Feb 4th, 2014


Shin’en Multimedia revealed their Wii U game Fast Racing Neo in October of last year. Since then we haven’t heard much about it, but in a recent interview the developers revealed that there will be several different control methods for the game, as well as leaderboards for competing for the highest scores. When asked which control methods the developer plans on supporting outside of the Wii U GamePad, this is the answer:

Perfect controls are very important to us. We support the Wii U Pro Controller, the Wii Wheel, the Wii Remote/Nunchuk and of course the Wii U GamePad.

The Wii Wheel is an interesting addition and it seems like if you own it after your Mario Kart purchase, you’ll be getting more use out of it for Shin’en’s new game. If you want to read the rest of the interview, you can do so here.

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  • Sydney Ultrasyd

    Can’t wait the first screen shots

  • I like that games are doing this. With the variety of control options found on the Wii U it is nice to see game companies that use all of them giving gamers the choice on how they want to play.

    I hope this game has more online functions other than leader boards though as I could see myself playing online with other friends and players

    • Yeah, on PS4 and Xbone they only really have two:


      PlayStation Move
      DualShock 4


      Crapinect (Kinect)
      Xbone Controller

      Wii U:

      Wii U Pro Controller
      Wii Remote/Nunchuck
      Wii Steering Wheel (Aka the Wii Remote on its own)
      Wii U Gamepad

      Yeah, the Wii U is awesome 🙂

      • Nintenjoe82

        Wii Classic Controller
        Wii Classic Controller Pro

        • I forgot about those, though I think they aren’t supported on the Wii U as much.

          • Nintenjoe82

            they’re supported on nearly every game I’ve bought

          • Shota

            say what?

      • LightupmyLife

        Two controllers for each of those consoles is all they need, not a clutter. I love my Wii U too, but I don’t discriminate. Wii U isn’t perfect. It’s no wonder trouble stirs up around this site often with comments like that. 😉

        • Wayne Beck

          I would respectfully disagree. I think game Consoles should support as many peripherals as possible, to allow Developers to bring any kind of game they can imagine to life.

          Also, I’m a notorious Xbox hater.. Go Nintendo and Playstation!

          ..and I was not the one who down voted you.

          • LightupmyLife

            I don’t like Xbox One either, but that’s not a reason to make immature comments about it. Lol. I prefer the least amount possible with peripherals, too many to me is just a mess. I can make do with one controller with maybe one extra.

            Appreciate the honesty. For the record, I don’t care if I get them or not. No offense of course. 🙂

          • Skelterz

            ok yeah but your heads a lightbulb so who’s gunna listen to you lol.

          • LightupmyLife

            Perhaps, but I will shine light on the situation.

          • Skelterz

            literally just lit up my day that was perfect 1 upvote for you.

          • Carlos Webster

            I’m glad you hate the Xbox brand. Also, I totally agree with you!

        • So you are saying the Dualshock 4’s short battery life and the Xbox One’s cramped controller are good?… sad

          • LightupmyLife

            Wii U’s battery life isn’t much better in comparison and it took third party to correct that for them. That is sad indeed. Please do continue on your fanboy binge, it is certainly entertaining to say the least.

          • Wayne Beck

            The Pro Controller has something like an 80 hour battery life. =)

          • LightupmyLife

            We’re talking about Wii U’s Gamepad, not it’s pro controller. Which is the primary controller for Wii U games. Pro Controller is secondary. So bringing it up in an argument over the Gamepad made no sense. Lol. Unless you were looking to defend Nintendo. 😉

            As for the 80 hour claim, that is according to Amazon and Gamestop, and it depends on many factors. I never read a statement of Nintendo confirming that. The most I ever got out of mine is just above 30.

