Nov 12th, 2012

The Wii U console will ship with a sensor bar identical to the one for the original Wii, but it won’t be required to play Wii U games. The Wii U sensor bar is only required to play old Wii games, which only rely on the Wiimote controllers.

The GamePad controller doesn’t need the sensor bar to function. However, for multiplayer games that require Wiimotes, such as Nintendo Land, New Super Mario Bros U, and others, the sensor bar is needed in order for the Wiimotes to function properly.

But if you’re only into singleplayer games, you can essentially leave the sensor bar in the box for now. Furthermore, Nintendo revealed in a patent a few months ago that the GamePad itself can be used as a sensor bar. Nevertheless, Nintendo is including a sensor bar with every Wii U bundle.

Wii U sensor bar


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  • steven12153

    that is so cool

    • Superstick

      This is literally the BEST news I’ve ever heard about the wii u. This is SUPREMELY EPIC!!!!!

      • nice

        no itΒ΄s standard technique since 6 years…

  • Youtube/KoolAidMan735

    Hopefully the Wii’s sensor bar will fit in the Wii U slot, then I’d have 2 sensor bars. Good insurance πŸ™‚

    • Nintedward

      The sensor bar is exactly the same as it is one wii. You can plug the one that comes with wiiu into your wii or vice versa.

      I am getting my Deluxe ZombiU bundle and will of course have a sensor bar plugged in so I can play my wii games on Wiiu as of day 1.

      WiiU review = 10/10 Masterpiece.

      • Zunair

        The Wii U didn’t even come out yet, and you give it a 10/10?
        Tired of all the fanboys on this site…

        • Nintedward

          Sarcastic enthusiasm young padawan. Learn to controll the force or be seized by the Darkside for ever.

        • Elite

          This is a site dedicated to the Wii u? X^O

        • Nintendude

          What do you expect?

        • Dantheman

          Zunair, this site is for people waiting for the wii u. If u r not eager and do not like the wii u then why do u comment. Read the name of the site and then figure out and comment

      • Dronch

        don’t know about you guys, but i’m planning to buy out a theater room and play my wii u there… by myself! Just kidding(Although if i had enough money, i would do this)

    • Andrew Sheehan

      You do realize you can use 2 candles instead of a sensor bar.. right?

      • Kris

        xD I used to do that when my cat destroyed my cable… but then by christmas season I used christmas lights xD they work super!

        • Andrew Sheehan

          Look at all the haters.. Why would my post be down voted? Are you afraid of primitive technology?

  • Sharkz

    That is truly awesome! Nice work Nintendo!

  • Carlos Hugo

    And what does this mean for future Wii U game? For Instant The new Leyend of Zelda, does this mean “good bye” for sword play with the Wii mote?

    • Michael

      I hope not! I loved Skyward Sword’s 1:1 swordplay.

      • Carlos Hugo

        I love SS but that definitely was not a 1:1 swordplay. If the swordplay come back i really hope they really do a perfect 1:1

    • Destructonation


      No, there will be two ways of playing, with gamepad or with wiimote. I think.

      • Carlos Hugo

        I hope so, many people, myself not included, were not able to enjoy the swordplay that SS have to offer, even if it was not perfect.

      • Game Master

        Destructonation is right, you can still use wiimotes with the Wii U games. Just plug the sensor bar into the Wii U.

    • TheDavyStar

      Hold your breath. We have no details on the new Zelda, it’s still in discussion phase.

      • Carlos Hugo

        Yes, indeed, Zelda Wii U is still far away, 2 or 3 years, but as a Single Player Game, Nintendo is forced to think that not everyone with a Wii U will have a Wiimote with motion plus, instead they will be 100% that every Wii U owner will have a Gamepad, which mean that the game must have use of the Gamepad as a primary force of control and the wiimote as an added bonus.

        They could still play the SS card and sell some Zelda Wii U with a Wii motion plus included for those who want to play the Zelda Wii U game but do not have a Motion plus control.

    • Kahhhhyle

      I don’t know if I buy this. Surely there will be times when a developer would rather use the wii mote over the game pad…

      • Carlos Hugo

        Yes, indeed, but as a Single Player Game, Nintendo is forced to think that not everyone with a Wii U will have a Wiimote with motion plus, instead they will be 100% that every Wii U owner will have a Gamepad, which mean that the game must have use of the Gamepad as a primary force of control and the wiimote as an added bonus.

