Feb 27th, 2015


Yesterday we told you that the gold Mario amiibo is confirmed as a Walmart exclusive. It went live for pre-order on the Walmart.com website shortly after that announcement and within fifteen minutes or so, the amiibo was immediately sold out. While the West Coast port strike is coming to an end, it looks like we still haven’t seen any change in amiibo availability as other store exclusive figures like Meta Knight, Lucario, and Rosalina and Luma have experienced the same problems.

Now, scalpers are further compounding the problem by selling the figures at a massive nearly 700% markup from the original $12.96 price tag. A cursory search of eBay for “gold Mario amiibo” shows several different listings, some as high as $90 dollars and still rising. It’s shameful when the only stock available to consumers is that purchased by those willing to make a quick buck by charging exorbitant prices. We know from the investor Q&A earlier last week that Iwata and his board of executives didn’t expect this kind of demand, but now that they’ve seen what scalpers can do to their products, here’s to hoping that Nintendo will increase production.

Were you able to get your hands on the elusive gold Mario amiibo yesterday before they sold out?

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