Jul 11th, 2017

Hey you. Pssssst. Yeah you. Did you like Retro City Rampage? Want more of that pixel-on-pixel beat ’em up as you drive-by action? I’ve got just the thing for you, especially if you want coy commentary on today’s corporate-driven society. Meet Shakedown Hawaii.

You still get to shoot, destroy, and rampage your way across the entire game, only now instead of being employed by the mob to carry out their version of justice, you get some smarmy new corporate overlords who need lots of new revenue streams. It’s a tongue-in-cheek glance at some of culture today and I’m eager to check it out on Switch.

Still no release date with the reveal of this trailer, but I’ve definitely got my eye on it. How about you?

Nintendo eShop Card – $20

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