Aug 11th, 2014


Today’s screenshot from the Super Smash Bros. developer Masahiro Sakurai features two Miis dressed up as famous characters from Super Smash Bros. The first is Samus, who we already know is in the game, but the second is an homage to Meta Knight, who as of yet, hasn’t been announced as a returning character in the game. Meta Knight has featured in both Super Smash Bros. Melee as a trophy and in Super Smash Bros. Brawl as a fully playable character.

It’s interesting to note that Meta Knight is often banned from official tournaments due to his super fast attack speed and the lack of viable counters for any of his movesets. Perhaps he’ll be returning for this iteration of Super Smash Bros.?

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  • Dialated

    I’ve never played a Smash bros game although I have been a gamer since the 80’s I now own a wii U which I’m really enjoying and I’m thinking I’ll give smash bros a whirl. also own xbox one, PC GTX770 play my wii U the most currently wish more people would give the system a chance

    • RyuNoHadouken

      i dont turn on my Wii U at all…but i am patiently awaiting bayonetta 2, smash and zelda u…oh, and praying fatal frame comes stateside…just beat TLoU remastered like 30 minutes ago…gen 10, level 50 pilot on Titanfall(xbone…username is the same as on here) with the season pass and am currently playing valiant hearts and ultra street fighter 4 on my XFX R9 280X BOOST edition powered PC. Game on!!!!

      • gtosheex

        Man i wish i could be you when i grow up – so many accomplishments.

        • RyuNoHadouken

          first step: stay in school so you can get a good job one day

          • Zach Cruz

            That or just know the right people, or make friends with the rich kids haha.

      • matthew garcia

        You sound prepared

      • Zach Cruz

        We are like the same! haha although give TLoU online a chance i have been hooked since I finished the game.

        • RyuNoHadouken

          i just finished Left Behind an hour ago…ill get to the MP this weekend

  • ActivesiN

    If MetaKnight does come back I hope they fix his broken OP @ss

  • cybus

    Meta Knight was not an assist trophy in melee considering they didn’t have assist trophies in that game, just a regular trophy so probably just a typo.

  • Merry_Blind

    Aaaaannnndd Sakurai is back for yet another trolling post!

  • Milky Bacons

    I really want Meta Knight back… loved him.

  • Magnus

    Ive got tired from this game before playing it. The lack of games for Wii U forces producers to over compensate by showing every possible new thing with the game. It does not leave any surprises. It felt like I had played Mario Kart 8 too many times before playing it, I bet its the same with Smash. I dont blame Sakurai, I blame Nintendo. Their bad policies have ruined all magic that was left.

    • Star and Moon

      So, you’re complaining about receiving a lot of news about new games on a site that’s entire purpose is for sharing news about new games? I don’t follow.

      • Magnus

        No, I like to hear about new games and get a hint once in a while. I dont like to see the whole game with all its details. I do not blame WiiUDaily, but I do blame this trend in the business.

        • Merry_Blind


        • Star and Moon

          For a party game like Smash Brothers, I think it’s fine, but for a heavily story or single-player oriented game, like Terraria, then it becomes more problematic for me. Every person has there own tastes, I guess. :p

          • Magnus

            I think both are bad. I dont want to see every secret unlockable in a game that I have not played. I like to master it by training.

    • Go on media blackout then. No one is forcing you to tune in.

      • Merry_Blind

        But it’s so hard to do though! I’m not jokin! I’ve been telling myself for years I shouldn’t come on video game websites as much as I do to not get games spoiled for me, and yet, here I am!

      • Magnus

        A very insightful and clever comment there. I wont even bother to explain anything for you as thats just a waste of time.

        • Just like your comment then…

          The practice of companies dropping information and building up interest for their products isn’t new. Nintendo didn’t force you to tune in to their news feed, that was your choice. So again, if you hate the practice of companies dripping information or having previews because you feel it ruins the experience, then don’t follow it. Don’t blame media outlets for your lack of self-restraint.

          • Rich Garriques


          • Magnus

            So, never come with criticism is your advice. Was your parents very authoritarian? Do you come to this place just to agree with people? Grow up kid. All people do not think the same as you all the time.

