Oct 1st, 2015

One of the most interesting projects revealed from Microsoft at E3 is Scalebound, an action RPG being developed by Platinum Games. If you haven’t seen the gameplay trailers revealed at E3, take a minute to watch the trailer above. The game looks awfully similar to Xenoblade Chronicles just from the small presentation bits we’ve seen so far, but perhaps the most interesting thing about the game is that it was originally supposed to be a Wii game.

In a new interview with GameSpot, Hideki Kamiya talks about the original inspiration for the game and how development on the title started.

“When they first started, the idea was for a Wii game and we wanted to use a Wii remote to do the orders for the dinosaurs. You were in control of the dinosaurs, you were ordering the dinosaurs around, and they’d do cool things. Then after we made Bayonetta, we started the prototype. The first thing that I made a change to was making it a dragon game.”

According to Kamiya, the scope of the game changed as well. What started as something seemingly similar to Sony’s The Last Guardian, with a huge companion and a small child eventually morphed into what you see above.

We changed the dinosaurs to dragons, but at that point the lead character was even weaker than [current protagonist] Drew is in the context of Scalebound. She was actually a little girl who was with these dragons. As we were making this prototype, I realized that I didn’t want to just be watching the fight, I wanted to be more participatory in the fight. And I started talking with the staff about how maybe we should change this to be a swordsman or someone a little bit older. This was when the prototype got put on the backburner, so to speak, and the project was halted. Then we made The Wonderful 101.

So Scalebound has been a project that Kamiya and his team at Platinum have been wanting to do for some time now, it’s just a shame that Microsoft managed to snap up the exclusive rights to the game, likely in an effort to have games that appeal more to the Japanese audience.

What do you think about the game?

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