        • Sharkz

          @Carlos Hugo- Nintendo doesn’t think that at all. Reggie said in one of the very first interviews about the WiiU that the WiiU did not come with a nunchuck or a wiimote because soo many of both had been sold for the Wii. The other reason the WiiU does not come with either is to keep cost down for the consumer. Nintendo banks on games using the game pad but realizes some games are better played and suited to use a wiimote. It worked for the Wii and people loved it. It will still work and be a big part of the WiiU.

          • Carlos Hugo

            You are thinking only about older customer, people that bought a Wii and will buy the Wii U, Nintendo (and the rest of the publishers) have to think about NEW customer to, people that did not bought a Wii, it may seem like a little, but reach a 100% audience is always better that a 80 or a 90% audience.

            Yes, just like happened with some of the Wii games that allow to be played with the Gamecube controller, some Wii U games will be able to be played with the Wiimote, mostly multiplayer games, but just like happen with the Wii, most Wii U game, mostly single player (Like the Zelda Games) will only work with the Wii U gamepad.

          • Kahhhhyle

            @ Carlos Hugo. I actually believe that the next Zelda will use the same control method as skyward sword. I think there was a game informer article I read about it but I threw it out so I can’t be sure, but I’d put money in the next Zelda using nunchuck+wii mote plus combo again. If you go by that logic then Nintendo wouldn’t have released any games to use the motion plus since it didn’t come with the original wii

    • Hibill18

      Since it still comes with a sensor bar, I think some games will still use motion control. It’s just not required by every game on the system, so it will be up to the developers if they want to include motion control.

      • Carlos Hugo

        As a Single Player Game, Nintendo is forced to think of the Gamepad as a primary force of control for the game and the wiimote as an added bonus.

      • lakersfan

        What about the throwing stars mini game on Nintendoland? It is strictly single player. Will they use the gyro for aiming, or are they considering it a “multiplayer” game since it is on Nintendoland which is multiplayer? I just think it would be stupid not to use the the sensor capabilities with the gamepad in a single-player game that would benefit from it.

    • encarta

      skyward sword didn’t use the sensor bar apart from selecting your file, all aiming was done with motion+ gyroscopes. cover the end with your hand and try aiming, or unplug sensor bar and see for yourself. that’s also how aiming works in nintendo land’s metroid and zelda games, or so I’ve heard. it’ll probably need it for games like CoD though, unless you can place the ablet on it’s stand to use as a map, and use the built in sensor bar.

      • Carlos Hugo

        Sensor Bar or not, for single player games, Nintendo (and the rest of the publishers) have to think on all his costumers, an ALL his Wii U costumers will have Gamepads but not all will have Wii Motion ; and I will very VERY surprised if they make the next zelda game in such a way that a Wii motion be a must have in order to be able to play the game, mind you I will not be annoyed, right now i have 3 Motion controler.

        P.D. Nice one for that, I really do not know that SS did not use the sensor bar at all for gameplay.

        • Sharkz

          Just shut up Carlos. Stop acting like you had a hand in developing the system. Nintendo has been clear on what they expect. Nobody will ever appeal to 100% of consumers. Unless you have a direct link to your claim, just chill out. Nintendo or game creators aren’t forced to think anything so stop repeating yourself.

          • Carlos Hugo

            Chill out dude, iΒ΄m not acting like if I had a hand in developing the system, is just my opinion and nothing more, but if you want a link to my claim just look at the kinect, that thing has sell million and developers still prefer to program games for the default control of the console, or better yet, Look at SS, they have to release a special edition with a Wii motion plus to make sure that most of the people that buy the game have the right control to be able to play it, the industry just work in that way, trying to reach the most possible audience.

            Maybe by the time the new games, like Zelda U, come out there will be more motion Plus controls that normal mote controls nor use the sensor bar because the motion plus technology make it unneeded technology, at least with the Wii U and just meaby, and go with me, this is only my opinion, iΒ΄m not acting like if I had a hand in developing the system, that is way the sensor-bar-not-required-to-play-wii-u-games.

  • DarkNite

    I have one quick question that hit me last night. For the wii u, does it only come with the hdmi cable or does it come with the color cable too? My tv doesn’t have the hdmi port.-__-

    • Nintedward

      The wiiu ONLY comes with an HDMI cable but is fully compatible with wiiu AV , Component and Composite cables. So if you have a wii , you may want to steal that cable. If you don’t you can buy first and third party wii video cables from all good stores and sites such as Amazon and Ebay for less than 10 clams.

      • Nintedward

        To obtain the full WiiU experience. A 32” 1080p television and a 5.1 surround sound set up is required.

        My set up is ready.

        • indirect76

          To obtain the full WiiU experience. A 60” 1080p television and a 7.1 surround sound set up is required.

