Aug 8th, 2013

Last week we told you that the Shadow of the Eternals Kickstarter was relaunched. The campaign has just 15 days to go and only has $225k of the necessary $750k funds. The trailer above shows off some of the artwork from the game, including dungeons, backgrounds, and several of the horrific elements you’ll encounter in the game.

If the game receives its funding, the developers expect the game to launch in the fall of 2014 for PC and Wii U. Precursor Games have also become an official PS4 developer, so it’s likely if the game is funded it will see release on Sony’s new console as well.

  • Lusunup

    Never played eternal darkness but the art looks alot similar to that of legend of zelda but with more dark suspense I look forward to seeing more.

    • di g

      its not out yet

      • Lusunup

        what was the original game called on gamecube?? I meant to say that one.

        • Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem

          • Lusunup

            Thanks Ashley I just remembered. xD

        • di g

          eternal darkness. that game was crazy

  • Wayne Beck

    Really don’t know why, but people just are not feelin this game. Less bold projects have crushed this kind of funding goal. I wonder what the issue is.

    • di g

      i guess this game is an acquired taste.

  • Yousif Alromaithi

    How time goes by when Precursor Games used to be a Nintendo parent company. I will never forget Eternal Darkness finest GameCube title. Well let us hope this would share the same perfection it had.

    • Andreas Sunde

      Precursor Games was never under Nintendo. You’re thinking of Silicon Knights. Several of the same people, but different leadership and company.

      • Yousif Alromaithi

        Yes that was I am saying.

  • The artworks look very interesting, if they reach their goal and the game comes out It’ll be a day on purchase. Loved Eternal Darkness.

    • Stephen Macneil

      I would recommend pledging now if you can. To get the game it’s only a $25 pledge. If everyone waits until it’s released, the game won’t get made. πŸ™

  • Zombie Boy

    Is this actually still coming to the Wii U? Precursor games are an official Sony developer now, that’s why I ask.

    • di g

      i think so

    • Stephen Macneil

      Yes it’s Wii U. PS4 if it reaches it’s stretch goals only.

    • Zuxs13

      Comes to WiiU and PC first, PS4 is a stretch goal.

  • JeanPaul

    I’ve lost interest in this game. SO much back and forth. Is it coming out? is it not? Is it an exclusive? Is it still on kickstarter? Do they need more money? What are they doing?

    • di g

      totally agree with you. its just like what happened to rayman legends i lost interest because of the big delay and so much time has passed and all these other titles coming out. im just like ehh

    • MasterPpv

      Yes, they need more money. Not because they filled their goal and got greedy for more or anything – they didn’t meet their goal the first time around. In fact, not even close, as I recall. That’s why it’s no longer an exclusive. They need to appeal to anyone who can put money towards them actually being able to finish the game, and if that means targeting people other than just Wii U owners, they’re going to do it.

      Do understand that I’m just trying to straightforwardly answer your question to the best of my knowledge. No bias. I honestly don’t care what system this game comes out on because I just want to be able to play it, and the way things have been going for them as far as their fundraisers go, I’m worried that I’ll never get that chance.

      • Baum γ€Œγƒ„γƒͺー」

        It wasn’t an exclusive in the beginning…didn’t they say it’s coming to Wii U AND PC all the time, anyway?

        • MasterPpv

          Yeah but it was a console exclusive at least.

  • Nintendofreak

    nothing against seeing pictures and stuff….but gameplay, models, and environments actually would have been better

    • Stephen Macneil

      They have some combat videos and stuff out too. It looks really tactical. The demo is out too, but they’re releasing more and more each day.

