Jun 3rd, 2013

sote-5Precursor Games has hinted that their upcoming game, Shadow of the Eternals, may be heading to Xbox One.

Up until now we’ve held a general understanding that the game would be exclusive to Wii U and PC. However, in response to Xbox One’s debut, Denis Dyack, the COO of Precursor Games, had this to say:

“We are excited about the potential of X1 and look forward to speaking with Microsoft on how Shadow of the Eternals will be made available on their platform.”

Dyack is clearly hopeful that Shadow of the Eternals will be released on Xbox One as well as the aforementioned platforms.

Eternal Darkness, spiritual predecessor to Shadow of the Eternals, was a Gamecube-exclusive title, granting the console a broader range of games in its early days. Naturally, it would be nice if Wii U was the sole home console to host Shadow of the Eternals. Of course, Dyack’s words are no confirmation.

It should be noted, however, that the notion of the game coming to Xbox One may bode well for Wii U’s reputation in terms of hardware. Consumers will see that a graphics-intense title runs no differently on Wii U than on Xbox One, and their ongoing misconceptions may be dashed. Moreover, Nintendo’s own claims that the Wii U is more powerful than people claim will only be reinforced with titles released not only for Wii U, but its concurrent rivals as well.

Granted, the game needs to be developed first.

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  • Zuxs13

    It was always known the game wasn’t an “exclusive”. They always said it would go to other platforms if it reached the goals to do so. There is no news here other than precursor was asked what they thought about the x’s and he responded.

  • peeer

    “Consumers will see that a graphics-intense title runs no differently on Wii U than on Xbox One, and their ongoing misconceptions may be dashed.”

    I would hold my breath before stating something like that tho. As we all know the Xbox One and PS4 both got more cpu and gpu power and 4x more ram up their sleeves. There won’t be that much of a big leap between xbox360 and xbox one that there was from Xbox to Xbox 360 maybe but never talk too fast about something we haven’t seen yet.

    • Elem187

      I don’t know, I really don’t think the xBoned is going to be all that powerful… maybe the 1 to 1.2 teraflop range…. for a box thats aimed at 1080p, its going to be a pretty bad performer.. heck even the PS4 is pretty neutered at 1.8 teraflops.

      The Wii U is aimed at 720p, and it will perform at that resolution more than fine… Criterion proved the Wii U can run high res textures game with further drawing distance while maintaining 30fps. Its pretty obvious this was the resolution Nintendo was targetting so the specs of the Wii U doesn’t need to be up at a teraflop to achieve what it was designed to do.

      • peeer

        Its not all about resolution really, the Xbox 360 upscaled all games to 1080p. It will be more about the details in textures not only on the characters you will play with but in the whole environement you will play into.

      • Samuel Mungy

        I think the xbox one and ps4 will be able to do titles at 1080p@30fps while the Wii U will do the same games at 720p@30fps. Take away a bit of res from textures from the Wii U version and it will practically be the same. The Wii only did 1GFLOP on it’s GPU. The xbox 360 was practically 240x more powerful. I know, it hurts. But the Wii U is anywhere between 350-450 GFLOPS according to the die photo. This makes it around 3x less powerful than an xbox one. The gap is not as big as last gen. It’s all up to the developers. This is all in terms of GPU’s btw.

        • Samuel Mungy

          And the Wii U has a lot of fixed functions for lighting, etc… That means that it doesn’t need as much programmable shaders and can perform more efficiently. That means the FLOPS I presented are not used for lighting and all that and can be dedicated to create more realistic graphics if you like with lower FLOPS. We just need a developers who know how to utilize it. If you put the code straight on a Wii U. It will perform like and xbox 360. But if you code it around the uniqueness of the Wii U gpu, you can get really impressive visuals. I don’t really care much about graphics. I just hate all the shit thrown at the Wii U by haters looking at the launch titles. They know nothing of what’s in the Wii U.