          • “So, never come with criticism is your advice.”

            Can’t help you when you make incorrect and baseless assumptions like this. Good day to you.

          • Magnus

            Thats exacrly what you said. Its not an assumption its the correct interpretation of: “Don’t blame media outlets for your lack of self-restraint.” Also you cannot read as I say “I dont blame Wii U Daily, I blame the trend in the business.”

          • Kevin James McAllister

            The trend in the business exists because people like me and you click these articles. The only way to stop the trend is business is for the people who supposedly don’t like it stopped clicking those articles. It’s a pretty easy concept: if you don’t want media content spoiled, don’t check articles and websites that announce and discuss that content. If the people didn’t like those articles, they wouldn’t generate traffic and wouldn’t exist.

            By clicking these articles, you’re causing more of them to exist.

            By complaining about them, you’re complaining that other people are just like you and click them. Because that’s how these articles survive, by creating content that people check out.

            The worst part about your criticism is that it blames a service provider merely for providing their only service, and ignores the fact that you have to decide to go to that website and decide which articles to read. You could stop coming here and you wouldn’t have anything spoiled, but instead you blame the website for having articles. It’s kind of frightening, really, because it means that anything bad that you contribute to, you’ll blame it on the thing itself. “Oh, you can’t blame me for killing him. He was holding a knife. People shouldn’t hold knives; they’re just asking to be killed.”

            Take some responsibility. These things get spoiled because your will power isn’t strong enough to overcome your curiosity. That’s all.

          • EatRiceAllDay

            You would stoop so low to talk about someone’s parents? Do you know that guy’s life? Not everyone is going to grow up the say way you do. It’s simple, if you don’t want to know about upcoming games, don’t look into it. People came here because they WANT to know more about games. You brought this upon yourself. You should have known that Sakurai is going to keep posting information about SSBU every weekday. So enough complaining, it’s clear that the only one here who needs to grow up, is you.

          • Magnus

            I dont talk or say anything about anyones parents, I just state the fact that he got some issues when saying that one should not be critical towards bad trends but happily enjoy what the business “give”. Thats authoritarian way of thinking, and I ask if he got it from home.

    • Deadpool U

      Your life sounds horrible and depressing and that’s coming from me, a homicidal, suicidal self hating immortal mercenary.

      • Magnus

        Nope, Im happy. But I prefer to play unspoiled games.

        • Deadpool U

          No it sounds like you want play games where the only known iinformation about is the title.

          • Merry_Blind

            Don’t you agree though that it sucks a bit to know everything about a game before playing it? Don’t you agree that the impact of unlocking a ‘secret’ character in Smash is lessened when you already know that character made it into the roster?

          • Magnus

            Excactly. Thats the fun part of videogaming.

          • Magnus

            Then you must learn to read better or train your cognitive abilities to understand what people are saying. The responsibility for that is on you. I cant help you.

          • tk-337

            “Oh look, someone shitposted about something they could have easily avoided. He’s definitely clinically depressed, and I should probably insult him with it.”
            Genius comment there, “Deadpool.”

    • Merry_Blind

      I’m just gonna copy/paste a comment I made on a Hyrule Warriors article earlier today, which addresses what you’re saying:

      “Can’t blame Nintendo. I’m pretty sure they’ve been overboard with ‘showing games and sharing details about them’ recently because many people complained about them NOT doing that with the Wii U and in general.

      Well good job impatient whiners, now we’re having games spoiled for us before it’s even released since we know everything about them before even playing them.”

      It’s also because of people like you yelling out loud from the roofs that “Wii U HAS NO GAMES LULZ”, even though it does have many great games released and coming soon, that Nintendo feel the need to talk about their upcoming games as much as they do to make sure you remember there are games coming, which obviously doesn’t seem to work now does it?

      • Magnus

        It IS hard. And It IS annoying that you know everything about a game before you have played it. Im pretty sure that people where would agree if I adressed a iltle like Watch Dog, but now I have hurt some feelings by adressing Nintendo games… Some people are so sad.

