Jan 30th, 2013

Last year’s sniping simulator Sniper Elite v2 could be making its way to the Wii U, as GameStop has listed the available for the console, as well as Amazon. Amazon’s listing has the release date set for March 21st, which isn’t too far away. If the title does make the jump to the Wii U, it will be one of the most gruesome titles Nintendo’s latest console has seen as each soldier is anatomically correct and shots are often shown as the bullet leaves the barrel and then plows through whatever part aimed for.

Online store listings have been wrong so this is something to take with a grain of salt, but 505 Games will likely announce the game in the next week or so if this turns out to be true. I’ve played through the PC version and the online co-op is truly fun, masking your shots among loud booms of bombs going off, thunder happening and sneaking through the destroyed streets of German cities is all very enjoyable. Are you excited about this rumor? Let us know in the comments.


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  • bizzy gie

    Glad to see more shoot-’em-ups on the Wii U ridding Nintendo of its “kiddie” status for good.

    • Ultranist

      This is not a shoot em up

      • bizzy gie

        You’re right. This game has nothing to do with guns.

        • Shoot ’em ups are often side-scrolling space-ship games where you shoot enemies on screen….This game is a first person shooter…like that Call of Duty crap

          • actually, this is a third person shooter ( i own the pc version )  and it is extremely tactical and slow paced, as you’re a sniper, and must plot your way threw ww2 doing various things.  multiplayer is a blast

    • Jay

      this game is ironically more “kiddie” than say Wii Fit or Brain Age.

      I, for one am too mature to get excited over gore and guns.

      • JVAN63

         I’m not. I love Zelda puzzles, But I also enjoy some nice gory head popping sniper shots. I’m playing to have fun, maturity be damned (no offense!).

  • Am I excited for this title, not really. It’s definitely a great game, and N could also use it to get rid of the “kiddie” stuff. But on the dark side, next shoot out somewhere they’ll blame this game for it -.-

    I will give it a “shot” by the time I think and might even get it, but for now I say it’s good for N, but I’m not really excited.

    (on a side not not to bash the site or Ashley, but somehow I feel I have read a similair rumor somewhere else aswell not to long ago, so it might verywell be true)

  • Kyle Berger

    in the picture the guys hand is in the gun

  • The_fuzz_buzz

    Even though I AM glad that Nintendo is getting more and more HardCore, I still hope they stick with stuff that will be playable with E-T more than the M games, because I don’t want Nintendo to turn out like all the others, how the PS3 and the Xbox 360 have 95% of their games are bloody shooters with gore and 5% of their games are just teen. I would drop Nintendo if they started doing that.

    • ConCity Soldier

      Why not have them all?  Nintendo can get them all. E-M. 🙂

      • Mooney28

         I agree.  I think Nintendo should go for all the games across all three consoles.  The Wii made people forget that Nintendo is a major player in the gaming world.  I don’t believe it should be about playing “hardcore” games, or “kiddie” games, but Nintendo should be saying whatever type of game you are into you can play it on the Wii U. 

        • Elem187

          How did the Wii make people forget it was a player??? It cleaned every consoles clock these last 6 1/2 years. It is by far the best selling console of all time.

          You might not have enjoyed it, but it was found in far more homes than 360 or ps3.

          98 million sold to date, they will cross the 100 million barrier sometime this year, adn the ps360 is back at 60 million (granted nothing to sneeze it, impressive in its own right, but the wii literally cleaned up last gen)

          • Mooney28

            First let me say, I love my Wii. It did kill the competition in sales.  These are facts.  Plus I still loving playing Donkey Kong and Mario.

            However, I was talking about the people who talk crap about the Wii U and Nintendo.  Think about all the ignorant comments you find on the web against Nintendo and the Wii U. Those are the people I was referring to when I stated that people forgot Nintendo is a major player, because Nintendo is a major player and always will be.

            Personally I’m excited to see what the Wii U will bring in the coming years.

      • The_fuzz_buzz

        I’m not saying they SHOULDN’T have them all, I’m just saying that I hope that Nintendo’s games never have the M games outweighing the E-T games, because look at the Xbox 360, and the PS3, I’ll bet you realistically, 95% of their games are M, 4% of their games are T, and 1% of their games are E, and that goes for both companies. I hope that Nintendo has 35% of their games are E, and another 35% of their games are T, and the last 30% are M. And two reasons why I think Nintendo should stick to this: First, they have ALWAYS been a family supporting company, unlike the others who have almost ALWAYS been a bloody shoot em up company. And second, this would bring in a LOT more money because, instead of just bringing in the 16+ crowd, they would bring in crowds ranging from around 9-18+, more ranges make more money 🙂 

    • Colin Tosh

      I believe Nintendo have enough on their side to counter that. Unless Nintendo change their actual direction Eternal Darkness and Fatal Frame are likely to remain their most “mature” IPs.

      Unless you are talking about third party franchises in which case the whole majority of western development these days goes into shooters. Things will change when the shooter market crashes due to over-saturation.

      • Cap9

        I forgot Eternal Darkness! That game was tight!

      • Elem187

        I’m surprised the shooter market hasn’t collapsed yet… I have been playing shooters for more than 20 years now (I was playing shooters on the PC while todays PS3 snobs were still praising their Super Nintendos while wearing diapers back in 1992 Wolfenstein 3D for the PC was “gore” fest back then along with Doom following soon after) and I am absolutely bored to tears of playing first person shooters today.

        Maybe because todays PS3’s snobs have only been playing shooters for a handful of years so far so they haven’t hit the wall with them yet, like I have (when was the first shooter to come to consoles? ’04 ’05?)

        the ps3 should have been renamed the First Person Shooter-Station 3 because 90% of the titles in the top 100 PS3 games are shooters.