    • Michael DeVore

      In the case of the Xbone most of that ram is allocated to other functions. Being able to run skype seamlessly as they’re showing is a Processor and Ram intensive process. It is safe to say most of the “specs” is an outright lie in assuming that all that power is reserved for games. At least Nintendo was honest in saying that of the 2 Gigs 1 is for games and the other is for the OS. Otherwise you end up in a feature race were the OS keeps eating more and more of the resources. You’re going to end up in a situation were some feature you install will make your games nonfunctional, or where you have to go through and end task on any superficial function just to get things to run smoothly. I don’t want a console that will behave like a PC.

      • peeer

        I think it should be safe to assume next gen will do like Wii U and dedicate half of the ram to OS and other half for games. I know nothing was really confirmed but I’m kind of confident thats what they will do tho. It’d be logical.

        • fatherb

          Xbone uses 3GB for OS out of 8GB
          PS4 uses 1GB for OS out of 8GB


          • peeer

            So that confirms what I was saying even more. If you get 5GB usable on games for Xbox One and 7GB usable on games for PS4. Thats more than 4x times more rams than what Wii U has for games. Tho we will know more on that subject at E3 anyway.

            Personally I don’t like neither Sony (PS3) or Microsoft (Xbox360). They don’t really make games like Sega used to do and what Nintendo always did. On this last generation, not all games but most of the games on Sony and Microsoft systems were shooters. I like shooters sometimes but when its a majority of all today’s games it kinda turns to be a turn off. Hopefully that won’t repeat to next gen, but anyway I know the Wii U will have the games I enjoy from Nintendo so…

  • Petri

    Dont really care.

    They most probably wont reach their goal, even if they announced it on every platform possible.

    Their best hope might be Microsoft, and that “1 billion ruin franchises” fund.

    • Archiq09

      The game was the basis for wii u and PC … Wii U version will be better to other version.

    • Jason Wilkins

      If you are a Wii U owner, you should care. Nintendo needs exclusive third party support and currently, only 2 games announced or released for Wii U are 1). exclusive, 2). third party published and developed, and 3). have scores above 5.0/10.

      Lack of exclusive titles can sink a console and is a known killer. Yes, Nintendo has mario and zelda but in this day and age, those don’t drive console sales.

      • ItzameyaToad

        True but to say that it won’t have alot of exclusive titles by the end of this year is a bit ridiculous. If everything goes as planned we should have Pikmin 3, Sonic Lost World plus whatever else Sega has planned, Most likely a new Mario Kart U by the end of this year, Bayonetta 2, Wonderful 101. Now out of that list all of the games I listed will be exclusive games to Nintendo and are not Mario and Zelda(aside form Mario Kart) and all of them will help sell Wii U’s like crazy.

        Ps. Nintendo has plenty of 3rd party support.

        • Jason Wilkins

          Actually, Nintendo has very little third party support that is exclusive when compared with an average console (remember, the value in exclusive titles is it gives you a justification to buy their proprietary box). Yes, there are several titles developed by third party studios but there is one uncomfortable wrinkle…they are all titles with Nintendo publishing them.

          This means that there is still a great deal of trouble in the Nintendo camp because third party devs. don’t really want to touch the console unless Nintendo (the only party with an interest in the console succeeding) is mitigating their losses.

          • ItzameyaToad

            The problem with your statement is you are looking at only 3rd party making the Wii U successful but really 3rd party is only a small piece to the puzzle. In my opinion if you don’t have really strong 1st party support which Nintendo has then all you get are multiplats aka Xbox 360. Basically all the games I have(aside from halo and gears) on my Xbox 360 are all multiplat games from 3rd party companies and im not the only one seeing as Microsoft didn’t push exclusive games that hard on Xbox 360. Im not the only one who mainly own 3rd party games on my Xbox 360 and yet the Xbox 360 was/is in fine shape. I hated the fact that Microsoft didn’t push it’s brands much harder or didn’t push to create new IP’s, instead I was stuck with a console that mainly only plays Multiplat games.

