May 27th, 2014


Your mileage may vary on this one as it’s being confirmed by anecdotal evidence, but according to several redditors with Sears locations nearby, they’ve been able to walk into Sears and get Mario kart 8 early. According to one redditor who purchased the game yesterday, the embargo for the game was listed in their system as May 26 instead of May 30. If you have a Sears in your location that still carries video games, you may want to call them and see if they’ll sell you a copy early.

Went into sears today after seeing the post from yesterday. They had one copy that had no price sign or anything. Asked to purchase it and when they rang it up the release date was set as yesterday. Also from some weird in store points program I got $30 back. Just wanted to let everyone know so they had the chance to go pick up a copy while they can.

Several people are reporting success at getting their hands on the game early, but remember if you do manage to obtain it before the official release date of May 30, don’t add your Club Nintendo coins to your account until May 30, otherwise you’ll forfeit your chance at one of the four free games that Nintendo is currently offering.

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  • Squid

    Huh.. It’s funny. I didn’t even know Sears sold games.

    • DC777

      Great place to go. I got PS4 there on release day after standing on a line at Target for an hour. They would only sell me one and I needed 2 (for Christmas). I went to Sears when it opened. Nobody there. Got the second but I had to ask for it. People never think of Sears when it comes to games. They don’t have much but sometimes you get lucky.

    • Ducked

      I’m surprised Sears is still open.

    • Michael Hancock

      I didn’t know they were still in business. Who shops at Sears?

    • Kassandra Bonilla

      they don’t

  • “Sean” jjbredesen

    Why can’t i live in the states 🙁 Well for you guys that do, go get MK8!

    • Mads

      Mine was actually sent today and I live in Denmark 🙂

    • Magnus Eriksson

      Lol, you didnt preorder? Then you could have had it by today as the rest of us because of Thursday is red day.

      • “Sean” jjbredesen

        True, and no i did not pre order, low on cash i am going over to the UK early in the summer, so i will just have to wait an extra 2-3 weeks, think i will survive, and i don’t have internet on my Wii U right now so don’t think it will harm me that much :/

        • Magnus Eriksson

          Ah, skjønner tegninga. Jeg får det nok imorgen, men blir ikke spilling før tiende juni tidligst. Hva er det du studerer forresten?

          • “Sean” jjbredesen

            Studerer ikkje, skal begynne på Vidergående til Høsten 😛 Planen er allmenn, og har 4,6 i snitt, med 60 plassa og 62 søkere, så rimilig sikker på at eg kommer inn xD

          • Mads

            Venter du også til du er færdig med studie?
            Jeg venter til 4. juni hvor jeg aflevere bachelor 🙂

      • makkan

        men det ska väl ändå inte komma ut förrens på fredag ?

        • “Sean” jjbredesen

          Jo, men det veit ikkje posten 😛

          • makkan

            haha nice

  • Mr Ninty

    i will be getting mk8 tomorrow, and then i will be hosting a 4 day long mk8 party with my friends

    • lonewolf88

      4 days?? pffftt im doing 1 week.

  • Fifi Larns

    Hmmm this sounds like PK X and Y all over again :/ .

  • Aleks

    Whats a Sears?…….. lol, seriously though, I couldn’t even tell you where there was one. Haven’t seen one in 15+ years.

  • Ultrasyd

    I think that you can’t register a game at Club Nintendo before the official release date anyway. I remember not being able to register Skyward Sword and an other game that I got 1 or 2 days before the date, impossible to get the code to work. Was fine after release date.

  • Kelly

    Aw man, just called my local sears and they don’t – the guy said he just heard about the game today. Might still just drive over there later today to see if they have it regardless, the guy didn’t sound too smart lol

    • mgmve

      I called my local Sears – and they checked their computer – said they didn’t have it in stock, and none within 50 miles had it in their system as well. I’m in SoCal/Los Angeles, btw. I already preordered it – but I’m needing MK8 MIGHTY bad.

  • Nathan DeFalco

    Anyone know when the digital version will be released on the Eshop? Will it be midnight on the 30th? Or will they release it sooner like they did with Windwaker?

    • darkcreap

      If they released a bit early in Wind Waker, maybe they would do it with Mario Kart because a lot of people is going to download it. Better that than collapsing their online opening the gates at midnight and everyone downloading at the same time.

      • greengecko007

        It’s never midnight everywhere though. I would think that even Nintendo’s servers can handle a few people downloading the game at midnight as it gets released in each timezone throughout the night.

