch”, which will bop the opposing Skylander to the edge of the arena in an attempt to knock them off. Think 3D Smash Bros. This mode is great fun and the more balanced of the two. However, Arena Battle mode could use some work. The core idea of just having two Skylanders try to deplete each other’s health sounds safe enough, but when you have certain Skylanders who can heal and attack with pushback and range at the same time (looking at you, Flashwing), these battles can easily become one-sided. It’s a shame too, because this mode could have been superb had the balance been a little more even. Still, if you trust your friends to not be exploiters, there is fun to be had here as well.

Battles, while unbalanced, are a fun distraction

The last multiplayer aspect does involve online play, but it’s not exactly what you’d think. Using your Wii U friends list, you can view your friends’ Skylander collection, achievement collection, hat collection, high scores, achievements, and their percent completions of levels. You can even select to wear a hat your friend has that you might not have gotten yet if you like the stat boosts it gives. While this online interaction is more social than competitive, it is a welcome and fun addition to the franchise.

Wii U Features

Off TV play. Just throwin’ that out there. I know how much you guys love it.

On a more serious note, during gameplay, the player using the GamePad is able to see the Skylander’s stats on the GamePad, which is an incredibly nice feature. If it weren’t for the second screen, you’d have to go through two menus just to see the Skylander’s stats. With their stats always at your fingertips, it’s a lot easier to decide if you want to put on the hat you just found, or keep your current one. There are two other panels, one for seeing your current progress in the level, and another showing leaderboards for the level with your friend’s stats on it. These are more for convenience than anything–but trust me–not having to pause the game and navigate menus to find the information you want is really handy.

The game can also be played with a Wii U Pro controller, Wiimote + Nunchuk and Wiimote + Classic Controller.


Skylanders SWAP Force has a lot of content to cover. This game is jam packed with things to do, and as long as your collection keeps growing you’ll find more and more things to to occupy your time. The main problem is the cost of growing your collection. Still, with the starter pack alone, you have a game that is polished, smooth, and a lot of fun to play. There are a few annoyances with multiplayer balance and the baffling flying issue, but all in all, Skylanders SWAP Force is a fun game that you shouldn’t turn your back on if you have the cash.


+ Ability to jump adds to a solid formula, and the level design is better than ever
+ A lot more to do after the story is complete
+ Swap Force characters add novelty, collectability, and strategy in a fun way
+ Amazing audio and visuals powered by a new graphics engine and a terrific voice cast
+ Convenient gamepad use


– It does cost a pretty penny to experience everything
– Some balance issues in multiplayer and no online play
– Flying characters don’t really “fly”
– Some of the dialogue really reminds you that this game is aimed at children

Final Score

Score: 8.5/10

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  • Hey guys! My name is Zorpix, and I reviewed this game! Thanks for taking the time to read it. If you have any questions or comments about the review, please ask me 🙂

    I’ll be hanging out in the comments for a little, so sound off! 🙂

    EDIT: Just curious, does anyone wanna see a picture of my Skylanders collection? I was thinking of including it for the review, but never got a chance. would you guys be interested in seeing it? I could post it here 🙂

    • SmashFinale

      … Why does it not show you as the author of these articles you make?

      • NintenScience

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      • If you mean the little blurb at the end like Ashley has, that is because she has connected Google+, and I’m not at the point that they’re comfortable setting up admin stuff like that for me yet. Hopefully that’ll change soon! 😀

        • SmashFinale

          Ah, i see. Thank you.

    • Ducked

      Have you played Disney Infinity? If you have, you should write a review on that. I’m curious of which one is more worthy of purchasing 🙂

      Good review, keep up the good work!

      • I haven’t played Infinity. I decided I’d only have one physical DLC game 😛

        EDIT: From what I understand however, the characters themselves in Skylanders have a little more value, since they level up, and kind of grow on you. It’s a chance to experience a brand new character, as opposed to revisiting some you already know. Each is a special thing, but I just had to choose, and I chose Skylanders

        • kenny Johnson

          I’ve also not played Infinity, but I also think that the figure collecting in Skylanders makes more sense. . . Because you might actually need a certain character with an element or in the case of Swap Force, bottom-ability (climb, speed, etc.) to get to certain levels in the game. Also, each character does have its own unique abilities and power ups, which I’m not sure is true with Infinity.

          • I know each character in infinity attacks a bit differently, but I’m not sure if you upgrade the attacks, or how unique they are

          • BIG Franky

            each character unlocks different content that is used in the toybox mode….. so I’m not sure there is more “value” to a Skylanders figure…. I think its more of just a preference.