          My set up is ready.

          • Nintedward

            :P. Mine is minimum requirement – you’re turning the heat all the way up to 11.

          • icanseeu

            Shame the WiiU doesn’t support 7.1 unlike the 6 year old PS3……..

          • Elite

            Still pissed about not having a optical out. My monitor i will be playing on doesn’t have one. Going to have to dish out extra cash to get an hdmi/optical converter.

          • Kevin White


            27″ twisted nematic 1080p monitor, extremely low input lag (8ms) and extremely quick pixel response, sharp pixel definition

            stereo pair of Emotiva airmotiv5 air-motion transformer powered studio monitors and a 12″ Elemental Designs sealed powered subwoofer, fed by a Denon preamp and XLR cables

            dual three-foot Cozy Sac chairs

            Also have a 24″ IPS monitor for when I want to sit at my desk, and a 52″ Samsung 1080p TV for games with more than two people or games that don’t require quick response (for many games the TV, even in “game mode,” simply has too much input lag to be playable).

        • Jbaeza

          i completely agree. But not wanting to 1 up you, but my set up is a 60″ 1080p plasma with a 7.2 surround. surround is a must for gaming perfection!

          • Nintedward

            I salute you sir , you have 1 up me XD! . Mine is minimum requirement. For a brand new console of 2012, you pretty much need a FULL HD TV and Super bassy surround sound .

            Imagine getting a wiiu on day 1 only to plug it into a mono sound SD tv ? (no offence to anyone)

          • Kav

            Plasma? you are going to have a bad time.

          • NavyBlueYoshi

            Plasma? That’s bad for you ._. That’s y they don’t produce em anymore,
            LED is the way to go πŸ˜€ not trying to be mean btw ._.

          • mojojojo888

            What’s with all the haters of plasma? I have a 42″ Panasonic Plasma with 5.1 Surround Sound, and my plasma blows LCD’s out of the water, and still looks quite a bit better than any LED I have yet to have seen…not to mention the refresh rate is still 2-3x faster than LED’s, which is phenomenal for video games and fast motion. Oh, and in reply to DarkNite, I believe that the premium bundle comes only with the HDMI cable, and the regular bundle comes only with the composite cable.

          • Jbaeza

            Actually, modern plasma’s have no side effects of the old ones, such as burn in. I have had it for a few months and only use it for gaming, absolutely no burn in! Awesome! In terms of picture, mine is a 2012 Samsung, many of the videophiles and reviewers state that only some flagship led’s could stack up to the video quality of Samsung’s flagship and premium plasmas. Plasma’s, they’re pretty good now, not perfect, but no television is perfect. They just have a bad rep because of a sketchy start. But! To each their own no? As long as we have Wii U, nothing else is matters, its all just… vanity.

          • LogicalDude

            Jbaeza, I totally agree with regards to having more than one subwoofer as my amp can’t cross any lower than 100hz so I’m building a second one under the towers. Future setup is dual 18″ or 21″ under towers that have a flat response down to 40hz, letting the subs take up the slack. Then if I get a spare twenty grand, rotary woofer! Flat response from 20hz to 0.1hz.

            As for TV, 46″ Sony LCD for now. It’s all plugged into the same bar as the computer, amp, sub and other things so Plasma isn’t favorable for me as it traditionally has a much higher draw (Bad wiring and fuse panel in this place). Luckily my TV has an optical out but I don’t know how reliable it and I have no choice but to use it as my receiver is a ten year old class H+ amp that doesn’t have HDMI. Other than that, my system is ready. I even played the Rayman demo for the first time yesterday :D!!!

            To anyone with a sub, turn it up and roll Link into a wall in OOT or MM.

          • Horforia

            Projector makes big screen. or small screen. whatever i want.

            Headphones give me good sounds. Skullcandy does decent headphones.

            I have no clue what any of the tech specs are, but i just think it’s cool that i can put it all into a backpack, screen included, drive out to the river a few minutes down the road, and plug it all into my converter in my car.

            Outdoors gaming is, IMO, some of the best. You get fresh air, and there is always someone jogging by who stops and says how cool it is, and then i have another person to multiplayer with me and my friends!

        • I was frozen today!

          Huh, I always pictured your set up being a 60inch beast of a TV with a deafening 7.1 surround sound system, makes me feel pretty good about my 37 inch LG 1080p LED TV.

          I pre ordered the Zombi U bundle as well I’m just hoping Nintendo can honour my pre order on day one, have you heard any more about the UK’s allocation of consoles?