        • Merry_Blind

          I never said I didn’t agree with you on that part. I do agree that we have way too much info on Smash and Hyrule Warriors. I didn’t watch videos of all MK8 tracks before it came out so that it stays a surprise.

          All I was saying is just, don’t blame Nintendo for this overload of information, blame impatient whiners, and hate-wagon riding people like yourself.

          • Magnus

            Lol at hate wagon riding people. I dont think we would have seen as much from MK8, Smash, HW etc if Nintendo had other games on their system. I think they do this to keep up the feeling that something is happening on their gamefront. To be honest this strategy is new to Nintendo. We didnt see much from their games, but a few hints, as little ago as the last generation. Now we get weekly updates, sometimes more. Its true that I blame Nintendo for following this trend. I blame them for lousy policies and stupid business decisions that are hurtful to their consumers.

        • matthew garcia

          It’s kind of like the music industry now. Nothing is discovered anymore everything leaks on the internet now. You use to be able to go in a record store and look for music for yourself and choose. It was risky but if you happened to stumble across an album that just blew your mind it felt much more rewarding that you discovered it. The gaming Industry is turning into the same thing. No more self discovery of anything anymore

          • Magnus

            True, but it get extra bad when it comes from a company that releases two games in a year.

          • tk-337

            I’d rather know that I’m going to get something good than choose something at random and be disappointed by $16 worth of dumb music.

    • Rich Garriques

      Ignore Magnus he’s a troll and a total idiot

      • Magnus

        Nah, I would guess I am a lot smarter than you.

        • EatRiceAllDay

          and cockier as well

          • Magnus

            Am I the one calling others idiot?

    • Squid

      Tell me how Nintendo made you bored of it? The tournaments didn’t show major things, the smash direct and the trailers only give a little of what it has.

    • tk-337

      I’m just going to list everything I found wrong with everything you said.

      “It does not leave any surprises.” Then don’t read the spoilers. Pretty much everyone here told you that already.

      “So, never come with criticism is your advice.” That wasn’t AZHood’s argument at all. Did you even read it? He was telling you the same thing I repeated above.

      “Was (*were) your parents very authoritarian?” Please tell me how you came to that conclusion, as I have absolutely no idea.

      “Do you come to this place just to agree with people?” If that is true, then why are you arguing with him?

      “Grow up kid.” Again, I have no idea how you came to that conclusion.

      “I dont talk or say anything about anyones parents” Refer to the third quote.

      “I just state the fact that he got some issues when saying that one should not be critical towards bad trends but happily enjoy what the business ‘give’.” He wasn’t telling you not to be critical, he was stating how easy it is to ignore it altogether. It’s your own fault you clicked the link, not the trend’s fault.

      “Thats authoritarian way of thinking” It’s really not. Authoritarian means that you are obedient to an authority at the cost of personal freedom. He was completely free to not read the article, he read it because he wanted to. You were also completely free to not read the article, but you did it because you wanted to shitpost about it. Don’t use large words for the sake of appearing smart. It just makes you look like more of an idiot when you use them incorrectly.

      “Its not an assumption its the correct interpretation of: ‘Don’t blame media outlets for your lack of self-restraint.'” No it isn’t. He was telling you not to bitch about something that you can easily avoid. This is another instance of you making illogical conclusions that look completely ridiculous to me.

      “I dont like to see the whole game with all its details.” Again, don’t read the article!

      “I do not blame WiiUDaily, but I do blame this trend in the business.” You say that a lot. The only one to blame is yourself. The trend exists because people like it and they read it. You don’t have to read about it. I’m starting to feel repetitive now.

      “I have hurt some feelings by adressing Nintendo games…” No one is offended by you saying something about Nintendo. They are annoyed by you bitching about something you can easily ignore.

      “Its true that I blame Nintendo for following this trend. I blame them for lousy policies and stupid business decisions that are hurtful to their consumers.” It’s not hurtful to their consumers. I enjoy reading about new stuff that will be in the game. It’s something to look forward to. You, on the other hand, would rather be surprised. No one here (except for Deadpool, who is clearly as closed-minded as you are) is annoyed by your opinion. They are annoyed by your inability to simply stay away from an obvious spoiler.