            The Wii U is getting good 3rd party support and it can only get better as momentum for the Wii U builds and more people buy the console. And it already has 2(as you mentioned) 3rd party exclusives, Zombie U and Monster Hunter Ultimate, oh and let’s not forget Lego City Undercover, Scribblenauts Unlimited(not counting pc having it), and Sega bringing 2 3rd party exclusives to Wii U by this year and sometime next year. Really they have plenty of support and I really cant think of a single 3rd party exclusive Xbox 360 had execpt for maybe Dead Rising 1 in the beggining. The only real publishers refusing to push for or that are not pushing for Wii U developement at all are publishers like EA that will eventually change there minds and develope for Wii U(notice how EA wasn’t developing for Wii U or didn’t have plans to until after Xbox Ones reveal).

            Nintendo is fine and is going to continue to gain support as the 1st party and 3rd party games come out.

          • Jason Wilkins

            Many of those third party titles you mentioned are either 1). published by Nintendo or 2). games that have already released and basically are releases with new content. The issue with the first one is that lack of 3rd party publisher support is harmful in the longrun since it means Nintendo has to bear the brunt of development costs which is bad business for a console manufacturer.

            Just Google “Xbox 360 exclusives” and pull up the wiki page. This late in the console cycle, exclusives don’t matter as much since there isn’t a pressing need to move console units. In the early days however, Gears of War and Halo 3 (and follow up titles) were MAJOR franchises just to name a few that were exclusive that drove console sales. Remember, console manufacturer’s must secure costly agreements to secure exclusivity and there is little incentive to do so when you hit critical mass with your console sales for it to be successful.

            As for your comment about Microsoft developing games, this is ill founded. MIcrosoft and Sony aren’t developers. Unlike Nintendo, they don’t develop the bulk of their consoles titles as was the case in the Pre-1983 era. Instead, Sony and Microsoft use their massive resources to publish for and purchase development houses. Saying they don’t make enough games is rather pointless since that isn’t their business model. Instead, they simply draw developer support (which has been substantially higher than Nintendo since…well…since they entered the market).

            I want to know. How do you translate almost non-existent third party publisher support (Nintendo published almost all titles that weren’t a port with updated content) and third party developer support contingent on Nintendo mitigating losses as “good 3rd party support”?

            If anything, that is evidence that Third party publishers see the console as a risky investment and developers (such as Ubisoft who’s publishing arm yanked the chain on Rayman Lengeds) are unable to develop for it unless Nintendo is willing to pay for what their publishing studio sees as a fools gamble.

          • ItzameyaToad

            Both Microsoft and Sony yes are publishers but control what there studios put out, for example many ex-Rare staff members have claimed they started to work on games fans wanted but Microsoft shut down what they where doing and told them to put focus on making a kinect game. They have full control as a publisher to decide what games are made and they choose to not push exclusives like Sony, it is not ill founded. And really Sony has done a good job pushing it’s studios to create a stream of games, much like Nintendo. Nintendo realize that people like strong 1st party support then strong 3rd party support. I have never met anyone who simply buys a console for the sole purpose of 3rd party support, it ussually comes down to “what exclusives does this console offer me over the compettition”

            Halo and Gears yes where big but when you only push out those two game franchises the console becomes nothing more than a multiplat console. Im talking about Microsoft basically stopping release of 1st party titles a few years back unlike Sony who has pushed exclusives till the end of the PS3’s life-cycle.

            What is your point lol you said that they are either 1:published by Nintendo(I give you that) 2:Basically released with new content. And? the fact is is it is an exclusive game that has content not available on the “older pre released versions” which makes it an exclusive 3rd party game.When the PS4 and Xbox One come out the only place to get those better version of the game will be Wii U which makes them exclusive.