        • darkcreap

          I guess they probably have a distributed infrastructure for each region, but each one is dimensioned probably for a normal load, not for what Mario Kart is going to be.

          Oh, and coming back to the topic of this news, not fair, I want my copy too!!!!

          • greengecko007

            It shouldn’t be an issue. Of all the people that plan to purchase Mario Kart 8, not all of them will be buying it on the Eshop (some people will be buying physical copies and some people will be buying the bundle) and of those people, not everyone will be staying up to purchase it at midnight, and even those people will not be downloading it at the same time due to time zone differences.

            Nintendo’s servers should be fine. It’s not like millions of people are going to be downloading it at once.

    • Mutassem A ALSulaiman

      Midnight Release on the 30th – E-shop I checked

  • My copies shipped this morning and if it goes like the last few games I have ordered online I should have it a day early. Here’s to hoping that trend continues and I will have the game Thursday when I get home from work.

  • Yousif Alromaithi

    Best game on May totally. I hope I find on my Sears. I am so excited.


    Nintendo fanboys are respectable and full of talent that’s why they support the best video game company of all the times Of course Nintendo. Check this out !!!

    • darkcreap


    • Brandon Gardner

      lol that was awesome…. These guys need to be hire by Nintendo’s marketing company

    • Ducked

      Haha they did a really good job. Love Mario Kart and Frozen!


      I have that t-shirt…

    • DC777

      Hilarious and well done. I hear Target is doing it too. Going to wait for digital though. So easy to just click whatever game I want on the game pad.

      • Ace J

        wait is target leaking the game too?

        • DC777

          That’s what’s going around the net.

          • Rymaar

            I went to my local Target this afternoon; they have a spot for it in the Wii U games section but aren’t selling it yet. I did notice you can a free Wii U Steering Wheel with the purchase of Mario Kart 8, though. If you preorder the game, you can also get a $5 gift card. Not a bad deal!

    • Someone Cool

      Well…we were all virgins at one time or another. Just kiddin’ … or am I? 😉

    • Rinslowe


      • greengecko007

        Did somebody say Smooth McGroove?

        • Rinslowe

          Yeah, man!
          Smooth Mcgroove – Nintendo needs this guy somehow.

          • greengecko007

            I don’t really see how that would work. It would seem odd to me having a major video game reveal with a capella in the background. I do really love SM’s arrangements though.

          • Rinslowe

            Maybe yeah….
            Maybe in game somewhere, ha!

        • Someone Cool

          I have never seen anything like it. This video made me question a great many things. Being a gamer is the least of which. I may never be able to play zelda again..thanks for that btw. I am honestly going to try and forget what I saw by doing fucking shots tonight, thanks asshole, it’s already midnight.

          • Rinslowe

            Man you’re not very cool at all. Lol. Lighten up.

          • Someone Cool

            Lol. It was late, I was tired and that video scared me. I thought I was going to have nightmares.

        • Sam

          How did I not know about this guy?

    • iamserious

      Not in the first time in foreverrrrrr…. still 480P. Damn it.

    • Sam

      That was HILARIOUS!!!!! I love it!

  • darkcreap

    Not fair 🙁

  • Froakiefan8

    My sears isn’t selling it 🙁

  • Chase U

    Just called both the Sears closest to me and both of them do NOT have MK8 on sale yet..

  • Ace J

    I just went to my Sears and they did not have it. i guess its a very few Sears stores that are selling the game early

  • MrTravan

    I thought if someone broke the street date on a game, then everyone could sell it. No?

    • BIG Franky

      dumbest thing I’ve ever read… and I’m on this site a lot, so that’s saying something, LOL… 😉

      • MrTravan

        Really? Well a few years back I went to Gamestop to pay off a game I had pre-ordered a few days before release and they said I can have the game that day because another store started selling it already. I’m also on this site a lot and You’re by far the goofiest moron I’ve ever seen on here.

    • CharlesAnderson

      You’re thinking of hymens.

  • anthony optimo

    I think the Mario kart 8 news article should cease, at least until the sales numbers are in.

  • zoohero

    in denmark we get 10 games to pick from..

  • WiiUPS4

    Good Job sears and so i went to the sears near me just now and got one one…Yes it’s MarioCart 8 time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  • Pokémon Fan

    I wish I had a Sears by me! Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo (followed by about 3,000,000 more o’s)!!!!!