          • Nintedward

            Is everybody rich or some shit ? lol. I am more than happy with My set up , bare in mind my TV is a very up to date LG model with a high refresh rate and awesome everything else.

            I honestly DO NOT want a bigger TV. I know plenty of people who have them and sometimes they look too big.

          • Jbaeza

            Nintedward, in my case, I’m 18, but I’ve always imagined 5.1 with 47 or so TV as perfection. I began to save money, got a weekend job, and saved enough money for it, but then I enlisted in the United States Marine Corps, so I thought, might as well go all out, I want the few months i have my Wii U to be heavenly and truly something to remember. so saved up a couple more bucks. However I actually started out with a 32 that i picked up on black Friday 2 years ago for like 200, and 5.1 for like 100. its really nice, good memories, perfect for solo play in bed.

        • Youtube/KoolAidMan735

          I got 32″ LCD 1080p with Bose theatre system hooked up. I’m good πŸ˜€

        • jon

          wish i could afford one man

      • code

        or if you still have your nintendo gamecube component and composite cable. it is still compatible with the Wii and Wii U

        • Nintendonoob

          NO! You are all wrong this is the best setup (gotta buy this setup fast XD) *takes deep breath* a 300” (only in japan *wink*) 3d tv with dolby 8:1 surround and an eye doctor just in case.

        • Philybeef

          Gamecube, N64, and SNES av cables are compatible with each other, only the Wii av cables can be used with Wii U.

  • Josh

    I’m happy there is a sensor bar that comes with the Wii U because my cat broke my Wii’s sensor bar and now, I have to use wireless sensor bars and I have to constantly buy new AAA batteries. Thank you, Nintendo.

    • BarbieOnWeed

      My cat did the same thing. πŸ™


    If it is identical…so then you can just leave the Wii’s up where it is and then plug it into the U’s???

    So then you mean to tell me that Nintendo keeps things like the connections the same over 5 years JUST LIKE APPLE…oh wait, hehehe…

    • encarta

      it’s just a cable that powers 2 leds, no need for some brand new connector, why change it when it does exactly the same thing?

  • seth

    I love that ideally you could use the sensor bar w/TV for one player and the sensor bar w/Gamepad for another. Local two-player 007 on two different screens??

    • Kav


      • encarta

        why say “no”? you can play CoD with one player on the TV and one on the gamepad, no reason why devs can’t allow for the sensor bar on tablet to work with a wiimote.

  • taiye

    very nice

  • NaX

    yeah i might pick up on some Wii games I missed. After i got a 360 wii was was never touch again :/ anyways perfect excuse to buy some Wii games

  • AnesthesiaGamer

    Omg. 6 days!

  • Dazz

    it’s okay but,i wish we don’t have to use those sensor bar in the near further.

    • Jeffery02

      Would you rather use the tracking device for the Power Glove? Just saying.

  • RLThomaz

    It is not required a sensor bar to play NSMB, the remote is used as a simple controller

  • Zeldatrek fc 3780-9021-0732

    If the connectors are compatible, I’ll just cannibalize the sensor bar from my Wii.

  • Phoenex68

    Good, I hated having the sensor bar, half the time it would move or be out of range, now I won’t even need it..

  • sehxualpanda

    and if you’re into kinky stuff with your wii, you can always use candles instead of the sensor bar.

    • Tobbe

      Lol i wrote about that and just saw your comment

  • James

    Who wants Metroid Prime 4 on Wii U? If you do please like this page on facebook so we can get Nintendo’s attention! πŸ™‚

  • WarioForever

    I have Wii, so I’m going to buy (maybe) Wii U, and then I’ll put Wii U’s sensor bar on TV, so, what am I suppose to do with the Wii’s bar? (It’s on the same TV).

    • Rafael

      It doesn’t matter which one you put into the wii u since it’s the same one as the Wii’s

    • happyjack

      If you set up the sensor bar for the wiiu, that same one will work for the wii as well. As long as there are infrared lights somewhere, it doesn’t matter where that cable’s plugged. Like someone’s already said, two candles will even work.

      You know the wiiu plays wii games though right?

    • NintendoMan :D

      You could sell it with your Wii or sell it alone or you could keep it.

    • TheCruzKing

      The Wii U can do everything your wii can do unless of course you have a softmodded wii and plan on keeping it to play free wii games, otherwise you could probably stack both bars on top of each other and it should work fine.

      • Icanseeu

        Except play GameCube games…..

        • encarta

          or use wii connect24, but what stuff uses that anymore? i guess they’ll stop updating it anyways ( or already have )

      • WarioForever

        That’s the answer I was looking for. So you can put Wii U’s sensor bar on top of the Wii’s bar, I thought that wouldn’t work.