            Again I don’t know why you say Nintendo has a lack of 3rd party support? The dots aren’t lining up with your statement. Im not sure what you call Wii U getting all of Ubisofts big games this year, Square Enix releasing Deus Ex on Wii U, Sega making 3 games exclusive to Wii U with 7 games total coming to Wii U, Activision has not said what they are doing with the Wii U but I can almost bet the next Call of Duty will come to Wii U, EA has backpeddled and is now most likely going to realease games on Wii U, Namco/Bandai releasing games like Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and the new Pacman game(probably also getting the next Soul Calibur), 505 Games, Disney etc. Really the only publishers that are not on board with Wii U have either 1: never been on a Nintendo console to begin with 2: don’t see the potential to support Wii U yet. For example Bethesda has said that they may develope for Wii U so long as it meets a certain criteria,which means a chance of the Elder Scrolls/Fallout games coming to Wii U.

            I believe this Gen of consoles will see Nintendo getting much more support from 3rd party dev’s/publishers than the Wii,cause look at how much work most devs had to go through to get there games to work on Wii, it wasn’t worth it to most devs so the Wii lacked strong 3rd party support. Also with the gap as far as sheer power between Nintendo’s console and the other consoles is much smaller than before I think we will see much stronger 3rd party support for Wii U.

          • Jason Wilkins

            I say nintnedo gets weak third party support because it is true. It is commonplace to see games that are multiplatform never hit Nintendo consoles. Yes, some do. However, Madden’s 25th anniversary game, Ninja Gaiden 3, Mass Effect DLC, Tomb Raider Reboot, Metro Last Light, Saints Row 4, Crysis 3, Tiger Woods PGA World Tour 14, Future DLC for Need for Speed most wanted, Battlefield 4 are all multiplatform. They are games that any console SHOULD have in their library. Nintendo weak has third party support because this console, as well as ones going all the way back to N64 saw titles that were NOT exclusive NOT see a Nintendo release. In essence, buying a Nintendo console guarantees many many titles will release that you will never play that aren’t even exclusive. That’s why I don’t regard these “new” titles as new since they are re-released content with updates. In this age of DLC, paying full price for updated content is seen in a poor light.

            I think you are misunderstanding what I mean by exclusivity. Exclusivity does not mean 1st party. 1st party titles are by their nature exclusive. Rare (second party dev. – owned 50.1% or more by console manufacturer) and devs like it ARE NOT third party devs. Exclusive titles can and very often do come from third party sources. Typically, these take the form of licensing deals. For example, Mass Effect 1 and 2 were Xbox exclusives. The reason they EVENTUALLY release elsewhere is because the license expires (For example, Mass Effect 1 released on PS3 a month after mass effect 3). However, by that time, it is so old that it doesn’t really drive sales of consoles like it used to.

            Yes, the Wii U has more support than the Wii but that isn’t a good comparison. The Wii had ZERO third party support.

            It is worth considering that Nintendo has never really been a friendly company to third party devs. NES monopolized them, SNES censored them costing sales, N64’s and GC’s format of cartridges and mini CD’s shrunk their development options, Wii’s controls/underpowered hardware weakened the experiences they could deliver, and the Wii U’s slow game release calendar is convincing them that it may well be another dreamcast.

          • ItzameyaToad

            Ok first off I was comparing a system(Wii) that while it did lack 3rd party support(it actually had alot perhaps not to the level of Xbox 360 and PS3 but still had some) there where reasons for that, I personally call them bullshit reasons because really 3rd party devs could have made much more games on the Wii they just choose to go with the fact that it was much weaker as a reason to not push it’s potential. How is Nintendo not friendly to 3rd party devs for having there games run on cartridges and mini cd’s? What so devs have to change there way of doing thing’s so that makes Nintendo the bad guy’s? Seriosly all the reasons devs give to not make games for certain consoles is 99% BS with a side of truth.Devs could have made great games on both the GC and Wii they just choose to hide behind stupid excuses like the tech not being on the same level as the other consoles or the GC discs being too small, pure BS. The only complaint I can understand from the GC having small discs is Multi-platform games not being able to be maximized without having to cut a few corners on the GC version. But even then not trying to make games is BS. And remember too that back in the days of GC(and maybe N64) the CEO of Nintendo messed up on alot of partnerships/relationships with 3rd Party devs, much of which is still being fixed by Iwata.

