Jan 30th, 2016

Yesterday we got a brand new Zelda Twilight Princes Wii U story trailer, and now the good guys at Nintendo World Report made a side by side comparison.

As the video above shows, the Wii U version is noticeably crispier and more detailed, as one would expect.

If you’re wondering why the original Wii trailer is mirrored, there is quite an interesting reason: Nintendo originally developed Link as left-handed, like in all previous Zelda games.

Then they decided to make him right handed, since the majority of Wii owners used the Wiimote with their right hand. But instead of redoing the whole game with a right-handed Link, they just mirrored the entire game world.

For the Wii U version, Nintendo flipped it back, so that Link is left-handed once again. In order for the trailers to match, the Wii version had to be mirrored.

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