Mar 13th, 2014


If you were looking forward to digging your shovel into the 16-bit world of Shovel Knight come the end of the month, you’ll have to wait a little big longer. Through an update on their Kickstarter page, Yacht Club Games has announced that Shovel Knight will miss the projected March 31st release date by a few weeks. No concrete date is given because the team wants to make sure they have a date secure with both Nintendo and Steam.

As for what’s causing the delay, the development team outlined the things they’re still working on to make sure the release goes smoothly, including:

  • Dialogue and scripted events are being finalized
  • Finishing touches put on level design for the final levels
  • Overall game balancing
  • Platform specific standards so everything runs smoothly on your system of choice!
  • Testing, testing, testing… on all platforms!

Of course this seems like quite a bit to get done in just a few weeks, including the testing. It’s likely we’ll probably see Shovel Knight at the end of April or so. This is a bummer for those who were looking forward to playing the game, but as Miyamoto says, a delayed game is eventually good, a bad game is bad forever.

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  • Wooopigsooie

    Dang, this was supposed to be my filler until Mario Kart comes out. Hope it isn’t delayed too long. One thing’s for sure though… this’ll be an old-school style indie gem- you can count on that.

    • Shota

      lol wii u filler arc named shovel knight. the main wii u series mk8 saga

    • Ducked

      It be nice if Nintendo had released Super Mario Kart on the eShop for a filler

    • David Trail

      Buy Unepic or Kytt Underground… DKC TF also if you haven’t already got it.

  • Ducked

    What’s with all of these delays? Even in indie games, sheesh.


      Nintendo just dub 2014 as”THE YEAR OF DELAYS” already

      • David Trail

        PS4 is also the year of delays. Just look at Drive Club etc!

        • Mario Garth

          Yeah I blame Sony for Driveclub delay.

    • T-X

      People feel like they have to reach a deadline so they set one. They should take a note from Tetsuya Nomura; FFXV and KH3 never got promises or release dates even when there was footage to show.

    • thedeciderU

      these companies hear the hate of the internet and probably want to try to put out the best product they can make in the time available (even with delays). i thought this game was supposed to be 3D dammit!

      • thedeciderU

        i feel there could be a collapse of the industry, and this is the calm before the storm. everyone’s expectations are way to high and we’re all so damn entitled, myself included (as much as i hate to say it). i think these companies are realizing they can’t please everyone/anyone, and are shrugging because they have to make the money back, which is leading to some weird decisions on things such as 1) game difficulty, 2) pricing, 3) on which platforms it will release, etc. i wish more games would come to wiiu too, but then i think, would i buy many of the first party games AND several triple-A third party games? not likely, though i’ve got a small backlog going on multiple consoles now.

  • Daniel Gonzalez

    “This is a bummer for those who were looking forward to playing the game,
    but as Miyamoto says, a delayed game is eventually good, a bad game is
    bad forever.”

    Yeah? He’s never played Duke Nukem Forever.

    • Dark-Link73

      I guess he’s never heard of “Patches” and “Updates”.

      • Patches are not going to help a new developer aka Shovel Knight. The game goes out to press two weeks prior to launch. Reviews get written on a half baked/buggy/incomplete product. The patches hit 4 weeks later. By this point most of the reviews are out. Game Metacritic is already low. No one’s going to review the game after a patch so you’re basically screwed on your first title and possibly subsequent titles. A patch is not a solution.

    • Peter Lythaby

      Ha ha aka took forever?

    • Yousif Alromaithi

      So did he play FFXIII. No he meant it general statement.

    • Ducked

      He probably hasn’t played Aliens Cononiel Marines either.

      • Daniel Gonzalez

        I’m trying to pretend that one doesn’t exist.

    • RyuNoHadouken


  • Dark-Link73

    Delays have become such as norm in this industry it shows the lack of professionalism and lack of the respect of the industry toward the consumer. I remember a time when a game would be released on time and of it was “delayed”, it’d be for only about a week or two at the latest AND the game would be awesome with minimal amount of bugs or glitches.

    Delays are like a concert starting an hour late. Simply disrespectful and unprofessional.

    • Ducked

      I agree, they have happened a whole lot the last two years.

    • Yannis Fyssas

      Are you nuts dude? The devs are making a better game, spending more time (and thus their money) out of their own pocket to give us a better product. As a consumer I don’t have to do Jack I just wait and poof – better product – better experience. Oh wait , some of us don’t like to wait, we prefer to whine about it. WTF?

      • Dark-Link73

        In no point in time in my comment I expressed that it was bad for a developer to take their time developing a game in order to ensure the best quality possible. What I said is that it has become the norm for the industry to delay their work and that lacks professionalism and respect to their clientele. You see, if you give your boss a particular date to finish any project, you need to make sure you take into consideration any variables and contingencies in order to meet the deadline you’ve given. Otherwise you lack professionalism in your work. It is the same with today’s gaming industry.

        Back in my day (man that makes me sound old), N64 and before, when a developer made a game, they would first asses all their resources and progress before given even a year of release, much less exact date! When the game would teach a certain stage in its development THEN they would give a year of release. By the time the game was COMPLETED and ready did mass production, THEN they would announce the exact date of release. So 99% of games would be release on time without problems. Most of the delays came from transit and shipping. Today developers announce a game and they’re not even 50% done with it and they are announcing exact release dates without even taking into account possible issues that might arise. Or they just simply lie about why is delayed because of a heavily competitive release schedule (DKR:TF and possibly W_D on U). That’s why so many games are delayed nowadays.