            Look im not saying 3rd party exclusives are not key to consoles doing well or having appeal I am just saying that from what we know Nintendo has Sega bringing 3rd party exclusive titles to the Wii U and im sure they are not the only ones. I mean really I think that while yes some thing’s have not panned out for the Wii U I believe it is still in good shape and will have Devs wanting to make games for it once sales pick up. And slow console sales don’t automatically make it another “Dreamcast” anyone who says that and calls themselves a game dev need’s to read up on why it actually failed and get out of the gaming business.

  • Clel

    But I thought Microsoft was very hard on indie developers trying to publish their games on the Xbox One (and 360 I think).
    But I don’t care. For now…

    • That women looks like my mother!!! Wamaluigi

  • Revolution5268

    IS THIS THE REASON WHY THEY NEEDED 1 million budget so they can port it to xbox one instead of using it to make the game better!?!??? man I knew there was something fishy about it.

    • Nothing5555

      I believe they plan to release the game as multi-platform with the Wii U receiving some exclusivity for a period of time. Them announcing an XBone release may be due to Microsoft’s multi-platform game policy where the games need to be released on other consoles need to be release on their console at the same time.

  • D.M.T

    This is one of the reasons why I don’t help fund any indie game because I can’t trust these developers with my money.

    If I’m gonna help you make this game possible then you must promise me that the game will be Wii U exclusive, I will not pay to make this game possible on other platforms because I do not care about the other consoles and I don’t care about their fans.

    Also I don’t know if the game will be good so that’s why I will never help this indie developers. I just want to buy the finished project, that’s all.

    • CyanideInsanity

      This is the kind of attitude that is poisonous for any gaming community. Having exclusives is fine, but why the hell do people feel the need to rub it in others’ faces?

      It was never stated to specifically be a wii u exclusive in the first place! They said it would be, if they COULDN’T get enough funding for other platforms. Also if its available on more platforms, that means they have a larger access to revenue. The game economy is quite shaky today; one year you’re fine, the next your game can’t even turn a profit even if its good. Part of that is cause by companies spending way more than they should though.

      I do understand, and even support, not wanting to pay before its a finished product. There are a lot of shoddy products, but thankfully there are plenty of game reviewers out there.

  • david jarman

    I think they’re doing this cause hardly any nintendo fans are backing it. I believe this more of a way to keep the game alive. I want this game on our console so I’ve made my pledge.

  • If Nintendo was smart they would buy the publishing rights to SotE to keep it from being released on any other console platform. I think Nintendo should front some of the money needed to create the game to ensure it remain a Wii U exclusive.

  • Geoffrey Tasker

    people are mad that they want it on X1 but aren’t funding the game at all. don’t be surprised if microsoft picks it up and Bayonetta 2 it right out of your hands. crowd funding games has good and bad points and you are seeing the bad now. don’t donate? watch the game get sold to the highest bidder.

    • Ice Climbers

      Looks like Nintendo will have to beat them to it.

    • Zuxs13

      They can not take bayonetta 2. Nintendo is publishing it and have the rights to the game!

      • Geoffrey Tasker

        read it again…I’m saying Microsoft can decide to publish the game and take right out the hands of Wii U owners like Nintendo did the competition’s supporters with Bayonetta 2.

        basically using a noun as a verb to describe and emphasize a similar situation.

        “did he just bite that guys ear off?” “yeah, he totally mike tyson’ed him”

        • Zuxs13

          next time use punctuations. MS still wont be able to do that, if they try too Nintendo would easily be able to file law suit over it.

  • Nintenjoe82

    Don’t trust this game. I was looking forward to it but there is something that worries me…..

    I hope Nintendo take it out of Precursor’s hands and make it a Wii U game and a true sequel. The gamepad is a perfect fit to cast spells from and to read “The Tome of Eternal Darkness” from.

