Aug 29th, 2014


Earlier this week we told you about the massive feature that Edge Magazine has on Shigeru Miyamoto, including several different interviews with other Nintendo developers. One of the Nintendo developers interviewed was none other than Masahiro Sakurai, the man behind the Super Smash Bros. franchise. The interview discusses the differences between the upcoming Super Smash Bros. game and those in the past, including Melee and Brawl.

Perhaps the most notable quote from the portion of the interview that has been made available online is Sakurai discussing how the battles flow between the new game and previous games in Melee and Brawl. This is something fans have been fighting over in forums, as many hope that the renewed focus on tournament play means the new Super Smash Bros. will be geared more towards those who take Smash seriously than those who just play for fun.

The most important thing is that the game have breadth and depth, since we would like them to be popular with both novices and hardcore gamers. We think that people who aren’t so good at turning the tables and coming back from behind can still get enjoyment out of the [new] game, even if they turn off items and Smash Balls.

Although the pace of the game had to be lowered compared to Melee in order to achieve this balance, we have managed to keep the dynamism because we didn’t have to gear towards novice players like we did with Brawl. In fact, we recreated all characters almost from scratch. Also, I feel on a personal level that this game is more interesting than the three previous games in the series.

It’s interesting to see Sakurai discussing the novice aspect of the game, as many people felt that Brawl was too easy for those who grew up playing the original Smash Bros. Either way, this issue of Edge is certainly something any die-hard Nintendo fan will want to check out.

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  • Mario

    So is not as easy as Brawl, but is not as hard as Melee. Is that what you’re saying Sakurai?

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      He has achieved perfect balance

      • Squid

        He has mastered the avatar state.

        • His evolution is now complete.

          • Afo

            He reached his perfect form

          • YamiryuuZero

            He did a good job ๐Ÿ˜€

          • Adderell

            Such a normal answer among not so normal ones lol

          • iamserious

            He has become one with the Matrix.

        • Cry_Zero


        • Ghazbaran

          He has become the ultimate lifeform.

        • I knew I should have replied to this sooner…

          • Mario

            Wow. Hard to believe so many people replied to such a simple post :/

          • Geckoblade64

            and started the biggest chain of comments on wii u daily

      • Edgar Tapia

        He has reached the Nirvana

    • Merry_Blind

      He had already stated in the past that this was precisely what he was aiming for. He understands that there is an hardcore audience for Smash, but he also wants to keep the game noob-friendly. Basically, he tries to refine the “easy to get into; hard to master” motto. Which, I think, all game should aim for, particularly competitive games.

    • Sonic 2099 The Hedgehog

      A Balance of the 2 My Friend

  • Daniel Gonzalez

    “Sakurai says the new Super Smash Bros is more dynamic than previous releases”

    I’m counting on that. On the Smash side of things, I haven’t been disappointed yet.

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    Interesting stuff. Make sure to let us in on anything else that gets mentioned in that issue of EDGE magazine Ashley.


    Smash 4 is aiming to be the best in the series, keep up the good work! ๐Ÿ˜€

    PS: I’m a competitive Smash player so yes even from a competitive perspective I think it’s gonna be the best. Only time will tell of course.

  • William Cole

    Preordered on Amazon, hopefully it’ll be here for Christmas.

  • Merry_Blind

    I expect nothing less from this Smash than to trumps every other previous Smash before it. Yes, even the legendary Melee. Everything seems perfect so far, though obviously, I’ll have to reserve my final judgement for when I’ll actually play it!

  • Timothy Mercier

    Is it just me or does Sakurai seriously look like a little boy..

    • He looks younger than he actually is. That is because he has achieved perfect synergy with nature through all kinds of meditation techniques. His body is readier than ever.

    • Merry_Blind

      He does, but he’s 44 though. He also looks younger than he did 10 years ago.

      • J_Joestar

        Benjamin Button?

      • matthew garcia

        He got off the crack

        • Merry_Blind

          LOL that would make perfect sense!

    • Ryan Michael Riรฑon Nillo

      Asians do not age until we hit like…50. Then we age 10 years in a single night. Trust me, I’m Asian.

  • LunarNinja

    I would like to see that myself if they were to actually get a eShop demo of the fixed E3 Build…

  • MewtwoWillBeBack

    Final Destination (No items) Sakurai destroyed trolls ๐Ÿ˜€
    Thanks Nintendo!

