Apr 10th, 2013



We’ve had Runner 2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien for a few weeks here in the United States, but you folks in Europe will be able to enjoy it to the fullest tomorrow. The game is also due to be released on PlayStation Network at some point, but the company has yet to say when.

The game received a patch about a week ago to fix several game breaking bugs that players reported. European players will have the pleasure of experiencing the game with these fixes already in place. Are you excited about the game?

[via Bit.Trip Facebook]

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  • ChiwawaBoi

    yes it does. XD

  • ZakAttack7

    Finally! May well get this, looks really good.

  • Wayne Beck

    This game is soooooo good. I feel bad for the EU having to wait so long.

  • Zuxs13

    Wow WiiU Daily is on a roll today look at all the new’s. good news for Europe this is a great game.

    • Ducked

      I know I was thinking the same thing, so much news today and yesterday. Its great.

  • Th3PANO

    must buy

  • can europe include australia?

    • CuriousManiac

      we can only hope! But in real talk, uh… maybe, but not likely. We usually end up waiting a month or so longer.

    • Rick van der Linde

      Wanna switch countries? I’d rather live in Australia than The Netherlands.

    • audi lover

      I live in uk got cosuin in aus and he gets pissed with releases to, I feel I your pain bud

  • Nintendofreak

    Does somebody know what happened to ghost recon online on the wiiu?

    • ChiwawaBoi

      im not sure. it kinda just disappeared.

    • ICHI

      I was just wondering this yesterday too, though if splinter cell has an online mode like pandora tomorrow and/or a terrorist hunt mode, that would do.

    • D.M.T

      Ghost Recon Online is not cancelled yet. Ubisoft is just not working on the Wii U version because they wanted to focus on the PC version and other games. I hope it doesn’t get cancelled.

  • Ducked

    Another game coming late to Europe. If only games came out in regions at the same time.

  • Johny

    loved the CRAP out of the bit.trip series… if this is half as good as any installment of the original series, i’ll be satisfied.
    getting it of course 🙂

  • The Wii U has flopped. Pay special attention to the second paragraph.


    • Alex

      They have flopped for now, that happen almost exact same thing as 3DS but then after 1-2 years the 3DS is selling a lot more better, all am saying give WiiU time their is no rush, Xbox 720 looks like a failure if all the romures are true and PS4 might sell or not sell well depending on the price and value.

      • You cannot talk about what might be a failure while failing to accept what IS a failure – the Wii U.

        • Revolution5268

          irony that you doing that. talk about hypocrite

        • Alex

          That happens to a lot of consoles even PS3 and Xbox 360 but what happens when consoles gets more games they sell a lot, stop being a droid for once, PS4 and 720 will suffer the same fate as WiiU when they don’t have games at launch and more expensive than WiiU.

    • Nintenjoe82

      Let’s just hope MS don’t re-employ Peter Moore and let him totally destroy the gaming industry

    • tronic307

      Do you think you could BE any further off-topic?

    • CuriousManiac

      The Wii U won’t flop, it Will bounce. It’s merely a question of ‘how high?’ and ‘When?’ I can’t answer the first, but the second will be when they release more games for it, which is soon.

      Miyamoto says be patient and give Wii U a chance, and I think he’s right it will play out well when people start using it and making games for it in cool ways.

      Its got too much going for it not to be at least a relative success, maybe it won’t be a critical success, but in the long run, its going to be a boom for Nintendo, not a bust.

      I question the agenda of anyone who thinks otherwise.

      • They are investors…

        • CuriousManiac

          I know this, but I prefer to tell it like it is, and Objectively, there no reason you wouldn’t want to buy stock in Nintendo right now. I do think if people do less complaining and once Nintendo get back to making games, their stock will go up. If its was a bet, Id place my chips. If you don’t wanna, then get the hell out of this Wii U site pretending that your giving a public service.

          • You call it a Wii U site, I call it a video game site.

          • CuriousManiac

            well then we are just splitting hairs. Lets just get back to what we do, commenting on wether Mario will survive HD.

            Logistics is a touchy subject when people really do love these games.

            But I agree, this site is for all gamers, or you know, internet freedom all the way. I assume that’s your point right?

            Rock on bro.

          • SoulSilverZero

            No, sites like IGN, Gamespot, GameTrailers, etc. are game (review) sites. Or if you’re talking about the actual game sites, try any game company you know.

    • greengecko007

      Read the article, and completely disagreed with it. Is it from a troll website? I mean, the URL starts with http://www.FOOL.com….

      Anyways, the authors thinks that PCs are becoming obsolete, and that the future of the gaming industry rests solely in the hands of Microsoft, which is kind of nonsensical. The comments section of that article is a more accurate portrayal of the public’s opinion. The PS4 has the spotlight now, not whatever the next Xbox is.

      • The 360 is the top system, that is why it is up to MS to save the day, although Sony could too.

        • Revolution5268

          nope its the wii

        • Alex

          Ummmm……… Yeah I have to disagree with you because 720 will fail because 1. No exclusives, 2. Banning used games, 3. You have to connect 720 to the Internet all the time just like cable WTF, 4. You have to connect the Kenect to 720 of all time, 5. If you want backwards compatibility you have to buy Xbox mini and connect to 720, and this will make 720 a HUGE Failure and oh Adam Orth gets Canned.

          • We can’t say if it is all true, but of course if it is, then it will be a hard sell. However, the 360 Mini is a cool option, if you must play the older games, or you could just keep your 360. Now, if connecting that mini to the new system allows the new systems to harness the power of the 360, then we are working with something revolutionary!

          • Alex

            Maybe because I heard it cost $100 and it only downloads so it will sell some but the reason why is because they are competitning with Apple TV and doesn’t make much sense and most people that want backwards compatibility won’t spent another $100 just for that they will keep their 360 instead of spending even more.

          • tronic307

            Yeah, that’ll happen.

          • audi lover

            Just like ea with constant connection and look at them just voted shitest company again haha ms cldnt be getting it more wrong haha

        • greengecko007

          I wasn’t aware that the video game industry was in need of saving. Video games have moved from just consoles to including consoles, computers, cell phones, and tablets. I’d call that a success.

        • audi lover

          I own one and its got a lot of games most of them shit and it makes me pay twice once for my broadband connection then i gota pay ms again for privilege just to use the internet and play online, where nintendo and playstation is free seriously your an idiot

      • Revolution5268

        only fools believe in that crap. like our friend knowledgeiswhatsup

    • Nothing5555

      and what does this have to do with the article?