Feb 12th, 2013

Scribblenauts Unlimited debuted as a launch title here in the United States, but our European friends have had to wait until 2013 to get their hands on it. The original release date of February 15th is right around the corner, but at the last moment Nintendo announced that it was delaying the release again for unannounced reasons. Many people have speculated that stores had their shipments and were ready to begin selling but Nintendo backed out for unexplained reasons.

Today’s news seems to confirm that, as customers in Europe who pre-ordered the game through Amazon have begun receiving their copies. Amazon has a policy in place for pre-orders that ensures the game will arrive at gamer’s doorsteps by the official release date. By customers receiving these copies, it means Amazon shipped them out before Nintendo put a stop to the selling, meaning some last minute hold up is the cause of this delay.

Currently there’s no word on when Scribblenauts Unlimited will be available in Europe, but we’ll keep you updated.

[via VG247]

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  • Nintedward

    I want this game 🙁 . They need to release it in this barron February ….

  • Wayne Beck

    I feel bad for the Europes, Mines gonna be here on Thursday. Can’t wait.

  • bizzy gie

    I don’t live in Europe.

    • Haha now that is exactly what I ment by we Europeans are often screwed the other day on your response on my post, this one news fact proves it once again that maybe we Europeans do get demos first (as you suggested) and on which I reacted maybe it’s true, but we are still screwed a lot on other stuff 😉
      As the article says US has it since launch, we are almost 3 months after launch and still waiting for this title, hence again my argument that we Europeans are often screwed in many ocassions related to (full retail) games, and for that I was amused on the exceptions of the ZombiU bundle, Xenoblade Chronicles, Pandora’s Tower and Last Story, that for once we got those 4 items first 😉

      (at a higher price never the less, but that’s a different story)

  • i already have the game. its awesome!!!

    • Daniel Gonzalez

      Never played any of them myself. I don’t think I’d be into that sort of game, but power to you.

      • dont knock it till you try it. its a really good game.

        • Daniel Gonzalez

          I never knocked it. I said I’ve never played a Scribbenauts game, lol. I will one day try it eventually when I get the chance. Maybe on the Steam since I don’t own a Wii U at the moment.

  • More baby games.  Now you wonder why Nintendo has the image that it does. 

    • Daniel Gonzalez

      It’s on windows as well.. Plus, Nintendo didn’t create it now did they? Your trolling has no boundries apparently.

      •  Is it on the 360?  You working for your paycheck has no bounds.

        • Daniel Gonzalez

          Hahaha. No one here works for Nintendo my troll of a friend. That’s just your bigot mind talking. Besides, it’s also on Windows which is part of Microsoft. Nice hypocritical statement. Plus, I’m sure it would be on 360 if given the oppertunity, but not everything will release there or ps3, like Bayonetta 2. 

          Lay off your 360 wet dreams, cause it’s not a god among men, just in your own little mind. I find PC far more enjoyable overall than 360 with the exception of a few games that I enjoy on it like Gears of War. Also, I play the ps3 and wii. So your paycheck comment is irrelevant. Try again.

          •  Bigot?  You must be an active homosexual since you keep calling me that.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            I don’t know man, my girlfriend would probably have to disagree with your analysis on that one. Mad much? Perhaps a nice vacation to Microsoftland?

          •  Bigot is a word that gays use, not people arguing over videogames.  Stop trying to sound smart too, because you are not.  You don’t analyze things deep enough to be smart.

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Over analyzing makes you even less intelligent and lack any common sense in life. Also, bigot is someone who is narrow-minded like yourself. Even straight people use that word. You just don’t like it used on you. Why so mad? Even if someone was gay,Homophobic much? Were in prison at one point and dropped the soap?

            I don’t have to sound smart. I know I am and I don’t see anyone else on this site negating me about my intelligence, all I see is yours being questioned often by various posters. You brag about your this and that and no one knows nothing but you. Give up the act. That being the case, it’s clear that you’re the only dumb one here apparently. So, stop trying to act smart when we know you most likely use google on a daily basis. 

            Also, analyzing doesn’t have any bearing on someones intelligence, over analyzing, which you do, does. People on this site against you aren’t stupid, they point out yor stupidity and immaturity. We all know you’re a troll. People like you just enjoy picking peoples comments apart just to make themselves feel smarter. 

            Don’t even bother to say I started it, cause anyone who comes on this site on a normal basis knows who is the guilty one here. You’re done troll. Go back to playing GTA IV online with your 10-12 year old wannabe adults who think shooting, killing, and all kinds of over the top violence is what gaming is all about.

            P.S. Since bigot makes you mad. I’ll use another word. Narrow-minded, bias, incompetent,hypocrite, chauvinist? Take your pick.

          •  I don’t over analyze and I never claim to know it all or that I am right and others are always wrong.  I do know that I have to fight against regular posters and those who are paid and who’s job it is to make sure that put a positive spin on all negatives.  The more the paid people write outrageous things, the more I want to make them earn their money by using truth.

            Hey, I am either right or wrong.  So far, I have been right more than I thought.  When Nintendo drops out, I will be happy and slightly saddened as well.  You cannot be arrogant and ignore what the people want and expect to survive.  With the PS4’s new controller (one that has many uses!), the PS4 may just be my first PS system I buy!  I may not even get the new Xbox!

          • Daniel Gonzalez

            Also, time is the true indicator of how a console sells, not statistics. Plus, how do you know that bigot is a word that gays use. Are you trying to tell us something Donaald? Coming out of the closet much? I suppose you study homosexuals for a living to. It’s okay dude, don’t be shy, just open that closet door.

  • Michael Shamgar

    Its actually very simple. European releases are much more complex, as they have more languages supported. For a text/word-heavy game like Scribblenauts, this is actually a pretty big deal.

    My guess is after final approval, after production, after shipping people were putting in extended play sessions in other languages – and either found some nasty bugs, or found some words that cultures could find offensive (etc). Nintendo being who they are, recalled the copies, will do more testing and changes (probably take a month), then release it.

  • dr scoobie

    Starting to get a little bit suspicous.