Nov 26th, 2012

Awhile back we reported on how the Wii U game discs would have rounded edges. It was a fun yet pointless fact that quickly faded into my memory’s oblivion. Until I saw someone posting their love for the discs on Miiverse and couldn’t resist the temptation.

Go ahead. Try for yourself. I’ll wait right here.

Done? Okay, told you so. Now as I was saying…

Most people would say the smooth Wii U discs are cool but pointless since they don’t add any actual value for consumers beyond cosmetic appearance and a neat feeling for a split second as you pick them up. I would tend to agree, but playing devil’s advocate, isn’t this same attention to every last detail the same scrutinizing focus that made Steve Jobs’ Apple the lore of the land? In terms of gadget appearance and the finer things in consumer electronics, wasn’t it Apple (not Justin Timberlake) who brought sexy back?

I think people really appreciate this type of attention to detail, even if meaningless on the surface. When you take all the small and minor details that been perfected, their cumulative effect is much more than meaningless surface stuff. I can appreciate Nintendo for the effort, but they need to have this same level of attention throughout their console hardware, software, and user experience.

Say what you want about the Nintendo Wii U – you can love it, hate it, or anything in between – it would be hard to argue that the discs aren’t the sexiest and smoothest in the gaming world. Let’s all stop debating whether the Wii U is a huge success or failure for a moment, go pop open a game, and enjoy the one thing that EVERYONE can agree Nintendo got perfectly right.

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  • example

    Mmm…they feel so sexy…mmm…

    • AKA-Link77

      The Disks are sexy and they know it! 😀

    • AKA-Link77

      BTW . . . Monita from NintenLand sounds like Eve from Wall-E. . . ;0

      • Nintedward

        Wall-E and Fi from skyward sword had a child. He name ”monita”

        • Sour grape!

          Wall e and fi really? i thought any nintendo fanatic would know it sounds like, FLUDD SMS FTW

  • shroomforce

    Soooo soooft mmmmmmmm yeeeaaaahhh

  • Madmagican

    Glad to see someone enjoys rubbing some round disc edges

  • Nintendude

    That picture of Toad made me LOL.

    • Kamon

      ^ This! xD I’m gonna love Miiverse. Can’t wait.

  • Nintendo is da best

    I love The discs! So Smooth!

  • Bicentennial_Pidgeon

    Great now I want to go open NSMBU and caress the disc.

  • Ryan

    The thing I’d like to know is if Nintendo’s Copy Protection takes up any of the 25GB’s of Space on the Disc. Microsoft had DRM on Their DVDs which Meant Software didn’t have the whole 8.5GB for use.

    • Nintedward

      What I would like to know , is why is AC3 16GB to download on wiiu ? :S. Is it like 2 xbox 360 discs and they both need installs ? or does the wiiu version have a higher resoloution or some BS ?

      • Wankerflanker


      • Bill

        The cut scenes on the Wii U version are not compressed. This is the only thing I can think that would explain the huge size.

  • The Detonator

    lol! that was hilarious! i thought you were going to lick the disc like that miiversee pic 🙁

  • FireRed

    This should become a meme

  • Jack

    Oh boy, now Nintendo is special because they have the same thing as Blu-Ray? Come on.

    • Sqarticus

      They’re not blue ray. They’re better.

      • nintendofreak

        dey r soft n roundish….*drooool*

    • Seth S. Scott

      different than bluray discs.

  • ledreppe

    That’s no way to handle a disc (finger prints everywhere), makes me cringe when I see that happen.

  • Prussia


    • MrAllOverIt

      You seriously went there. Instantly started laughing. I’d be surprised if someone didn’t laugh at this.

    • Bananapwnz

       someone should make an official Wii U Gangnam Style parody, that would be freakin’ awesome!

  • icanseeu

    Nothing will ever beat the black PS1 discs!!!

    • Bill

      I think the black color was part of the copy protection. Regular CD burners laser could not read the black surface of the disc to copy it.

    • SoulSilverZero

      Yea, but are they as smooth as the Wii U disks?
      I’m starting to wonder if you’re a sony fanboy or something…

  • KDR13

    Love the disks I got a horny haha xD

  • CorranHorn

    The fact that the “innovation” of rounded edge discs is being compared to anything Apple makes me almost want to return my Wii U. Almost.

    Nintendo is nothing like Apple. If Nintendo releases something that is slightly behind the 8-ball in terms of technology (Wii lacked HD graphics?), they don’t try to charge MORE money than their competitors like Apple does.

    • Rob

      It was relating the concept of attention to details. Even details that most consumers would overlook. I think that’s a fair comparison.

  • Mistikmega

    Hey guys I actually found out how to use SD cards for Wii u games. So I found what you would call a USB card reader and put my sd card in it. The nozzle placenet the USB card reader is in a USB shape so you. An actually bypass the USB detection on the wii u. I saved money on that instead of buying a hard drive XD. Playing Trine 2 and Little Inferno on that right now! You can get one at RadioShack I believe. No this is not an ad! XD

  • Bill

    Maybe the rounded edge makes the disc spin better with no wobble.

    • I don’t have the wii u yet so I can’t be sure but I read the smooth rounded edges are just because nintendo made a new kind of disk

  • Rhonal89

    I try it the first day it came out. Smooth

  • junior3

    the feel so freaking soft wii u the best console 🙂

  • JotWee

    I love Apple and I love Nintendo, and I was thinking exactly the same. Have an eye on the details!

  • pringlessalad

    Damn that usa age rating thing looks ugly. 3+ looks much better than E. That E is so ugly! Seriously. Btw I like rounded edges.

    • Ugslick

      Meh I personally think the Pegi 18 etc etc is much uglier 😉 to each his own.

    • SoulSilverZero

      The rating system in Germany is the worst kind

  • Seth S. Scott

    Its a great feature that made me think twice when I first felt it. Small but innovative! 🙂

  • Tim van Broekhoven

    Lol, this comment section is new 😛

  • DeviantMeh

    Am I the only one who noticed that the bottoms of the disks have a perfect mirror shine too? I mean, most disks have interesting shine patterns with strange colors, but these don’t have that. They’re perfectly reflective.

  • Lev M

    the Death of blu-ray

  • Alienfish

    I can’t help but feel the edge every time I pick up a disk. It’s so pretty, my shiny, my…

  • Oh, look at those curves!

  • I didn’t know about this until I picked up my own Nintendo Land disc. It is quite sexy smooth.

  • Paul Swindlehurst

    I think the edges are probably rounded to help reduce the damage caused by slot-load optical drives. I’ve got CD”s that are completely knackered at the edges after going in and out of an in-car CD player for years.

  • Linskarmo

    Hmm. I guess I’ll have to feel this for myself. They must be very smooth for all this hype!

  • Mustache Man

     lol I was laughing so hard because I saw the tab…. IT’SSO SEXY AND SLEEK!

  • RetroSquid

    I no

  • RetroSquid

    I noticed this upon first handling Nintendo Land. I immediately passed the disk to my wife, who didn’t have a clue what I was on about or notice… *sigh* Sometimes, I may as well be single… 😉 😛