Apr 26th, 2013


If you haven’t had your fill of Lego super hero games, then you might be interested to know that Scribblenauts developer 5th Cell is reportedly working on a Scribblenauts DC super hero tie-in. The game is reportedly called Scribblenauts Unmasked and IGN currently reports that the game is seeing heavy redesign changes.

One of the original designs that has been revealed is a game where Max embarks on several adventures to help out various DC super heroes, but given the state of redesign and reworking the game seems to be in, that’s certainly not what we can expect in a final version of the game. As players of previous Scribblenauts games know, each level has a goal that must be achieved before moving on. In the DC crossover, such scenarios include having Max attempting to bypass Killer Croc in order to infiltrate Wayne Manor through the sewers.

According to sources, the game is scheduled to be announced at this year’s E3 and will be released on PC, Wii U and 3DS.

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  • Levi Johansen

    Disney Infinity and Scribblenauts!!
    “Make your own game”-games are popular these days.

    I’m getting Disney Infinity though, can’t afford everything…

  • Super Buu

    Hmmmm Sounds interesting.

    • dylanbob121

      ign…I wouldnt count on it

  • Mickey Mouse

    It would help if they’d actually release Scribblenauts Unlimited here in the UK first. I cancelled my preorder because I got bored waiting and wanted to play something else instead. Don’t know if I’ll ever play it now, so much coming out soon anyway.

  • Wayne Beck

    This concept sounds like a Great Take on the series. What I really want though is a “Scribblenaughts: Pro” or something. A Hard mode version of Scribblenaughts would be fantastic. So far, they are all fun, but soooooo easy.

    Yes, I am aware it’s a kids games, lol.

  • Chiwawaboi

    another scribblnauts, already?! it just keeps getting better and better!

  • IntrepidEmu

    I hope its a DLC and not a full-blown game. Unlimited was awesome, but I don’t want to pay another $60 for more Scribblenauts.

  • Graham Gillman

    Hell No. ScribbleNauts is not to be messed with.

  • Why they don’t make a crossover with me.
    The game would be called Waluiginauts Walimited

    • Ibi Salmon

      Because you’re the lamest character in the Mario franchise.