Jul 1st, 2014


Despite recovering from a surgery that prevented him from attending the annual share-holders meeting for Nintendo, president Satoru Iwata was voted back in as the president and CEO of the company for another year. We didn’t get the full approval rating for Iwata when the announcement was made, but it looks like he’s met with an 80.64% approval rating, which is up from last year’s 77.26%. This is still down overall, compared to his 90.60% approval rating in 2012 before the launch of the Wii U.

According to reports, Iwata is recovering well and should be back to his regular duties soon. Other approval ratings for board members were released, with Shigeru Miyamoto taking a 5.93% hit from last year, dropping him to 86.81%. Tatsumi Kimishima also fell 89.11%, which is down from the previous year. Despite Iwata gaining approval and both Miyamoto and Kimishima falling, it seems share-holders are still overall pleased with the direction that its executives are leading the company.

What do you think? Are you pleased with the job Iwata is doing?

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  • There’s only so many Iwata gifs. So all I can say is, excellent work.

  • Liam

    I believe hes actually voted in for 3 years

    • Daniel Gonzalez

      I believe it was another year.

  • We must be living in an alternate reality.

  • DaisyTBeaver

    This is still down overall, compared to his 90.60% approval rating in 2012 before the launch of the Wii U. http://alturl.com/omog4

  • nin-10-doughfan


  • Daniel Carvalho

    Guess this year’s E3 really pleased the board members. He’ll be back to a 90% rate of approval if he manages to keep the hype and constant release of quality games for the console.

  • Brandon Palonis

    Higher than Obama’s.

    • To be fair, there isn’t an entire 24 hour news network dedicated to his unending character assassination. Still, it’s an interesting observation.

      • Hikingguy

        Really? Most of the game industry has been bashing the Wii U and his decisions how he handled the Wii U almost since it was launched. Calling for him to step down, for Nintendo to fold and be absorbed by Sony or the other one, how Nintendo is doomed, Nintendo should go mobile and on and on. It really has been nonstop since the company Iwata leads released the Wii U. There has been a general lack of positive attitude towards Nintendo since the end of the Wii era. And it was Iwata who was at the helm the whole time.
        Also to be fair, I can think of at least 5 networks that do nothing but support the President with everything he does.

        • You’re starting an argument? What side do you think I’m on?

          • Hikingguy

            I just think that Iwata has been under fire for a while now and it is kind of surprising that his support went up. I am glad they show confidence in him. I am a Wii U supporter and I like the direction he has taken the company so I am glad he is still in charge for the foreseeable future.

          • I love Nintendo, but I’m also pretty surprised to see his approval rating up. The company has been losing money, and I was sort of expecting him to get the axe, or at least a scolding. I guess I feel very 50/50 that he’s still around. I love the direction that their first party titles have been taking, and I love the hardware. The OS is garbage, and the virtual console is a fraction of what it should be. I appreciate his philosophy, but not all of his decisions.

            I guess you really can’t argue with $5Billion in the bank and another $10Billion in assets.

          • Hikingguy

            I guess I sometimes let my Nintendo rose colored glasses get in the way of how I see thing. You are right, the VC could be so much better. But I wonder if there are digital rights or restrictions in play that we don’t or can’t see. Otherwise why would Nintendo not put more of the Wii’s VC library on the Wii U. Or is the conversion more work than the payout would be?
            Also, the OS is very strange. It seems very disjointed. I have always thought that with a few tweaks it could be good. But it is missing the simplicity that the Wii had and yet it is not as good as others out there now. I don’t have much to compare it to besides the Wii and the PS3. But I just feel that I get more info in an easier way on the PS3. I assume from what I read that the the new PS4 interface is really nice.
            Yes, it is very hard to argue with $5billion in the bank!

          • Hikingguy

            I’m sorry, I should have been more clear in my original response that I do like Nintendo. I was also surprised that his support went up even though over the last year the company has been through some challenging transition times.

  • Rinslowe

    After E3 it’s hardly a surprise…

    Quite the polarised figure within the many gaming communities though. But, he’s earned his place over time I reckon. Since Wii U he’s sort of, kinda, almost, maybe been stuffing it up royally. Until E3 that is. Just my opinion. Still, the honest truth. Moby-Dick could be running Nintendo for all I care. So long as the games I want to play are made. And to the quality expected of a Nintendo title…

  • Brandon Gardner

    Let’s be frank Mario Kart saved his ass lol

    • Rinslowe

      That and a beat down.

    • Darkness

      This is true, it’s a sure seller since all the past Mario Karts have been amazing (except MK7). Mario Kart 8 is a big disappointment.

      Too bad the game has so many issues. Retard online lag, item balance, lack of characters, same game as MK7 but now has anti-gravity, no creativity of new items and so on….

      • C4

        They need to refine it without adding a new gimmick in MK9. Core mechanics are among the best in the series.

        I’d say the piranha plant item it “creative” though, problem is it often seems random what it actually is targeting.

        • Darkness

          I agree

          If only they stayed along the lines of Mario kart Wii. That game sold over $35 million copies! Why change something that isn’t broken?! I will never understand Nintendo

          I thought they might add even more battle courses then MKW and MK7 but they has the least amount of battle stages ever. It gets even worse….instead of adding more battle modes like coin runners or others, they removes modes and only have balloons?! Wth

  • I’m kinda angry that I haven’t seen many fanboys…I want to disprove everything they’re saying…