Feb 12th, 2014


Activision originally began the Skylanders series with Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure in 2011 and it’s been paying in dividends ever since. Activision announced today as part of it’s quarterly financial report that the Skylanders series has grossed more than $2 billion worldwide across all available platforms, as of the end of last year. Activision has sold about 175 million Skylanders toys, which can be collected and summoned in game as playable characters.

The latest game in the series, Skylanders: SWAP Force, was released on October 13th of last year for all current generation consoles. It can be purchased in a bundle with the Wii U.

This is interesting to hear. Have any of you played any of the Skylanders games? Are you surprised to hear it sold this many units?

[Source: Joystiq]

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  • Assassinated23

    That is quite an impressive number.

  • Daniel

    Heard of it. Looked really boring though!

    • Trust me. It’s not :3

      • Daniel

        You guys don’t have to down vote me cause I have an opinion. And even with those “facts” about sales. It’s a matter of preference and sales don’t mean jack squat to me. As long as the game is good. It just doesn’t look like my thing

        • I’m assuming they downvoted because they didn’t agree with you, and that’s kinda what downvotes are for… Nobody is saying your opinion is invalid. they’re just saying they don’t agree with it o.0

    • That guy who hates Spike

      Did you know:
      Before Super Mario 3D World, Skylanders Swap Force was the Wii U’s highest rated game?
      That’s right! It beat Pikmin, Mass Effect, New Super Mario Bros, and Monster Hunter.

      • SP-937-215

        The world can be a scary place sometimes.

  • GregoryTheRainMaker

    I have not played any Skylander games, and regardless of this news these are not games I have any invested interest in purchasing ever. I was surprised that Activision made this much money from Skylanders, but they now have a big money maker on their hands..good for them. 🙂

    • Ducked

      Its because it’s a children’s game. Now they need to let Isnomiac studios make a real spyro game.

      • Nintendofreak

        hey i actually play those things….

        • Ducked

          I play children’s games too at times, just not Skylanders since it’s so expensive.

          • SP-937-215

            You remind me of Banjo-Kazooie. It’s like a Nick Jr. cartoon and as a young teen I thought it was stupid. But I got it for XBLA as an adult. As it turns out, that game is really well developed. It led to me buying Banjo-Tooie and Kameo: Elements of Power. I hate what MS has done to Rare though. They should have taken Dinosaur Planet as a lesson and realized that Rare does better when left to its own devices.

          • Ducked

            Well Rare is basically Nintendo now. I’ve always been a fan of Platformers and JRPG’s. It’s a shame Kameo released on Xbox, it was a great game but sold so poorly. I’ve actually never played the original Banjo game, I’ve just heard it was great.

    • SP-937-215

      My thoughts exactly. Call me old fashioned, but I like my playable characters preinstalled. To each her own.

  • Ducked

    If only kids these days knew how good the Spyro ganes were on the original PlayStation. After that the series went downhill, at least their making money off it anyways.

    • I played and loved Spyro as a kid. I also play and love Skylanders. They can coexist peacefully :3

      • Ducked

        I agree, but the first three Spyro games were outstanding platformer’s, and Spyro 2 is probably one of the greatest platformers of all time, like a top 100 that is…

    • Robert Butters

      Is Spyro the same Universe as Skylanders? I’ve never seen skylanders

      • Nah. it’s a totally different universe. Kinda like the trilogy

      • Ducked

        What Zorpix said, way different. It just has Spyro in it

    • readypembroke

      Crash Nitro Kart was probably one of the best non-realistic racing games out there right beside Mario Kart.

      • Ducked

        Crash Nitro Kart wasn’t a bad game, but Crash Team Racing on the PSone was way better.

        • readypembroke

          Never played that one.

  • Fred

    Did it sell well on Nintendo? I hope so cause I hate for the next version to not land on Wii U.

  • FutureFox

    Heard of it. Not surprised, since I see it everywhere. Not my kind of game; and like Pokemon before it I don’t get the appeal nor do I want to.

  • bout half of that is my money

    • Ducked

      Quite a collection you have there, more than Monster Hunter?

  • audi lover

    Why? How?

  • Andrew Clear

    I’m not surprised, cause it is like crack. The game is fun, and the characters feel different when being played, so you want to buy more. Also, a lot of stuff is gated behind certain elements, which makes you want to buy more.

    It is a great game, though.

    • NyallJodhan


  • Dáibhí wotshissurname

    I want to post that DS meme with Miyamoto shouting “IT PRINTS MONEY!!!” on it. How do you post images, is it by BBCode like on forums or what?

    • readypembroke

      Just paste the image’s direct URL and it will show.

  • Bobby

    Not sursprised at all. I work in the gaming industry and since the first one I quickly knew it would be a success. I was surprise that some of my colleagues didn’t heard about it months after the release. Even if they are in the game industry. It was categorised as games for kids and they had no interest. They didn’t expect the money this franchise could do,

  • William Cole

    Maybe Miyamoto’s new IP can get on this success train. I hear it’ll use NFC.