    • YamiryuuZero

      What Trolls?

      • MewtwoWillBeBack

        That was making: “Final Destination Map” With No Items ever smash ball…

  • Thomas Vienna

    Is there a place I can pick up just this copy of Edge, or do I need to suscribe?

    • Korv13

      If you go on their website, you can buy this copy. I have bought a print copy for myself since this issue is looking to be quite exceptional.
      It costs 8ยฃ / 13$CAN or US.

  • MetroidZero

    I’m just wondering what the single-player is like on Wii U. 3DS has Smash Run, but I, personally, haven’t heard much of the single-player for the Wii U; but I know there is no Story Mode, like the Subspace Emissary on Brawl that I enjoyed very much.

    Wait and see, I guess.

  • bakedapplepie

    Anybody else see this? …Pretty interesting

  • Nicolas Dorion

    Eh, hopefully Project M 2 or something will come out and fix this

    • Fierce-Deity Link

      Fix? What? Is the game broken in some way? Seriously. I play melee and go to tourneys but a lot of you need to just deal with the fact that Sakurai isn’t make another melee. Stick to pm and melee if you don’t like the direction this game is taking. Every smash game is competitive in its own right.

      • Nicolas Dorion

        I don’t want every game in the series to be “another melee”. I am happy with the new characters, stages, ect. But I fail to see why the game mechanics need to be changed. Everybody loves the melee mechanics, why doesn’t Sakurai just keep them for every game?
        And it’s not true that every smash game is competitive.
        The balance issues, slow-pace, removal of techniques, overpowered chain-grabs and footstool combos, and the tripping killed the competitive potential of brawl. Until Project M, there were almost no Brawl tournament. Brawl was a game just for casual – items matches and nothing else.
        I don’t want it to be the same for this game.

        • Fierce-Deity Link

          So you do not want another melee but you ask why change the melee physics? I am assuming it is a rhetorical question but I will answer that. There hasn’t been established physics for smash so I feel it is irrelevant. Honestly, no one from what I remember whined when melee was so different from the original. Melee has wavedashing, air dodges, chain grabs, wavelands, shield drops amd all this but people werent whining to make melee like the original. It is sakurai’s right to make his game/art as he sees fit. Honestly it gets annoying hearing people don’t wsnt another melee but they bring up tbe pm team which stands for.. project melee -_-
          Brawl was definitely competitive.Meta and ice climbers need to balanced sure but aside from tht the game is competitive. It is just a slower paced game like tekken or injustice. It isnt flashy but you can definitely make it competitive. I will agree though. .. tripping was dumb as hell… any who, i understand you wanting a more flashy game since usually most people do.However, I like each smash to have its own feel. Cheers :3

          • Nicolas Dorion

            Yeah, I see what you mean. I guess “fix” wasn’t the appropriate term since some people did enjoy Brawl competitively ( minus the tripping ). By “I don’t want another melee” I’m not referring to the mechanics/physics, I’m referring to the art style, roster, character and map design that Project M felt like changing (no clue why) I do think that from a mechanic standpoint, melee is the superior game, but that’s more subjective than anything.
            If ever there’s a Project M 2, I will definitely use it, but that doesn’t mean that the original game is bad

          • Fierce-Deity Link

            Yeah. Sorry about my long ass rant man. I just get very flustered about people talking bad about any smash game. And honestly it really bugs me to see people not even giving this game a chance. As a community I want it to grow and not just to stick to melee or modify a game just cause they can’t let go. I understand if people end up not liking smash 4 but people are already dismissing it. I am just glad that people like mew2king will go and focus on it once it is out. Any who, I do like the melee physics quite a lot but as a competitive player I feel it is our duty to have to adapt to whatever game it is and such.

  • Kwondhe

    And I’ll never know why in Brawl the characters turn around after landing. It was VERY frustrating.

  • Ian Settlemyer

    As close friends with Kojima, it’s possible for you to have Snake return, Mr. Sakurai, sir.

  • Dr.Blackjack221

    “All characters almost from scratch…” Uhuh, sure you did.

  • disqus_QNIAqtNpHo

    he has achieved super saiyan 3:D now about smash bros the hype for it? it’s over 9,000!!!!!XD and if u don’t “see what i did there” then u are missing the best animefighting show ever.

  • WarioForever

    Take a mix of Melee and Brawl gameplay, and take everything from Brawl, and make the best Smash.