May 9th, 2016

Since their inception, major video games have never been cheap, but these prices also haven’t changed much. With video games today becoming more complex, their budgets have also risen dramatically, even rivaling major motion pictures in some instances. This has resulted in game companies to look for alternative ways to make money from a single game, most notably in the form of downloadable content, DLC.

With game content being chopped up and sold separately at an increasing rate, it’s becoming more expensive to get a game’s complete experience. So this raises the question, should video game prices just be raised? Rather than focusing on how to sell a game’s content, developers could focus on creating it.

In the following video, I take a look at the problems in how game content is bought and sold, and discuss whether or not jacking up game prices is a valid solution.

How do you feel about the current cost of games? Would you pay more for a better experience? Are game companies getting too DLC happy? Let us know in the comments.

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