      “Am I the one calling others idiot?” Here is a list of quotes from you implying that someone else isn’t as smart as you are:
      “I wont even bother to explain anything for you as thats just a waste of time.”
      “Also you cannot read as I say…”
      “Then you must learn to read better or train your cognitive abilities to understand what people are saying.”
      “Nah, I would guess I am a lot smarter than you.”

      TLDR: If you didn’t want to spoil the game, then you shouldn’t have read the article! x9
      You make a lot of nonsensical conclusions.
      You are a self-righteous hypocrite.
      Good day, sir.

  • Deadpool U

    Hopefully if he returns he’ll be more balanced so I’ll lose less to people who keep getting cheap wins! That and people will live longer if you catch my drift.

  • bistricky

    I am hopeful Meta Knight is included.
    A Meta Knight amiibo would be amazing (must have)!

    • bistricky

      Very sad to hear that comedy legend Robin Williams is dead. R.I.P.

      • Sonic 2099 The Hedgehog

        I Cone Miss Him 🙁

      • Zach Cruz

        and now im teary-eyed…. thanks..

  • Steve

    If he returns, I hope they fix him. He was kind of broken in Brawl.

  • Rinslowe

    Meta Mii gets my vote…

  • Superxtreme

    Sakurai, you troll you.

  • Ferd726

    Give a Mii the Fierce Deity Mask or Majora’s Mask so fighters will met with a terrible Fate.

  • 00EpicGamer00

    I didn’t know the Mii’s could dress up as Nintendo characters. O.O
    I want to see what a Bowser or Yoshi Mii looks like. 🙂

  • Korv13

    I think Sir Meta Knight will be an unlockable character this time (and I wish!).

    Meta Knight, gamers shall have retribution for all these lost games!!!

  • Arkamarky

    It does say ”And I am Meta Knight, JOINING THE BATTLE” So… There’s a pretty high chance.

    • Merry_Blind

      That, or it’s just Sakurai trolling us real hard and MetaKnight won’t even make it into the game. Though that would be very mean trolling, and I don’t think Sakurai is mean. He just loves trolling.

    • Probably means Meta Knight is a “Secret” Character.

  • CydeFxt

    Still no Ness? Maybe he’ll be a hidden character.

    • Merry_Blind

      He’s in, don’t worry about that. He has to be.

      • CydeFxt

        I really hope so. I mean he’s an original

  • LevenThumps

    I am quite certain Meta Knight will be back. He’ll be nerfed considerably, but he will still be back.

  • therealruben1

    Frys is selling a wii u with mario u luigi u donkey kong and wind waker for $350

    • Merry_Blind

      Holy crap, sweet deal. That would have been the perfect bundle for me!

  • Squid

    Meta knight is a character that really needs to be in smash. It would feel odd to have Dedede and Kirby and not have meta knight. For some reason I feel like this deconfirmed him, or teased him depending on how you see it.

    • tk-337

      Don’t worry, Squid. It’s Sakurai. He MADE Kirby, and I highly doubt he would remove one of his own characters. I’m a little worried about Ness and Wario, though.

      • Squid

        Ness is a staple and Wario is probably staying due to his highly unique playstyle. Though with Metaknight, I want to say “of course he’ll stay in” however I did some research, back in the n64 days. Sakurai was criticized for making Kirby, his character, the best character in the game. So when Melee came out, he ended up making kirby one of the worst characters in the game. Also, he planned on having both Metaknight and Dedede in Melee, but didn’t because of the critisism. Now, brawl comes out, and again, Sakurai is now criticized for making meta knight the best in the game. It’s possible he can cut meta knight. I’d say his chances are 80% of coming back in, considering he makes his own choices to please himself and the fans rather than just the fans.

        • tk-337

          I don’t think he was criticized because his own character was OP, but just because a character was OP. I’m pretty sure he will nerf him, but still keep him in the game.

  • abe

    these look more like the HATS from street pass than costumes

  • Mr. J

    Yeessss plzzzz bring him back. He was my character in brawl

  • Potemkin

    Oh! A spanish Miiverse version….or is it my PC translating it…