          • Wayne Beck

            Who’s we? At no point here did anybody suggest that the conversation was exclusively about “Primary” Controllers. If anything, your comparison of the Wii U Gamepad, essentially a Tablet, and the Dualshock and Xbox Controller makes absolutely no sense. More importantly, On a Wii U, where up to five people play at once, you only get one Gamepad. Everyone else uses the Pro Controller or Wii Remote. If you want to compare the Wii U Gamepad to something, get a Windows Tablet and Play a Game on it Non-stop and see how long the Battery Lasts.

            The Wii U Pro Controller is the Only Comparable Controller on Nintendo when considering something like battery life. It is Nintendo’s attempt at direct competition with the Dual Shock and Xbox Controller. It speaks volumes that Nintendo could make a Cheaper controller that has a battery life that lasts, not days, but weeks longer than the competition. I use my Pro Controller almost every day, and I have not had to Charge it since I took it out of the Box at the beginning of December. Every other person I’ve seen talk about has had the same experience.

          • LightupmyLife

            I don’t buy any of your claims and I go by my own experiences as well as people that I know who have one and had quite similar experiences. Yes, you did change the subject by adding in the Pro Controller when the discussion was about Wii U Gamepad, PS4 DS4 and Xbox One.

            The 80 hour marketing buzz from Amazon and Gamestop proved that to me. 30 was about the most I got from it, which isn’t bad at all, but 80 was certainly an exaggeration. You can stand by what you claim, and that’s cool. I stand by everything I said and that won’t change. Have a good day. 😉

          • C4


            It says 80 hours. Definitely lasted 50h + for me but with very light rumble use (IIRC MH3U doesn’t even support rumble)

            Edit: Under “Power and Battery”

      • Brandon

        I prefer the dualshock 4 out of all those options, but the xbox controller it pretty good as it seems.

        • Unless you like a cramped hand then the Xbox One controller is for you…. I didn’t say that the Dualshock 4 was bad, I actually love it, I just prefer the Wii U gamepad.

          • Brandon

            Well the xbox 360 controller was the best controller of last gen and the xbox one seems similer to that.

          • LightupmyLife

            As much as I love the PS4 controller, the 360 controller has become to universal controller of choice. Even Wii U’s Pro Controller resembles it a lot and PC gamers use it as well. Gotta love when people hate a product just due to the name. 😉

          • LightupmyLife

            Really? I never experienced a cramp hand from it. Perhaps you’re only relaying your own experiences about it, which is cool, but it’s not the case for everyone else. You’re one person, not the whole world.

          • Skelterz

            if you get carpel tunnel that easy you should see a doctor mate.

      • Skelterz

        To be honest i’m actually really chuffed to see the back of the wii remote, not to say i didn’t enjoy it for certain games but all in all i prefer the missionary position reach around on the gamepad.

        • LightupmyLife

          I prefer it too. I’ll keep the rest to myself.

          • Skelterz

            Dude the thing is with this site when you have an opinion that is different when it comes to certain aspects etc wii motes of framerates, you get rushed lol i don’t know why but like if you say you prefer the 360 remote you will get a downvote yet its nintendo fans that say they hate fanboys the most and yet the mere mention that someone thought the balance board for wii fit was shit you get like trolled out.

          • LightupmyLife

            Indeed. I see a lot of Nintendo fans who complain about Sony and Microsoft fanboys trolling. Yet, I see them doing the same exact thing here, and even on other websites that cover PS4 and Xbox One. It’s hypocrisy at its finest. They can downvote people all they want, can’t bury facts. It’s quite difficult to have mature discussions around here and rarely can you initiate one. It is a Nintendo related site, so naturally the crazies will come to their defense. Lol.

          • Skelterz

            Yeah i know its silly i’ve owned N64’s Ps1’s gamecubes xbox 360’s and i enjoyed each and everyone on there day and so did a lot of people here, How many of the people that go round saying they prefer the wii u pro controller actually sat down and thought about how much better it is than the 360 controller when playing halo 4 online lol its just stupid and all for effect its not about controllers its about people wanting to say something for the sake of saying something.