    • david jarman

      What worries you? I’ve been chit chatting with the developers. They are fricking awesome people and they are pretty cool to just talk to. You don’t lose money on kick starter. Nintendo is going to not pick this up if this doesn’t get funded. If anything it’s just showing them that fans don’t really want it. I hope I’m wrong.

      • Nintenjoe82

        I was hoping Nintendo were watching the kickstarter to see if there was enough interest before making their move.

        The thing that worries me most is that it seems almost too ambitious from the start. I don’t want them to mess it up! My 2nd favourite gamecube game deserves to be left in peace or given a proper sequel by as many of the original teams as possible.

        • Aldebaran

          The real problem here is the possibility of MS making it an exclusive for the xbox if Nintendo doesn’t do something soon.

  • Nolan ArchLord

    Haha, screw these guys. No way would I support this.

    • Zuxs13

      Why wouldn’t you support it? Because an independent developer said he is interested in as many platforms as possible?

      • Revolution5268

        look at disney epic mickey 2 and tell me that sold good without lossing jobs due to poor sells…oh wait it did. same situation diffeeent game

        • Zuxs13

          First its “sold well” not “sold good”. Second what does the game sales of a Disney game have to do with Nolan not supporting this game?

  • t3g

    Now I’m glad I didn’t contribute to the crowd funding campaign. The Wii U needs killer apps and if it goes to other consoles, then it won’t be worth it for me.

    • Zuxs13

      It was always going to another console if it was funded for it. That has been stated from the very beginning. There is nothing in his statement that says the game IS going to be on x1. This is just a speculation article.

  • DeedsGaming .

    I may be overreacting, but if this does go through, then it’s just unacceptable. People have paid their OWN money to support a developer, and not only because they like the idea, but mainly because it’s an exclusive, and we need to support those. Precursor games, without warning, with this statement are going to just void out the exclusivity? That’s just selfish. I always knew these crowdfunded schemes are just money hungry.

    • CyanideInsanity

      If people were paying for it to be an exclusive, they are stupid and didn’t read much, if at all. It was stated that if they got enough funds, they WOULD port it to other platforms.

  • Super Buu

    This should not happen. They aren’t worthy enough to receive a spiritual successor of a Nintendo game. This doesn’t make me want to throw money at you.


    Xbox one. I have no comments….

  • Christopher Johnson

    who cares about this game

  • Sidney Majurie

    This game is a complete scam. It was never meant to be funded the way they are implying. This is simply a marketing ploy. SotE was created soley for the purpose of a major publisher to pick up the game.

    The Crowdfunding and Kickstarter campaigns were started simply to gauge consumer interest, proving to potential publishers an eager fanbase and ease their worries about picking the game up. They want Nintendo and Microsoft and whoever else stupid enough to buy this DEMO in a bidding war over it.

    This is an elaborate scam with gaming industries Bernie Madoff at the healm, Dennis Dyack. This game is a scam.

  • Ultranist

    lol so many immature fanboys who doesn’t want to share their toys XD

  • wober2

    I wonder if this is an act of desperation since there kickstarter seems doomed. I guess it is better then not having a game. Honestly though this game does not look very good.

  • why make it for xbox one? No one will own the system…

    • Aldebaran

      Are you sure about that?


      Although quite vague, it’s worth taking into consideration.

      Don’t you think?

      • well those are preorders placed before the price is even announced… I dunno how much that counts for

        • Aldebaran

          What I can see from that article are people willing to purchase a console even though there’s no price for it, it was mocked from the moment the unveiling ended because of the name and look.

          Besides that there are rumors of an additional fee, you have to get online every so often, Kinect spying on you every hour of
          every day (Person of Interest anyone?), the problems MS has with acquiring domain names for a console, which is a seriously weird “mistake” for a company the size of MS and the all around mockery and nicknames.

          There are many speculations like the “very accurate” predictions from Mr. Pachter, there is nothing concrete about the console, and about 80% of the rumors are negative.

          So why is it that people are preordering this thing than?

