Jun 24th, 2014

Shovel Knight is finally upon us! The game was originally supposed to launch last year, but after being pushed back to March of this year and then again, we began to wonder when we’d see the 8-bit platformer grace the Wii U. That day is this Thursday, June 26. It’s a simultaneous release, with the game launching on Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, and Steam at the same time.

If you’re a fan of Mega Man style games with iconic bosses at the end of each level, you’re in for a real treat with this game. We’ll have a review of the game forth-coming, but in the mean time, do you plan on purchasing this game when it comes out on Thursday?

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  • disqus_QNIAqtNpHo

    at first i thought this game was weird but it looks awesome it’s like tloz mega man and metroid combined

  • Donaald

    I can see, they tweaked the art-style, now it does look 8-bit, like late-released SMS game.

  • Bob Charlie

    Prepare for justice, SHOVEL JUSTICE!

  • Dark Souls + NES platformer = must own

  • Denvy

    This trailer makes it look so darn easy! Can’t wait to actually die a gazillion times when I play it! Ha, in all seriousness, looks great.

  • Jakob

    Why did they basically copy Master Porkys theme for this trialer 🙁

  • LevenThumps

    I wasn’t initially interested in this game, but this trailer has peaked my interest.

  • ActivesiN

    this game looks insane!

  • Joseph Oliveira

    This game looks like a lot of fun! It looks more polished than before. Yay!

  • Roadkill409

    looks like more fun on the Wii U

  • Wooopigsooie

    I’ve been waiting freaking forever for this game! So glad to see it finally release in it’s full glory this Thursday. Love the music in the trailer as well. This game (from what I can tell so far) has some of the best elements from so many classic 2D 8-bit games from the 90’s (the vast variety of weapons kinda makes me think Kirby). Will be an eshop must have for sure.

  • Assassinated23

    The music reminds me of Zelda in several places.

  • Zorlac79

    Seems more like Castlevania with some hints of Zelda II to me.
    I am definitely gonna check it out!

    • Michael Hancock

      It is reminiscent of Zelda II. Especially the downward stab hop. Zelda II is an obscure gem, and happens to be my favorite game of all time. I named my son Link, after Link in “Link: Zelda II”. I don’t understand how people are on the fence about Shovel Knight. Will I buy this game? The answer is a resounding “FUCK YES!”.

      • Bob Charlie

        SK is actually a game that combines the game mechanics of Duck Tales, Mega Man, and Castlevania.
        By the way, if you really named your child after a game then get the game’s name correct. The second Zelda game is called “Zelda II: The Adventures of Link.”

        • Michael Hancock

          I’m aware of the title, you fucking weak retard. What I said was I named my son Link, after Link (the character) in Zelda II.

          • Bob Charlie

            Cry more.

          • Zorlac79

            Link was one of my favorites of all time as well, waiting on a full HD remake of the first two nes titles, maybe some day.

            Love your “actually” explanation as you are spot on with it.
            Ignore the trolls that say nonsense to antagonize others for no reason.

          • Bob Charlie

            You are both right. Using “actually” in a sentence is far more immature than using profanity and name calling.

          • Michael Hancock

            It’s not immature, it’s pretentious. As a dragon with golden scales, it is my nature to attack. If it means anything, I don’t think you’re an idiot. However, your comment was condescending. Temporarily changing your profile pic to my pic upside down is funny. I respect your sense of humor.

          • Zorlac79

            Calling out a troll isn’t necessarily name calling, but more so labeling.
            I just get tired of seeing people trolling EVERYWHERE I GO.
            It actually gets really old. lol.
            Also, we weren’t talking about maturity, we were talking about intelligence. Big difference. C’mon man, keep up.

    • Michael Hancock

      A little Clash at Demonhead, too.

  • Roadkill409

    From how little attention this article is getting in comparison to other articles, it seems like the Wii U Daily audience is not too enthusiastic about this game. Is this game only appealing to a group of people that might remember the 8-bit days?

  • WellWisher

    Looks like there’s loads of varied gameplay. Might have to check it out once Gaben is finished with my wallet.


    No im not going to buy any virtual console game anymore !! I want Zelda U right now !! Or Mario party 10 or devils third !!! I want games !!!