          • Thaaats right. I knew they unlocked something. I guess it’s just the value in the eye of the beholder 🙂 That toxbox mode was crazy impressive though.

          • BIG Franky

            exactly…. just a preference. to me both are cool ideas, depends on the user and what they are after. like I said, my kiddies are getting swap force for Christmas, as well as Disney infinity… I’ll let you know my thoughts on Infinity in a couple of weeks! 🙂

          • Can’t wait! 🙂 I really wouldn’t mind giving it a try

        • Ducked

          Thanks, just curious. I’m a bit of a Disney fan if you haven’t noticed

          • Hey, nothing wrong with Disney 🙂

    • kenny Johnson

      I know your dirty secret passion for Skyalnders. 🙂 I do think you’re too hard on the dialog. I know it makes you cringe, but I find the puns and silly dialog to be a plus — not a negative.

      • It’s cute and charming, but sometimes it’s just too cringe-worthy to ignore XD

        But yeah, it’s not a secret at all. they’re all sitting on my desk XD

    • Rugmouse

      Thanks for the review, Zorpix. I know I’ve picked your brain on the topic of Skylanders before, and I’m happy to report I have joined the Skylander’s ranks. Well, I have to wait until Christmas to actually give it a go, but it’s sitting under the tree! Can’t wait to try it out…I’ve heard someone loosely compare it to Guantlet Legends – I loved that game!

      • Never played Gauntlet… care to describe it? 😛

        Yes! Recruited one more 😀

        • Rugmouse

          Sure, that’s an easy one.

          In Guantlet you simply beat the stuffing out of orcs, goblins, whatever unearthly creature the map threw at you. Done!

          lol – it’s just a isometric beat-em-up adventure game…nothing more. The gameplay was very simple, but there was something extremely satisfying about it.

          PS- I posted my ‘counterargument’ about the VGX announcement on the forums…if you have an hour to kill, you should give it a look =D

          • It’s finals week, so I’ll have to look later. Honestly, now that I’m an editor, I think I’m gonna kinda phase out of the forums XD

            sounds a lot like skylanders. Hope you enjoy 😀

          • Rugmouse

            Oh I see how it is – now that you’ve made it to the big show, you forget about the little guys!

            Nah, just messin’ with ya, I understand. Congrats!

          • Thank you :3 I’ll give your post a look though, since you mentioned it was partially aimed at me 😛

    • BIG Franky

      good job! 🙂

      • Thank you very much, sir 🙂

    • Magnus Eriksson

      How is this really a con?

      “- Some of the dialogue really reminds you that this game is aimed at children

      • Rinslowe

        It takes time for us more “seasoned gamers” (LOL) to accept that we actually enjoy a fair amount of games aimed at children, haha!

        Perhaps Zorpix is just helping out with accepting that one…?

        • I love games aimed at children! I Just wish I wasn’t reminded every 10 minutes… XD

      • Trust me… some of this dialogue is so damn corny and predictable, i’ve groaned out loud. I LOVE puns, but there is a line. You can only hear “EGGcelent” So many times…

    • Josiah Parsons

      Is it worth price of admission (base set + 3-5 skylanders) or would a lego game be better?

      • Depends on your commitment level. If you plan on buying new characters over the years, then yeah, it’s worth it. There’s a lot to do, and I’m still finding little secrets in levels. However, Lego City Undercover is also a great game. Is this for you or your child? If it’s your child, get Skylanders. If it’s you, and you seem to be interested in “Is this game going to give me enough time for my dollar”, go with lego city.

        • Josiah Parsons

          Technically, I am still a child (16). I’m one of the lucky ones whose public library carries Wii U games, and I’ve been having tons of fun with Lego City Undercover. I’m thinkin’ that I would rather have SM3DW and save for SSB4 or MK8 than spend $120 on Skylanders, despite that Swap Force looks really fun.

          • That’s a tough choice… I think you’ll be better off saving for those, and then getting this later when it’s cheaper.

            But then again, which are you more likely to receive as presents, smash, mario, etc at 60$, or Swap force at 75

  • Nintendoplaystation

    Great review. Would you believe that I went into game to buy this for wii u for my son but they said they were sold out. Thinking that they just didn’t stock enough for wii u I checked and was all sold out online too, so I had to give in to ordering the ps3 version
    Online instead.