  • jrob23

    I am not sold. looks okay but there is a reason it’s not getting the necessary money. Just doesn’t looks very compelling. Could be just me though

  • Stephen Macneil

    Eternal Darkness used to mess me up so bad playing late at night. Anyone else remember the Sanity event that made you think you deleted your save game file? At $25 pledge this game is a steal. I think more people will pledge once they see what’s being offered on their kickstarter page. They have some very nice tiers

  • D.M.T

    Call me selfish or a fanboy if you want but I hope this game doesn’t get released on the PS4. Most Sony fans don’t care about this game because most of them have never played the first Eternal Darkness. They just want it on the PS4 because they don’t want these type of games to be exclusive to Wii U.

    It’s not the first time or last time that Sony fans will do whatever they can to make any 3rd party exclusive available on their console. And then when it does come to their console, few of them actually buy the game.

    I hope Shadow of Eternals get made for Wii U and PC only. PS4 does not deserve this game.

    • Stephen Macneil

      I don’t think it will come out for PS4, at least not for awhile. The thing is, this will only get made if Wii U owners pledge for it on kickstarter. If Wii U owners don’t pledge, then it is possible they will try again on a more popular system.

      • Mykdee

        it has a ps4 logo at the end of the video….

        • Stephen Macneil

          Yeah but if you go to their kickstarter page it states they will only port to ps4 if they go over their funding goal significantly. I don’t see that happening as I think just getting to the PC/wii u goal will be tough. It needs some love right now.

          • Mykdee

            i see, i didn’t look on their KS page. At the risk of sounding ignorant, because i have not played the original game: That video did not convince me, at all. i doubt they will come anywhere near their goal.

          • Stephen Macneil

            The original was amazing. Basically it was a survival horror with some puzzle elements but one of the unique things is the more horrible stuff that you see the more insane you go. Sometimes it would be ingame things like bleeding walls or voices, but sometimes the volume on your tv would go down or it would say your controller is unplugged while a mob of creatures come after you, then it would flash back to normal gameplay. If you check out the actual gameplay trailer using cryengine you might be more impressed. I’m pretty excited anyway.

            As for their goal. Kickstarters are always slow in weeks 2-3

          • Mykdee

            ah i didn’t notice the other video, that is no doubt more interesting though. I have never followed a kickstarter, only heard about them. I checked the page out, and it all looks really good, except the 8-10 hour gameplay.

          • Stephen Macneil

            I think they’re aiming low as it will only be a $25 game for backers. But I saw a lot of the concept stuff and I think it will be at least 15 hours but you can’t make those kinds of promises with the worry of not quite getting there. If you ever get the chance to play the first one it holds up pretty well.

          • kevin nun—-

            I hope Precursor Games reads these comments. Quite some people, like myself, are not supporting the kickstarter funding knowing there is a slight possibility the game could be ported to a console without its fanbase, the PS4. It would be awesome with the new Kinect, but nah. Nintendo needs exclusives..

          • Stephen Macneil

            I think that’s extremely immature. Most people are suggesting Precursor ditch Wii U and go with xbox and ps4, yet there are fan boys like you who won’t support one of the few companies who want to develop for the system simply because of the off chance they will put it on another system. If Nintendo wants it to be exclusive they can pay to do do like every other exclusive. I used to think nintendo was largely at fault for lack of support but if there are more like you then it’s their base responsible as well. Wow, just wow.

          • kevin nun—-

            Eternal Darkness never came to the PS, and making it accessible on a PS console after Nintendo consumers already gave money for the first kickstarter hoping for it to be an exclusive would be an unfair move. Sure it be nice for both consoles to recieve an amazing franchise, later, not the same time as the Wii U. It should come as a port to the PS4 later on. I’m not a fanboy, I type what I believe is the truth behind Nintendo and Sony, I highlight their good and bad sides, and as of now the Wii U needs this title more than a PS console without an appreciative fanbase. Sony and Microsoft already copy alot from Nintendo, let Nintendo have its moment..