  • Zach Cruz

    Hey with mario kart 8 coming out very soon I need friends to add me! –> TheCruzKing

    ^ same user can be used for psn and xbox live if you wish as well

    • TheBoldman67

      I need to start importing some Miis for Tomodachi Life soon. I’ve only got ’till next Friday, unless of course I choose Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon instead. I still think I’ll go for Tomodachi Life though.

      • Zach Cruz

        I have that game pre-ordered as well

  • steveb944

    I wish the guy had gone into detail how he managed to get it at $30. Maybe he just shops there a lot.

  • tom

    Nice! Too bad the nearest sears is 150 miles away!

    • Mutassem A ALSulaiman

      I would drive if i were you ..

      • tom

        Nah with my SUV 150 miles and back will cost way more than the 30.00 i would save!

  • cthreep

    Sears is still a place?

  • Dark Lord Sauron

    dam u sears and target i have to wait till friday for mine copy -_-

  • Kenshin0011

    Saw this article, jumped in the car, need I say more? So happy!!!!! 😀

    • Mutassem A ALSulaiman

      YOU LUckY Sun of a Gun … Usually my town sells games early … Yet not sign of mario kart .. I keep calling every single day .. ill check the next 24 hours

  • Kenshin0011


    • Ducked

      Nice! Your lucky! 😀

    • Rinslowe

      U better get in that practice buddy!

    • Clel


      • Sam

        You’re back!

        • Clel


    • aldo2410

      Play a few races in my name

    • Michael Hancock

      It’s red!

    • darkcreap

      Not fair… 🙁

      OK, guess you are lucky. Enjoy!!!

    • ZeldaFanzzzz

      wow lucky!!! while I have to wait 2 days for mine but I don’t care because I’m getting a free mario kart poster!!

    • Josiah Parsons


  • Phillip Fry

    Read this article and high tailed it to Sears… They sold it to me. Can’t wait to smoke a couple and play tonight

  • andrewjcole (aka Sean – lol)

    Mario Kart 8 contest results should be out today!

  • Tyrone Hope

    Ya im having a MK 8 part with my friends as well!

  • Chase U

    Who else is having a Mario Kart 8 party with friends on Friday?!

    • Rom/Ram Paul 2016

      U better believe it!

  • Thomas Vienna

    I went to my local Sears and targets, and found nothing. It’s a shame, too, cuz I leave for camp tomorrow.

  • Josh Dye

    I wonder if kMartt also has it… Anyway, I’m getting the download when it’s released

  • Michael Hancock

    I called them, the only Sears in Long Beach. This is what they said, “We do, but we’re not supposed to sell it until Friday.” I guess the word got out.

  • Nostalgic_Chaos

    Oh man! You guys over in America are lucky!!
    Go get the game!

    I live in England, and while I cannot pick up the game until Friday morning, I did play the MK8 Demo today! I didn’t even know the demo would be at the Games store! I just went there by chance to ask them some general questions, and lo and behold, the demo was there! It is one of the best games I have ever played! And I’m not just saying that. The game play is so smooth!! I’m lost for words.
    I’ve been watching A LOT of MK8 videos on youtube and it’s hard to get a clear idea of how amazing the graphics really are for this game via youtube videos. It literally has some of the best graphics I’ve ever seen in ANY game. It is so polished and clean. I was there playing it for two hours, beating everyone on the game LOL. I felt like a kid, I didn’t wanna go home! It is BY FAR the best Mario Kart game ever made.

    Some important points.
    – For me, Karts feel really easy to handle, far more than any other Mario Kart I’ve played. The drifting is so smooth as well.
    – For really experienced players, you’ll get used to the feeling of the bikes quite quickly, but they do feel different to any other Mario Kart. Mostly the inward drifting ones, but you’ll get used to it within a day, veteran or not. Just keep playing.
    – Speed and Traction (Grip) are really important in this game. Of course you also want someone with decent acceleration too, but you can’t afford to choose a combination with slow speed. Against the computer is fine, but for online, you’ll definitely want a good mixture of speed and acceleration. You can’t neglect either.
    – I did notice that the Medium and heavier characters have a slight advantage, just because of that speed factor. In this game, you don’t really feel the added benefits of the acceleration too much.
    – I tried loads of combo’s. The Mach 8 and the Circuit Special are REALLY good vehicles.
    – Bikes are definitely NOT OP. Karts are just as good and you can really feel that they have tried their best to push Karts to the forefront now. Even the ATV Quad Bike is great!