    • Wii U versions were actually quite popular. I’m glad I preordered my dark pack long before release 😀

      • Nintendoplaystation

        I wish I had prepared better now as I’d rather have it for wii u but I had to get it for him. I’ll know better next time. It’s great the wii u version is popular.

        • It’s a really fun Wii U game, but I’m sure it’s fun on other platforms too :3

          • Nintendoplaystation

            Yeah he’ll ( and me ) will love it anyway. The great thing about skylanders is the figures are universal for any console so it doesn’t matter which version his friends have. Oh and brought him 3d world too for Xmas, he gonna love me, can’t wAit to try I myself too.

          • yeah, that’s the really nice thing. I just need to know more college students with Skylanders collections…

          • Nintendoplaystation

            Haha great thing about having kids is they swap and change all time with friends so you can try it out too if you want and with movies, hey son wanna go and see frozen, sure dad. I’ve never seen so many Pixar or Disney films but its great, there’s a little child in all of us we just pretend to be mature do a degree.

          • I can’t wait till I have kids so I can have an excuse to be a grown man going to Disney/Dreamworks movies >.>

    • BIG Franky

      Interestingly enough I just read that most of the copies of both Skylanders (all three of its iterations) and Disney Infinity are selling on the original Wii….. more than double the number of units sold on both XB & PS3 combined… pretty interesting, and I guess that makes sense if you think about it…. not sure how they are doing on the Wii U.

      • Nintendoplaystation

        Seems like it selling well on wii u too. I think wii u will be more of a system to gain success bit by bit rather than instant success. I also believe that I will be a great system for fans. It will have some real nintendo gems like the n64 did.

  • Ducked

    I always assumed Skylanders is, well a kids game. And it still seems to aim that way as you said in the review. I wouldn’t mind trying out this game If I had the money, it looks like a good game nevertheless.

    • On the surface, it’s very much a kid’s game, but there is a really deep strategy level to it, that you would never really expect from something like this!

      • Ducked

        Well I play Animal Crossing, so then again nothing is to kiddie for me! 😀

        • It’s… more kiddie than animal crossing 😛 But also sometimes badass. just take the good with the bad 😀

          • Ducked

            More kiddie than Animal Crossing? Well, I guess the gameplay is all that matters :3

          • Gameplay is really fun :3

            and it’s sorta more kiddie… I dunno. Just worse puns XD

    • BIG Franky

      it is.

  • Simon Stevens

    I’m gonna buy this, I like collecting toys, I have a problem, I wish they’d make a solo Spyro game though sometime soon….

    • I would die/kill for that spyro game, but for now, swap force is a really good alternative! I always loved collecting knick knacks and stuff, and now that I found cool character designs with a purpose, it made it better!

      • Simon Stevens

        I loved em all…. 🙁 I want the old ps1/gc spyros back ^.^ skylanders is cool though, my little one plays them all the time, same for disney infinity, although skylanders is ” infinitely ” better than any alternative 🙂

        • heh. I agree there on all points :P. How did you feel about the Spyro Trilogy?

  • Fred

    Thanks for the review. I wish would do more wii u and 3DS reviews. Hopefully now that you have a few more authors I’ll get my wish.

    • yeah, I think we’ll be doing a few more now :3

    • That’s basically the only thing that held up our reviews recently. For a while there I was managing Wii U Daily and PS4 Daily by myself. I had no time for reviews. I’m glad to see so many willing and active contributors again.

      • andrewjcole

        If I was old enough, I’d write for you. I have great marks in english writing, and I’m a complete Nintendo nerd. Oh well. I love this website and it gives me most of my Wii U news!

        • Thank you for tuning in!

  • BIG Franky

    I’ve played the previous titles and the third installment will be arriving Christmas morning for my son… these are fun games… FOR KIDS…. a lot of people don’t realize how much they are geared for children from every angle, not just the obvious look and sound of the characters, but from the difficulty level. from a purely campaign perspective, these games are far too easy…. even for kids. my 7-yr old son blew through Skylanders GIANTS last year the day after Christmas in 5 hours…. yep… a 7-year old played and completed the entire campaign in 5 hours…. my friend’s son finished Swap Force in less than 7 hours (and from what I see online that seems to be the consensus number of hours required to beat the game…7 hours…. or less). Sorry, I know these are kids games so the challenge level should reflect that, but c’mon Activision…that’s unacceptable. if you are to make the challenge level so weak, at least elongate the game by adding levels.
    yes, I know that there are lots of unlockables in these games, so there is replayability to achieve 100%, but the same can be said of the Lego games and I feel as if their campaigns are a bit more challenging and not so overtly childish. Just my 2 cents…. that being said, for any parents that have kids, this is definitely a game to look into.