            I could not stand the wii remote and only used it because i could not play skyward sword without it i did enjoy it and i like the gameplay but i dont like swinging around like a prat in my front room i played twilight princess on the gamecube for that very reason.

          • LightupmyLife

            Couldn’t agree more. Gamer Mania’s comment is a good example to be fair. Saying something for the sake of it. It’s immaturity at best. If someone doesn’t like an Xbox controller, then just say you don’t care for it and be done. Is it a reason to say it’s crap or even go as far as to say that the PS4 controller has short battery life when Wii U’s gamepad had that same issue until it took a third party company to correct Nintendo’s mistake? I never really understood fanboy logic. Lol.

            I love all forms of gaming, but I’m not blinded to each company’s mistakes.

          • Skelterz

            What you end up with on this site is downvotes if you don’t agree with the mass opinion in the end everyone sticks there nose in just to come across as one in the same when in fact there just talking shit for the sake of it, Don’t get me wrong i like this website but there needs to be an article at some point about relevance in the comment section because anyone reading the conversation were having right now is likely to agree with us but won’t say they agree unless say ashley writes an article about the state of the gaming world at the moment frankly its so trivial and boring and in the end alot of these people spend more time bashing consoles they don’t own then playing the one they love.

          • LightupmyLife

            I also love when people bring up a whole new argument over the original one in an attempt to debunk your claims. It’s hilarious and can’t say I don’t laugh at such responses. I do agree with you, I would say there are many people who would open their mouths if they weren’t attacked by the crazy fans of the site. I never see a reason to fear downvotes or worry about what people think of you.

            It’s a comment section, say what’s on your mind and don’t even give a crap if someone doesn’t like what you have to say, there poor opinion of you means nothing, and there are plenty of people around who are willing to listen to you.

            Of course like you said, those crazies tend to butt in and try to stir up trouble, which they tend to succeed. I would love an article on here to address it, but I kinda doubt we’ll see one anytime soon.

            I love this article though. It puts everything into perspective.


      • Rich Garriques

        xbox and playstation have stand alone wheels , playstation move has a wheel peripheral and so does the dual shock 3 controller its called sxis , look for playtation move wheel it does have one , and sony can easily bundle vita with playsation 4 for second screen its just a matter of time till they actual do it. but as for xbox i would say its more limited unless they make peripherals like wireless wheel or a controller of some sort that will take advantage of the kinect more. id say the big difference here is most games on wii and wii u take advantage of the control options other then sony and microsoft , i hardly see any move games except for bioshock inifinite and okami the latest move enabled titles ,for Xbox dead space 3 and maybe 1 or two more ; that’s all iv seen.

      • Tons of Wii U controller options. Few games truly utilizing their power.


  • Rick Valenta

    PRO CONTROLLER FTW!! Wii Wheel could be cool but I’m sorry it’s just not as precise…

    • Dylan Groot

      Depends on how precise you are, friend of mine actually kicked my ass with that stupid wheel, never thought that would be possible with that thing xD

      • SmashFinale

        I hate losing to wii wheelers… it feels so embarrassing.

  • lonewolf88

    i am guessing this will be shown off either E3 or during a nintendo direct.

  • Donaald

    That’s cool and all but where’s the game?

  • Shagrath1983

    No more tidbits until your ready to show off the product please

  • Arthur Jarret

    lol, wii wheel… mine has turned grey and boo, no classic controller!
    I do hope the wii gamepad control offers a motion control option – it actually worked pretty well on need for speed and the gamepad feels more like a wheel to me than the wii wheel.

  • GregoryTheRainMaker

    Show game so I can believe. o.o

  • Andrew Gonzalez

    I want to see what this looks like already. I’m not one for racing sims but if this has more of a futuristic feel I’m all in. At least according to the logo it might be that.

