Jul 24th, 2014


A big blog update from Sega has revealed several new characters for Sonic Boom. Most of them are animals like the rest of the crew, but there’s a little robot that’s pretty cute as well. The characters being shown off seem to be part of a hub, as they all have professions that relate to their character design. As you can see above, there’s a beaver called Chef Woody who works as a French chef, but Sega is also introducing a turtle named Old Tucker and a hippopotamus sailor called Salty.

Check out this gallery to see all the character designs and be sure to read Sega’s blog post to find out more information about these characters. Are you excited for the game now that Sega has revealed characters that you’ll interact with in the world?

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  • matthew garcia

    I still don’t understand this game. Will it be a fast paced sonic or is it more of a slow paced adventure that involves exploring

    • Michael Hancock

      Or is it a game where you just pull chains?

      • matthew garcia

        Hmmm maybe its a little bit of everything

      • matthew garcia

        Is your picture the cover to a raamstein album

    • Noah

      From what I understand, it’s a mix of both with an emphasis on the slow paced adventuring.

      • matthew garcia

        Sounds like a cool new direction for sonic

    • It’s a co-op game, so the slower emphasis is to emphasize… co-op. There are speed sections, because it’s Sonic. I wish they could go faster. Sonic walking, is just weird.


      I mean, the game is on Wii U only. They couldn’t use isometric gameplay, like Nintendo Land or the Lego games?

      • matthew garcia

        Lol sonic walking. Looks like he’s strutting

  • Smurfman256

    Are they SUPPOSED to look like rejected Disney characters?

    Also, another hedgehog with breasts…great.

    • The target audience of the game is young children, so it’s not surprising to see the team at Big Red Button mimicking Disney.

      • ZeldaFan83

        It has me interested. Theres nothing wrong with some younger audience games. This looks like it might be a fun game whether your younger or older. Wind Waker has been said to be a game for little children for over 10 years and that game is amazing.

      • Dark Lord Sauron

        they even said its also for sonic veterans as well not just for kids

        • Brandon Olson

          With all due respect, they’re all talking, multi-colored animals that do cool things. If a design is bad, sure, but it’d be equally lame if we got nothing but constant badass looking characters too. Different flavors of people out there, just like in real life if you ask me.

    • Daniel Gonzalez

      Quite lame.

  • Fernando Castor

    There’s a beaver. I’m sold!

  • Ducked

    Sonic has gone so downhill. Just make 2D Sonic games with good co-op.

  • Merry_Blind

    I’m fine with that. I prefer Sonic interacting with other animals rather than humans. I’ve always thought it was weird running around and talking to humans in Adventure and Unleashed, though I thought it was handled better in Unleashed since at least some characters were funny/memorable, like that ice cream guy, the old professor, the freaky ventriloquist pedophile, or that angry dad who didn’t want you to touch his daughter hahaha.

  • J’ohn J’onzz

    The more I see, the more this looks like a larger universe similar to archie comics. Which isn’t a bad thing at all, but the Rule 34 is strong with this one.

  • robjackson81

    They need to announce Guile!

  • Rinslowe

    From whats been shown of this game. It looks really average. I hope the studio finds an audience with this title. But I’m skeptical on it being even a modest success.
    No offense to Sonic fans out there. I may just be stuck in nostalgia mode…

    • C4

      No, I agree. The first infos sounded great. Large areas to explore (the old CryEngine demo turned out to be Sonic Boom) , western action platformer design like Jak & Dexter, I also hoped for less racing game automatic running speed bumper stuff because that’s something I didn’t expect from the developer team.

      The E3 stuff just looked average and I’m not really interested in cartoons anymore so the new story / lore I dunno. I doubt the game benefits when story stuff has to be hold back for the cartoon. Then again less emphasis on story and dialogue maybe isn’t that bad in a Sonic game? 😛

  • Nookling

    This looks very Disney

  • Kaihaku

    Non-playable, I’m guessing? Too bad, would have enjoyed playing as Chef Woody.