    • Uhh… I dont know what difficulty they were playing on, but I’m playing on nightmare, and each level takes me about an hour/hour and a half… and there are 12 levels in story mode alone. took me about 20 hours for the story I’d say. and that’s without all the SWAP zones

      As for difficulty, just play on Nightmare. You’ll be tossing Skylanders at the wall in no time! 🙂

      that being said, I totally see where you’re coming from. Giants was awfully short. Swap Force seems more polished and refined IMO

      I really agree with your last statement though. This is a great game for kids that I actually wish I was raised on 😛

      • BIG Franky

        yeah…. my son only plays it on the normal/standard level. and just to clarify… he isn’t the one complaining about it, I am. he loves the games.

        • Ah. Yeah, if you want a challenge, you’re gonna wanna play on nightmare. everything else is kind of a cakewalk.

  • andrewjcole

    I play Disney Infinity, but I’m not against Skylanders like some Infinity fans are. It actually looks cool graphicly and gameplay wise. If I had the money, I would definitely enter the world of Skylanders.

    Awesome article again, Zorpix!

    • I’m not against infinity either. Looks really cool :3

      thank you 😀

  • Rinslowe

    You’re on fire Zorpix! Another cool piece of work.
    Also, a review of a game that could have been easily overlooked was insightful. Even has me wondering if worth to give a try now…

    • Thank you! I am half fire type 😉

      well, if you have the cash for the investment, I’d say it’s worth it. Even buying like, a figure or two a month is pretty good. That’s only 10-20 bucks a month (less if you follow sales)

  • Random12multi

    I’ve seen what this game can do to kids ._.

    • make them happy? 😛 It makes me happy XD

      Nah, I know though. I’ve seen it too 😛 It’s on the parents to keep it under control 😛

      • Random12multi

        Let’s hope that kid’s start playing this rather then COD

        • It’s a better game and has better morals 😀

      • BIG Franky

        yep…. its easy for the younger kids to get into the collecting frenzy and want all of the toys…. but at the end of the day, its up to me to make sure my son spends his own money on the items… he has a lot of Skylanders, but aside from gifts he has received on birthdays and Christmas… he has saved up for every one on his own and has paid with his own money….

        • That’s parenting 🙂 I applaud you

        • JAYCEE989

          My daughter did the same with the pokemon rumble u nfc figures, however they only cost $3.99 vs $8-25 for skylanders.

      • JAYCEE989

        When me and my daughter take trips to gamestop she always goes to the skylander corner first lol if she enjoys this game ill get her Disney infinity next.

        • They’re so bright and colorful, why wouldn’t she? They’re fun to just look at! 🙂 I think she’ll enjoy the game, but I bet she’d enjoy it more if you played it with her 🙂 This game is basically made for a bonding experience with your kids

          • JAYCEE989

            Absolutely! I bought her her own Wii U mini pro controller so we can play together on Christmas day. The gamepad/pro controller are still a little big for her hands so i was super excited to find the mini, and it fits perfectly for her.

          • That’s awesome! I cant wait to play games like this with kids of my own one day. That sounds like a great Christmas 🙂

  • BIG Franky

    guys! the Swap Force bundle is avail at Game Stop for $275!!! that is an awesome deal/value…. so if you are on the fence about a Wii U, or know someone that is…. be sure to check it out!

    • Thanks for the heads up! 🙂

  • JAYCEE989

    Awesome review, I bought this for my daughter for Christmas along with 9 other swap force characters cant wait to see her face when she opens it! I’m using this as her intro into the gaming world, hopefully the magical world of Nintendo will pull her in as it did me at her age.

    • Thank you 🙂

      It’s certainly a good place to start. In an industry that’s slowly becoming more mature, it’s nice to know that there are still some games out there that you can just relax and have fun with the kids with 🙂

      • JAYCEE989

        I couldn’t agree more, and thats why i love Nintendo. It has my more mature games (Zombi U,COD Ghosts,Bayonetta 2 etc.) but also the games i grew up with and still love to this day. Playing Super Mario 3D World with her was the funnest gaming experience I’ve ever had as a gamer.

        • Nintendo magic, right there 🙂

          My kids are going to be raised on Nintendo 🙂