    • chocodino

      then you never played the first one…..there are lots of videos, the game is Fast Racing League


      • Andrew Gonzalez

        Thanks for the info

      • MetroidZero

        F-Zero inspired? 🙂

      • oontz

        That looks exactly like wipeout… which isn’t a bad thing.

  • Rodger_Ramjet

    This game is sounding so cool. Going to buy this for sure!

  • leo

    in other news , wheres my Nintendo direct?

  • WiiUPS4

    Another awesome game i hope!

  • Andy Samson

    Is it really that hard for Nintendo to release their own Force feedback Steering wheel, or ask 3rd parties to make an official one? With Mariokart 8 and Project cars coming this would be really awesome.

  • InterTreble

    That’s the difference between developers who CAN program and make excellent games, and developers who talk no sense about Wii U and pretend to have tested it.

    • oontz

      Again you grace us with another classic “interTreble” qoute. Keep them coming, comedic gold.

      • InterTreble

        I kindly ask the administrators to take the right decisions about this troll who is always and only generating flames. Its comment is not a reply to what I’ve said, it’s just member war.

        • oontz

          Again I am not a troll. Just a realistic Nintendo fan. Been a day one Nintendo supporter since the NES. It’s just funny how YOU always bad mouth these mysterious developers and never provide any factual evidence to back up your claims.

          “Its comment is not a reply to what I’ve said”

          (Verb): to say something in response to something someone has said.

          A reply is a reply. I am simply responding to what you said. That IS a reply.

          • InterTreble

            You definitely don’t read, or worse, understand what people say. That’s the problem, and it’s just a problem of yours. Rest in peace.

          • oontz

            I read very well and I understand exactly what people say… you usually don’t make any sense though. You’re always making these wild allegations about developers that as you put…

            “talk no sense about Wii U and pretend to have tested it”

            But then provide no data to back these claims up. Are these developers just in your head? What developers are you alluding to? I am genuinely interested to know what developers you feel have

            “talk no sense about Wii U and pretend to have tested it”

            Seriously, if you can’t even provide an example to your wild claims then don’t make the claims in the first place.

            Further more, telling someone to rest in peace just because they don’t blindly agree with you is a tad immature.

          • InterTreble

            Too long comment. You make me laugh how you always produce so verbose considerations for just two lines! 😀 Shut up and rest in peace now, not because I don’t agree with you (it’s impossible to agree with such a silly comment as your first one) but because you have demonstrated to be against me apart from what I write. It’s your problem, it’s member war. And you are a troll. An immature troll, indeed! 😉

          • oontz

            Annnnnnnnnd again… you have avoided the actual question I posed. You’re quite comical. I have never said I am against you, just interested in which developer YOU feel has

            “talk no sense about Wii U and pretend to have tested it”

            You made that statement, no one else. It reminds me of a great idiom… “The emptiest vessel makes the most noise”

          • InterTreble

            Enjoy… enjoy with videogames… you never enjoy yourself. All the days wasted offending and trolling… What a poor life… Enjoy, my friend, enjoy… And now, sorry but I’ve to go back home and play… oh yes, I will enjoy, as I always do with videogames! On Wii U, on Xbox 360, on PC, on tablet. I use consoles and device to have a good time, not like you! 🙂 Have you listened? On Wii U or Xbox or whatever. The fanboy, or better, the troll is YOU! And you can continue saying stupid things, here or there, it’s your problem, and I couldn’t care less! XD

          • oontz

            Thank you for proving my point.

          • LightupmyLife

            I think you’re about the only person who probably responds to him. This is about as much attention as he’ll get from anyone over the net with his horrific mindset. It’s a shame to say this is the future of our great world. Such a pity.

          • InterTreble


          • oontz

            LOL indeed.

  • If this game is anything like the last FAST Racing game, this will be a rather generic combination of F-Zero-styled courses with Wipeout-styled vehicles. Only with rather squished tracks and bulky-looking vehicles.

    *braces for downvotes*