Dec 22nd, 2012

Runner2, also known via its official (and crazy long) title, Bit.Trip Presents Runner 2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien, is an upcoming platformer for the Wii U. It’s developed by Gaijin Games and will be released on the Wii U eShop early next year. It was recently revealed that Charles Martinet will be narrating the game. If that name sounds familiar, it’s because Martinet is the voice of Nintendo’s Mario character. Check out a bundle of Runner2 screenshots below, and don’t forget that there’s a Runner2 Wii U trailer too.

Runner2 Wii U screenshots

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  • Looks like a Wii Ware game rather than a Wii U game -_- I am disappoint 

    • dude, have you seen the graphics on the actual Wii U? -_- I am disappointed

      • Nintedward-3DS-WiiU

        What’s wrong with the ”actual graphics” on the wiiu ? 

        Nintendo Land looks amazing so does NSMBU . The Rayman Legends Demo Runs in native 1080p 60FPS with amazing lighting and textures whilst running a second screen.

        CoD is the 360 version which is vastly better looking than the ps3 version.
        Trine 2 is superior to 360 and ps3 in every way and the goblin menace levels look like a PC on your tv. Mass effect 3 is the same as 360 version which is better looking and better running than the ps3 version. Nano assault looks sublime. 

        Some of the other rushed ports have suffered a bit give or take. But certainly nothing to really complain about.

        Batman looks gorgeous on wiiu and has noticeably better Anti aliasing than the other consoles ,  but the framerate is a bit inconsistent.
        TTT2 looks exactly the same . 
        Sonic All stars racing transformed looks better than the 360 version and runs better aswell and has a ton of exclusive content.
        NG3 has better lighting and Loads more content. 

        This is a great launch for wiiu. Things will keep geting better and better.
        Wish the haters would stop crying…

        • Flippin hell, I tell you guys once and I’ll tell you again… I was talking about the GAME… not the Wii U. 

          I already know it has amazing graphics, its just this game looks like a Wii Ware title -_- 

        • i was talking about a game, yeah my bad, i meant to say the graphics aren’t going to disappoint because they are just screen shots after all, it’s common sense, sorry don’t get me wrong i love my Wii U, it’s just my explanation is a little off.

        • MetroidZero

          True that on Trine 2. That game is AMAZING!

      • I have a Wii U, and I know what the graphics are like, I am disappoint -_- 

        The graphics on the Wii U look amazing, I’m just saying this game looks like a Wii Ware game 

    • Also, anyone who says I’m talking about the Wii U, than read my comment, I was talking about the game NOT the console.

      I know the Wii U as amazing graphics 

  • Linskarmo

    Looks like it could be fun! The images look a little pixelated, but games usually look a lot better in motion.