    Overall, a solid game. Easily a 10/10.
    I usually like to look at things as objectively as possible. My rating has no bias. Just going by what I experienced today alone, and I didn’t even get to play every map. I only played 8 tracks, which was the max amount the demo had.

    Everyone who buys this game on Friday is going to be absolutely blown away. I promise you. It will be like nothing you’ve experienced. It doesn’t just feel like another Mario Kart. It feels like a new entire game altogether.


    • andy cadle

      Dang man; Totally hyped for this myself (suckered myself into pre ordering the limited edition version, so get that probably pointless but collectable blue shell statue thrown in- all for ‘only!’ £20 extra) Still; Got the email through today to say it’s been dispatched so i’m hoping tomorrow it’ll arrive. The last game I pre ordered from them (Pokemon X) arrived a day early so here’s hoping…Got a shed load of things I need to do tomorrow, so literally cramming everything in to my morning in anticipation of MK8 arriving…

      • Nostalgic_Chaos

        Awesome man! Sounds good! Yeah, everyone has had their Amazon orders dispatched now it seems. Looks like it could come for you all tomorrow, it seems like it, just since a few other countries seem to be randomly getting their copies a couple of days early etc… I wouldn’t be surprised. I’ll have to wait to collect mine Friday morning from Game UK. Didn’t want to risk a pre order from Amazon because of past experiences, arriving day(s) after the release day etc…

    • bcmugger

      Thanks for that review, its one of the better reviews i have seen.

      • Nostalgic_Chaos

        No problem man

  • brian

    “According to rumors”. Wow, way to be vague.

    • Kenshin0011

      Not a rumor, it’s true. I know first hand

  • brian

    Since when do they tell you when a product was available for purchase when you’re at the register?

  • MysteryT
  • Suraj Alexander
  • Capt. Smoker

    Can’t wait for kart, I’m definitely gonna pick up my free download of wind waker HD to go along side of it 😀

    • Nostalgic_Chaos

      Removing folk from your Facebook friends list for no reason, since 1889. Old school style.

      • Capt. Smoker

        Huh? 😮 your not on my list anymore, sorry, I deleted a bunk of people a few days a go, didn’t realize you’d gotten caught in the crossfire, add me back please 🙂

  • Daniel.

    Fucking SEARS MAN!!!!!!!! im on WII U miiverse and am seeing people from America playing this game… wtf????????

  • Jason

    Does anyone know if GameStop is having a midnight release for MK8 like it did for Super Mario 3D World and Link Between Worlds?

    • There was no Midnight launch for those games. Nintendo games NEVER have midnight launches. At least not in Canada they don’t. I remember with MH3U people like Shokio got it at midnight cause so PS3 game was releasing the same night. My stores never do Nintendo midnight releases cause they all think Nintendo’s fans “kids” aren’t up at midnight.

  • Sims3RealityCentral .

    Lucky, but I’m getting mine 11pm May 29 on the eshop.

  • NintendoMan

    Gonna go check at mine now.

  • jermil80

    any luck in chicago?

  • Chase U

    Just checked my nearest TWO Targets and my nearest Sears and NOTHING! But they did have the Mario Kart 8 Demo at Target which was good to see.

  • Seth S. Scott

    I went and they said it wasn’t there yet. I wanted to try the Sears across town but called them first. I guess when you call any Sears, instead of getting the store you get a Call Center. The lady was asking for all this info and email address and such and all I wanted to see was if the game was in stock…..she then told me, before I asked her, “That the game wasn’t in stock.” I said “What? You dont have any games in stock?” She then said “You’re looking for Mario Kart right?” She knew the game I wanted before I even asked, there must of been a big amount of commotion about Sears selling it early internally.

  • great deku tree

    so that’s why there’s so many players already in the MK8 community that own the game….meanwhile in Scotland I’m sitting watching videos for 2 days until the game comes out….*sigh*

  • MarkyWiiU

    I have a Sears in my location but they don’t sell games :'( Oh well… I guess i’ll have to wait two long days before I can buy it.

  • Ernie Sanguyo

    My friend got copy from sears when I told him about it and he’s going to go today to cancel is pre order at gamestop lol. I didn’t because I wanted the poster.

  • Nintygek

    I got my Limited edition Mario Kart 8 on may 28th. They received confirmation to sell it 2 days early.