Mar 26th, 2014

Rune Factory 4 Screen Shots

One of the most charming games of last year was Neverland’s Rune Factory 4, a game that focuses not only on farming, but clearing dungeons and progressing the story through your relationship with the townspeople. The Rune Factory series has never been as popular as Harvest Moon which is a shame, because the series often does a lot of the basics of what Harvest Moon tries to achieve and does them better.

It was announced earlier last year that developer Neverland filed for bankruptcy shortly after the release of the game in North America. This led many people to question whether a European port would ever be available and unfortunately, it was announced that the game would not have a European release. Today, the US publisher XSEED shed some light on the situation as to why this game will never receive a European release:

“Wish it was that easy as obviously everyone involved in the project would love to see it released in Europe, but it’s very difficult from a technical aspect since the people closest to the code are all gone (the Forbidden Magna team does have people from Neverland, yes, but for example the main programmer for RF4 is not one of them).”

It looks like the bankruptcy hit Neverland at the worst time, since the European version wasn’t finished and with the developer dissolved, there’s no chance of it being completed in a timely manner. If region-locking weren’t holding people back, you could import the US version. Alas, that’s also a pipe dream.

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  • Ducked

    I feel like Europe gets the leftovers to everything

    • Niknique

      Yeah there’s actually this Poketuber I’m subscribed to on youtube that lives in the UK and even he says that Europe always gets screwed over when it comes to games 😛

      • BarbieOnWeed

        And that makes me so mad! 🙁

  • steveb944

    How in the world did I miss a Harvest Moon like game? I have to track this down

    • abe

      they have been fairly hit and miss but still pretty great

    • I bought it digitally when it was released. You need to play it if you enjoy games like Harvest Moon. It’s so much more streamlined and fun to play.

  • abe

    i’m tempted to call bull on this, i’m sure its not that hard to port an US game to an EU game I cant imagine there is a lot of reprogramming the games core code. I’m sure there are things like Legal issues and such but programing? dont think so

    • Usually European cartridges cater to the FIGS languages, which is adding French, Italian, German, and Spanish to the already English translation. This takes a considerable amount of time given that Japanese is notoriously hard to translate properly.

      • abe

        would be a valid point if it wasn’t all ready in English for the US release. English is far easier to translate to the EU languages than japanese lol. still dont see why they’d need their head programmer for replacing in game text.
        Just bummed i wont be able to play

  • Mario

    I hate it when things like this happen.

  • ETeach

    That really stinks, why couldn’t they just pull a reverse Xenoblade and release the US version overseas?

  • Rinslowe

    So this is what the 3DS section looks like….