Apr 2nd, 2013


Runner 2 was finally released in the Wii U eShop a few months ago, but several bugs cropped up including one when trying to exit the software. Gaijin Games have been hard at work on a patch to fix these issues for players that were experiencing them and they’ve tweeted that the patch is now approved and available to download.

If you downloaded the game and had problems previous, you should fire up your Wii U and download the patch to make sure all issues are fixed. Let us know in the comments if you experienced any problems and they’re now fixed!

[via Twitter]

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  • Chiwawa

    looks like everyone is busy commenting on the article above……..

    • True, anyway screw EA! Sorry had to let it out offtopic, will post on topic there as well I guess 🙂

      • Chiwawa

        eh, what the hell. I guess i’ll see what everyones talking about there also.

  • Guest

    this news is late though. the patch released a week ago, and its JUST now getting on this site.

    • Cerus98

      It takes them that long to surf other news sites and then rip the articles off.

      • Chiwawa

        I know right?! all you simply have to do, is google ‘wii u’ and scroll down, and you’ll see ‘news for wii u.’ *facepalm*

  • ludist210

    This is five days late. The patch has been live since Friday afternoon.

  • AAAkabob

    Looks like I have no excuse to not buy it…Still want a sale for $10 though.

  • dgallo911

    Still waiting for it in Aus, lucky theres “Sooooo” many games currently available for the Wii U……………

  • ICHI

    Still waiting for a release in the UK 🙁

  • greengecko007

    Dat sign… We’ve got crabs… hehehe… filthy mind.

    I’m sorry…