Feb 4th, 2014

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Yesterday we reported on new Sonic information that stated a new game would be coming in 2015 and to all next-gen platforms. Since then, Sega has released an official statement about the news, which you can find below:

SEGA is yet to announce details of upcoming console video games for Sonic the Hedgehog or further details regarding the new Sonic CG TV series. The recent information coming out of Nuremburg Toy Fair was incorrect. For official and up to date news regarding Sonic the Hedgehog please go to www.sonicthehedgehog.com or follow Sonic on Twitter (@sonic_hedgehog).

It looks like the picture above has been deemed incorrect by Sega for now. Many of stated the new game was slated to be based on the new Sonic CG TV series Sega talks about in their statement, which very well could be true and not part of the three-game exclusivity that Sega promised for Nintendo.

[via Sonic Stadium]

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  • Josiah Parsons

    …Which basically means it’s confirmed…

  • What? A Video Game rumor that turned out to be false. That never happens. I miss the days where confirmation and fact checking was done before things were spread all around.

    • The fact that this information was revealed at a trade show is kind of telling. It’s not like someone grabbed a scrap of paper and threw out a rumor.

      • I meant no offense but with the rumor mill as it is there have been a flood of rumors that have turned out to be false and it is getting out of hand. Look at the whole ordeal with Watchdogs and many other rumors over the past few years. It is getting worse almost like people are starting these things on purpose for page clicks or something.

        Again it was nothing personal or this specific rumor/information but just the industry in general.

        • I agree with you about the rumor mill, but there’s a reason those things happen. That filing was actually a legit thing that happened. Ubisoft is now having to counter it. The only information we didn’t have was that it wasn’t actually filed by Ubisoft. Someone else filed it.

          • But the whole uproar about it not showing up on Gamestop Italy started the whole Watchdogs thing which was blown way out of proportion. Look at how many things get started because a game is not listed for a certain platform during the early stages of development only to find out it came later.

            Sorry if I offended you as I think you are one of the few writers for this site that are good and do your best to verify information. I am just frustrated at what the internet has become specifically in the area of technology related news.

          • I’m not offended at all. Just explaining why we covered those particular stories. I never covered the GameStop Italy thing because it smacked of rumor. I did mention it in subsequent articles, but it never received its own article here. 🙂

          • Skelterz

            hey ashley why did you ban jjbredeson? just wondering

          • He’s banned for taking part in a troll group that abuses the Disqus comment system on several different websites. I’ll continue to ban any of the members of that group I find.

          • Skelterz

            really what troll gorup was it and if i may add he never seemed to troll on this website if anything his known as a sort of peacebringer where trolls are concerned to be honest he was telling everyone the other day to stop feeding truth teller maybe you should look into it further he seemed like decent guy?

          • Shota

            he seemed like a nice guy. just what the freakin hell is going on. maybe somebody got in his account. it also happend to me

  • Lil J Moore

    I so totally didn’t see this coming

  • Jack5221

    Okay cool whatever, its fake. NOW WHERES MAI NINTENDO DIRECT FOR 2014!!!! >.<

    • Lil J Moore

      Yeah where’s our games

      • Fred

        They’ve announced that X is coming this year!!!

        • Shota

          yeah…… mario kart 8 and smash bros too -_-

          • matthew garcia

            Everyone seems to be talkin about the same games comin out this year for a while now which is like the same 5 or 6 games. I mean is there anything else. Cuz 5 games for 1 whole year is not good

          • Shota

            there are also new games coming we don’t even know about. well just wait for a nintendo direct whenever that would be.

    • Skelterz

      Here is a poem for sega.

      Sega sega sonic was wounded
      sega sega the day knuckles intruded.
      sega sega he’s ran to far
      sega sega how’s about a new phantasy star?
      sega sega we all had a bitter taste
      sega sega the day you left the console race
      sega sega after sonic 360 how can we trust this.
      sega sega let him die and do your IP’s justice.

    • GregoryTheRainMaker


  • Skelterz

    nintendo time to pull you finger out give us info the whole shares thing is boring i want games fool.

  • Skelterz

    Sonic games are dirt these days when are they gunna stop being gay release a 2d epic

    • Shy Guy

      Lost World rocked mine…. lol

  • Mario

    Oh well! The third Sonic game is gonna come on the wiiU anyway. Right?

    • Sonic the Hedgehog

      Yep! You better get your kart racing ready!

      • Mario

        Oh you bet I will!

        • Shota

          mario & sonic talking to each other makes my day better

  • Donaald

    I rather see a Phantasy Star Online 2 localization in the west.

    • Donaald

      Only two downvotes? It must have been sonic furries.

      • Sonic the Hedgehog

        And I thought Eggman was crazy!

  • GregoryTheRainMaker

    I see.

  • Sam

    Well, maybe I was right…

  • Deadpool U

    I knew it was wrong I mean Sega wouldn’t announce a multiplat Sonic before the Wii U exclusive Sonic that they are basically obligated to give us.

    • Shota

      i really want deadpool on wii u

      • Deadpool U

        We all do *tear* we all do.

  • Logan Wayman

    In the words of the Kool-Aid Guy: “OH, YEEAAAAHHH!”

  • Random12multi

    Sega… Making a CG sonic show…. Ehhhhh

  • David John Gifford

    Sonic lost world was rubbish anyway go back to original sonic anyday and bring other better sega ip o wii u streets of rage remake,altered beast,golden axe, double dragon, shinobi, and top top list give a complete remake of all original alex the kidds with just upgadi g to hd

  • Cody McKrell

    This seems more like a “we didnt want consumers to know yet” denial, more so than a “no, thats 100% false” denial. Seems like theyre mostly upset because they didnt get to make the announcement themselves. Not to say that accidents dont happen at trade shows, but getting things that wrong kind of defeats the purpose of them entirely. If the information on that sign is truly that far misplaced, it pretty much means the company thats displaying it is lying to retail buyers to pad their sales which is another, much larger, problem entirely.

  • gamingpalooza

    i think nintendo should buy out sega… acquire sega… and then sega games will be only on nintendo consoles