May 13th, 2013

If launching their own donation site wasn’t enough, Precusor Games now has an official Kickstarter running along side it. It’s not the first game to do something similar, as Star Citizen which was funded last year did the same. Now, if the both the donations and the Kickstarter are successful, a total of 2.8 million will be raised for the creation of this game.

That seems a tad excessive, but for those of you who are holding off on pledging because of the shady terms of service for the donation site, you can now rest easy, as the Kickstarter won’t charge your credit card unless the campaign is fully successful. Right now it’s sitting at around $7k, so we’ll see where it goes in the next few days.

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  • ZeldaFan83

    That’s not quite accurate, their Crowdfunding campaign on their site has raised about 150,000 and they have a goal for 1,500,000 which is why they put the kickstarter at 1,350,000 since they have already raised 150,000. Their total goal is 1,500,000 through both kickstarter and crowdfunding and I highly doubt they will reach that goal with both individually for a total of 2.8 million but together they might reach their goal. I wish them the best of luck as I really want this game and it’s for the Wii U, so please everyone donate if you want to see this game on Wii U and you want to play the Spiritual Successor to Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem.

    • Archiq09

      It’s good to see a studio game who investing for wii u ^-^

    • Not a chance they will reach the goal

      • bizzy gie

        Because the Kickstarter for the game you’ve made was just such a HUGE success.

        • No, but there are a few reasons to believe so.

          1 they want A LOT.

          2 It’s directed at Nintendo fans who are not known for supporting 3rd party games on a large scale, its on PC too but it’s up to Nintendo fans to make it possible

          3 in example Planescape Torment (a sequel got successfully funded) is on constant sales on Steam, GOG, etc so more and more people know about it and the fanbase grows, more people are willing to give money. Original Eternal Darkness sold lessthan 500K copies and wasnt on Virtual Console, plenty of people just heard about this game this week.

          4 most funded projects get the money in a few days, if it starts slow then it’s almost always failure

          • bizzy gie

            So it’s coming to PC as well, but it’s solely up to Nintendo fans? There are more PC gamers out there than Wii U ones.

          • Dylan Groot

            PC gamers probably don’t know who the hell they are now do they? To people who never played Eternal Darkness and know how awesome it was this trailer they’ve released isn’t really a big seller. In fact it looks downright boring to those people. I hope Nintendo will pick it up, because I too doubt that they’ll reach this goal.

          • Yes, Nintendo involvment would be the best option, I believe they did contact Nintendo and they declined thus PC was added to get PC crowd on board as vast majority of Kicstarter games are PC indie games, so they’re the most familiar with it.

          • I’ve already stubmled upon a few developers who are basicly saying “don’t fund this”. This guy is not trushworthy and I’m sure Nintendo wants nothing to do with him, his only good games were two under Nintendo’s control (and Blood Omen) and lately garbage like Too Human (a game he was making more than 10 years originally for PS1 and still turned out shit), and Xmen Destiny .
            This game is not even a sequel, Nintendo owns it

            I think the guy is desperate, after so many games no one wants to publish his game and rightfully

            before you trust the man with your money:



  • Archiq09

    Precursor games is create by a team who make games on nintendo and sometimes PC. I think to nintendo has their Guerilla and bungie, if you understand…

  • ZakAttack7

    Wow, I really do hope this can get the funding together, it looks great, and a console exclusive like this is something the Wii U should be very proud of indeed. It doesn’t look like my sort of game personally, but I’m sure loads of people will enjoy it – I’m just a little surprised that Nintendo isn’t helping them more with funding, considering how lucky they are to get this (along with PC). But hey, maybe they are, what do I know? 😉

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  • John Raybell

    Awesome another fund raiser!, really am excited about this game, have been waiting for a 2nd Eternal darkness for years!!!!!

  • Waluigi of the Eternals

    • Levi Johansen

      The Shadow of Waluigi!

  • Ducked

    I’d ship my pants off to K-Mart if the game were to get canceled.

  • Michael Jurado

    looks pretty interesting, so much so that i’m considering giving them some of my coins 🙂 depending on how well they work on the game will determine how many coins they get 😛

  • DemonRoach


  • Jeffrey Debris

    Okay that’s it! I’m going to back this project as soon as I get my salary! 😉

  • Guest

    The developers plan to make this game multiplatform. Therefore, the nintwndo version will be neglected yet again. So, i have no plans on supporting this.

  • Merham Limba

    The developers plans to make this game multplatform. Therefore, the nintendo version will be neglected yet again. Ironic, because majority of the support that this game is gonna get on kickstater will come from nintendo fans. So, i don’t plan on supporting this. Waste of money.

  • Darren Stocking

    Gosh some of you talk complete rubbish. Silicon Knights and more importantly Denis Dyack was responsible for some of the best GameCube games. When Nintendo sold Silicon Knights to Microsoft many Nintendo fans had a tear of disappointment. Denis is now back with a sequel to the genre defying game Eternal Darkness and is working extremely closely with Nintendo to ensure that the story and technologies (Sanity patent) drive the experience forward which for the past 11 years has remained unchanged.

    The idea behind the Crowdfunding and Kickstarter is to generate interest by gamers who want the opportunity to play this on the PC, Wii U and XBOX 360. As an Indie they know they need to get it out to as many platforms as possible to ensure a revenue return to fund future projects, expecting to use Kickstarters for every project is impossible so these are usually used for first time indies to get the backing needed.

    What is more interesting is that some are criticising the developers because of shoddy port fears to the Wii U; when if you join the forums and discussions with the developers you would see that this is not the case, every asset is being crafted to work on the various platforms with the same effects engine as well, I have a lot of respect for Precursor Games and the engagement which they are having with all there investors so far, of which I am one.

    It is worth noting that the goal of $1,500,000 would give them the potential to implement everything they have planned to do into the game. As funds continue to come in it allows them to prioritise the main aspects of the game to ensure the experience is as close to what they had hoped. Instead of making the planned 12 episodes they would work on the first 4 for example and release to get additional funds to continue the project.

    So for me having the opportunity to help creatively steer a group of talented folk and give them the funds to do something which I reckon is going to be amazing is a simple task, and all it takes is $5 to give them some assistance.

  • Daniel Gonzalez

    I never even played the first one. I’ll have to check it out and see exactly what I missed out on.