        • encarta

          it won’t work if they are both currently on, if for some reason you had the wii and wiiU both on. why you’d do that, i don’t know? but it won’t make the wiimote any more accurate, infact it’ll confuse the hell out of it. but that’s probably not what you were getting at!

    • WiiUWiiUWiiU

      Put it away and keep it in storage. It is always good to have a spare.

    • Phoenex68

      I would put away either one, its the same old sensor bar, nothing has changed, so you can switch it between devices.. Thats what I would recommend, or it doesn’t present a problem by stacking them if you so choose.

  • Ledreppe

    I’ll just plug my Wii one into my Wii U, as it’s stuck to my t.v and would be messy to remove. besides, it means I can keep the wii U packaged up and never have to open it.

    • Ledreppe

      Sorry, meant to say “…I can keep the Wii U *one* packaged up…”.


    So does the wii u pro controller need the sensor bar to play? If it doesn’t then you could even multiplayer without the sensor bar.

  • immallama

    More good news :3

  • Tobbe

    Acculy u dont need a sensorbar for any of them. Just light 2 candles and put above your tv and u can play. If u dont belive me, go try it. Bet a Wii U that u feel. “wtf”

  • ZeldaFreak4Life

    GOOD. That sensor bar is not only kinda clumpy looking but that cord is so freaking long! It got tangled up in everything and oh man, this is great news.

  • MSLFan

    Not required? What about the Metriod Blast game in Nintendo Land? Can’t use a Wii remote without that. no doubt about it though, I’m getting it. Not guaranted first day though. Walmart cancelled my order due to shipping issues. Hopefully I might have some luck getting it day 2.

    • encarta

      metroid aiming is done using motion+, the same as it was in skyward sword, using gyros, not infrared reference points from the sensor bar

    • Grodus

      It says for single-player.

      • encarta

        how does that matter? i’m sure they’d use the same tech on the wiimotes whether it was single or multiplayer, within each title of course. And if it uses motion+ then you won’t need a sensor bar for the game, which is what the story claims.

  • 30yearsofnintendogaming

    for me it is 46 days. (gotta wait until christmas. D:)

  • BananaPwnz

    Good. At first I was a little worried their was gonna be a sensor bar for the Wii U games. This is good news, I’m relieved.

  • nintendoododo

    Only 18 days left!



    lol anyone thinks im twin sticking a fps IS PLAIN WRONG il be setting up my sencer bar as im a core gamer and i wasnt all functions on my wiiu how is this good news your gimping your wiiu by not fitting it LOL

  • Linskarmo

    I’ll just use my Wii sensor bar, so if the cat gets to it I have a brand-new spare. I probably won’t have much multiplayer, but I’ll set it up anyway.

  • Doug

    I know the wii u is going to be awesome, but don’t get overexcited. You’ll be disappointed of you think it’ll be perfect. It’s going to be good, but don’t get too worked up about it. Just chill. Anyway…..6 DAYS LEFT!

  • Johny

    thank GOD ! … i love my wii mote controls.. but im so glad that WiiU wont primarily have them/forcing them….

  • max lazy 10

    Not bad. Not bad at all. Now I can show of to my friends the awesome dual sensor bar setup.

  • Volcano


  • Fat Albert

    Bought my 37 inch LG 1080p lcd for about $300 and will buy the $300 Wii U Basic. Keep in mind that the PS3 cost about the same as the two and doesn’t even run Full HD. Can’t wait til launch!

  • JVAN

    The sensor bar is only needed for the old Wii games – I thought that wasn’t news.

    I’m keeping my Wii just to play Gamecube titles. Sensor bar plug will be moved to the Wii U on November 18th. πŸ™‚

  • Grodus

    I thought this was implied… (with the 3DS having gyro.)

  • DrSlump

    I really appreciated the wii mote + nunchuck control in wii games, such as skyward sword and metroid prime trilogy: it’s the most natural control system, the only one that can compete with pc’s mouse+keyboard.
    Pointing and shooting in metroid prime is awesome and controlling Link with the wii mote plus is one of the best game experiences i’ve tried in my life.
    I really hope that this controll system will not abandoned by nintendo in wii u games. Wii u controller is ok, but the wii mote plus offers the most advanced control system for fps and would be great for the new pikmin too (i would like to play another zelda game with this control system and update graphics.. :O )

  • Paul

    sorry but doesnt pictures and demos show games like blackops 2, mario bros, zombiu single campagins with the wii sensor bar

  • Wil

    This is news? I thought it was common sense…