          • Stephen Macneil

            Their first kickstarter didn’t do well, largely because no one has a Wii U. To not support a game simply because Nintendo didn’t offer them an exclusivity contract is ridiculous. By porting this to Wii U at all Precursor is giving the Wii U more time of day than most developers. I just can’t believe that this is an actual reason for not supporting a Wii U game. The only companies that are making exclusives are because Nintendo pays for that. There’s a reason developers either don’t want to make games for Wii U or not make exclusives, there’s no base to make profits. Sorry but I think Precursor is trying to support Wii U while at the same time not selling their soul to the devil by making it exclusive to fan boys. I think it will be Wii U only anyway, but if they do port it over the years I hope they profit a lot so they can make other games.

          • kevin nun—-


          • Stephen Macneil

            Sorry if I sounded harsh. I just think the Wii U needs some big titles and if we aren’t going to support it it is because we don’t like the game, not because of the off chance it would get ported. That’s self defeating. I know I don’t like it when xbox or ps developers say they will never make something for wii u.

          • Quicksilver88

            Dude PS4 has ZERO userbase right now and if Nintendo turns things around WiiU should have 10M base before PS4 has 5M. I am not dogging your point in that if you like a game series or concept you should support it as long as it comes to a system U own but most people do no support kickstarters for systems that are not even released and this series has no cred with Sony fanbase and PS4 owners are expecting to gets lots of titles they don’t prefund so understand adding ps4 is going to do little at this point to get this game funded.

          • Stephen Macneil

            Of course I know that. I think financially Precursor should have made it for current gen systems, but the game won’t be released for a year so they want it to be current when it arrives in 2014. It’s bad timing in a way. To your point though, I don’t get what you mean by cred with the system. Final Fantasy had no cred with PS One when it came out and FF7 was a mega hit. Dark Souls had no cred with Xbox yet it was a hit. People don’t care if the first one was released 10 years ago, furthermore, it’s silly to assume that GameCube owners back then never owned a PlayStation then or now. I owned every Nintendo system, as well as a PS2, Dreamcast, and eventually an Xbox 360. I think committing to one system is silly unless it’s financially beneficial.

    • jay


      A Nintendo exclusive is announced: “PSH! Baby gamez lol!

      A Nintendo”exclusive” is headed to Playstation: “YEAH we gettin that game too haha take that Nintendo I’ve got ma preorder!!”

      • Stephen Macneil

        Yeah but if it doesn’t get kickstarted there won’t be preorders. The playstation crowd is ignoring the game because its only a stretch goal to port it on ps4. If wii u fans want this they have to pledge.

  • Brandon Gardner

    Nintendo should just buy this company out to make exclusives only for Nintendo

  • Teves153

    as sponge-bob would say:

  • Dez

    With the amount of funding they are asking for, I highly doubt it’ll make the PS4 without Sony directly funding it.

  • Kyal R

    if this kick starter fails again. Nintendo should publish the game. Brand it under Eternal Darkness. (New name being Eternal Darkness: Shadows of the Eternals) and as a Wii U exclusive. The Eternal Darkness name alone should help sales of both the game (as its more recognisable) and Wii U consoles, being exclusive.

  • Michael Jurado

    am I the only person who doesn’t want this game on ps4???

  • Marcel Kleine

    ps4 confirmed :/

  • david jarman

    I want game footage not pictures.

  • Ricky__Spanish

    Concept art…. meh

  • Quicksilver88

    Like many of U I have fond memories of ED on GC but honestly I think precursor knows they are not going to raise this type of coin on a kickstarter (750K). The problem is ED is more than a decade old and Silcon Knights crashed and burned in relative disgrace. They are trying to build a big budget game on the kickstarter model which generally doesn’t happen. Part of the appeal of the original was the insanity effects which they can’t use because Ninendo owns those mechanics. I think the devs are hoping to get someone Sony/Nintendo or another publisher interested enough to support the project. This kickstarter will fail and then what? Even for the money they are seeking they are only promising some episodes and then will need more money and support to bring more. I would love to see a spiritual succesor to ED on any platform, especially WiiU but what would be better is a true sequel developed to the level that Ninendo could support….

  • Stephen Davis

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