          Yes I did think about the fanatics and the rich people, but still…???

          • it has new fifa and this is europe we’re talking about. case closed

          • Aldebaran

            Yep it’s all clear now 😀

  • Luke Wilson

    Well thank God I didn’t invest in this game if it is no longer exclusive I would have felt cheated

  • Rob Lucci

    The kickstarter is not even gonna reach it’s goal and they’re talking about bringing it to Xbox One? lol

  • Squid

    One, that’s how much people don’t want it to be an exclusive.

  • iceazeama

    this seems like an an attempt to get nintendo to publish it more and more. nintendo should just bring us eternal darkness 2.

  • CyanideInsanity

    I don’t get why people are going on negatively about it being an “exclusive”. The bottom line is that it will be a partially multiplatform game launching on both PC and wii u. Since announcing it, they’ve said they would port it over to other consoles if there was a want for it, and if it could get the additional funding.

    You guys don’t have much of an argument, except maybe for those who want their donation to only help fund the initial platforms, PC and wii u.

  • Dez

    What people are pissed about isn’t because it is going to a Microsoft console (well some are) it is for another reason. Remember Rayman Legends, a completed game that is delayed 7 months for release on other platforms when it was advertised as an exclusive is bad. This feels akin to Rayman Legends, a game that should be in development for PC/Wii U first is now going to be delayed because the developer is trying to get the game on other consoles.

    This is due to the fact that games published on Microsoft consoles require that you have to release the game on their console at the same time as the others. There is no period of exclusivity for any console because Microsoft always has to be a part of it or you can’t publish the game on their consoles. The part that pisses people off further is that they believe their donations to the kick-starter are actually be used for the development of a port rather than the actual game. Wouldn’t the rest of you be pissed knowing you donated money only to discover there is a strong likelihood that money is being put to use for the development of ports which, ironically, cost about $1 million to do at least for AAA games. Something is very suspicious about the situation and people are pissed because they feel they are being cheated.

    Whether this is true or not is up in the air. However, until Precursor Games make some clarifications, the speculation will run rampant and Wii U owners/Nintendo fans are going to be pissed off. They want the game and to support its development not pay money so that Precursor uses it for the benefit of another fanbase entirely.

  • That’s fine. Sometimes a game just needs a place to be played. As long as it’s made, I’m okay with whatever system it’s on, be it one, or all.

  • Darkness

    This game looks awesome

  • leafsfan73

    Hopefully this game actually see’s the light of day. There were tonnes of wii games in the early days that we never ended up seeing.

  • RockGod

    These guys may actually be hoping that this speculation causes Nintendo to swoop in and publish this game themselves.
    If they do then that would automatically make this game an exclusive to Wii U and would then be a true sequel to Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem.
    It may be a sneaky tactic by Precursor, but i think it would be a big win for Nintendo. I know i would definitely buy this game if that were to happen.

  • Michael Jurado

    it better not >_< I didn't give them 15$ so they can take that money and make an xbox version … keep this game an exclusive and i'll toss in another 15

  • Quicksilver88

    Precursor has suspended their fund raiser campaigns saying they have an exciting development where this game is concerned. I hope this doesn’t mean that Money$oft hasn’t swooped in and made this a x1 and Windows 8 exclusive. If Nintendo let this happen then they are insane. Nintendo has supposedly been working with Precursor and knows their fan-base wants this badly, but it is more M$ style to do something like this (Rare anyone). Nintendo was also supposedly supporting this game as ED 2 when it was being done by Silicon Knights. SK was essentially sued out of business and Nintendo supposedly backed down. The whole thing was messy but Nintendo must have believed in the team and the project or they would not have kept supporting it when it moved to the newly formed precursor. DD reputation is really on the line here and if he screws over Nintendo and WiiU his name will likely be mud in the industry…..yet money talks so can’t wait till next week to see what transpires.

  • Kris

    I am not going to be buying the spy machine that charges me money for used games, and if Sony does anything like that I will only be interested in the Wii U, as soon as it gets more games.