Skylanders Giants comes to Wii U bearing all-new larger characters with new abilities to change up the battlefield. The game is published by Activision and developed by Vicarious Visions on Wii U, with quality toys that merge the real world with the gaming world. Skylanders Giants introduces 16 new characters including the over-sized Giant Skylanders and all-new LightCore Skylanders that light up in the game and on the Portal of Power.

Skylanders Giants Wii U features

Using the mystical Portal of Power, a new team of Skylanders will embark on a new world saving adventure. Encounter new enemies, solve fun new puzzles, explore new areas of Skylands, and discover all the new collectibles and treasures along the way. New Hero Challenges, more Battle Mode gameplay, and advanced cross-console integration with consoles, handhels, mobile, and Skylanders Universe rounds out Skylanders Giants for Wii U.

Skylanders Giants Wii U screenshots

The images below show gameplay and the toys surrounding the Portal of Power.

Skylanders Giants Wii U trailer

The Tall Tales Extended trailer shows the smaller Skylanders sharing myths about the Giants.