Aug 30th, 2012

Warner Bros. and developer 5th Cell have finally revealed the Scribblenauts Unlimited Wii U box art. And along the way, they also announced a new pre-order deal with GameStop. Customers who pre-order the game on the Wii U, 3DS, or PC will get a Rooster Hat from the game. GameStop will give the Rooster Hats on launch day to those who pre-ordered the game, free of charge. It’s available in red, pink, and blue, and looks pretty much like the iconic hat worn by Scribblenauts hero Maxwell. While the Rooster Hats look pretty cool, we’re not sure if you should wear them in public. But then again, we’re no fashion experts here on Wii U Daily.

Scribblenauts unlimited Wii U box art

Scribblenauts unlimited Wii U hoddies

You can find more photos of the Rooster Hats on Flickr.

Thanks to Jamie for the tip!

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  • nintedward

    i’ve said it once and i’l say it again. i am pretending to buy this for my little brother . then i’m going to hog it and he’s barely ever gunna get a go.
    win win for me :).
    not to worry for him!!!! i am shoveling my old wii into his bedroom XD, but keeping my best wii games in my room .

    • Alienfish

      That’s after the system transfer, right? Gotta hang onto those downloads.

      • nintedward

        can i put my VC’s onto my wiiu ?

        • Draco Breach

          Yes. All Wii Virtual Console purchases can be transferred to the Wii U.

          • nintedward

            cheers. thats great news :),

          • Ben2

            For the Wii you could play gamecube games on their through a disc. When you do the system transfer will it be a download where you don’t have to insert a disc?

  • jman4102

    thats cool but i wouldnt wear it

  • NoPUNintendo

    This will be awesome to wear while playing scibblenauts.

  • Rob

    Great cover art, great pre-order item, great series… What more could you ask for? The release date’s getting closer everyday, and I can’t wait to get my hands on the Wii U. I really hope people take the time to do some research on the Wii U, because I know people who didn’t even know about the console, only the controller. Well, for me, haters will be haters, and I’m going with Nintendo on this generation, despite cost or criticism. The money’s in the bag, and my body is ready!

  • Wii Uoops!

    I’m not sure if I should get this. I always wanted the DS version so bad when my friend had told me about it. I’ve been tempted to download the iOS version as well, but I can’t decide. All the creativity and endless possibilities really intrigue me, so should I get it?

    • Kyron

      Yes!!! Get it!!!!!!!!

    • Hangman

      Get the iOS version it is worth it, if nothing else to get a feel for it. Then use your Imagination to see that this game for the Wii U will be that much more amazing

  • LilLizard

    I would totally wear the Rooster Hat in public! (Blue)

  • Draco Breach

    If you didn’t want it before, you do now.

    Well… I do at least :p

    Want! *says the guy with a collectable felt Mario hat*

  • ed


    I think i might pre order just to get the hat and where it when picking up my WiiU

    Wait, if you pre order it now, will gamestop tell u the date it is released on the recipt? like when the WiiU is out? *wink Wink*

  • CandCmen

    Aw yea 😀

  • Grodus

    Lol at the rooster hats. Cool box art!

  • swic11

    I would have to say…. THESE are actually BADASS lol. I have an older brother (26) who loves hats… maybe I will have to buy this game just for that lol.

  • Nintendo Power

    I am going to wear the Blue hat to school and make things pop up with my notepad…..

  • Nintendo Power

    The game case is so Awesome.Reminds me of the good old gamecube

  • Lamsaturn

    I was gonna get this game first day anyway, but now they do this and I have to pre-order. This would be a great addition to my various video game merch.

    I guess 5th Cell’s plan is working exactly as they hoped…

  • Bacon

    I would love to get that hat, too bad im not buying the game on release cause imma buy other games 🙁

  • nod786

    Did anyone else misread that and thought it said “and pre-order dates revealed” I’m getting so excited that I’m now reading stuff wrong…. what have u done to me Nintendo :O !! 🙂

  • Gregory

    Damn ! This wasn’t on my launch games list but this pre order hat is really helping it

  • Nintendofreak

    One of d best box art cover i have seen it looks like it gonna jump out……but d hat thingy well i would wear it but my college is full of preps so im like a 3 headed creature….i would have liked a faceplate or protector for d wiiu pad or a ds cover or carrying bag….even thought i might as well wear it cuz who doesnt like to be warm in winter n i kinda like d hat

  • Jnc

    I want the game and a red hat(I would So where it in public).
    the Ds one was so fun to just mess around in i remember and this just looks fun for All kinda of diffrent people 🙂
    ..So i May now have to preporder

  • Jc

    I want the red one 🙂

  • theorangefish

    I don’t understand how those games can exist. I mean which drugs do you have to take in order to develop “shittlenauts”?

    • Collected

      don’t knock it until you try it

  • Kyron

    For some reason, every time I see the protagonist (Maxwell) I’m quickly reminded of Finn from Adventure Time. lol. That alone makes it worth the price of admission.

    They had to go and throw in a rooster hat (AKA Finn’s hat) for free for all pre-orders, making this game even more enticing.

    ((clears throat)) … My bodii is ready for U

  • SteampunkJedi

    I’m not a big fan of those types of hats, but I’m definitely getting the game, with or without the hat. And the box art is cool.

  • Alienfish

    Yep, now I’m gonna pre-order this thing. And to think I was on the fence just days ago. Gotta love marketing.

  • NintendoGamer

    Great. I saw the Nintendo Network sign on the box. I am wondering how the online will work for this one.

    • Ben

      What is nintendo network?

  • Ekayode7

    to beautiful am in love LOL
    I can even wear the hat

  • Ben

    I would wear the thing to school. 😀 But we dont have gamestop and i dont think we’l be getting this pre order thing either. 🙁 Sometimes its a sad thing to not live in the USA.

    • Ben

      I am a different Ben for know on I am going to call my self Ben2. The posts that started with “I wonder if” and “I am going to create” are mine. And I live in Arkansas.

  • GirlGamer

    My favourite game’s gonna be a hit! ScribbleNauts is so cool but Not sure about wearing that hat in public?!.

    O.M.G so cute hats but not suitable for public.

  • GirlGamer

    Yea Kyron you’re right! Adventure time on cartoon network. Maxwell reminds me of finn aswell! Maybe finn is a copied Maxwell. Hmmmmmmmmm?!?!?

  • Wii U Gamer#19

    Might get the game but first im gonna buy the others first 🙂

  • Maverick-Hunter

    Fin from adventure time >.> eat your heart out lol

  • Lamsaturn

    Oh yeah, question, if I were to pre-order this on Amazon, would I still get the gift? Or do I have to go to Gamestop?

  • Your Mom

    Gimme dat blue hat it would look great with my link hat

    • Ben2

      Dude, my mom died four years ago in a car accident. She died of blood loss.

    • Ben2

      But any way, how much do you want for the zelda hat?

  • yummmmmmmmmm rice!!!!!!!!!!!


  • The_Beeshnu

    Thimbs up if your getting a rooster hat!

    • Ben2

      You mean “thumbs up” not “thimbs up.”

  • Ben

    I wonder if they will have adjectives like Superscribblenauts?

  • M.Bison

    YES! YES!!

  • Ben

    I’m going to create a fire-breathing jackalope that suffers from explosions lactoseintolerance and farts out mumified piranahs whenever it rains.

  • Ben

    I read in Nintendo Power that the 3ds version will not have the object editor. 🙁 :*(

  • Ben2

    Where do you live Ben?

  • Bazinga