May 13th, 2013

If you’re still on the fence about backing Precursor Games’ attempt to make a spiritual successor to Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem, this footage may put you over the edge. The studio has released nine minutes of preview footage that shows what CryEngine 3 is capable of doing on the Wii U. This is just a preview of what’s to come so there’s no gameplay in place yet, but what’s being shown off looks promising.

The voice acting could use some work, but that’s probably something that will be polished up before the episodes are released. If you’re interested in backing the project, you have 24 days left to do so. Currently the project sits at $145k of the $1.5 million asked. What do you think of the preview? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • I love Nintendo & Nintendo loves me 🙂
    I’m going to contribute .
    Because this game will be amazing

    • Robknoxious1

      “I love Nintendo & Nintendo loves me” LOL best reason ever! 😀

    • John Raybell

      awesome glad to hear that, I will also be throwing money at this game soon, my first project Im going to support though a fund raiser :), going to throw $60+ at this and $60+ on star citizen 🙂

  • Ducked

    I love survival horror games, I’ve said this before, I really wish they could put it in stores.

  • Zombie_Andrew

    Tessellation, wonderful lighting, higher end character models and environmental effects…. Designed with the Wii U in mind, a true next-gen game, I just hope Nintendo buys it and calls it Eternal Darkness 2: Shadow of the Eternals!

    PS: All in alpha, so we can forgive the jerky animations and textures sometimes

  • Zuxs13

    This has the makings of a great game. And if its successful it could lead to more games using the Crytek engine on the Wii U.

  • XelaFury

    This game looks like it will be an amazing one, and i’m already convinced to buy it. I just hope Shadow of the Eternals is as good as Eternal Darkness was.

    I heard that the Sanity Effect system would make a return in this game, is that true?

    • John Raybell

      um yeah, they even showed it in the 9min of gameplay, towards the end when he is walking down the hall and it all falls apart and he sees the tower with the eye, this is one of those sanity effects from the first games, surprised you didn’t catch that 🙂

  • Nintenjoe82

    This was my most wanted sequel but now I’m scared because Nintendo aren’t publishing it and don’t appear to be directly involved. Fingers crossed they don’t do to Eternal Darkness what Lucas and Spielberg did to Indiana Jones!

  • John Raybell

    So cant wait for this game, going to be awesome, even if this news and video is a week old 😛

  • John Raybell

    everyone wanting this game should support the fund, throw $70 at them or what ever it is and use it as a preorder, remember if they dont make enough money you will not lose money it will be sent back, but if they make enough money you will get the game for about what the game would cost, so what do you have to lose, if you liked the first one, just support this project 🙂

    • Zombie_Andrew

      I’d support the game but…

      1) I don’t know if I only get the PC episodes not Wii U episodes, I’d rather have Wii U episodes
      2) Clearly Nintendo should be funding this not us, very annoyed at Nintendo, this is the most perfect sequel to ED I can imagine and thy’re just turning their nose up at funding it?

      • John Raybell

        There is nothing wrong with how they are trying to fund it, if gamers want it, gamers should fund it, its not like you are out your fund money, you get the game in return. Nintendo isn’t responsible for this title, nor should you be annoyed at them, its not there choice, there is great things about fund raised projects, the fact that the community plays a role in what the game will be like, way more one on one with the buyer, and at times get more funding then they would have if they had a normal publisher. And Nintendo is busy enough as it is let alone are dropping tons of cash into there first party titles, so why would you want them to take away from those titles.

        Do you really think nintendo should just publish every title on there consoles? Because that makes no sense at all

        • Zombie_Andrew

          I just wish this was an OFFICIAL Eternal Darkness sequel, it’s all well and good to “pretend” it is, but it’d just really nice for Nintendo to publish this as an Official sequel

          • John Raybell

            was nintendo the publisher of the first game? in any case this is basicly a part two to the first one, im just happy they are doing this

          • Zombie_Andrew

            Yup Eternal Darkness first ever M rated Nintendo game

          • John Raybell

            Yeah I just saw that, I really did not know that. In any case I’m fine with the game just coming out lol, published by Nintendo or not, we just need the game 🙂

  • John Raybell

    Ashley King you should post a link to the fund raiser for this game to make it easy for others to get there. 🙂

    Also, Ashley this is all “game play” 🙂 This is a “Game play” demo

    • RandomInternetDude

      She posted the link in her previous article but she hasnt posted their new kickstarter link yet. Dont think she’s aware of their new kickstarter page yet

  • Wayne Beck

    This isn’t really my kind of game, but if it starts getting close to it’s goal, I’ll pitch in. This looks like it could be a big title for Nintendo.

  • AlexG

    O.o the torchs are synchronized

  • The Clockwork Being

    Sanity effect at the end was awesome.

  • jake

    let me get this straight. Wii U can run Crytek 3 fine. but not frostbite 2? hmm…. sounds like EA is full of B.S. but i’m sure we already knew that.

  • Adam Porter

    and why would i want better graphics than this??