        • RonaldRayguns

          Youd be right if you changed all the playstations in your comment to xbox 360s but i guess then you wouldn’t have had that funny acronym that I imagine you didnt come up with because your a dumbass. I dont like first person shooters for the most part either but theres a handful that the gameplay and story are so good they become more than just a mindless FPS.

      • The_fuzz_buzz

        I hope that counteraction with stay there…

    • xdlugia

      Why is that?
      Sure, a game doesn’t get better because of an M-rating, but it doesn’t mean that it is bad. There are a lot of awesome M-rated games out there like Grand Theft Auto, Bioshock, Assassin’s Creed etc.

      • The_fuzz_buzz

        Ummm, GTA are terrible, have you ever read the back of the box?
        I honestly don’t think even 18 years olds should be playing that game, it’s absolutely awful! Bioshock, haven’t played it, AC, not that bad of a game. And sure, stuff like Halo Reach, that really isn’t all that bad, but stuff like The godfather shouldn’t be played at all.

        • xdlugia

          GTA is terrible? Why is that? GTA and Smash Bros. are games that don’t expire IMO, you just keep coming back because it’s just plain fun.
          Going bananas in GTA is just incredible fun 😛

          I must admit that I haven’t tried The Godfather, but Halo Reach is one of my favourite Xbox 360 game.

          • The_fuzz_buzz

            FYI, I DON’T just keep coming back because it’s “fun”.You think that going around a city shooting civilians, police men, and women and children for that matter, is fun?! Not to mention that those games are VERY immoral, very suggestive, and very sexual. Smash Bros. and GTA are just a tad different. I’m not going to play crap like GTA, and I hope that Nintendo won’t start putting it on the Wii U. 

          • xdlugia

            And FYI you cannot shoot children, they would get sued for that.
            And the fun thing about GTA is not just running around and killing everything, but getting a car and just roaming at full speed and getting more and more stars. Also just driving around while listening to the chill music on the radio is also awesome.

            You really shouldn’t judge a game if you haven’t tried it properly.

          • The_fuzz_buzz

            If you like the cars, and the music, then play Driver San Francisco, a lot more moral game than ANY GTA on the face of the earth!!! And i WOULD sue the GTA makers if I had the money, what they make is despicable!!!

          • its a game man

          • The_fuzz_buzz

            Not the point. The point is, it’s the things that the games put in your mind, as well as the morals. What you feed into your mind will eventually overrun your heart, then all you’ll be thinking about is GTA, where you kill, and steal. And two, why would you settle for this crap when you can get the same experience with Driver San Francisco and you won’t have to handle the crap in GTA. And as a plus, GTA dosen’t exactly have the morals God likes, soooooooo……….

          • xdlugia

            So we shouldn’t play racing games either because it’s illegal and wrong to roam at high speeds through the city and destroying streetlights and other people’s cars?

          • The_fuzz_buzz

            You know what I mean, I’m not gonna play your little word twisting game. 

  • Letha1Rage

    The game has also kinda been listed on gamestop.com for like 4 monthsso um LOL

  • NintendoNoob

    I ask everyone this one question. Why does the definition of hardcore “Shoot em ups and gore?” why not games that are super hard and are played by masters? It’s ridiculus

    • Mauricio Guaura

      The definition of a hardcore game is not ‘shoot em ups and gore’. In fact, there’s no definition for ‘hardcore game’, since those don’t even exist.

      Only hardcore gameRS exist.

    • Elem187

      I find games with the name Donkey Kong in it far more difficult than any shooter.

      Case in point, Donkey Kong’s Crash Course is far more challenging than say CoD…. after playing first person shooters for over 20 years, I can officially say I am bored to tears playing them. They are ALL the same., NOt much has changed in 20 years from wolfenstein 3d to today.

      Today I only open my wallet for games with alot of originality and cool art direction/style.

      • RonaldRayguns

        Donkey Kong is awsome, my high score on an original arcade machine is a little over 306,000 it’s no million but it was like 25min on one quarter. This game isnt a First person shooter, do you not like shooters in general? The newer Metroid’s where kinda shooters. Do you consider Resident Evil, Dead Space, Metal Gear, Fallout to be shooters? No, oh. If the games good it’s good, I bet you Elem187 in the next couple of years you will buy a shooter either first person or third.

        • NintendoNoob

           I like first person/third person shooters but in my opinion that’s not the definition of hardcore is to me. Any game that brings out frustration and serves a mighty challenge is hardcore to me

  • Call of Duty, Zombie U, GoldenEye and now this?  The system is barely 2 1/2 months old and its already gotten too many FPS games……stop making so many freaking FPS games?  They are all pretty much the exact same thing….and yea, i know folks are gonna say all Mario games are the same…well, the difference is….Mario is fun

    • Elem187

      Sadly this is all that really sells in America…. In Japan, games that make people think sell better… Turn based strategy and RPG’s fly off the shelves.

      In America, we seem to only buy games that show massive blood.

  • JVAN63

    I hope they fix the clipping problem. In this simple screenshot, there’s no reason the clip should appear as going through the hand.

  • Linkamus

    A:  How realistic?

    B:  Like gun clip through the hand realistic!

    A:  Oh….          >_>

  • Hunthe Universe

    Do you guys not pay attention to Nintendo news? This was confirmed months ago.

  • Kirzan

    The term realistic is… very loose here. I don’t believe any sniper withstood a “wave” of 15+ ALERTED soldiers, camping the same spot, headshotting each and every one of them. Soldiers that can hit you multiple times at sniper range with their MP40s.

    Spoiler Alert:
    1st headshot slow-mo x-ray: Whoaaa this is nice!
    1st “wave defense” type scripted event, after headshotting about 11 soldiers back to back: Hmmmm… I don’t believe this is how war was waged.