        Today’s industry doesn’t have the same level of professionalism as they did 20 years ago. Oh wait, some of us weren’t alive when the industry showed respect and professionalism. We think we can learn that from the internet.

        • Well said I agree with you a hundred percent, I saw the rise of Nintendo and Sony with my own eyes back in the 80’s and 90’s as well as the fall of Atari and Sega. The respect and proffesionalism is long gone indeed these days, such a shame. All they see these days are $, €, £, ¥ signs and nothing more.

          On the bright side though this game is supposedly delayed for a few weeks, probably a month. Not that bad taking everything into consideration.

          • has more respect and professionalism for the consumer than many AAA companies. Please don’t lump them into the same bucket.

            …”My disagreement is in this : Delay=Lack of professionalism. Which seems to be the crux of this argument – which is rather flawed in my opinion.”

          • I saw you typing the comment at pretty much the same time as I was making mine, after I posted I waited for you to finish and read your comment as well, and you’re right, I nor we can lump them in the same bucket.

            My reference should be to big companies like EA etc. most indies do respect gamers and love their own work as well as work from others. The month delay doesn’t bother me much, I can live with it, but I dislike “to long delays” as tripple A’s do often.

            Even I still dislike te delay on Rayman legends a 6 month delay to make it multiplat, yet a year later they delay a game for a possible 2014 release on one specific system, while they do not delay the same game on other platforms to release them all at the same time as before, and when it finally does release they say, “the game didn’t sell well on WiiU” while it came aproxametly 9 months “to” late…

            Obviously reffering to Ubisoft and Watch_dogs. Actually it’s kinda flawed as well as Ubisoft and Activision are the only two who haven’t dropped Wii U support just yet.

            But as you stated that you work for a company that makes software and have valid points of your own from “their” perspective, I also assume that with this comment I made and replied to you, you get my point right?

          • Yes I get your point.

        • Having worked in a professional Development environment for the last 8 years I’d have to agree with *some of* what you say here.

          My disagreement is in this : Delay=Lack of professionalism. Which seems to be the crux of this argument – which is rather flawed in my opinion.

          I simply do not see that in my past professional experience. I’ve shipped million seller games with delays. The delay was never a lack of professionalism. It doesn’t correlate. Your example of “you give your boss a date”… is not how game development works.

          Let me explain: Everyone on the team is trying to make an awesome game and jamming as much content and awesomeness in there. New ideas come up. You throw out old ideas and move onto newer ideas, tested ideas, and user feedback. These things threaten your launch date so you now have an option. Release for the sake of hitting your date, or make an awesome product, spend more money and delay the release. Guess what most passionate devs choose to do?

          Thanks for voicing your point of view though. I feel like someone has to speak from the Dev POV here.

          • Dark-Link73

            The lack of professionalism IS the expression of the underlying argument. Perhaps the “boss” example was not an appropriate example because, as in your case, has the risk of being misinterpreted because it was meant to be seen as an example in a general business model. Not gaming business model.

            If you ignore the “boss” example and focus on the second paragraph, the you’ll realize that (inadvertently), you have just confirmed the main point of my argument. Please, allow me to explain.

            All the “new ideas, user feedback” and other issues that you expose as part of the game developing process, are the same issues I was trying to underline by saying that a developer “…would first asses all their resources and progress before even giving a year of release…”. 20 year ago programmers, developers, etc. would first give out a year of release, then a quarter, then a month, and then the exact date. As aforementioned, the exact date was only about a month or two out which (most likely) meant that the game was finished, complete, done.

            Again, the lack of professionalism doesn’t come from delaying the game to perfect it, it comes from publicly announcing a game will be ready without taking into account all the variables (new ideas, user feedback, etc.) that can, and will, cause a deadline to be missed.

            Look at the developers for Pure Chess (Voofoo). They were working on their game, the finished it, it was ready for distribution. But they NEVER announced the actual release of the game until only yesterday (the game releases on the 20th). Why? because there was the issue of being approved for the eShop. Voofoo took into consideration this variable and did not announce a date until they knew for certain they could meet the release date. That, is one example of my operational definition (in the parameters of this argument) of professionalism.

          • I guess we’ll agree to disagree then !

            Thanks for chiming in 🙂

  • ActivesiN

    this was one of the few indie games I was looking forward too, at least its a few weeks delayed not a few months

  • BIG Franky

    I’m in no rush, as I am getting this game “free” for being a backing subscriber to Nintendo Force Magazine (link below if interested)… definitely looking forward to it though!

  • Roadkill409

    Bummer, but I will still be getting it.


    Son of a grayed-haired bitch!! WTH man!?? This some bullshit! Oh well……

  • FutureFox

    Of course it will. I expect nothing more these these.

  • David Trail

    Can’t wait for this game. Too busy playing DKC TF at the moment. The delay is a good thing. Polish it has much as you can I say!

  • LukeMM95

    I’d be more annoyed if Smash Bros or Bayonetta 2 got delayed.

  • classicgamer20

    In Darth Vader voice NOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • LJay

    No one remember how long Zelda OoT got delayed for!!? Whos cares if its delayed a bit-i just want the end product to be worth the wait and money i pay for it,far too many big name companies these days patching up there half finished games later after releasing it early just to please impatient kids and shareholders-to me that shows a lack of respect for consumers,you hardly ever see problems with Nintendos games because they wait till its finished and good for these guys doing the same-the game looks excellent,im buying it when its released.